Tuesday, August 24, 2021

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Six more landslides detected in Gunung Jerai

One of the landslides along the road on Gunung Jerai. A geologist has categorised several areas on the mountain as danger zones. (Bernama pic)

YAN: Six more small-scale landslides have been detected on the slopes of Gunung Jerai a week after debris flows flooded the areas surrounding the mountain, the department of mineral and geoscience Malaysia (JMG) said.

The department’s geological engineering branch chief Ferdaus Ahmad said the landslides were identified based on field research conducted by the department this morning, adding that the landslides’ widths vary from three to four metres.

“We found that the landslide process is occurring because of the incident last week, the soil at that time was still not saturated, but it has been raining these past several days, including yesterday, and this has saturated the soil and as a result, some landslides occurred,” he said.

He was speaking to reporters after inspecting the landslides that occurred around Gunung Jerai.

Ferdaus cautioned those who were using roads in Gunung Jerai to be careful and to be alert in ensuring their safety.

“If it rains heavily, there is a possibility that landslides and other impacts will occur,” he said, adding that the department has categorised the area where four large-scale landslides, with widths of more than 10 metres, as a danger zone.

Ferdaus said the department would need to conduct research and investigate before it can identify the distance and extent of the entire zone.

He said a landslide area is categorised as a danger zone when there are signs that another landslide might occur, such as cracks or unstable rocks around the landslide area that could pose potential threats.

Ferdaus said, however, that a danger zone would not be permanent and was just temporary while waiting for slope repair and mitigation work to be done.

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