Monday, August 17, 2020

'Tuk Tok-Kok again

Extracts (only) from Malaysiakini:

Rais [Yatim - PPBM] also questioned if Mahathir could convince the Slim constituents to support his newly-formed party Pejuang, a Malay-based independent party that is contesting in the Slim state seat by-election.

"At an election campaign a few days ago, Mahathir stated his party was against money politics and he wanted the Malays to support his party.

"It is difficult to believe in Pejuang. First of all, how many years could Mahathir be helming the party? Could Mukhriz distinguish himself in performance given his track record in (helming) Kedah (state government)?

"Is it that, anti-money politics, that (is all you have) to enter the 15th general election?" questioned Rais, who is also a Bersatu supreme council member.

"Money and politics are like water with mud. It must be distilled or processed first to get clear water.

"Muhyiddin and his allies are already into the process. If this is the only mission, Mahathir himself has failed this mission during his first stint as the fourth prime minister for 22 years and his comeback as seventh prime minister for 22 months.

"To be honest, for whatever reasons, he should help the Muhyiddin government and not the other way around if he really loves the nation and religion," Rais added.

The Slim by-election was called following the death of its incumbent Mohd Khusairi Abdul Talib on July 15. Polling is set to take place on Aug 29.

The by-election will be the first battlefield for Mahathir and his loyalists to test the strength of his new party, which is yet to be registered.


  1. Replies
    1. Read the points, not target the speaker lah

    2. i am talking abt rais point, or his no point.

      1. y not rais asked the same question when conman helm bersatu, it happened only 2 years back.

      2. same on mukhriz, whats wrong with his performance, didnt kedahan vote him in during ge14 knowing he will become the mb?

      3. anti money politics, whats wrong with that n how the backdooor govt r into that, by charging betty or mp in glc?

      4. both ph supporter n bersatu claim conman fail in his 20 months with a total reverse justification, u can only pick either one right? so which one?

      5. conman shd help backdoor pm? u agree?

      u just simply publish any rubbish from any shithead as long as they condemn conman.

    3. I read Anak Yatim's points on money politics but I am not sure if this is just another one of his academic exercises....many years ago during Toonsie 1.0's time he supported ISA, then when he was in opposition Semangat 46, his PhD thesis was against it, then he came back to government still under Toonsie 1.0, he supported it confusing, like Captain ThayaPandai's circular logic.

      Rais Yatim – his PhD thesis was a severe attack on the ISA; but when he was recycled into the Cabinet by Dr M, he supported the ISA fully. He claimed that his thesis was merely an academic exercise. So much for the man’s principles, honesty and integrity.

  2. Anak Yatim has been all kinds of lallang over the years, bending here and there.
    However, his most common Mode is towards Race and Religion supremacy.

  3. Aiyo!...All politician are the same lah...2 X 5 and 5 X 2...semua tak boleh do percaya. The only this which one is less evil...Mahathir has already proven he is more evil than the rest...