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Lim Guan Eng's "Great Escape"

Focus Malaysia:

The case against LGE and the verdict of the people

By Dennis Ignatius

THE arrest of Lim Guan Eng (LGE) last week on charges of corruption sent shock waves across the country for many reasons.

First, there was the case itself – a single charge of “soliciting” a 10% bribe from Consortium Zenith Construction director Zarul Ahmad Mohd Zulkifli in connection with the undersea tunnel project; it apparently took place in March 2011, more than nine years and three administrations ago.

Undersea tunnel builder denies blogger's claims | Free Malaysia Today

Last year, Zarul himself called the allegations (made by UK-based gadfly Raja Petra Kamarudin) “pure fiction.” Zarul noted that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) had conducted an extensive investigation into the project, remanding him for 11 days in the process, and found nothing.

“Besides me, my entire company was called for questioning, spending a total of 40 days in and out of the MACC office, cooperating with every single aspect that was being investigated,” he added.

According to press reports, the MACC subsequently cleared Zenith of any wrongdoing. Now, after a change of government, it is a different story.

In the end, it appears to be one man’s word against another; can it even stand up in court?

For Malaysians accustomed to more detailed and serious charges like those filed under the Pakatan Harapan government, the case against LGE seems weak at best.

PAS asks Dr M to sack Guan Eng over 'war on non-Malays' remark ...

Former deputy prime minister Zahid Hamidi, for example, faces 12 charges of criminal breach of trust, 27 charges of money laundering and 8 charges of bribery. Separately, he is facing a further 40 charges on another bribery case.

Najib Tun Razak, who was recently found guilty on all seven charges of abuse of power, corruption and money laundering in connection with the SRC case, is facing another 21 charges connected with the 1MDB scandal.

If, after months of investigating LGE, the best that the MACC can come up with is a charge of solicitation, it is bound to raise eyebrows. Further charges are apparently pending; let’s see if they have anything more convincing and credible against the DAP leader.

In the meantime, the dubiety of it all was captured in a spoof by the Tapir Times, which bills itself as “a silly work of satire and fiction … not to be taken seriously by anyone.”

It reported, in jest, that veteran politicians (some of whom are facing criminal charges) were taken aback that LGE didn’t follow “standard Malaysian money laundering procedures.”

Penang undersea tunnel feasibility study ready in April | Penang ...

“When you want a bribe,” the Tapir Times article spoofed, “you don’t ask the winner of an open tender over a cappuccino, you set up a charity, solicit political donations, or send one of your son’s playboy school friends to ‘broker the deal,’ which you can later tell the court, ‘was without your knowledge.’”

As expected, UMNO politicians are urging the people not to question the judicial system. It is not the independence of the judiciary that is under the microscope here but the actions of the government.

Our judiciary has won the respect of all Malaysians; the same cannot be said of the PN administration. Without credibility, anything it does will be viewed with suspicion.

Opposition leaders, for their part, have slammed the actions of the MACC. Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he was inclined to think that the charges against Lim were politically motivated.

Malaysian machinations: How Mahathir Mohamad lost the plot - Times ...

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim said it seemed to him that the Perikatan Nasional administration was trying to put the opposition under political pressure through what he called “selective prosecution.” Klang MP Charles Santiago said, “It reeks of a witch hunt.”

Suspicion about political motives is, of course, not hard to fathom given the intense political jockeying for power that has quite literally consumed the nation since the infamous ‘Sheraton Move’ last February.

The charges against LGE also come right on the heels of former Sabah chief minister Musa Aman’s manoeuvre to bring down the Warisan administration led by Shafie Apdal. Warisan is, of course, allied to Mahathir while Musa Aman is allied to Muhyiddin and UMNO.

Conveniently, several corruption charges against Musa were suddenly withdrawn just before he made his comeback bid.

The prosecution of LGE and the turmoil in Sabah will, no doubt, put the opposition on the defensive and buy Muhyiddin further time to consolidate his position.

One thing that the PN leaders may not have fully considered, however, is how the country’s long-suffering citizens will react to these developments.

Another Brick in the Wall |Page 46, Chan:8220850 |"

Over the last several months, support for the DAP has been waning; its disappointing performance in government turned off many voters. If voters now perceive that LGE is being targeted for political reasons, support for the DAP (and other opposition parties) will surge to new heights.

Both MCA and Gerakan will also be severely punished for participating in this charade; they can certainly kiss goodbye to any hope of recovering from the drubbing they got in GE14.

For decades, the DAP has had to endure a relentless campaign of vilification and demonisation at the hands of Malay supremacists. They have been tarred with every conceivable label – Christian evangelists, Zionist collaborators, communists, LTTE militants, anti-Islam, anti-Malay, anti-monarchy, anti-Malaysia and anti-national – and all based on nothing more than falsehoods and fabrications.

DAP leaders have sued their detractors in court on several occasions and have almost always won their cases. The damage to their reputation, however, has been devastating. Many will see this latest act against the DAP as yet another attempt to discredit them.

The fact is Malay supremacists cannot abide the DAP because the party refuses to accept poodle status like some other BN component parties. Along with PKR, the DAP wants to see a more inclusive nation, one that is premised on good governance, transparency and respect for the constitution.

That is what the majority of Malaysians voted for in the last election.

The DAP is far from perfect, of course. I, for one, have been critical of some of their policies. The whole Penang transport masterplan is, in my view, ill-conceived and should be reassessed.

At the end of the day, however, it is the voters of Penang who must pass judgement on the DAP’s stewardship of the state; harassing them with what appears to be “politically motivated” charges is simply unacceptable.

PN leaders might be taking quiet satisfaction from the fact that charges have finally been brought against LGE but they may be awakening the proverbial dragon in the process. People are angry and will look for ways to express their angst.

The DAP has launched a solidarity fund to raise money for LGE’s bail; it will be one way of showing the government what they think of the charges against him


Denis has been spot on in saying: Over the last several months, support for the DAP has been waning; its disappointing performance in government turned off many voters. If voters now perceive that LGE is being targeted for political reasons, support for the DAP (and other opposition parties) will surge to new heights.

Both MCA and Gerakan will also be severely punished for participating in this charade; they can certainly kiss goodbye to any hope of recovering from the drubbing they got in GE14.

Guan Eng says corruption charge baseless, meant to tarnish ...

Indeed, non-Malays and some (DAP, Amanah & PKR) Malays' sympathy for Guan Eng has been soaring exponentially since the corruption charges against him, with almost every Chinese, Indian and even a few Malay Malaysians (save BN-ites) disbelieving the MACC and/or police, knowing or at least believing those two organisations lie within the Malay "Deep State" and are not impartial.

As Denis mentioned, the DAP's popularity was plummeting sharply since the party became part of the 14th Malaysian government under the treacherous and still-UMNO-ish Mahathir. The Rocket Party was abysmal, illustrating to non-Malay voters how alike the DAP was to their highly criticised enemy, MCA, always cringing before Atuk and daring not to 'spook' the Melayu. Teo Nie Ching was a classic example of a DAP member cringing and muted in subservience.

In fact, the DAP was WORSE for a party with 42 MPs cringing obsequiously and shamefully to a man who only had 13 MPs, whereas MCA at its best in 1982 had won only 24. And also, its party president Lee San Choon was rumoured to have been forced into resignation (apparently by his own party) because he had preferred Ku Li instead of you-know-who (so as to keep harmonious relationship of MCA with you-know-who), wakakaka.

Now, while TAR UC has NOT been the prime or only desired educational issue for Chinese Malaysians, it has always been an interesting one under the PH government because MCA had cleverly weaponised TAR UC into a dagger aimed at the DAP's heart (its support base), post-GE14.

DAP was put on the defensive against MCA's attacks because of funding for TAR UC, which eventually scared the poo out of an initially arrogant, vindictive and undeniably stupid Lim GE - stupid because of his blissful arrogant naivety and unawareness of the dangers of a Chinese politician eff-ing around with a Chinese Malaysian 'sacred cow', to wit, good education. The fear grew exponentially when Chinese hawkers throughout Malaysia went into their age-old traditional fund-raising campaign for TAR UC - aiseh, shame on the DAP lah.

But eventually, perhaps after having being advised by his far more intelligent compatriots, he buckled and gave it, but nonetheless still dragged his heels to save face, where he stated (his last minute hold on and hope for his 'face', wakakaka) that funding for TAR UC would be given but not through MCA. He mentioned an independent group, one of TAR UC's smaller alumni group that has been friendly to the DAP.

But MCA, sensing blood like a voracious shiver of Tiger sharks, continued to unrelentingly put the pressure on Lim GE (and DAP), thus Lim GE's "concession" was not the 'silver bullet' he hoped for to neutralise the MCA's attacks.

sharks feeding frenzy on sensing blood

Additional bad news for Guan Eng, was that the Chinese Malaysians' perception of him as a Mahathir's macai cum an unfriendly ungrateful un-Chinese Finance Minister was slowly but gradually coagulating. The Tokong became less idolised than he was a year or two back.

But Lim GE, due to his notoriously innate arrogance and 'cannot-be-wrong' childish mentality, was far too proud to lift his silly conditions for the funding, driving the grassroots in DAP into tearing their hair off their head.

Yes sir, nothing stirs Chinese Malaysians as the issue of good education for their children. Indeed, education has been the central pillar of Chinese culture for several thousand years. It allowed/allows poor Chinese to lift themselves out of the murkiness of destitution, impecuniousness and hopelessness, like a Lotus bursting forth from the grimy muddy pond into a glorious bloom above the surrounding scum.

Hence the Chinese has a saying to describe a poor man/women becoming well-off and prosperous through educational-professional qualifications (words to the effect): Blooming like a Lotus.

Education has been the Chinese ONLY hope in a generally hopeless World. As one VC of an Aussie University told me, Chinese students don't just consider their university education as a fortunate opportunity but indeed as an 'HONOUR'.  

Sadly for the MCA today, that weaponised TAR UC saga might have been neutralised by current sympathies for Guan Eng because of the MACC corruption charges against him.

You could say he has the blessings of some unknown Tokong, wakakaka, as this has become his and the DAP's 'Great Escape'.

DAP grassroots will be heaving great sighs of relief whilst poor MCA members will undoubtedly curse the PN's manoeuvres against Guan Eng (which may have backfired against MCA).

Yes, the MACC charges have been a blessing in disguise for DAP as it have saved their political skin amongst their general supporters.

Of course, the 99.99% Malay-dominated Perikatan Nasional (PN) doesn't give an eff so long as its policies and political manipulations allow its popularity to be enhanced/maintained amongst its principal voters base.

The real loser will be MCA who has had dreams of being re-born again like Atuk, but those MACC charges against Guan Eng have been like Atuk's inexplicable resignation, which in reality was to enable the sly Old Man's dreams of leading a "Unity Cabinet" staffed with only or mainly non-politicians so that he could do what he wanted to do with being accountable to his more "major" colleagues in Pakatan Harapan. But give an evil man enough rope and he'd hang himself, and he did.

Alas, the MCA didn't even have a say as PN does what it wants, when it wants and to whom it wants, and eff the 'minority' players.

Regardless of whether Guan Eng can be found guilty or not, the DAP's stock in GE15 is now more assured, and MCA's more eff-ed because when mainly non-Malay voters support the DAP, they will take their anger out on poor MCA, wakakaka.

The Great Escape film was riddled with fiction. Here's what really ...


  1. Lim Guan Eng's Milo tin has been oversubscribed multiple X.
    Even in the midst of the Covid-19 recession, people have opened up their wallets overwhelmingly.

    1. both Guan Eng and Najib have gullible guppies

  2. KT really love to suck MCA's ego.

    Chinese really do consider education as important. But it was MCA, the only "self proclaimed" champion of the Chinese in Malaysia who failed to look after our education system, since independence. And I am not talking only about Chinese education or UEC. The entire education system (including the National Education system) dummed down under MCA's watch. The Deputy Minister position had traditionally been held by MCA, with a few exceptions. Under MCA's watch our university standards fell to the depths, as shown by global rankings and thousands of Chinese Malaysians sacrificing family fortunes to send their children overseas for their degrees. This fall in standards didn't happen overnight. It went on for decades and MCA did NOTHING.

    So to blame DAP Teo Nie Ching for failing to get UEC recognised "by the end of the year" is cowardly. Poor girl was a novice, and stonewalled by Menteri Kasut Hitam and a Monster Ministry.

    And when Guanee re-directed TARUC's funding towards it's Alumni which was headed by an MCA Life Member, instead of via MCA-controlled Board of Trustees Chaired by MCA, it suddenly became an issue, only because KT suck up to MCA. Even hawkers were dragged in.

    And KT is the Mudder Gullible Guppy; just last month he still believed Muhyiddin (ayam Malay First) would recognize UEC....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (extra ha's for this one).

    BTW, why no more hentaming over KHAT and Matriculation quotas? MCA's Mah Hang Song is Deputy Eucation Minister....????

    1. Ah Mok still hentam Lims and Teo over Khat, but silent as the Lamparless with the MCA Deputy Education Minister.

  3. Ambiga (we thought they were different) must now stand for election in GE15 and show us how to be different. She sang praises when Idrus Harun was appointed AG, but this joker freed Musa Hitam and brought silly charges against Guanee instead.

    Maybe she can be Malaysia's "Kamala" ha ha ha....maybe I am a baby guppy....ha ha ha again....

    We thought they were different, rues Ambiga
    23 September 2019

    Former Bar Council chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan said she can understand how Malaysians feel with regard to the Pakatan Harapan administration.

    In a series of tweets this afternoon, she said the nation needed more statespersons who think of the next generation, as opposed to politicians whose sights are set on the next election.

    “Every time you expect the leaders to behave in a reasonable fashion, some let you down so badly. It is as if we do not really matter. Just staying in power does. We thought they were different.

    “That is why the saying: ‘A politician only thinks of the next elections, a statesman, the next generation’. We need more statesmen.

    “What this government does will determine the future of Malaysians. But those that promote narrow interests will not benefit the building of a vibrant nation,” she added.

    To illustrate her point, Ambiga quoted the words of Abraham Lincoln – “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

    In what appeared to be a reference to controversial Muslim preacher Zakir Naik, she said if the government kept conceding to narrow interests and accorded one man so much importance that he appears stronger than them, then they have failed themselves and Malaysians.

    “I ask again – if ministers keep appearing powerless to act when the going gets tough, then who can we count on? If this government does not set the right path, then who can?” she asked.

    Ambiga hails Idrus Harun’s appointment, says he has the experience

    Adam Abu Bakar -March 7, 2020

    Lawyer-activist Ambiga Sreenevasan says she is certain Idrus Harun will be able to face up to the challenges as AG.

    PETALING JAYA: Two lawyers have joined the chorus, praising the appointment of former Federal Court judge Idrus Harun as attorney-general (AG), expressing confidence that he can take on the challenge.

    Ambiga Sreenevasan said Idrus was well versed in the law and had been a former solicitor general prior to becoming a judge.

    Idrus was attached to the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) as a DPP in 1992 and was a parliamentary draftsman in 2004.

    “As he goes back to Chambers he will no doubt bring with him all the experience as a judge to his office,” she told FMT.

    The role of the AG, the lawyer-activist said, was a very challenging one.

    “And the people’s expectations of a fearless, Independent and competent AG are high. I am confident that he is fully capable of meeting this challenge.”

    Ambiga also said Idrus would not go easy on those who have abused of the legal system.

  4. To Musa Aman, Great Escape means having 48 charges against him dropped and escaping jail. To Guanee, Great Escape means going to jail.

  5. One of the Book-keeper's contribution as FM was to get rid of that stupid GST which was simply to fund a corrupt government. Malaysians should never support this tax until and unless corruption has been brought down to an acceptable level, like Top 20 in Global Transparency Index Ranking.

    As the country's coffers is now dry Tengku Zafrul desperately needs to re-introduce GST in the coming 2021 Budget. But to do that with Sarawak elections and maybe GE15 coming it will be suicidal....ha ha ha....PN will not dare.......but if they don't introduce GST then the national debt will continue to balloon......

    1. Thief GST was a ostensibly sound system introduced for malignant purposes - to feed the kleptocracy

  6. The only good thing in this post is the beautiful lotus blooms.
    Much ado about the evangelical party.

  7. bangalooo case make sense, tunnel case is insult of intelligence, most chinese that not infected with rabies virus can see tis clearly.

  8. actually our host is very ccp, pick only whatever that suit them. to most chinese in the old, education is abt wealth n beauty, thats y we now learn fron the west, move to the west, attend western university, adopt western political model like democracy n communism, some also start to become christian, evangelist, in order to thoroughly conscious that education is not abt wealth n beauty, its abt human liberation n people right, actually malay n indian shd do that as well.

    1. 犬养mfer, u lies AGAIN with adulterated & hp6 understandings of how Chinese, old & new, view education!

      士农工商 - is how the classic Chinese think about education. The highest class is scholar with businessman at lowest.


      "to most chinese in the old, education is abt wealth n beauty"

      Ya-loh! As been taught in yr f*cked & corrupted Chinese classroom!

      By placing scholar at the highest esteem, the classic Chinese have a very enlightened consciousness about human liberation, people right, nature equilibrium & coexistence harmony!

      The modern Chinese, under the reawakening of the 伟大复新中 r recapturing that dream, envisioned long long time ago by their ancestors.

      犬养mfer, u r better off to go back to that fart filled well of yrs & keep croaking there.

    2. peoples right under ccp is got rice eat, in a civilised world, we name that a zoo.

    3. Batty understanding of what is Chinese is bastardized by his obsession with warped DEMONcrazyFormosa all sold out to 'freedom' loving AmeriKKKa; and when you throw in the dangdut belacan paste and stirfry it over a very hot wok, you end up getting a batsoup-loving half-wit who is neither Chinese nor Malay, or even Matsalleh....trying to his daily orgasm fix screaming out loud for CCP, hehehe

    4. Wow!!!

      R u writing in yr 南魔萬 England again?

      Can clarify that f*cked sentence about yr zoo & civilised world?

      Can a civilised world exists under a fart filled well of make believe?

    5. can pig eat, sure, can pig vote, of course no.

    6. Where is katak dwelled?

      In a civilised world?


      Or a fart filled well?