Saturday, August 22, 2020

The tricks pollies play

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The usual dirty story, or story of dirty Malaysian political evil tricks, via of course the "new normal" of surat layang, to wit, a Stat Dec (SD), wakakaka.

  • Bloke A was the man behind SD 1 (the original)
  • SD 1 inconveniently involved names of some people who didn't want to, or couldn't/mustn't be named, wakakaka 
  • Then came along Bloke B
  • His people copied SD1 and called it SD2
  • SD2 doesn't have the names of people involved in SD1 - in other words, SD2 is a watered-down version of SD1

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Questions being now asked are:
  • Why is SD2 only investigated when it has been a "diluted" (personalities edited out) copy of SD1
  • Shouldn't SD1 be investigated when it has been the original containing more details?
  • The answer to why SD1 is NOT being investigated is those SD1 people (eg. Bloke A) are "protected"
  • SD2 is being investigated so the scent is deliberately trailed to Bloke B, wakakaka, and Bloke A is "protected".

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Incidentally, the SDs are intended to eff up Bloke C, wakakaka.

Malaysian politics, wakakaka.

As I mentioned in someone's post (wakakaka):
  • Want to sabo Chinese politicians, accuse them of corruption (note that CSL was an exception; he was accused of sexual indiscretion)

  • Want to sabo Malay politicians, accuse them of sodomy (note that Najib was an exception; he is accused of corruption)

  • Want to sabo Indian politicians, accuse them of .....


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  1. Chinese in Malaysia normally don't bother much about consensual sexual indiscretions involving their leaders.

    In fact top middle-aged guys were Assumed to have some "naughty" activities on the side, as long as they keep it discreet and don't extend to humiliating their wife.

    In CSL case , he was already the target of intense Team B efforts to remove him from power. The live action video was probably a conspiracy involving Team B to start with, and the incident was deliberately inflated to prise CSL out.

  2. mean to say chinese is fine with sodony n malay is fine with corruption while indian doesnt matter bec nobody care?

    1. In all these years, I have never heard any Chinese say Anwar is unsuitable to be a leader because of his Sodomy conviction.

      A few snide jokes about his tendencies, perhaps, but no real objections arising.

    2. Similarly, it is obvious most Malays are Very OK with all the Thieves in UMNO, as long as they shout about Race and Religion.