Saturday, August 15, 2020

The Big Three

India's students protest citizenship law that excludes Muslims - Vox

So don't eff-ing play-play

The Big Three refers to three powerful Mamaks in Malaysia (or 'temporarily' elsewhere, wakakaka) who are so teflonised kaukau that no one can touch them, no matter what wrongs, sins, or misdemeanors they have or are committing.

They are:

No 3: Zakir Naik (a fugitive from Indian law), who is such an expert on Malaysian history and immigration laws that he advised Chinese Malaysians to eff off from their own nation before he (an eff-ing alien) would leave Malaysia,

Manhunt for Indira's ex-husband continues | Free Malaysia Today

No 2: Muhammad Riduan Abdullah (previously K. Pathmanathan) (legally a 'fugitive' from Malaysian law), who perhaps believes it's okay for a good Muslim to abduct a baby girl from her Hindu mother (and strangely supported by many Malaysian Muslims - currently undertaking negotiations with the Malaysian IGP), and,

Top 65 Wise Old Man Quotes & Sayings

Don't miss out the "wise" part
or Lin Yutang's saying goes burst 

No 1: The Big Kahuna - everyone knows him but he sometimes forget who he is, was or has been (though he knows everything under the sun, moon and dark nights, especially the dark nights).

Native American Watercolor | eBay | Native american chief, Native ...

Big Chief Mighty-Buffalo left the Sioux Nation after being betrayed by the Comanches, Cherokees, Pawnees, Cheyennes, Apaches, Navajoes, Iroquois, Shoshones, Lakota, Crows, Paiutes, Chippewa, etc etc etc, especially the Sheratons of Sandakan and Petaling Jaya



  1. During the final 2-3 years of Thief's Administration , it became clear Mamak's critiques were becoming a real political threat.

    Thief and his minions hunted high and low for evidence of crimes to neutralise Mamak, but nothing was forthcoming.
    It should have been easy, if there was anything There, but all the resources of the State failed.

    Dodgy , questionable policies and decisions were no doubt plenty during Mamak's tenure, but WHERE IS THE CRIME ?

  2. Only in bolihland can mamaks play such havoc, sopo-economically!

    That's bcoz mamak can do sweettalkings that the melayu cravings for.

    Most importantly, it's a meme-ed tradition of the melsyu, since that riverine serfdom of Malacca, to trust mamak to help run the nation down to the ground.

  3. Long live nรบmeros uno, dos, y tres.

  4. y so bias n so much hatred against indian muslim, or anything indian?

    1. You should know, if you have been following Ktomoc Konsiders for a long time, Ah Mok is consistently highly xenophobic against Keling Kia and India and Indians.