Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Menteri "Kerajaan Beta - Khalas" di-eff-kan olih Teo Nie Ching


Ex-deputy education minister slams call to close vernacular schools

Teo Nie Ching asks Wan Ahmad Fayhsal if he is assuming that students in vernacular schools are not nationalistic

PETALING JAYA: A former deputy education minister has slammed a call for the abolition of vernacular schools, arguing that such schools are “very much Malaysian”.

Teo Nie Ching said more than 18% of students at Chinese vernacular schools or SJKCs are non-Chinese.

One good example, she said, is SJKC Ladang Grisek, which Transport Minister Wee Ka Siong recently visited. About 68% of the students there are non-Chinese.

In Sabah, 71.5% of the students enrolled in SJKCs are also non-Chinese.

Vernacular schools continue to thrive in Jasin, thanks to enrolment of Malay  pupils | The Star

“Vernacular schools do not cater to one race or identity only. They are very much Malaysian and reflect the spirit of the Rukun Negara,” she said in a statement.

The Kulai MP said this in response to Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal’s call for such schools to be abolished in stages.

Wan Ahmad Fayshal, who is the PPBM Youth chief, claimed that vernacular schools have not produced students who possess a “strong national identity”.

Teo wondered if he assumed that students from such schools, including their Bumiputera students, are not nationalistic.

She also asked if Wan Ahmad Fayshal was also implying that their parents are also not nationalistic or patriotic.

BFM: The Business Station - Podcast Current Affairs: Vernacular Schools -  Breeds Racist Mindsets?

“I dare say this is a dangerous assumption to make, as students from vernacular schools are capable children and able to contribute significantly to nation building.” she said.

Teo also called on Muhyiddin Yassin, as both PPBM president and prime minister, to state if the party shares the view of its youth wing.

“If Tan Sri Muhyiddin fails to do so, I would say this is one of the saddest Independence Day celebrations in Malaysian history,” she added.

Is Malaysia ready to get rid of Chinese and Tamil schools?


  1. Many Vernacular school products are borderline disloyal to Malaysia.

    Untrustworthy if ever Malaysia finds itself in a serious dispute with their beloved China.

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    3. Old moneyed mfer, don't u know that many 'national' school products are borderline disloyal to Malaysia.

      They r zombified ketuanan freaks!

      Untrustworthy if ever Malaysia finds itself in a serious dispute with their beloved zombiecism.

      Truly f*cked dickhead of the old money kind.

    4. I rest my case.
      The proof is in Ktemoc's Blog and some of his commentatorz

    5. 犬养mfer, who r u to judge the Chinese M'sians?

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      Or u cultivate it via years of crumbs falling from those melayu tables!

    6. Old moneyed mfer, u rests yr case based on yr lousy & loser observations.


      When one voices against fitnah, injustice, race & religion that cut across nationalism, one's patriotism is in question!

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      BTW, MCP voluntary dissolved after the Peace Agreement of Hat Yai (1989) whose terms were/r never followed up by bolihland!

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  2. Why target vernacular schools? How about International schools that follow foreign curriculum and use English? Many of these schools now have more than 50% Malaysian students, including children of VIPs.

  3. Like the Kuching signboards - English ok but Chinese cannot? Trust works both ways.

  4. These are just politicians who are willing to sacrifice the good that these vernacular brings (muilti-racial students and good educational outcomes).

    They are willing to bring these vernacular schools down to the pathetic level of national schools and the religious schools.

    These are the really traitors!!

    But, in time, as Malaysia becomes more and more talibanized, ultimately these vernacular and other reminders of non- Islamic nature will be forced to close or destroyed.

    It may happen within a generation or two.

  5. Bodoh punya deputy minister....If this type of guy can be deputy minister, than all Malaysia definitely qualified for this post. ha..ha..ha,..