Friday, August 14, 2020

Pariahs of the World?

Guardian (Aus Ed):

How Donald Trump is driving Americans to renounce their citizenship

The US president’s mishandling of the coronavirus crisis has helped cause a 1,200% increase in people abandoning their US citizenship this year

‘If President Trump is re-elected, we believe there will be another wave of people who will decide to renounce their citizenship.’ Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo
Published onWed 12 Aug 2020 16.00 AEST

He may not have built his “beautiful wall”, but Donald Trump is doing an A+ job of keeping people, including his own citizens, out of the US. Record numbers of people are giving up their US citizenship, according to analysis by a New York accountancy firm. More than 5,800 Americans renounced their citizenship in the first six months of 2020, Bambridge Accountants reports, a 1,210% increase on the six months to December 2019.

The US’s global tax reporting requirements are a major reason why many people decide to cough up the $2,350 (£1,775) fee required to officially cut ties with the US. Boris Johnson, for example, renounced his US citizenship in 2016 after complaining about the “absolutely outrageous” US tax demands. Nevertheless, it seems that Trump is sending an increasing number of expats over the edge.

“What we’ve seen is people are over everything happening with President Donald Trump, how the coronavirus pandemic is being handled and the political policies in the US at the moment,” a partner at the firm explained to CNN. “If President Trump is re-elected, we believe there will be another wave of people who will decide to renounce their citizenship.”

I can’t imagine Trump is too concerned about Americans socially distancing themselves from their passports; the man seems hellbent on making citizenship as unattractive as possible. The Trump administration is reportedly considering blocking US citizens and permanent residents from re-entering the US if an official “reasonably” believes they could have Covid-19.

Once upon a time, an American passport let you cross borders with ease – now it makes you persona non grata around the world. Not only are most Americans banned from Europe, but they may also no longer even be guaranteed entrance to their own home.

Arwa Mahdawi is a Guardian columnist


  1. Before Covid-19 shut down almost completely the legal immigration process, the queue of foreigners applying for US resident visas was 1.8 Million long.
    That's with Donald Trump in charge.

    Add to that many X the number who attempt to enter or stay illegally.

    Did I hear pariah of the world?

    Some pariah indeed.

    1. providing your own stats? The Guardian must be BS-ing then?

    2. Guardian was BS-ing by sensationalising only 1 side of the story.
      I showed the other side of the coin, which is the long, long queue of people from other countries who apply for permission to be USA residents.

    3. Wakakakakaka…

      Read between the lines lah!

      Guardian documents those favourite groups of elite, well to do business persons & highly source techies.

      Monkie lists the unwanted kind that most developed & WASP nations DON'T want to touch with a 10-foot pole!

  2. 500 yo Bully is democratic and must have multi-party election to get rid of Carrot Top. How about 5,000 yo Bully...?

    Kamala Harris, so handsome bless her soul, will set things right. She must be the one driving President Biden (how can he possibly lose right....?). Biden is on the wrong side of 75 and prone to gaffes.

    1. Wakakakakakaka…

      Blurred mfer getting blurred AGAIN!

      The primary organs of China state power are the National People's Congress (NPC), the President, and the State Council. Members of the State Council include the Premier, a variable number of vice premiers (now four), five state councillors (protocol equal of vice premiers but with narrower portfolios), and 29 ministers and heads of State Council commissions.

      They are ALL be chosen via multiple performance selections & multi-level local elections! BY THE CHINESE PEOPLE!

      Kamala Harris will set things right?

      Ya-loh, in yr blurred daydream!

      Listening to her earlier debates for the Democrat president nominations, she was loud but just not up to the standard of been a competent politician. Hence, she wasn't chosen.

      Her fiery speeches were enticing but full of her matrimonial ancestral traces of classic yabbers.

      USofA has to be one stage (hopefully) down the road of condemnation this time round.

      The possible salvation could be when Andrew Cuomo + Gretchen Whitmer, in whatever combination, compete for the top two posts of US.

      US should have adopted the selection+election module for that positions. But with all the business lobbying, that will NEVER happen!

    2. Where got proper election.

      Imperial Bullyland now in The Bully Dynasty, Long Live the Emperor for Life ....ha ha ha...

      Xi Jinping sends shock waves with his 2035 manifesto
      A coded news release signals the president's intent to be 'leader for life'

      KATSUJI NAKAZAWA, Nikkei senior staff writer
      AUGUST 6, 2020

      TOKYO -- At the end of last month, the Chinese Communist Party announced it will convene a key policy meeting in October.

      "The fifth plenary session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China will be held in Beijing in October," the Xinhua article read.

      Attendees will assess the proposals for the next five-year plan that spans 2021 to 2025 "and future targets for 2035," it said.

      For China watchers around the world, the second half of that sentence is a coded message that could not go unnoticed.

      "President Xi Jinping really does intend to stay in power for the long run," one political pundit said. "This must be, in effect, the manifesto for the next 15 years."

      While China has modernized over the years, it still retains some remnants of its socialist planned economy era, including the formulation of five-year plans. Therefore, the decision to discuss a new plan comes as no surprise.

      But to plan for a decade beyond that, all the way to 2035, does not come from any textbook, and it raised many eyebrows.

    3. Wakakakakaka…

      Is that the best u can search, then c&p?

      What happened to research & analyse?

      Zilch, just swallow wholesome & regurgitate. So much simple. As in mouth-to-anal one straight way.

      BTW, have u read VERY carefully about what that article said, its conjecture & inference?

      5yr plan is a key sopo-economic planning tool in China. & in many cases the strategies outlined in the plan span longer than the 5 yrs. Some stretching into 20/30 yrs.

      Example, the military self sufficient & advancement was formulated in the 2nd 5yr plan (1958–1962) during Mao's time.

      The aim to eliminate poverty by 2020 was started in the Ninth Plan (1996–2000)

      Achieving length of high-speed railways to 45,000 km & length of highway networks reaching 83,000 km in Twelfth Plan (2011–2015)

      So anything wrong with planning all the way to 2035?

      President Xi Jinping wants to stay beyond that date!

      That Nikkei senior staff writer must be one hell of a typical Japanese paper pusher - fabricating (fingering) news with his own 3rd level interpretation of coded message that is good enough to waste his long desk time!

  3. 川建国 is taking a page out of the Ming Chinese history.

    The later stage of the Ming emperors were so arrogant that they think as if themselves the centre of the world, with China their back garden.

    There were Absolutely nothing that the foreign devils could teach the Ming Chinese, in any fields of studies that worth endeavouring investigations.

    They closed China all borders & forbid Chinese to trade with foreign devil's w/o official consents.

    They totally stopped official visits to foreign lands such that Admiral Cheng He's mighty fleets, the largest & most advanced that ever transversed the maritime routes, were grounded & destroyed.

    That the advancement & development of China STOPPED & remained STAGNANT!

    Eventually leading to China been bullied, ridiculed, invaded by those banned foreign devils.

    USofA will follow this path, even if trump isn't been reelected. Bcoz he has set the mindset of the Yankee in self denial mode, like the Ming & Qing populace.

    The road to jaguh kampung of the world starts.

    1. the only way out for ccp is to pray to allah the muslim will do another 911.

    2. Allah?

      Who's that?

      Oooop… yr great great great granddaddy's chosen god when Admiral Cheng He appointed him as that shitland caretaker!

      Eat yr heart out, 犬养 mfer. Don't u know that the radicalized zombies have been contained absolutely within China Proper?

      U can try enticing those 台毒 morons or HK 废青 to do that 911 in yr wettest wet dream.

      HK 废青 r real waste in ideal but smart-alecky selfish to survive. They would not want to be martyr!

      台毒 morons r too 娘腔 by years of training under incompetent softies. Given a chance, they won't even know how to aim at a Taipei101¡

    3. bully1 alliance not limit to 5 eyes n eu, they pull in sea japs korean indian, now middle east n muslim, finally polar bear. what ccp can do is to hire our pas hadi to crack 2 states solution, n bomb the statue of liberty, then maybe trump will turn n kiss emperor xi ass again. ccp shall start twit like ongkianming inshallah....

    4. Wakakakakaka…

      Good one wettest dream turns irrational & illogical!

      Do continued yr monkey chant & pray that yr wet dream turns solidly possible.

  4. No need for another 911 attack. The US of A is on the way down very nicely all by its good self.

    A perfect storm is in the formation : a deranged president and relic for a challenger, the pandemic, declining intelligence, social media spreading ignorance, colossal debt, outrageous military misadventures, China reaching economic critical mass, the list goes on. The pandemic blew the covers off of it.