Friday, August 14, 2020

Racist rental requirement


Man claims he’s evicted from apartment because of ‘wrong race’

WhatsApp messages from the owner forwarded by the apartment’s management to the tenant

SUBANG JAYA: An Indian renter has been kicked out of his Subang Jaya apartment less than two weeks after moving in, with the management saying the owner prefers a Chinese tenant.

David (not his real name) told FMT he was given just hours to vacate his apartment after the management forwarded him several WhatsApp messages from the owner asking him to leave.

“I had heard about this happening before, but it’s still shocking that it’s happening to me,” he said, calling it “ridiculous”. He said he felt “sad and disappointed”.

After sharing his story on Facebook, David found scores of netizens coming to his support.

“People need to be aware that this is still happening in Malaysia,” he said, adding that he had sought legal advice and intended to seek compensation.

This comes less than two weeks after Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin said a law to address racial discrimination in the property market would be brought to Parliament early next year.

FMT has contacted the property management company, which confirmed David’s story.


kaytee notes:

Alas, such a racist mentality vis-a-vis renting houses exist in many countries. Last I read of such a sad practice was in Fiji where there have been bad race relationship between native Fijians and Indians for decades, not unalike (in fact, worse than) the suspicious relationship between Malays and Chinese in Malaysia.

Some ads in newspapers on renting was eff-ing blatant eg. "Interested parties of X race need NOT apply", wakakaka. 

Fiji - Wikipedia

In Fiji then (some years ago) the demographic ratio between natives and Indians was 50:50. And at one time there was rumours (maybe only 'rumours', wakakaka) of a very right-wing organisation in India with a strange moniker that sounded like "Research and Analysis Something" that wanted to send arms to Indian groups in Fiji, but the Fijian Army (trained by Australia) neutralised that whiff of insurgency potential.

Colonel Sitiveni Rabuka - Photograph ... | Items | National ...

(then) Colonel Sitiveni Ligamamada Rabuka  

The Great Bumiputera (from 'India'? wakakaka) was even rumoured to be an advisor to the Fijian PM [Sitiveni Ligamamada Rabuka{?} 1992-1999 of the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA), a Fijian ethno-nationalist party like UMNO] on many aspects of "bumiputera" rights and policies. I wonder whether MahaBumiRajah warned Rabuka about the danger of an Indian 'Shaolin'?

Thean Hou Temple, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Thean Hou Temple ...

Thien Hou Temple, KL, where Ops Lalang was required to deal with alleged 'naughty' plotting within

Mafulat-ish Manchu Maha-Bomoh claimed Chinese history indicated it was not "healthy" for Chinese groups to meet & plot at a Chinese temple, wakakaka

But then following Rabuka, an Indian-Fijian, Mahendra Chaudhry (Leader, Fiji Labour Party), became PM but only for a very short period (1999-2000). But at least, the Indians in Fiji achieved more than Chinese in Malaysia in having one of them become a PM - mind you, Ling Liong Sik might argue he was once PM of Malaysia for a day, wakakaka.

I wonder whether the Fijian racist rental requirement is still in play today?


  1. Is xenophobic a racist trace?

    Can't the owner sets conditions to suit his/her wants & prevailing surrounding conditions?

    I too have experiences with US/pommie/Oz landlords. But surprisingly no problem with the Colombian!

    But credit must be given to their fluidity in putting out the intended words.

    Mostly bcoz of politically correct requirements forced by the laws. Subtlety of their one-upmanship in showcasing their cultural superiority!

    BTW, demanding a higher rent compare with others due to better accomodation features can consider racist ke?

    Can ban tenant cooking bakuteh in a Muslim owned premise, racist?

    Thousands of example yet coming down to choice.

    Not only the owner but the tenant too.

    If the feeling is no good WHY still want to interact?

    Too free? Spot out a racist? Vent yr frustration?

  2. In the run up to Opps Lallang, Thief threatened to bathe his Keris with Chinese blood.

  3. I think Ah Mok also will not rent to or rent from an Indian.

  4. one tok fiji indian n the other one tok us,uk, n oz. yeah chinese da best, we r color blind.

    1. U r colour blind?

      Then why r u sucking up to yr dangdut pal's ketuanan narrative?

      Why r u keep telling the Nons, especially Chinese m'sian, not to stir that f*cked hornet net, created by those 513 'honorable' badge wearers?

      Craving for crumbs, that everything is a go for dickheads like u!

    2. Zuraida say no to racial discrimination in housing but how about racial/religious discrimination in UMNO, Bersatu, PAS and BN components MCA and MIC...?

    3. And she thinks it’s ok to join a racist party.

      Zuraida says her PPBM membership to be official on Aug 22
      FMT Reporters - August 15, 2020

      PETALING JAYA: Former PKR vice-president Zuraida Kamaruddin has confirmed that she is now a member of PPBM, and said a ceremony would be held on Aug 22.

      Asked about the status of her membership in Bersatu, Zuraida said the matter would be officially announced at the ceremony, according to Bernama.

  5. Come on, the REAL and ONLY reason why native Fijians don't like Indians is because they can't play rugby.

    1. Very unfortunate that u don't understand Putonghua!

      Or else u can visit this series of YouTube to find out the reasons!


      【再看印度人】一道必须要有印度汉子在场,才能完成的选择题 ...

      【三看印度人】解密“迷之自信” 之谜

    2. Fijian and Indians have nothing to do with Putonghua.
      Typical CCP Katak under the Great CCP Firewall Tempurung

    3. Indians should teach Bullies how to play the cricket. Then perhaps Bully will behave like honourable gentlemen; shake hands and sign agreement means it is binding, not suka hati tambah sini tambah sana, that's not cricket.

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      To much influences from that dickhead with 南魔萬 England such that u only read words but not content anymore!

      Maybe u r ALWAYS like that - a news title scanner.

      If Fiji Indians really play cricket as the in the form of gentleman (supposedly claimed by the pommie) game, they WOULDN'T be ketuanan-ized by the Fijian natives!

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