Tuesday, August 18, 2020

IGP becoming a marriage counsellor?


Indira Gandhi’s ex-husband continues to make fools out of PDRM


What do you mean by a win-win situation? If you have broken the law, there is no win for you. You lose! It is as simple as that.”

- Former Court of Appeal judge Mah Weng Kwai

Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Abdul Hamid Bador’s comment that he is attempting to negotiate some sort of just resolution to a kidnapping case borders on contempt of court. Who is Hamid to interpret a court ruling in a way that he thinks best resolves a kidnapping issue?

Hamid claims that the case has been politicised but he acknowledges that he is communicating with politicians in various states asking them to get involved in a court order. This is not a divorce case. This is a case of kidnapping. The fact that politicians, the PDRM, and no doubt the religious apparatus are all enabling this felon is prima facie evidence that there is a conspiracy that the state desires to keep M Indira Gandhi’s child away from her.

Hamid claimed that he was trying to convince the kidnapper "that everything must be done in accordance with the court ruling, and he must not be selfish for the sake of the child’s future." – but what do you think the kidnapper thinks about this plea?

Muhammad Riduan Abdullah has successfully, with the aid of god knows who, evaded the PDRM for years, outfoxed four other IGPs, made the state security apparatus look like bungling, insipid keystone cops and of course now he has to deal with an IGP who thinks that he is some sort of marriage counsellor. He even outlasted a change in government which no doubt shows him that he is beyond the reach of any form of government.

Does anyone really think that this kidnapper is afraid of the long arm of the law? Does anyone really think that Riduan (above) is afraid of this IGP? Does anyone really think that this kidnapper is not basking in all the attention important politicians are giving him? More importantly, does anyone really think that someone like this kidnapper could do all of this on his own?

The fact that the state has not given relief to Indira is because this is a political issue. The fact that the IGP decides to interpret a court order so that the kidnapper would “get the benefit of some form of joint custody” is an obscene dereliction of his oath to carry out the law and protect the citizenry of this country.

We ask ourselves why people do not have faith in the security apparatus of this country, and the reasons are obvious. How can you have faith in a top cop, who makes such concessions to a kidnapper spinning this case as some sort of messy divorce, where, in the words of a former Court of Appeal judge –

“I am baffled because you have an order of the apex court of this country and the order was to the police to produce this person, and more so if you know where he is. “(But you) don’t produce him and start talking about negotiations. I just don’t understand the reasoning.”

Is it the policy of the state security apparatus to negotiate with kidnappers? Honestly, if this is the SOP then they should acknowledge that henceforth anyone who kidnaps a child in Malaysia, the PDRM will negotiate with the perpetrators and they can get off scot-free.

M Indira Gandhi 

The question I keep getting from people, is that why hasn’t this become a national issue? Why hasn’t this kidnapping achieved some sort of notoriety amongst the greater Malaysian population? Why does the IGP get to make such ludicrous propositions and the political system just keeps quiet?

When the IGP says that the issue has become “politicised” what he is drawing attention to is the fact that a Muslim man has unilaterally converted and then kidnapped his non-Muslim child. The non-Muslim part of the equation – the inconsequential aspect – while politically damaging to the establishment, does not entail the kind of fallout that would occur if the child is returned to her mother and then becomes the poster child of someone who had escaped “unilateral conversion” and then been returned to her non-Muslim mother.

How do you think this plays to the race and religion crowd? How do you think the political operatives whose currency is race and religion would be able to spin something like this? Indeed, as it is, the reality is that unilateral conversion is one of the first principles of the political operatives intent on creating an Islamic state here in Malaysia.

It would not surprise me, if there were enablers, who are average citizens, conspiring to keep this child within Islam. I do not think these people consider Riduan as some sort of religious martyr, but rather they believe that Indira’s daughter belongs to them and their faith. It pains me to say this, but Indira's daughter probably has been indoctrinated to believe the narrative of her captors instead of her mother.

There will be no “happy ending” to this story and neither will there be a win/win conclusion.

S THAYAPARAN is Commander (Rtd) of the Royal Malaysian Navy. A retired barrister-at-law, he hopes young people will assume the mantle of leadership if there is to be any hope for this country



  1. I haven’t said this in a LOOONG time:
    This religion does things to your brain.

    But this case is straightforward, even Captain ThayaPandai can explain clearly for once without having to use Circular Logic.

    To answer his question - the IGP wants to be massage therapist.

  2. Unfortunately,the writer is correct - "there will be no happy ending"

    Welcome to Malaysia,Truly Asia

  3. Once a Muslim , always a Muslim.
    The religion is like Hotel California in the song- you can check out but you can never leave.
    IGP and most in Government are Muslims first.
    Federal Court ruling Tak Boleh Pakai.

  4. "Maria Hertogh (born Huberdina Maria Hertogh on 24 March 1937 at Tjimahi, West Java, the Dutch East Indies), also known as Nadra binte Ma'arof and Natrah,[1] was a Dutchwoman of Eurasian extraction and Malay upbringing, notable for being at the centre of the Maria Hertogh riots as a girl.

    The riots took place between 11 and 13 December 1950 in Singapore, after a court decided that Maria should be taken from her Malay Muslim foster/adoptive mother's custody and given over to her Dutch Catholic natal parents. A protest by outraged Muslims escalated into a riot when images of her were published showing her kneeling before a statue of the Virgin Mary. 18 people were killed and 173 injured; many properties were also damaged."


    1. Riots instigated by Karim Ghani (an Indian Muslim from Burma) who made an open speech at the Sultan Mosque on 8 December in which he mentioned jihad as a final resort. Ghani's comments were followed by widespread riots and violence beginning on 11 December and continued till the 13th.

      In total, 18 people were killed, among whom were seven Europeans or Eurasians, two police officers, and nine rioters shot by the police or military, 173 were injured, many of them seriously, 119 vehicles were damaged, and at least two buildings were set on fire. Subsequently, two weeks of 24-hour curfew were imposed, and it was a long time before complete law and order was re-established.

      In the riots that followed many people were killed and many a Muslims who abetted the rioters were charged. Among them were many Tamil Muslim leaders who were sentenced to be hanged. These Tamil Muslim traders were the Islamic icons for the newly independent Malaya.

      All of the convicted were released, but the British fearing Ghani's stature and activism in the Malayan community, wanted him out of the colonial territory. Being an Indian national, Ghani was offered to the Indian government by the British but they refused, noting his record and due to the ongoing election period. Bashir Mallal made contact with some of his associates in Pakistan after which Inamullah Khan, Secretary General of World Muslim Congress, formally invited him to Karachi. He restarted his career as a publisher in Karachi. His activism found few takers in the new country at that time. He continued to be critical of British and their policies. He is said to have died in Pakistan, not long after. Exact date is not known but according to Haji Maideen he died between the year 1952 and 1960.

  5. many people n stuff missing in msia, similarly many people n stuff missing in ccp china, n both govt hv no people mandate, n both hv tuan as majority, amazing.

    1. 犬养mfer, u conveniently forget about the same happened in many of yr demoNcratic countries!

      Many of them claim to have people mandate!

      Wakakakakaka… tuan as majority, indeed.

      Just like BLM all over these countries.

      Mmm…… whose the tuan for a yellowed katak which keeps croaking under a fart filled well?