Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Split votes and force politicians to unite, says blogger

Split votes and force politicians to unite, says blogger

Blogger Syed Akbar Ali’s idea to split votes was also inspired by Israel’s political scene which saw Zionist parties forming an alliance with an Arab party.

PETALING JAYA: For blogger Syed Akbar Ali, a minority government is better for the majority now.

Syed, who runs OutSyed The Box, said the current system needs an overhaul, especially with the past and present ruling coalitions habitually retaining failed policies.

To do this, he hopes to convince voters, especially those in the same households, to split their ballots.

“Voters need to teach politicians a lesson by ensuring that they do not win with a huge majority, similar to the situation we have now,” he told FMT, referring to the current administration’s slim majority.

“We need politicians to come to their senses.”

Which is why he has kickstarted an initiative, literally called “Split Your Vote” or “Pecahkan Undi Anda”.

By doing so, he explained, it would force political parties to join forces to form a government as none of them would have secured an absolute majority.

Syed noted that Umno and PAS formed a pact after Umno lost power in the last general election, an alliance which was never thought plausible before.

But, he said, the fractured political scene “needs to be accelerated”.

“We need to break them up some more. I would like to see DAP and Umno team up,” he said.

Such an alliance, he said, would mean the politics in the country has matured.

And it would also compel them to come up with better “doable policies” which, in the long run, could also mean a brighter chance of being re-elected.

“They need to realise that it is their unworkable policies which lose votes. They can only win big by listening to the people and changing the policies,” he said.

Syed dismissed the notion that splitting votes could lead to MPs being bought over by rivals aiming to form a bigger bloc, saying “the more broken up it is, the more expensive of an exercise it would be for potential suitors”.

His push for votes to be split comes in the wake of another movement, called “Pangkah Burung”, which aims to disrupt the country’s political scene and course-correct democracy by pushing more independents to contest general elections.

But his call for votes to be split was also inspired by Israel’s political scene which saw Zionist political parties form an alliance with an Arab party following four elections in two years without a clear winner and the desire to oust longtime prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“When you cannot win big, you have to sit with people you don’t like and you are forced to think why you could not win a huge chunk of votes and assess what you have done wrong,” he said.


  1. Haven’t we been splitting votes since 2008 GE? 50/50 with opposition? Again in 2013 and finally in 2018 when BN tumbang? But Malays refuse to accept the result. Still lompat2 macam si-katak @Sheraton Shake to kick out the non-Malays from gomen. They want Kerajaan Allah like Telly-ban.

    But never mind Parti Kacau Bilau 13% led by Toonsie can split Malay votes in GE15. So I wish them Selamat Maju Jaya. Division is the Solution….ha3.

  2. Stupid are those who listen to Syed on his choice for Tun Mati tak Lama lagi and Ku Li and Shafie Apdal..... We want 13 new nation or we ALL DIE Together....64 years later and economic recovery is base on Stupid Slogan My Family Sh*T.... Fools are those who find this Inspiring ground breaking from a stupid IS PM!! Seems like Death rate of Covid 2021 unleashed have not made people any angrier..already greater than Japanese occupation + communist war + May 13 combine....Good luck to Slogan to driven Tun Dr Mati tak lama lagi Economy Collapse...Should see it before he dies and die unhappy....make me happy to see him miserable....Relentless tragedy is daily for you to see... yet we take it like a joke!! No issue with ah long and sue tan....When Incompetance becomes Law, Resistance is Duty....13 new nation and to each their own...END the useless ah long sue tan ERA NOW!!

  3. our votes are well and truly split already, leave the curlies alone, the grandmaster at splitting votes is of course his ayahanda atuk, you have to be careful, this here is a card carrying bersatu member and a certified manmanlai basher and hater, why just umno and dap coming together, why not pH and umno for the mind boggling 2/3 major, could be another subtle attempt at splitting the oppo

  4. We need anti hopping law first to ensure the shameless politicians don't hop as they wish