Saturday, August 22, 2020

PAS political leadership cannot & must NOT be trusted

Last month (July), Dr Ramasamy (Penang DCM II) reminded us that on 29 June 2020, the Kedah State PN Government issued a circular recommending all state departments to preserve and conserve old and large shade trees in the State of Kedah Darul Aman.

Dr P Ramasamy | Colombo Gazette

However, one month later, on 22 July 2020, the Kedah State Government (basically PAS dominating) cut down a hundred-year-old Sacred Fig Tree at Jalan Stesen, Alor Setar contrary to its own circular - another cakap ta'serupa bikin.

Of course the tree was the location of the recently demolished Mathurai Veeran shrine, a demolition that was conducted in stealth (in the early hours of the morn).

Kedah gets ready for new MB from PAS | Free Malaysia Today

Kedah PAS MB - has he heard of advice by the Prophet (pbuh) on trees being the infinite mercy of Allah swt that a Muslim should leave behind for others?

Obviously NOT as his authority just chopped a century old tree down, and by stealth too 

But if the shrine was already demolished, why did the Kedah State Local Authority take such extermination against an old tree, contrary to the State Government’s own policy?

Besides, the Prophet (pbuh) had mentioned that a tree was not only a resting place, but also an infinite mercy of Allah swt that one should leave behind for others. Shade is an actual expression of the mercy of Allah the Almighty.

So much for PAS Kedah!

Century-old Hindu shrine in Alor Setar torn down | Free Malaysia Today

The magnificent century+ old tree before destruction by PAS authority

Shade is an actual expression of the mercy of Allah swt the Almighty  

KTemoc Konsiders ........: State PN Government: "Preserve and ...

The magnificent century+ old tree being destroyed by PAS authority

Thanks eff-ing PAS

Though why the tree was cut down is still unexplained by the authority, the action and the speed at which it had been undertaken taken reek suspiciously of bad intentions.

Why was such an arboreal patriarch, a national heritage, destroyed in such a hurry?

Anyway, we were informed by the Kedah authorities that the shrine was demolished to make way for the expansion of the road, since it was said that it was located on road reserve.

But what has now happened has been the construction of a motorcycle park in that location!!!

In the words of Dr Ramasamy, a majestic tree, hundreds of years old, had to to be cut down for a miserable motorcycle park.

Perhaps the the Menteri Besar of Kedah who cannot even control the spread of the Coronavirus 19 epidemic in his state has something to say about about both destruction of the temple and the tree making way for the pathetic motorcycle park.

A century old Hindu temple and a heritage tree were destroyed for a miserable and pathetic motorcycle park!

[And worse] Creating a motorcycle park on a road reserve itself is an illegal act of the Alor Setar City Council.

So much for religious tolerance in the PAS-led state government in Kedah.

PAS in political leadership in our nation cannot and must NOT be trusted. Apart from the lying Kedah authorities with regards to the demolishing of the Mathurai Veeran shrine and a heritage tree at that location, all for an illegally constructed motorcycle park, everyone in Malaysia knows of the quarantine violation by Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali, the (PAS) Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities.

And Malaysians have been treated to another BS of PAS, when they recall the very same Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali’s preaching to them about the adverse consequences of the quarantine break behind the Sivangga Covid-19 cluster in Kedah.

Minister who allegedly breached quarantine rule after Turkey trip ...

shameless brazen-face hypocrite

In an August 4 post on Facebook, that PAS minister had the shameless thick-skin face to warn that just a single person disobeying the standard operating procedures for Covid-19 containment could put all of Malaysia at risk.

“It starts with one, two and now it has reached over 20 people, enough to shock the country,” the minister said.

“What is the cause? Failure to obey SOP".

“I repeat. Failure to observe SOP.”

And the a$$h@le himself ignored the SOP he extolled.

The person behind the Sivangangga cluster has since been sentenced to five months’ imprisonment and fined RM12,000. He has also been sued for over RM1 million by residents and businesses in Kedah.

We want to see the same punishment for Minister Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali, and we want everyone to know the PAS authority in Kedah lies just to oppress Hindu beliefs and practices that had been conducted in Alor Setar Kedah for nearly a century.


  1. Is it realistic to expect that these PAS ar**h**e will be taken to task.

    As I said before "Islam at its best"

  2. In their own way, PAS is actually more trustworthy than DAP.

    Its just that you probably won't like what you can trust them to carry out.

    1. In a same way liken to zombies doing their incessantly & involuntary urge of feeding.

      Definitely u can trust that urge of uselessness, done w/o purpose.

      So, carry out for what?

      No even yr soiled bucket!

  3. the tree not islamic enough?