Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Police making mountains out of molehills

MM Online:

Five held for flying national flag upside down in Rawang

Gombak police chief ACP Arifai Tarawe said police received a complaint from a 36-year-old man over the matter. — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri 

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 24 — A rubbish truck driver and four Bangladeshi workers were today detained for flying the Malaysian flag upside down in front of their lorry.

Gombak police chief ACP Arifai Tarawe said police received a complaint from a 36-year-old man over the matter.

He said the complainant had stopped the lorry and reprimanded the driver while recording the incident in front of a mosque in Bandar Country Home, Rawang here today before the video went viral on social media.

“Subsequently, the complainant lodged a police report and an investigation paper was opened under Section 504 of the Penal Code, Section 14 of the Minor Offences Act and Section 15(1) (c) of the Immigration Act 1959.

“Apart from detaining the 48-year-old truck driver, four Bangladeshi men aged between 30 and 43 who were workers of the company were also held,” he said in a statement today.

Arifai said all suspects were detained for further investigations and would be remanded tomorrow. — Bernama


kaytee notes:

This is police making mountains out of Bangladeshi's ignorant about the correct way of flying the Malaysian flag.

No wonder Indira Gandhi can never get back her abducted daughter, nor the missing preacher Raymond Koh, Christian pastor Joshua Hilmy and his wife Ruth, and the Shia activist Amri Che Mat can ever be found.


  1. In the demoNcracy known as AmeriKKKa, the consequences of flying Old Glory upside down, either accidentally or deliberately would-be....yawn...nothing...even people who burn it like toilet paper don't even get a wee slap on the wrist.

    In the Great, uber-advanced , Wonderful CCP, try flying the CCP flag upside down....and see what happens to you...

    Obviously, we can see which country Malusia is emulating nowadays...

    1. This old moneyed mfer is superficially selective!

      After been debunked about his bolihland flag burning, especially in kampung Batu, kl, now he wants to twist his uncle Sam's demoNcratic tale!

      Why choose USofA?

      How about the biggest demoNcracy in the world, India?


      Not even a diehard zombified mamak DARE to burn the India flag in a Hindu majority area. It wouldn't know what its involuntary zombie edge is if it does that!

      Furthermore, why concentrate on burning flag as yr fart to emphasize personal choice (which u r VERY selective again), what about human life of all ages?

      Herd immunity lah, no distancing & face masking in crowded congregations, youth over aged in medical triages!

      These r the prime examples of US demoNcracy in showcasing individual freedom over masses right!

      Mfer, who should emulating who lah, nowadays?

      Perhaps, when u r in yr terminal covid triage & the doc tells u to go home & give chance to a party hooping youth patient. By then it's TOO damned late for u.

  2. AmeriKKKa means Freedom ! They can burn their flag to ashes, they use it to wipe ass-shits, they can use it anyhow they like...heck, they can even fly the Confederate flag even when they lost the civil war, hehe.

    Now read this : Why AmeriKKKa has more freedom than Russia and China. So what's the secrets of AmeriKKka's freedom ?


    And for those who miss out, read also how the CIA ( short for 'criminals in ameriKKKa', hehe) has a hand in every pie in the land of the 'free' and the rest of the un-free world. This criminal organization is virtually a government all by itself, with an enviable humongous budget to not only go into wars with other countries, but CREATE wars...now that is unbridled POWER for you !


  3. whoa, next time we hear our police sing red sun in the sky.

    1. U better start asking yr dangdut pals to utilize their kabel to get u a job to teach those police contingent Mandarin!

      Make very sure u have double checked the correct lyrics. & don't count on yr hp6 mingnanized Mandarin from that katak infested island!