Friday, August 28, 2020

Menteri Quarantine Breaker Totally Unrepentant

MM Online:

Caught breaking Covid-19 quarantine rules, minister says ‘did nothing wrong’ after ‘semi-official trip’ to Turkey

Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Datuk Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali is seen at the Parliament August 26, 2020. — Bernama pic 

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 28 — Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Datuk Khairuddin Aman Razali has defended his action of breaking the mandatory Covid-19 quarantine after returning from Turkey.

Malaysiakini reported the PAS minister denying any wrongdoing and rejecting the need for him to resign from the Cabinet, saying the issue only involved “an error” over the issue of the standard operating procedures.

“I did not do anything wrong in regard to my job, it only involved an error over the issue of the SOPs,” he was quoted saying.

“I have my own view, but I let the police [to investigate]. The Health Ministry had also issued a statement. For me, it’s solved, although I have my own view.”

The Kuala Nerus MP also confirmed the police recorded his statement as a witness in Bukit Aman yesterday at 8.45pm for two hours, insisting that the event was the first time his statement was recorded and not the second as reported by the media quoting the police.

Statements were also collected from his three family members, he said.

The minister said he told the police he was in Turkey on a “semi-official trip”.

“One reason was for a project negotiation involving Terengganu which had yet to be solved when I took over as minister and the rest was regarding palm oil.

“I have been satisfied from the get-go since I had apologised for the error and said I would return my salaries from the month of March to August to the people,” Khairuddin replied, when asked if he was satisfied with the course of the investigation.

He added it is now more important that he continue working on as usual, and that the issue did not affect work since he is human, and it is normal to make mistakes.

It is understood that Khairuddin met with several key figures in Turkey to negotiate the export of Malaysian palm oil to Greece and the Balkan countries.


  1. A fine example of an upright Muslim.

    Malaysia Boleh, PAS Lagi Boleh

  2. This Menteri Sayur Lobak is from the eastern state of Terengganu..... Muhammad Abduh was dead right.....ha ha ha....

    Orang Kristian dari Barat yang tak ikut garis-pandu Covid-19 minta maaf, terus letak jawatan. Orang parti Islam pula degil, tak mahu minta maaf, tak mahu letak jawatan....

    “I went to the West and saw Islam, but no Muslims; I got back to the East and saw Muslims, but not Islam.” ― Muhammad Abduh

    EU trade commissioner resigns amidst uproar over Covid-19 breach
    AFP - August 27, 2020

    DUBLIN: EU trade commissioner Phil Hogan, a key figure in Brexit talks, resigned on Wednesday, after making a recent trip across Ireland in an apparent breach of three sets of coronavirus guidelines.

    "This evening I have tendered my resignation as EU trade commissioner to the president of the European Commission, Dr Ursula von der Leyen," Hogan said in a statement.

    "It was becoming increasingly clear that the controversy concerning my recent visit to Ireland was becoming a distraction from my work as an EU Commissioner and would undermine my work in the key months ahead."

    The Irish government said on Tuesday that Hogan flouted a trio of coronavirus guidelines during a recent trip to his home country, although the commissioner himself insisted he broke no laws.

    According to a statement, Hogan broke a 14-day quarantine after arriving in Ireland and failed to limit his travel in a county in the midst of a localised lockdown.

    He also attended a parliamentary golf club dinner on Aug 19, in breach of coronavirus restrictions on social gathering numbers announced just 24 hours earlier in a bid to curb a surge in cases.

    The evening was attended by around 80 diners – including a cabinet minister, a supreme court judge and lawmakers from Ireland's upper and lower houses of parliament.

    It is now being investigated by police and has prompted a series of high-level resignations in Irish politics, including agriculture minister Dara Calleary and deputy chair of the upper house of parliament Jerry Buttimer....

    ...The scandal was compounded after it was revealed that he was pulled over by an Irish police officer for using his phone while driving.

    Earlier on Wednesday, Irish prime minister Micheal Martin said the government felt anger and annoyance at "the degree to which the commissioner has undermined public confidence in adherence to the health guidelines.

    "We're very clear on all three fronts he breached the guidelines," he told reporters in Dublin....

  3. Sexual harassment is also a crime, but why the PN government has remained silent? What does Islam teach about protecting the vulnerable like women?

    Ex-Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching should bang table and put Mah Hang Soon in hot kway teow soup....ha ha ha...don't forget UEC...need another 60 years...?

    Relevant Ministers:
    Women, family and community development - Rina Harun (Bersatu)
    Minister for youth - Reezal Merican (UMNO)
    Minister for higher education - Noraini (UMNO)
    Law minister - Takiyuddin (PAS)

    Has UM sexual assault case been swept under the rug?
    Mariam Mokhtar -August 29, 2020

    Last July, a Universiti Malaya (UM) student who called herself “Ching” alleged that an associate professor had sexually assaulted her in his office on June 3, 2019.

    When the university failed to act against the lecturer and refused to share the findings of an internal investigation with her, she lodged a police report thinking that the police probe would be conducted swiftly and be transparent.

    What transpired was unacceptable.

    On Thursday, the police told Ching that they had completed their investigations into the alleged assault by the UM associate professor. They said that no further action would be taken against him. They said that he had already faced the university’s disciplinary committee, and had been demoted. They informed her that he had retired in June.

    Did it take the police three months to tell her, “Case closed, no further action”?

    Most people would contend that the disciplinary committee should not be allowed to handle a serious sexual allegation of this nature.

    The police said their investigation had been conducted under Section 354 of the Penal Code which involves the use of criminal force on a person with the intent to outrage the victim’s modesty. If the man had been found guilty, upon conviction, he would have faced a maximum of 10 years’ imprisonment, a fine, with whipping, or any combination of two of the punishments.

    So, why was Ching denied justice? Why has the perpetrator been protected? Was his name kept secret to save his family’s reputation?

    How about other women? Won’t they be at risk? It appears that every effort is being made to protect the reputation of UM. Why did the student bodies not protest more strongly?

    The results of the police probe have not been revealed and Ching must feel that she has been violated three times. First, by her lecturer, second, by her university, and third, by the authorities.

    If the lecturer had not done anything wrong, the university would not have demoted him or conducted the hearing under a cloak of secrecy, would it? Why was the victim not allowed to counter his evidence? How many are in the disciplinary committee? Were any women on it?

    So many questions remain unanswered and denying a public hearing has only further tarnished the university’s reputation.

    The university should not be afraid to publish its investigations. They should show an interest and find out if other students had been assaulted. Perhaps, his colleagues are aware. Did they keep quiet or were they warned not to expose him, in which case, students were put at risk.

    A proper hearing would have revealed more, including whether there are other victims or if members of the university staff were subjected to similar assaults. A public hearing would have encouraged others to come forward, but now it looks as if this serious allegation has been swept under the rug.

    Perhaps Ching should name her former lecturer, start a private prosecution and seek compensation.

    Petaling Jaya MP Maria Chin Abdullah is aware of the matter, but more importantly, we would like to know the reaction of the following people: the minister for women, family and community development; the minister for youth; the minister for higher education; and the law minister. Why are they silent?

    Sexual assault is a serious crime, but if our ministers and educational establishments adopt a tidak apa attitude, then our society has failed our womenfolk.

    1. Not always true, but I have noticed that many Malay men have pretty cavalier attitudes towards issues of sexual harassment.

      They either dismiss lightly as a minor misdemeanour "nakal sedikit" or imply the woman is at fault from dressing inappropriately or from unchase provocative behaviour.

      I am not surprised the police , overwhelmingly Malay, treated the case lightly, accepting the University's opaque "Administrative Action" as closure for the case.

  4. pas oso hv ular on its side.

  5. "I did nothing wrong" !

    You did nothing wrong! You broke the law!

    And then you gave all nonsensical and 'lie' excuses, truly idiotic excuses, the law you broke has got nothing to do with your job! This shows either you are just an idiot or a despicable liar. In either case you are not fit to be the people representative since you are either an idiot or a person with despicable character, a liar wearing a religious mask no less.

  6. Why the melayu r so gung-ho about the crimes of their compatriots?

    Bcoz there r people who r willing to ignore those crimes based on alifbata!

    More so with the cheering of the gang of not to spook the melayu sensitivities.

  7. No need to increase the fine by 2X or 3X as suggested by Muhyiddin. Amending the Act will take months or years.

    The same Act 342 already allows for 2 years imprisonment.

    Can immediately impose jail term and this would disqualify him from being MP.