Wednesday, January 02, 2019

TAR UC - Lim GE shames me

FMT - Why TAR UC should still receive government funding by Tajuddin Rasdi

I read with sadness that this year, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC) will not be getting some of the financial assistance it received over the past 50 years.

The Pakatan Harapan government, on Dec 6, said in Parliament that the government would only provide TAR UC with a development fund of RM5.5 million, not the RM30 million matching grant it had been getting under the previous Barisan Nasional government.

The reason for this retraction of funding was that TAR UC has political ties with MCA. My utmost respect to the principle behind the reason given, as well as to Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng who has foiled critics who would like us to think that he favours one race.

But I would like to go on record to say I believe the funding for TAR UC should be continued. My reasons are as follows.

Firstly, TAR UC has never indulged in any extremist activities that would destroy our nation-building efforts to create a harmonious society.

I have read that Universiti Teknologi Malaysia once held a seminar attacking the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, while Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) held a conference attacking our fellow Christian citizens. Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia also held a forum on the conditions to kill Malaysian citizens who are considered, under Pahang mufti Abdul Rahman Osman’s classification, “kafir harbi”.

These three shameful acts of bigotry and extremism have no place in a Malaysia where tolerance and respect for diversity form its two main anchors of co-existence. I do not remember TAR UC acting in this shameful manner, which is a testament to its commitment to producing level-headed Malaysians devoid of a sense of bigotry or racial and religious extremism.

Secondly, TAR UC has been providing high quality education at a most affordable fee that has put hundreds of thousands of young Malaysians into the job market and created a good and tolerant society.

Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Minister Salahuddin Ayub is one such character. A man of strong Islamic faith and commitment, he follows the true path of Islam, not the brand touted by his former party, PAS, which supports leaders who have been tainted with massive corruption and hurtful messages of extremism.

I, too, sent my niece and daughter to TAR at one time. My niece was studying for a certificate in fashion design and my daughter took a diploma in Mass Communications. Both have turned out to be well-rounded citizens. My niece once worked in the office of former Skudai assemblyman Dr Boo Cheng Hau while my daughter became a journalist with BFM and is now a full-time lecturer at First City University College, having obtained a masters degree from Monash University.

Neither of them ever said a word to me about being discriminated against while they were there. Both enjoyed studying there and have no qualms about recommending TAR to other Malay families.

For that, I wish to credit MCA for being a party that has put the interest of the country above any racial ideology, although the party is one which supports a race-based philosophy.

I would like to go on record again to say that I am against any race-based or religious party and would not hesitate to support a law that disallows any political party to be based on religious or ethnic grounds. I would not hesitate to sign a memorandum outlawing the existence of parties like Umno, MCA, MIC, PPBM and PAS.

Although each of these political parties, except for the new PPBM, has made great contributions to its members and the country, we must move on and disregard these entities as we enter a new future. Having said that clearly and in no uncertain terms, I praise MCA for being a moderate party which contributed greatly to nation-building during Malaya’s formative years, and for its sacrifice in setting up and sustaining TAR UC until now.

With respect to Lim’s principle that TAR UC can be given funding if it severs ties with MCA, I would say that while the minister’s principle is most admirable and idealistic, non-political interference in some universities in Malaysia is impractical.

As long as UiTM exists, there will always be political interference. As long as public universities have 80% funding and not 50%, there will be interference simply because these entities belong to the people of Malaysia.

Private universities have no political interference because their owners are private citizens. TAR UC is an entity created by a political party and in that sense, I see no difference between it and UiTM. The huge elephant in the room is that TAR UC was gracious enough to allow my niece, daughter and my friend Salahuddin to study at an affordable price while the other allows in only one race.

I therefore have no problem with TAR UC being “politically connected” to MCA. Has MCA ever raised a sword in the halls of TAR UC, shouting slogans of abuse against Malays and Islam? Have its vice-chancellors spoken to derail our nation-building efforts by uttering statements that would jeopardise national harmony? I seem to recall one vice-chancellor of UiTM indulging in racial statements that, to me, were totally unbecoming of a civil servant of the nation.

Finally, if for nothing else, I wholeheartedly believe that TAR UC’s funding should be continued in memory of the father of our nation, the humble and easy-going but hardworking Tunku Abdul Rahman. The Tunku was a unique individual who did not indulge in building mega projects such as the Petronas Twin Towers, the Penang Bridge or a whole city called Putrajaya. His simple sense of tolerance, compassion and balanced political experience brought him the trust of all communities. There were other leaders during his time but they were too “ultra-Malay” to gain the trust of the whole nation of diverse faiths, cultures, languages and expectations.

The simple concrete building of TAR UC boasts no special architectural characteristics. The landscaping of the campus boasts no requirement of maintenance like Putrajaya. The students drive Kancils and Myvis as opposed to the Vios and Civics seen at other private universities. The whole atmosphere of the campus is compact, full of simple life and gurgling with enthusiasm for study towards an assured future.

The Tunku promised that we would live a life of calmness, dignity and happiness in a moderate existence of financial stability, social respectability and political honesty. TAR UC, in my opinion, speaks volumes of the legacy of the Tunku.

Let us all continue to support TAR UC as a manifestation of the true spirit of Malaysia.


  1. I am most definitely not a supporter of Lim Guan Eng's policies.

    However, it is wrong to equate UITIM with TAR UC.

    UITM is a government-run institution of higher education. Its staff salaries and operating costs are paid by the Malaysian Government.

    Its existence as a Bumiputra institution is protected by Article 153 of the Malaysian Constitution, safeguarding the Special position of the Malays, especially in the field of Tertiary Education.

    TAR UC is an educational institution established by MCA and the Chinese Community, and is not run by the Malaysian Government. TAR UC has no automatic "right" to receive Government funds for its operating expenses, no different from other private institutions of higher education in Malaysia.

    1. paid in large part by non-Malay taxpayers for a Malay-exclusive institution in contrast to TAR UC which has always been opened to all Malaysians

    2. but the fact is now u support lge action, didnt u see his intention? lge will one day nationalise chinese school just for the sake of people like u. thats y people like u shd start to suk his kok like how he suks mahathirs.

    3. Wakakakaka……

      "lge will one day nationalise chinese school just for the sake of people like u."

      Said who? Katak dwells under the shallow ivory well, keep contemplating that that tiny halo light disc is falling down!

      It's f*ck like u that propelled the MCA scums to arbitrate for a political negotiation to the Cinabengs' Malaysia dreams! Along the way, profiting kau2, not unsimilarly to that 3R chants of the ketuanan freak elites!

      But how could the prophecy for a 井底之蛙 worth anything except to its bruised ego?

      Perhaps in the same class as the pride wounded mom?

    4. its logical deduction. lge go to jail for a malay girl, lge take good care of mara, lge silence on frogging, lge suks mahathir kok. moreover can u tell what lge did for chinese school? did he go to prison struggling for chinese education? so which part of my inference doesnt make sense?

  2. a very fair assessment by an admirable academician but not to worry chabor, when the tokong comes out of his stupor and realise his folly he will make amends, I suspect he is still pinching himself that he is actually the fm

    fog the frog

  3. Why should the Federal/State Govt. using taxpayers/Zakat monies go and fund all those private tahfizs, madrasahs, schools, colleges, universities etc which belongs to political parties?

    What's next? All the PH parties also setting up their own tahfiz, madrasahs, centres of education, colleges, universities etc?

    Who benefit the most? Political parties or the public?

    Just ask yourself what is the real motive of political parties getting involved in setting up such educational centres and institutions?

    There are always the hidden motives of corruption, subtle political indoctrination, money making ventures, party self gratification and glorification etc.

    And the Govt. is finally held to ransom to support these educational centres all because of fears from public backlash who themselves are the product from such indoctrination centres.

    Some political parties are still surviving due to continuous support from such indoctrinated public support and which took years to build and conceive.

    Let us be reminded of the history of how many Hitler Youth schools and camps are needed to produce the numbers required to seize power and make the public become zombies to become a lesson for all of us.

    1. then u shd ask lge y the allocation for the 4 'chinese' college? whats his motive?

  4. TarUC is not the only higher educational institute operates/maintains/educates many of the poor Nons' professionals.

    There r NewEra in the central region, Han Chiang up in the north & Southern University College in JB.

    However, due to mca's political petronage, ONLY TarUC gets government funding!

    In fact, it CAN be easily deduced, bcoz of the mca's political linkage, TarUC 'sapues' all the educational funds that r supposedly allocated to all these institutions of higher learning which r sustained by the financial contributions from the Nons.

    Naive bleeding hearts would have concluded that financial allocations for the Non's operated educational outfits should get governmental funding R not looking at the very real siege-mentality of the melayu at large. This political reality IS what contributing to the constant delay of the recognition of the Independent High School Unified Examination certification!

    Thus, that political linkage IS an double edge blade - it gives political brownies to the MCA, & yet deplete the others, who have no such political connection for funding!

    Cut that political umbilical cord NOW!

    1. u tok kok. tarc is a product of quota n discrimination, other colleges is mainly due to a more open education policy when the govt realise public n govt university become a racist hub not many wan to enroll.

      dap n cbmf lims priority is to do away quota n racial policy, not cut allocation.

      u mahathir lackey need reeducation how not to suk kok.

    2. Wakakakakaka……

      "tarc is a product of quota n discrimination"

      Yes, but also a tool of arbitration for the MCA scums to showcase their bloody 'worthtiness' to the Cinabeng!

      Hiding behind that arbitrage were tons & tons of 民族尊严 been sacrificed to profit as their group brownies.

      Chinese vernacular education WONT disappear, as long as narrow-minded & self-interest f*ck like u get out of its way.

      Perhaps u should bear in mind that 民族尊严 CANNOT be negotiated IN ANY FORM, unlike the maruah of the ketuanan freaks!

    3. lge is a malaysian, not a chinese, what 民族尊严 r u talking about? can u help enlighten lge what is 民族?

    4. For a fart like u who claims to champion the spirit of Malaysia, u r indeed f*cked kau2 by yr 小民的智慧.

      U want to be a M'sian BUT the majority race thinks u r a lowly pendatang! So u r accepting that FACT with syiok-sendiri-ismly rumbles!

      There IS no distinction about 民族尊严 vis-a-vis what lge has done - Chinese race ISN'T the issue. The M'sian race is! But can a f*cked head like u see the differences?

      If we accept the status quote of MCA's political arbitrage to the sole benefit of TarUC, then there is forever a bait that the ketuanan freaks can use as a bargain chip in all future negotiations to the detrimental outcomes of those whom they labelled as pendatang!

      All u r thinking is still that me-vs-u mentalitu that scum MCA has been playing for so long. Thus, arbitrage the 民族尊严 (Malayana spirit) with the ketuanan freaks to get crumbs to favour their miserable political survival - along the way, sacrificing all those issues/consents that DON'T fit nicely into their scheme of things.

      Do a deep soul searching with yr bloody understanding of 民族尊严, then u fart lah!

    5. "I’m sorry, I don’t consider myself a Chinese, I am a Malaysian.”

      who said the above?

    6. So, ANYTHING wrong with what lge's doing wrt that declaration?

      Not to bargain away with the spirit of Malayana (马来西亚人的尊严)!

      U want consistency?

      That's consistency for that thick skull of yrs!

      Perhaps, in yrs deepest f*cked up mind, u r still that Cinapek who wanted to be the seed of the dragon & yet reject everything that the current Chinese govt(main land, not yr f*cked Formosa) has achieved thus far!

      IS that yr understood 民族尊严?

      Then, where's yr insistency in consistency?

      Another f*cked up?

      Now run back to the dog haven & play dead!

    7. nothings wrong, u r one that talk 民族 n now claim lge syiok-sendiri-ismly, i just go along, n see how u could spin out of it.

      btw i am a msian n i am oso a chinese. no need consider one.

    8. Please lah, cockagroo f*ck!

      Read carefully what I have said about 民族 - the definition as in the spirit of Malayana!

      Who's spinning?

      Claim ignorance ke bcoz of yr rd?

  5. lge is a cbmf who would sell his mother for mahathir kok.

  6. No Special Treatment for TARC UC. Why only they can get matching funds? Want to sapu all government funds. What about other private universities and colleges?

    Same old MCA/UMNO mentality.

    And when philanthropist Mr Koon wanted to donate money to build student accommodation for free, the offer was rejected...! Was it because MCA cronies already owned property nearby and wanted to rent out to students?

    1. y special treatment for mara? what change? same old dog/master mentality.

    2. U want the same treatment as the tongkat addicts?

      Change the govt WOULDN'T do the trick!

      Change the siege-mentality of a group of backward marching blur-sotongs NIGHT do the job!

      But, is anyone up to that task?

  7. MCA shames me....for being so greedy and thick skin. When is power they want to sapu all the government assistance. After being kicked out they still tak malu want some more.

    The title is misleading:

    "FMT - Why TAR UC should still receive government funding"
    by Tajuddin Rasdi

    Under Harapan government, TARC UC CONTINUES TO RECEIVE funding. And for the first time so do a few other private universities and colleges.

    The title should be:

    "Why should TAR UC be the ONLY ONE to receive government funding?"

    1. Hitting directly on the head of the nail - despite all those udangs & father/mother baby chants!

    2. hit directly on lge n ck kok, y allocation for only the 4 colleges?

    3. Better than all the 'allowable funds' been sapu-ed totally by TarUC & claiming brownies by MCA!

  8. Please don't invoke the name of Tunku. I believe he would have granted assistance to ALL universities and colleges, not based on political affiliation or only the one having his name on it.

    Finally, if for nothing else, I wholeheartedly believe that TAR UC’s funding should be continued in memory of the father of our nation, the humble and easy-going but hardworking Tunku Abdul Rahman.

  9. Very well said. Give you a BIG LIKE.

    I also agree with Mucking Fuddled.

    Professor Dr. Mohd Tajuddin was a DAP member or still is a member? Well, why the retraction of funding to TAR UC? It is as plain as day, there is no money mah! LGE has to balance the budget after someone has plundered the national piggy bank, being a "racist" he chose to do the political correct thingy, "foiled critics who would like us to think that he favours one race." Yes mf, he will make "amend" when the coffer is back to healthy state.

    What he said to MCA was just 负气话, roughly, negative words, wakakakakaka

  10. It is ok TAR UC. Say thank you very much to DAP/LGE. You would be treated worst if LKS became the Deputy Prime Minister.

    Just organize nationwide TAR UC Fund-Raising Campaign, Taxithon, Walkathon, TAR UC Run, Motorthon, etc etc.. Hold on all expansion; stop recruitment of lecturers and giving raises and bonuses. Perhaps, increase fees by 5 to10 per cent, just enough to convey the right message to the students/parents - do no vote for DAP in GE15.

    Actually, under BN, the Chinese (MCA) got two universities i.e. (i) TAR University College and also (ii) UTAR - Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. Let see whether DAP can match that.

    To the Chinese, please, don't kacau UiTM. It was/is afterall a second chance university for the Malays, but honestly, I am damn proud of ITM/UiTM. Siapalah banyak orang-orang Melayu tanpa mu wahai ITM/UiTM. Jasa mu tetap akan diabadikan.

    1. Wakakakakaka…

      Breeding ground for tons of crooks, with minute exemplary gems.

      Know where rotus blooms?

      A muddy pond that's full of trashes!

      Sebab tu, dapat jadi tanah air Ku sekarang!

  11. I think Lim Guan Eng has made a mistake, and he will eventually get around to making it right.

    I just want to add TAR UC is by no means the only private institution of higher learning that is linked to the Chinese community. There is Southern College in Johor Bahru, New Era UC in Kajang, and Han Chiang UC in Penang.

    None of these ever received operational expenditure funding from the Government, though I'm aware most of them received Development funds from the BN government , and continue to do so from the Pakatan Harapan government.

    Development funds are strictly for Capex expenditure projects and strictly not allowed to be used for operational expenses eg. salaries and utilities.

    So one question that needs to be asked is why did TAR UC alone get special treatment in receiving matching funds for Operational expenses ?

    We know the answer to this debate needs to be done honestly and not be just about attacking Lim Guan Eng.

    1. 1. is tar uc a private or public university? this perhaps could answer y the special treatment.

      2. if tar uc is a private university, y the allocation? whats is lge stance?

      3. lge said mca can make use of their reserve, at the same time his justification of no allocation is separation of politics n education, u see his inconsistent?

      4. did u read lge/dap stance when najib govt reduce the allocation from 60mil to 30mil? y they dun talk abt separation of politics n education at that time?

      u need to rebut with facts before accusing others just attacking lge.

  12. In the end, the Malays will curse Mahathir , and the Chinese will curse Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng.

    1. NO!

      Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng ARE not the altarized scapegoats of the Cinabengs. They r NOT the idolized 'headmen'. They r where they r NOW is bcoz of the shared Chinese M'sian inspiration.

      They r no mamak, jibby &/or hadi in the eyes of the ketuanan freaks, zombies & blur-sotongs.

      The Cinabengs will blame the govt of the day for not been able to do the right jobs for the citizenry.

      Unfortunately, the right jobs r NOT necessarily the popularist jobs when popularity of the govt IS been hijacked for the 3R tongkat equivalents!