Friday, August 21, 2020

PBB Sarawak asserts Malays are very "sensitive"

MM Online:

DAPSY’s Chinese stickers on Kuching road signs insensitive to plural society, says assistant minister

Kuching Dapsy said it put up the Chinese characters for the road signages of Jalan Main Bazaar, Wayang Street, and Jalan Greenhill which they claimed had been ‘omitted’ by DBKU

Picture via Facebook/DAP Sarawak

KUCHING, Aug 20 — The action of the Sarawak DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY) in pasting stickers in Chinese on several road signs around the city can be considered as insensitive to the sentiments of the plural society in the state.

Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department (Islamic Affairs and Kuching North City Hall [DBKU]), Datuk Abdul Rahman Junaidi said it also violated the Federal Constitution and the National Language Act 1963.

“The DAP should not drag the DBKU into (fulfilling the agenda requirements) of their politics. They should not have done this (disregarding the sensitivity among races like) in Peninsular Malaysia,” he said in a statement here today.

The statement was issued following the actions today of a group of Sarawak DAPSY members who pasted stickers in Chinese characters on several road signs in the city on the grounds that they needed to be translated for the needs of tourists from China.

The action, which was led by former Stampin Member of Parliament Julian Tan, was also viralled on social media and received various comments from netizens.

Abdul Rahman said he considered the act as vandalism and a violation of DBKU’s rules because prior permission was not obtained from city hall.

Meanwhile, Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Youth deputy chief Fazzrudin Abdul Rahman described Sarawak DAPSY’s action as deliberate to exploit language issues that could cause tensions between the races.

He said PBB Youth was confident that all the people in Sarawak from various racial and religious backgrounds loved their respective languages and cultures but, at the same time, needed to be realistic in maintaining the harmony between the races enjoyed so far.

“Such a negative political culture is not accepted in Sarawak, which greatly appreciates unity,” he said in a statement. — Bernama

I agree that DAPSY has gone too far by taking "things" into its own hands. Kuching is not quite Penang yet.

OTOH, I believe the word "sensitive" has been overused in Malaysia. The deputy minister's aversion to and assertion of those Chinese language signs being "considered as insensitive to the sentiments of the plural society" is gross exaggeration. Why should Malaysians be "sensitive" over trivial issues such a this?

In Malaysia, the word "sensitive" has always been used to reflect the dislike of only the Malays, even if the general Malay population don't give a damn. Demolishing Hindu shrines, Taoist temple or throwing cow heads at Hindu temple gates are not "sensitive"??? One Muslim abducting an Indian baby and police buat ta'tahu not "sensitive"??? Earlier (1986), another Muslim chegu seducing and abducting his Chinese underage student (Susie Teoh) and marrying her even when she was 'a 'minor', with the Courts buat ta'tahu juga (tok-kok as the Court's decison was eventually overruled by the then-Supreme Court) not sensitive???

Really, are Malays so thin-skin when matters are not to their liking or convenience? Hang Tuah and his mates, including our beloved Tunku Abdul Rahman, would be livid with rage at such a silly self-insult if they were still alive.

Give the above issue the minor treatment it deserves - just fine the offenders for vandalism and close the matter, instead of provocatively raising "sensitivity" aspects pertaining to only one race. It has only confirmed PBB is still stuck in the ethnic mud.


  1. Road signs , including official street name signs are , strictly speaking, not to be tampered with.

    DAPSY was breaking the law... so they deserve to face whatever legal sanction under by-laws.

    Malays are "entitled" to be sensitive, that is the reality in Malaysia.

    1. What don't u just say bully has an meme-ed inferiorized sensitivity?


      Just like their claimed to their ketuanan entitlement!

      Maybe, deep down u share that same crumb-fed mentality of that 犬养mfer's of not to stir those f*cked honorary badge bearers of that 513 hornet!

      All of u r just yellowed toads, croaking with the direction of the floating fart within yr well dwelling.

    2. Stay on in CCP, among your Ketuanan CCP freaks

      Don't kacau Malaysia.

    3. Then, who the f*ck r u to say

      "Malays are "entitled" to be sensitive, that is the reality in Malaysia."


      Just proclaim u ain't no Chinese descendant & had no Chinese ancestry. Just like that 犬养mfer did do proudly!

      Furthermore, who r u to tell me where to stay?

      U have a demoNcratized definition for freedom of choice?

      Truly hypocrite is yr second nature, old moneyed mfer?

  2. If I am not mistaken "Green" and "Hill" are not Melayu words. So why protest over Chinese characters...?

    Should be Jalan Bukit Hijau.

    1. “Main Bazaar” is not Bahasa Melayu either. But why protest over the Chinese translation only?

  3. Why PBB never protest that Tan Sri Richard Malanjum was never awarded a "Tun" title when all other Chief Justices have been awarded such? Richard Malanjum is a native Sabahan was a former Chief Judge for Sabah and Sarawak.

  4. we are all malaysian
    but Chinese characters still required

  5. DAP is multicultural party. Why must put Chinese character there? Our Bahasa Kebangsaan not enough?

    1. If jawi can syiok the ketuanan ego WHY not some muhibbah spirit for the Chinese M'sian?

      Many countries DO practice multilingual roadsigns for various purpose!

      Nationalism ISN'T a consideration in a convenient tool like roadsigns.

      Ooop… why don't u put

      "Our Bahasa Kebangsaan not enough?"

      to the ketuanan freaks?