Friday, January 11, 2019

Chinese monarchists, Malay republicans?

In an article over at Malaysia-Today, RPK wrote:

... most Chinese in particular, and non-Malays in general, hate the monarchy and wish for Malaysia to be turned into a republic. As long as Malaysia has the Raja-Raja Melayu, Ketuanan Melayu shall exist. And the Chinese hate Ketuanan Melayu, which they mischievously call apartheid.

There's some un-truths and some truths in above extract, which I have highlighted in yellow for 'un-truths', light blue for 'truths'.

The non-highlighted segment is the part I have no comment on, due to lack of evidence, though there was no association between the Raja-Raja Melayu and Ketuanan Melayu because it was Abdullah Ahmad, an aide of PM Mahathir in his 4th Reich (1981 - 2003), who was the first to use the term "ketuanan Melayu" sometime around the 1980's.

Let's deal first with the un-truths which as mentioned, I highlighted above in yellow, namely, ... most Chinese in particular, and non-Malays in general, hate the monarchy and wish for Malaysia to be turned into a republic.

It's NOT true that most Chinese hate the monarchy. Please note the word 'most', because in reality there ARE some Chinese, but very few of them, who don't like monarchies of any country including those of medieval and turn-of-last-century Chinese, wakakaka.

On the same token, there are Malays too who dislike or even hate Malay royalty, perhaps at times even more than those rare anti-monarch Chinese Malaysians.

Douglas Gomez 

Recall the Douglas Gomez affair in 1992's year end when UMNO was then leading the BN government? Following a parliamentary debate on the issue, the 96 members present in the Dewan Rakyat, including opposition members, unanimously approved a motion censuring Sultan Mahmood of Johor for assaulting Mr. Gomez.

Shahidan Kassim, wakakaka, of UMNO, said the sultan and his elder son had been implicated in 23 criminal acts in the last two decades, including rape, assault and manslaughter.

Shahidan Kassim 

Affifuddin Omar, another UMNO legislator, said it was time to end the "false sense of political power" associated with the sultans. He said the hereditary rulers must realize that they did not own the country but were "placed on their thrones by the people".

PM Mahathir (of UMNO, wakakaka) said Malaysians were "fully united" in their stand that the sultans should not interfere in the country's administration.

It's likely the PM-then, Mahathir, exploited the overwhelming public outrage against the royalty to pass a few laws de-fanging the royals and making it easier for his government to pass bills in parliament, hence earning himself the kaytee-given sobriquet of Royal Dentist, wakakaka.

In the 10 December 1992 Hansard you'll probably be able to read the following:

... Dr Affifuddin Omar, the UMNO MP for Padang Terap asked, "How can we continue to uphold rulers who are known to be robbers, adulterers, drunkards and kaki pukul (thugs)?"

"The rulers must be reminded that they were not reincarnations of dewa-dewa (deities). They were put in their position as rulers by the people."

"The immunity gave the rulers the status of 'half-man and half-god' and allowed irresponsible rulers to commit serious crimes which tarnished the image of the institution."

"It was about time that the 'false sense of political power' associated with rulers in this country be abolished."

"They (the rulers) must be made to realize that they do not own this country. They are not Superman but placed on their thrones by the people. "The real power did not lie with them, but with us - the representatives of the people."

"The 'syndrome of religiosity' associated with the rulers was only to cloud the people's view of who the rulers actually were."

allahyarham Affifuddin Omar

just pased away last year

Not to be outdone, Ibrahim Ali, wakakaka, then UMNO MP for Pasir Mas, wakakaka again (but today the Head of ultranationalist NGO Perkasa), urged the government to amend the constitution to clearly limit the privileges accorded to the members of the royalty.

Mahathir and Ibrahim Ali at PERKASA do

Yes, end of 1992 was a time when UMNO went feral for the jugulars of the royalty. And I had then written and which I believe still holds true today, that:

The truth is only UMNO could (to borrow Aziz Nazri's word, wakakaka) 'whack' the royals. No non-Malay would have survived such sedition.

Yes sir, no Chinese Malaysian would have survived in Malaysia with such impudent impertinent insolence towards a Malay ruler, let alone Malay rulerS.

Only a Malay could, and at that time, only an UMNO Malay. Today we have a notorious span of such potential biadab-ish Malays from Pribumi (same boss as UMNO of 1992), UMNO, PAS, Amanah and some in PKR.

It might then have been the age for the Ascendancy of Jebat-ites and we're talking 1992, not 2019. I have never been inside the UMNO HQ but I heard its biggest hall was named after Jebat while its smallest after Tuah, wakakaka. Poor Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia's greatest monarchist, would have collapsed from heart attack at such UMNO lèse majesté.

Let's also look at Indonesia, which once had umpteen Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms and subsequently Islamic sultanates. Modern republican Indonesia since 1945 has shrugged off its people's obedience and allegiance to most of those rulers, with perhaps the sole exception of the majority of southern central Javanese still owing allegiance to the Sultan of YogYakarta.

Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX 

And this was only because Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX of Yokyakarta ingratiated himself with former (late) President Sukarno. HRH saw where the political future for his Kingdom would be. Having allied himself and his followers with Sukarno's freedom fighters at the start of the war for Indonesia’s independence against Dutch colonialists (1945), he was subsequently rewarded by Sukarno as governor of Yogyakarta for life.

President Sokarno 

His son, Sultan Hamengkubuwono X continues to be governor, but elsewhere in Indonesia, former kings, rulers and sultans disappeared from the 70-year old republic.

In case those of you who still haven't realise it, Indons are also Malays, and thus Malays can be very staunch republicans, wakakaka.

In FACT most Chinese respect (hormat) monarchs very much with some even adoring the royals. After all, the Chinese have lived under monarchs for more than 4 thousand years, from the Xia 夏 (about 2029BC - about 1559BC) to Qing 清 (1644–1911).

Thought in practice we need to also include the Republican period 中华民国 (1912–1949) and the Communist Period 中华人民共和国 (1949-today) as two further Chinese dynasties.

Then, as living proof of Chinese being mucho pro monarchy, the most ardent monachists in the world today are the Thais, bar none. And guess who make up a significant proportion of those monarchy-loving Thais? See my post
Should Chinese Malaysians adopt indigenous surnames?.

leng chai former Thai PM Abhisit Vejjajiva

Thai of Chinese lineage 

Thus I respectfully disagree with my mate RPK that most Chinese in particular, and non-Malays in general, hate the monarchy and wish for Malaysia to be turned into a republic.

As for RPK's the Chinese hate Ketuanan Melayu, which they mischievously call apartheid, I have to say this is true.

Respecting the Malay rulers is the duty of every Malaysian citizen BUT it does not automatically translate into accepting Ketuanan Melayu - these are two entirely separate issues.

As a Malaysian I respect the rulers. As a citizen I believe I am equal to everyone other than the rulers.

Ketuanan Melayu is not unlike the abhorrent Nazi race concept of Aryan Superiority, Afrikaan White Supremacy, Hebrew (religious-racial) Superiority, and Hindu Brahmin being the Highest-Varna (Caste).

In distinguishing Malays as a band of citizens enjoying the status, rights and privileges of a 'ketuanan' class, it is in effect establishing a system of apartheid where once, under such a system, the White Afrikaans enjoyed superior and exclusive access, treatment and exclusivity in areas such as business, education, jobs, etc, which were denied to the Black South Africans.

As a Malaysian citizen of Chinese extract I can't get into UiTM, MARA or become a top civil-military person like Chief Secretary to the Malaysian Government, Chief of Armed Forces or Inspector-General of Police. Isn't this apartheid?

Though I support affirmative actions for the needy Malays, Aborigines, Sarawak & Sabah natives and other equally needy Malaysians, why should I support 'Ketuanan Melayu'?


  1. Every now and then I visit Malaysia Today to have a laugh. They used to get so many visitors, now it’s the same few making irrelevant remarks. How the mighty have fallen. Pitiful.

    P/S where is his loyal servant Edwin Jantz?

    1. Arsehole Edwin Jantz cabut when PPuKi lost his boastful wanna-bet with Cilisos that BN will win GE14, by a landslide some more, hehehe. Many also it looks like Ah Moc too threw in his hat (?) wakakakaka, albeit a bit late in the day. But his above write makes all the right sense, good enough to circulate on WhatsApp, reminiscent of the old Ktemoc of old who wasn't then on the De Dak side.

    2. Wakakakaka…

      Have kt posted this as a comment or being accepted as site article by his sifu?

      It would be interesting if his sifu pinned/ignored this write!

  2. you are being too polite in your reply to that wanker, he can only spew all these trash in the safety of a foreign country, menhasut is what he'll face over here, bloody coward

  3. rpk hope that to divert the hatred toward the chinese, the malay would close one eye like in the past.

  4. Kaytee forgot to mention that some Chinese so rever their Kings that until today, they are still being prayed as dieties. How come Mao was not made a diety?

    Most Chinese esp Taoists still believe Kings are descended from Heaven and hence are dieties to be prayed to.

    As for Malays who rever Jebat over Tuah, they are definitely non-Royalist types who are just green eyed with envy over the powers, wealth, priviledges, popularity and luxurious lifestyles of the Royalties.

    Religion is going to be toxic for the survival of the Royalties in future when those religious clerics and religious parties in power forbid even the paying of homage (Menyembah) to Royalties except to their God and consider it as blashemy when it is a part of culture.

    Try asking Hadi Awang to Menyembah to The King or Sultans and you can see how political hypocrites behave.

    It will be a real test of whether Malay culture takes precedence or his own religious laws.

  5. There is no Federated Malay States or Unfederated Malay States now. Malay school does not exist anymore (but we still have Nons school). Today, most Malay cannot read or write Bahasa Jawi.

    For 157 years the Malays were marginalised. Who have enjoyed and benefited from the resources of this country most? Who became more educated and wealthy?

    It is only 60 years, and the Nons do not like anything Malay or Islam, thus, most Nons if not all, hate MARA, FELDA, JAKIM, BUMIPUTRA, RAJA, etc..

    If 'Ketuanan Melayu' benefits only the elite few with strong cable and solid political connection then I am absolutely against it.

    I can accept if 'Ketuanan Melayu' means this:

    1. WRT ketuanan, deep down u r just a feudalistic simpleton despite yr claimed 'education'!

      Always play victim whenever the pathetically poor economic state of the melayu is been stated.

      Never tell truly it's their mindset of me-layu that pull them back from any econ advancement.

      For 157 years the Malays were marginalised by themselves.

      Key improvement of providing modern schooling by the British were largely ignored by the melayu masses due to fear of proselytising out of Islam!

      The colonial had no choice but just to train the vulturic blue bloods at institute like Malay college. These 'westernized' browns were then used to control & manipulate the ordinary melayu masses, who were diehard feudalistic!

      Both approaches resulted in the current lousy state of the general melayu masses.

      So do keep blaming others lah for yr own fault. U r just simply perpetual that detrimental legacy to syiok-sendiri. U r part of the problem that u refuse to see!

    2. ‌My late father studied in Malay College. He was in the same class with Sultan Ahmad Shah. He played polo and also the cello. My grandfather and grandmother died in Pekan, Pahang, and were buried there. However, my father died in Johor Bahru and was buried there. He was a humble man and also a pious person. He died in a car accident leaving only a piece of property in Pekan (given by the Sultan) which we still keep, and a house in JB which we had sold. Based on merit, I managed to get a scholarship to study in England and then Scotland.

    3. CK has done EXCEPTIONALLY well to make Malays hate Chinese, wakakaka

    4. In the SAME manner as yr ampu-ing their ego to the nth?

      U r just adding a pinch of salt to that ketuanan saying - only melayu can criticise melayu. Nons, who do so r term racist & anti 3R provocateur.


      Ain't yr ego massaging WORST?

      But, anmokausai hardly understand 良言刺耳. All he understands is to patronize for his keep!

  6. The A.D. (After Dedak) RPuki is the worst form of Racist inciter, pitting Malays against Chinese , Malays against Indians

  7. Should Malaysian Chinese adopt indigenous surnames?

    They already do. What's the fuss?

    Tan, Teo, Leong, Neo, Lim, Ting etc are all Chinese surnames unique only to Malaysia (and our prodigy Singapore).

    If they used the name "Mohammad" there will be roars of protest....

    And even Malays are adopting Arabic, Turkish names....

  8. To paint Malaysian Chinese as monarchists is probably a spin too far.

    I have many times overheard Chinese (not realising I can understand Hokkien) refer to the Malaysian King as "Ah Gong" or "Gong Tua Tai".

    1. I said "most" and not "all"

      one swallow does not a summer make

    2. Ain't him?

      A wall flower figurehead pops up as a symbol of racial claim!

  9. I have a few of somewhat distant relatives in Indonesia as well as in Thailand.

    They are almost completely assimilated, only observing the barest of basic Chinese customs. They do not know any written or spoken Chinese, fully use Bahasa Indonesia / Thai even within the family, and are known only by their Indonesian / Siamese names (a few still remember the Chinese name given by their grandfather ages ago).

    Some of the younger generation have taken to learning Mandarin privately, but that is more for commercial reasons due to now very significant trade and business ties with China.

    And , yes, they are fully loyal to their country and fully accepted as Indonesians / Thais.

    That was Indonesia and Thailand's "Social Contract".

    Few, if any Chinese Malaysians would accept that trade off today.

    1. stop BS-ing about "social contract" - there isn't such an animal whether in Indon, Thailand or Malaysia. It's all Koon-T'au-Boe

  10. DAP Chinese have a long history of disrespect for the Malay Royal institution.

    For years, they refused to wear Songkok at the formal opening of various State legislatures, where it is required dress code in attendance with the Sultan.

    This breach of etiquette was only corrected after DAP came to power as part of the ruling coalition in various Malay States - Selangor, Perak , Kedah, and now Johor and NS as well.

    Since DAP has overwhelming Chinese support, this appears as representative of widespread Chinese disregard towards Malay Royalty.

    1. For years, who enjoyed Chinese support? T'was the MCA-Gerakan, and didn't their rep wears songkok?

      In recent times, Chinese switch their support from MCA-Gerakan to DAP, when DAP reps start to wear songkok.

      Explain again please your (il)logic