Thursday, August 26, 2021

The Turtle Egg all-ladies Cabinet - my Wishlist

Tomorrow Turtle-Egg Head reveals his new cabinet. Many have already speculated on this and that, and who and whom, why and wherefore, but the following is kaytee's Wishlist for a wartime compact cabinet, preferably of only ladies, wakakaka:

(1) DPM:

In honour of my blog visitor TS' desire, I nominate Teoh Nie Ching or OTOH, Yeo Bee Yin - TS is a bit flirtatious and frequently honeybee-buzzes from sweetie to sweetie but he loves teh DPM post to be awarded to his fave party and his fave pollie, wakakaka.

(2) Finance Minister:

Doeramon - she can fix all her personal loans with ease lah, and needn't answer to MACC on how she could settle her personal debts, sum of which we heard were beyond her earning capacity - coo coo.

(3) Home Affairs:

I want a tough sweet smart cookie for this job so I nominate Professor Muhaya Mohamad.

Professor Dr Muhaya Mohamad has been lambasted for a video in which she aired her opinion on why women are marrying late. She stated that women should "dumb themselves down" in order to attract a partner.

(4) Health:

We need a health-conscious sweetie here so I choose Miss Malaysia ... er ... whats-her-name?

“I will NEVER wear that f*ckin diaper on my face unless of course I use it to be undercover around annoying people.”

(5) Religion:

Religion is a very important element in Malaysian socio-cultural-(even)political affairs so I can only propose Siti Kasim 😂😂😂

And many of us love her to bits 💓💓💓

(6) Women Affairs:

A very important aspect of Malaysian politics thus I nominate Miss Ass-binte 😜😈😊

Very supportive and "accommodating" in and from every angle 😜😜😜

And there you have them my choice of fantastic ladies for our all-female wartime cabinet ministers to support Turtle-Egg Head.


  1. Eh you fogot Menteri Telly-Ban wearing sharia-compliant Hazmat suit.