Thursday, August 13, 2020

The Pathetic Oscar-Winning Performance


Pathetic Is The Only Word That Comes To Mind

1. Pathetic is the only word that comes to mind after seeing the “Oscar winning performance” of the loving couple which has found themselves in deep trouble after being slapped/ charged with everything from power abuse, money laundering and corruption.

2. It is crystal clear that the charges which Lim Guan Eng and his wife Betty Chew face culminated from their and their own action alone. No one else is involved, full stop.

3. Contrary to what Lim Guan Eng, and now Betty Chew, are saying, it should be clear to everyone that they alone are responsible for being caught in the quick sand or mud pit they are in.

4. They are being charged for offences THEY may have committed. It is downright shameful that instead of answering the charges in the courtroom as any other accused would do, this husband and wife team are trying to play the victim card.

5. Immediately after they were charged yesterday, Lim and his wife held a press conference – a very dramatic one indeed, one worthy of “an Oscar nomination” I would say.

6. Both accused sobbed and pleaded their innocence while at the same time decrying that there are forces out there out to break their marriage, shatter their love for each other, destroy their family and all that.

7. Betty, who said she has been a lawyer of 26 years, even went so far as to say that she was shocked that she has been slapped with three charges and is wondering where she went wrong.

8. She also lamented that she was `so sad this is happening in our country` and that it was a `sad day for Malaysia`. `If this can happen to me and my family then it can happen to anybody in Malaysia. You are doing this to us and God is watching you,” she said.

9. As I mentioned earlier, I find it pathetic that Lim and his wife are trying to divert the core issue of the very serious charges they are facing to something else.From being the accused, they are accusing others for the mess they are in.

10. However, I have to agree with Betty over her statement that” if this can happen to us it can also happen too anyone else”. She is absolutely right here. If anyone breaks the law or engages in corrupt practices or abuses power while in high office and / or betrays the trust of the people he / she should face the full brunt of the law. No one can expect to be treated any differently.

11. This has and will continue to be so. Just in case Betty missed the news, Malaysia has also seen a former Prime Minister charged and sentenced by the same courts of law she and her husband will be facing soon. You cannot expect to be treated any different just because you are Lim Guan Eng and Betty Chew. If you break the law you face the consequences. If you are innocent, you have nothing to fear..God will be with you.

12. Law abiding Malaysians and those who do not engage in corrupt practices have nothing to fear. So Betty Chew, there is no need to warn anyone that the same fate awaits them just because you have been charged with three counts of money laundering involving RM372,000. People just need to know that `if you do the crime, you got to be ready to do the time`.

Baljit Singh
Vice President Gerakan


  1. One simple question for Gerakan: Where was Gerakan when the nation’s coffers were being plundered by BN under Thief Bossku Najib ?

  2. Pathetic is what comes to mind when "Gelekan" squeaks or meows in the news.

  3. The fact that only three lame charges were laid out against Guanee, spread over FIVE days, over a weekend, in two states, the first charge was heard in a special corruption court and the third charge involving his wife was deliberately organized for maximum coverage.

    I don't remember Gerakan handing out any Oscars when Jibby gave interviews on local and international news networks, the unfortunate Al Jazeera one is notable ha ha ha....??

  4. good, at least now lge become active again n criticise the pn govt almost everyday. power do no good, charges work better to energized a politician.

  5. Aiya!...If you are innocent than why are you crying?..Face them lah. Why have to be afraid off?...

  6. Lim Guan Eng does not need to prove his innocence. The prosecution needs to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he is guilty.

    In Thief's case, the court has tried him and pronounced him guilty beyond reasonable doubt , subject to legal appeals to higher court.

  7. Guanee’s performance was so good that the Milo tin was brimming with 4 million in just one week. Enough for bail and legal expenses up till Federal Court if necessary. But of course he didn’t touch the money, still had canteen lunch mixed rice at Parliament, no lobster....ha ha ha....I really like this guy....