Thursday, August 20, 2020

Sodomy allegations: Man claims manipulated into making SD against politician


Sodomy allegations: Man claims manipulated into making SD against politician

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In a turn of events, a man who previously accused a prominent opposition MP of sodomising him is now claiming he had been “influenced” by an NGO leader to make the accusation.

When contacted, the man confirmed that he lodged a police report this week against Pertubuhan Minda dan Sosial Prihatin president Ramesh Rao (photo, below) and Malaysia Today blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

In his report, which Malaysiakini sighted, he claimed Ramesh had “influenced” him to sign a statutory declaration (SD) detailing the sodomy allegations.

The man also claimed Ramesh had promised him “rewards and compensation” from a senior minister for the SD.

The police report was made after Malaysia Today published articles on the sodomy allegations.

“I have been manipulated and used by Ramesh into the spreading of explicit news about me on social media.

“This has caused my reputation and that of all my family members to be tarnished. This has also caused me to be harassed by several media and caused me to become emotionally disturbed and depressed.

“The reason for my report is for action to be taken against Ramesh and Raja Petra, who caused explicit news (to surface) on social media,” read the report.

When contacted, federal police headquarters Criminal Investigation Department deputy director (Investigations/Legal Affairs) Mior Faridalathrash Wahid confirmed that Bukit Aman took a statement from the complainant yesterday over his report.

The police will next summon Ramesh for questioning.

“The investigation is ongoing,” Mior told Malaysiakini.

Ramesh: Minister not involved

When contacted, Ramesh said police had contacted him about the report and expected to give his statement on the matter tomorrow.

“I will give full cooperation and will tell the truth.

“I never promised or told (the complainant) that (the minister) will fund him,” he told Malaysiakini.

Malaysiakini has contacted the senior minister’s aides for comment.

Meanwhile, Ramesh admitted to convincing the man to make the SD comprising sodomy allegations against the opposition MP.

“Yes I did, because without SD how to prove [sic] that he is the victim?” he said.

According to the June 29, 2020 SD, the man claimed he had sex with the politician four times back in 2013 and was given RM300 after each tryst.

The man also alleged that upon a request by the politician, he had introduced a friend to him. His friend was purportedly sodomised by the MP and paid RM300 afterward.

The opposition MP has yet to respond to requests for comment over these allegations.


  1. KT should stop playing tag-team with RPK, this ridiculous accusation was first published on MT.

  2. The scuttlebutt says Ass-min had been looking at a way to strike back at Anwar after the Haziq allegations came to the fore.
    Ass-min has all the while considered Anwar as the instigator and facilitator of the Haziq allegations.
    So Ramesh, RPK (2 evil Rs) were roped in, with financial inducements dangled, to "get" Anwar.

    Why else would a "victim" (a grown main, not a vulnerable child , for example) sit quietly for 7 years after the Sodomy "incident" before quietly making an SD - not even a police report ?

    If he were truly depressed, after 7 years, he would have probably already committed suicide.

  3. maliesia today? no wonder.