Saturday, August 28, 2021

2 M’sian Islamic State members reportedly caught by Taliban in Kabul

2 M’sian Islamic State members reportedly caught by Taliban in Kabul

We’ve beaten armies from 36 Nato countries, we’re not threatened by the Daesh, says criminal investigation chief Saifullah Mohammed

We will ‘capture and kill (the Daesh) wherever we find them’, says Taliban leader Saifullah Mohammed. – AFP pic, August 28, 2021

KUALA LUMPUR – After an intense gunfight in West Kabul on Thursday, Taliban militants captured six Islamic State (IS) operatives, two of whom are reportedly Malaysians.

According to a report by British publication The Times, the four other terrorists are Afghans. Together with the Malaysians, they fought for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – Khorasan (Isis-K), the report said.

Isis-K is understood to be an offshoot of IS, which operates in South and Central Asia.

In Afghanistan, an ongoing turf war exists between the Taliban and Isis-K. The latter has branded the former as “filthy nationalists” who only want to form an Islamic administration within Afghanistan’s borders, as opposed to fighting for a global Islamic caliphate.

“Four are Afghans but it seems the other two are Malaysian,” Taliban criminal investigation department chief Saifullah Mohammed was quoted as telling The Times.

“They aren’t as tough as they think they are. We’ve just beaten the armies from 36 Nato (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) countries so we know we can capture and kill the Daesh (Isis) wherever we find them.”

The report mentioned that the men had surrendered after a clash that occurred merely a few hours after a widely reported and deadly suicide attack at Kabul International Airport.

Saifullah said Isis-K has been conducting operations disguised as the mainly-Pashtun Taliban, sowing fear among the Afghans.

However, the Taliban has proudly hailed the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan as a victory for them as their fighters took control in various parts of the country.

Viewing this as their triumph, the Taliban have become confident in asserting that Isis-K can be easily defeated.

Although the US and the Taliban may have a mutual enemy in Isis-K, Saifullah was quoted as saying they would not need American help in their fight.

“We don’t need Western intelligence assets or high technology to defeat the Daesh.

“And we don’t want any American help in fighting them. We just want the Americans to go, and then we will deal with Daesh in the way we know,” he was quoted as saying.

According to the report, the gunfight is understood to have occurred after Taliban militants were alerted to reports of Isis-K gunmen shooting into people’s homes in Kabul.

On August 15, the media had reported that Taliban fighters had not only secured nearly all of Afghanistan, but also surrounded the capital of Kabul.

American forces merely maintained a presence at Kabul International Airport, helping Afghan and Western evacuees flee the country.

On August 26, however, militants suspected to be from Isis-K performed a suicide bomb attack near the airport, killing 200, including 13 American soldiers and two British nationals.

The chaotic scenario emerged after the US announced withdrawal of all its troops from Afghanistan by the end of this month. This ends American presence in the country after 20 years.

The US and its allies had invaded Afghanistan in late 2001, dislodging the hard-line Taliban government following terrorist attacks on the Pentagon headquarters in Arlington and the twin towers in New York with hijacked planes on September 11 that year. One other plane that was also hijacked crashed in a field. – The Vibes, August 28, 2021


  1. Each fighter killed in action against infidels will receive their due rewards of 72 Perfect Houris to serve them in Paradise.

  2. So now 5000 yo Bullyland, the only remaining Permanent Member of the UN Security Council in Kabul, will have to babysit, spoonfeed, give medicine and aid to Taliban to fight ISIS-K / Daesh. Even Al Qaeda may come back.

    Good Luck. Keep Peace and Security for 20 years minimum. Don't Run Away Ya...?

    Al-Qaida Will Return to Afghanistan, British Official Says
    By Jamie Dettmer
    August 13, 2021

    British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace warned Friday that Afghanistan risks becoming a failed state and predicted a-Qaida will again thrive in the country.

    “I’m absolutely worried that failed states are breeding grounds for those types of people,” he told British broadcaster Sky News.

    1. "... will have to babysit, spoonfeed, give medicine and aid to ..."

      Typical of a patronizing colonising power who wants to control teh natives, eg. USA, UK

    2. Afghanistan faces an imminent humanitarian disaster. It’s now up to 5000 yo Bullyland to Come to the Rescue. Like the Lone Ranger. They will be alone…ha ha ha…

      No one has money.' Under Taliban rule, Afghanistan's banking system is imploding
      By Matt Egan, CNN Business
      August 27,2021

      New York (CNN Business)The Taliban's rule of Afghanistan faces an imminent threat: The war-torn nation's banking system is on the verge of collapse.

      Nearly two weeks after the Taliban seized power, Afghanistan's banks remain shuttered. That has left many people in the country without access to cash.

      World Bank halts financial support to Afghanistan, says it's 'deeply concerned' for women.

      "No one has money," one current employee of Afghanistan's central bank told CNN. The employee, speaking anonymously due to fears for their safety, said many families don't have enough money for their daily spending and some paychecks have been halted.

      All of this raises the specter of a severe economic and humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, just weeks after the takeover by the Taliban.

      The central challenge is that Afghanistan's economy is heavily reliant on access to foreign currency and international aid -- most of which has been blocked since Kabul fell. Grants finance a staggering 75% of Afghanistan's public spending, according to the World Bank.

      Afghanistan's banks are still closed, days after the Taliban ordered them and other services to reopen, because they've virtually run out of cash, the central bank source said.

      "You've got a stack of cards that is about to come down," a person familiar with the situation of the Afghan economy told CNN. "As soon as you open the banks, it will expose how fragile the system is."

      The Afghan banking industry is similarly warning of a complete meltdown.

      "Afghanistan and its banking sector are at an 'existential flash point' where the collapse of the banking sector is at hand," reads an August 23 memo sent by the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce. The memo was written by a banking and finance working group composed of major Afghan commercial banks, customers and investors.

      Afghanistan's central bank, the bedrock of its financial system, appears to be in disarray.
      The Taliban face bleak economic times ahead, former Afghan central banker predicts
      The Taliban face bleak economic times ahead, former Afghan central banker predicts
      Many current employees of the Afghan central bank have not been allowed back in the office since the Taliban took power, the Afghan central bank source told CNN.

      "My coworkers are worried for their unclear destiny," the source said.
      The Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce memo indicated that, at least as of August 23, central bank leadership "refused to answer any communications" from the banking industry. Requests for cash from the central bank were not honored, the memo said.
      The Afghan banking group said it decided to close all banks across the nation on August 15 and has not reopened due to a fear of a "run" by customers for deposits.
      Another factor cited in that August 23 memo was the fact that the Taliban had not appointed a new central bank governor. Later that day, the Taliban appointed Haiji Mohammad Idris, as acting governor of the central bank, according to media reports.

      Little is known about the new central bank chief. He appears to be a loyalist without the kind of resume or training that would inspire confidence in the Afghan banking system.
      Lifelines cut
      Part of the problem is that Taliban-ruled Afghanistan has turned into a pariah almost overnight.

      The International Monetary Fund halted $450 million in funds that were scheduled to arrive in Afghanistan early this week. And then the World Bank froze financial support for Afghanistan.

    3. in a world where there is an urgent need for everyone to mind one's own business you're promoting intervention and intrusion, presumably to justify your Great White Father's political propensity, wakakaka

    4. Such similar Afghan scenes had happenea before in many parts of the world.

      Rwanda genocide of 94. Balkan states civil war of 91. China during the Japanese invasion of 31.

      All of them revived under the most difficult conditions with the helps of TRUE Samaritan nations.

      Afghanistan wasn't in the list bcoz throughout its nationhood it had been a chess pieces of the invading nations, especially pommie, russko & Yank!

      These foreign nations had no good intentions for the Afghans but pure geopolitics in their hearts.

      The withholding of the funds reserves in overseas, many r the accumulated wealth of the country IS inhumane to say the least at this juncture of its nationhood evolution.

      Put pay to the REAL weight & meaning as constantly expounded in the lip services of those western demoNcratic nations.

      If the Taliban of 2021 can stabilize the country - that's a big if especially when there r internal (ISIS-K) & external (chiefly Yankee with wounded pride) forces trying their best to disrupt that already difficult process. Then with the helps of China, none military but commerce&development via BRI, some liveable senses would come back & acting as a positive feedback chain reaction to fuel the further peaceful advancement for the Afghans.

      The Taliban 2021 might be Islamic but definitely not as theocratically insensitive as those earlier morons. This can be seen from their current governing actions&promises after the takeover of the country.

      But there r those mfering doomsayers, dying to see the Taliban fails just bcoz of their bruised demoNcratic ego!

    5. So let's all look the other way when Afghan civilians suffer and die; while the Taliban, ISIS-K, Al Qaeda etc fight a civil war.

      Red Cross, Doctors Without Doctors, World Food Programme, US Aid etc, their personnel cannot work safely without someone providing bodyguard security service. It now falls on 5000 yo Bullyland to arrange this, as they are the only UN Permanent Security Member left in Kabul. Even Russia is quietly evacuating; four military planes took off.

      And shouldn't the world also mind their business when Israel controls Palestinian violence in their country? Or when Russia annexed Crimea, a region they infused with ethnic Russians during the Soviet era, like Sinicization of Tibet, Xinjiang etc?

    6. Who are the Afghans fleeing the country now ? Mainly those few thousands of collaborators aiding the USA who came into Afghanistan uninvited, invading and killing hundreds of thousands of their people for the last 20 years !

      So now having been defeated by the Taliban, running away in the dead of night with tails between their legs, the Americans now want the neighbouring countries to clean up their shits by taking in these so-called 'refugees' ?

      The majority of the Afghans ( it is not remiss to even claim that 99.0% ) want the foreign occupying force vamoosed from their land forever and never come back again. And China has zero interest to be the next fool to barge in with bombs and weapons to start another round of killing orgy.

      Afghanistan’s real problem now is shortage of food, caused by drought. About 14 million of Afghanistan’s 39 million people, including 2 million children, are affected. Apparently the Taliban is working with the UN to overcome this problem.

      The Chinese have this saying - when you shit, clean up after yourself, don't expect others to wipe your backside, wa ka ka ka

    7. so what could the world do for Palestinians as the US blocked/veto-ed any UN moves against an oppressive invasive land-robbing Israel?

    8. and what has the kay-poh US done for Crimea-Ukraine? Only dared to invade Afghanistan but couldn't take the heat for too long, so the US cabut-ed away quietly in the dark like rats, as it did in Vietnam

    9. Its a Big Fat Lie from JJ @ Not RPK @ Liar that the US killed hundreds of thousands of Afghans in the last 20 years.

      The Big difference from the way the Soviet Union fought their Afghan war - scorched earth attacks on villages.

      The civilian casualties of the Afghan war have mainly been Taliban , yes, the "Peaceful" Taliban attacks on civilian targets.

    10. Yr score of lies rated on the number of afghan civilian casualties!

      Wow! Wow!!

      What a WASP inspired medal of honor in war!

  3. It is now blatantly clear that the security provided by the Allied Forces in Afghanistan from 2001-2021 kept the competing warlords, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS-K etc at bay. There was relative peace while foreign agencies provided humanitarian aid. Even before the Allied Forces have left the fighting has already re-started.

    Just look at this list of foreign humanitarian aid providers in Afghanistan. And note also there is NOT A SINGLE ONE from 5000 yo Bullyland. All BullyTalk But No Action.

    These are the organizations who did the babysitting, spoonfeeding and giving money to keep 40 million Afghans alive. And during these 20 years the Allied Forces provided the Bodyguard Security For Free, so that these humanitarian agencies can do their job.

    The plan was for the Allied Forces to leave in 2021, while leaving $83 billion worth of Military Equipment (again for FREE) for the Afghan Armed Forces and their democratically elected gomen. They were supposed to take over the Bodyguard Security Services and keep the Taliban etc at bay. Of course we now know what happened. The Afghan soldiers had no stomach to fight. Their soldiers simply changed to civilian clothes and abandoned (or sold?) the military equipment to the Taliban.

    The ISIS-K attack at the Kabul airport is more of an attack against the Taliban than against the departing foreigners. The Taliban soldiers were supposed to be sentry guard but they failed. Can't even secure an airport how to secure an entire country?

    Now two weeks after they Occupied Presidential Palace with automatic weapons there is still no Taliban Cabinet. Who is in Charge?

    Who is going to vaccinate 40 million people against Covid-19? Even if 5000 yo Bullyland donate 100 million doses of Sinovac who is going to do the logistics of distributing the vaccines to the thousands of villages? Who will do the injecting? The Health System is primitive, maybe non-existent. Simply not enough doctors or nurses.

    There is no cash. Banks have been closed for 2 weeks. And when they open there will be a run on their currency the Afghani, which will in turn become worthless in a dollar-ised economy. Maybe 5000 yo Bullyland will introduce an Afghan-Yuan like the Japanese introduced the "Banana Currency" in WW2 Malaya ha ha ha.

    Time will tell....and the Clock Starts September 1, 2021. Sayonara Kabul and Good Luck playing Belt and Road with Taliban.

    1. Wakakakakaka…

      What a torrent of farts from a ego-busted know-nothing mfer!

      "It is now blatantly clear that the security provided by the Allied Forces in Afghanistan from 2001-2021 kept the competing warlords, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS-K etc at bay"

      Blurred mfer, what relative peace were u farting about? What relative security that yr uncle Sam & his allies were providing to the Afghans?

      Sporadic wars were still rampaging all-over the countries, many initiated by the search&destroy missions planned by the foreign forces! Many civilians were tortured&killed by these foreign forces in the name of their f*cked humanistic tour of duties!

      These mfering uninvited "guests" brought with them military fire powers to maim&kill to propagate their own selfish interests!

      What scared developments & relative peace had they initiated since the coming of these mfering foreign 'helps' into Afghanistan?

      Very much like to yr current farts of inconsequential.

      The Chinese would bring developments & fortune under the BRI to spark the fire of peace amongst the warring tribal groupings. NOT weaponries of killing as in those of yr uncle Sam & his allies.

      Bear than in yr f*cking mind next time yr urge to fart irritates u.

  4. 5000 yo Bullyland, when you attend this meeting don't Veto This Veto That OK? Don't Pontificate & Lecture while Afghans die.

    Do Your Job to provide Peace and Security so that the Humanitarian Agencies Can Do Theirs.

    World Agence France-Presse
    Updated: August 27, 2021

    United Nations, United States: United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Thursday called a meeting of the permanent members of the Security Council to discuss the chaotic situation in Afghanistan, diplomats said.

    Guterres sent letters formally inviting the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China to meet on Monday, the diplomats told AFP.

    Some member countries of the so-called P5 had been discussing the possibility of a meeting for a few days, they added.

    Russia was supposedly reticent but all of the five are expected to join, one diplomat said.

    A spokesperson for Guterres confirmed the meeting, which will not include the current ten non-permanent members of the Security Council.

    The full Security Council last met on Afghanistan on August 16, a day after the Taliban swept to power in the country.

    Monday's discussion comes as Britain and France work on a UN resolution on Afghanistan.

    The resolution would require the agreement of all five permanent members, each of which holds veto powers, but a text has not yet been shared, diplomats said.

    Guterres ducked a question about what he hoped Monday's meeting would achieve.

    "There are normal meetings that take place in the context of the work of the UN," he told reporters.

    Guterres also condemned Thursday's bombings at Kabul airport, which killed dozens of Afghans as well as 12 US servicemen and have been claimed by the Islamic State group.

    "This incident underscores the volatility of the situation on the ground in Afghanistan but also strengthens our resolve as we continue to deliver urgent assistance across the country in support of the Afghan people," he said in a statement.

    1. What NO veto r u expecting?

      No developments, no peace, no foreign aids of right kind & barricading the availability of Afghan foreign reserve into the country?

      Peace and Security within Afghanistan CAN ONLY be achieved by Afghans themselves. Not foreign interferences as chanted so loudly & frequently by a blurred mfer of know-nothingness.

      So if u truly want those Humanitarian Agencies to do their jobs get yr uncle Sam & his allies to meet the withdrawal dateline & f*cked off forever!

      Peace & senses would return amongst the warring Afghan fractions when no foreigners r involved in their politics!

  5. The real hard-core Daesh wouldn't have been caught surrendering Alive.

    In Iraq and Syria, they fought to the last bullet, then blow themselves up together with their approaching attackers, or deliberstely charge their attackers and get mown down.

    Only towards the end , when they faced certain defeat, Daesh changed strategy to surrender and later regroup to fight in secret.

    1. Wakakakakaka…

      What a contradictory fart of inconsequential!

      Old moneyed mfer, do keep smoking whatever u r smoking - hopefully not Yankee hashish!

  6. At the Monday's meeting between the 5 UN Permanent Security Council Members, UK and France will propose a resolution for Afghanistan.

    It would be totally consistent for Russia and 5000 yo Bullyland to VETO this resolution, as they do 90% of the time.

    So will 5000 yo Bullyland table a counter proposal? Or will they just Lecture and Pontificate as usual, and not offer any alternatives or lift a chopstick to help, while Afghans suffer?

    The two neighbours of Afghanistan, Russia and 5000 yo Bullyland have enjoyed relative peace at their borders for the last 20 years while the Allied Forces, from thousands of miles away, kept the peace and security in Afghanistan, at a cost running in the TRILLIONS. Free Bodyguard Services while Russia and 5000 yo Bullyland operated their embassies in Kabul. The Taliban and ISIS etc were kept quiet for 20 years. No Taliban sapot for Xinjiang Uighurs even. Now the Allied Forces have had enough, time to say Sayonara.

    So let's try the Russian or 5000 yo Bullyland way. Let's see a Counter Resolution from them. How do they propose to give shelter, clothe, feed, vaccinate etc (ie babysit and spoonfeed) 40 million Afghans, while keeping the terrorists quiet?

    Belt and Road? Perestroika and Glasnost 2.0?

    Or do they propose just to abandon the country like the Soviets did in 1989 and Bullyland did in 1993? Let Afghans Decide for Themselves (with bombs and bullets)...Que Sera Sera Whatever Will Be Will Be...?

    1. Wakakakakaka…

      Still hard at play to praise yr uncle Sam & his allies' f*cked costly 'peace and security' tour of futies in Afghanistan!


      The only thing to remind a blurred get is - indeed, Que Sera Sera Whatever Will Be Will Be!

      Just watch yr fate.

  7. How to get FREE bodyguard services for yourself, spouse and home:

    "I was fed up with being burgled and robbed every other day in my neighbourhood. The alarm system was no use so I tore it out and deregistered from our ineffective local Neighbourhood Watch...

    Instead, I've planted a Taliban flag in each corner of my front garden.

    Now, the city police, the National Security Bureau, Scotland Yard, MI-5, MI-6, the CIA and every other intelligence service in Europe are all keeping watch on my house 24x7x365...

    I'm followed to and from work every day and my wife too when she goes out shopping.

    So no one bothers us at all...

    I've never felt safer... All thanks to "The Taliban."

    1. Yeh!

      That's the way to go for a blurred mfer, expecting FREE bodyguard services for yourself, spouse and home!