Thursday, January 17, 2019

From mere Cross to King of the World?

Extracts from Malaysiakini:

There has been intense debate over how the lights of a building under construction in Penang had resembled a cross.

The matter is now under investigation after PAS information chief Nasrudin Hassan accused the developer of being involved in a Christianisation agenda since one of its founders was linked to a US-based Christian organisation.

Annie Choo, Regional Director for Nehemiah Project Asia and owner of Nova Plus, is hosting the 2nd Regional Nehemiah Week in Penang, Malaysia.

she is cute with lovely dimples

He also accused Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow and the developer Nova Mulia Development Sdn Bhd of attempting to sidestep the issue by claiming the lights displayed a Chinese character instead of a cross.

This morning, Deputy Penang Chief Minister P Ramasamy 
urged developers to be more ethical and not to incite or provoke others.

The article also recalled the amazing open-mindedness and compassion of allahyarhum Datuk Nik Aziz but let us leave that wonderful recollection for another post another time.

Back to our lighted cross, after the hoo-haa by the usual suspect, the developer claimed the lighting was for a Chinese 'Ong' (King) when two horizontal strokes (or lighting) were added to the top and bottom of thd lighted 'cross', wakakaka.

add two horizontal strokes and kowtim-ed

from mere 'cross' to 'King of the World'?


But based on DCM II Dr Ramasamy's chiding, in which he was reported to have said:

"Why invite trouble by putting on a display that might just be used to provoke anger or concern? Developers in Penang must have some ethical and social responsibilities.

"If it is a religious place, say if it is a church compound, putting up or giving it a magnificent display is something acceptable in the country.

"However, if religious symbols are displayed in areas not designated for religious purposes, then there could be a problem,"

I have come to believe that Mr Tantawi might have been correct (for once, wakakaka).

I hope the Developer from now on will heed the wise words of Dr Rama and stop its silly onesupmanship, wakakaka again.


  1. the new stupid cm shd insist if the project complete, its actually chinese character lim (林), tis is how zombie rba kiss their great cbmf leader ass in penang.

    1. Unfortunately for u, there IS no rba as u wished so hard!

      So back to yr drawing board to concort another grandmother story to fart!

    2. zombie look into mirror n he see rba. u haven't try?

    3. Did u in this morning?

  2. Since when religious fanatics of the Abrahamic Faith (whether Christians or Moslems or Jews) consider a Plus Sign (+) or a small (t) as representing a Crucifix or a Cross and equating it to Christianity?

    A Cross if meant for Christians should be marked as (X) or (x) and a Crucifix should have the image of Jesus (Isa) on it.

    I don't see any sign of representing Christianity or Crucifix on the lights displayed.

    It just goes to show why some people of the Abrahamic Faiths are so fanatically obsessed with their religious symbolism that they see signs representing their faith or threats to their faith everywhere.

    No wonder those of the Abrahamic faiths believe in the End of the World is coming near to them with their non-stop bickering, quarrels, wars and one-upmanship.

    Isn't the Abrahamic religions a curse brought upon mankind instead of what they are hypocritically preaching about?

    And believers of the Abrahamic Faith thinks only they will get to Heaven where they can find Peace while creating Shit and Hell on Earth for others.

    Are they not all Devils/Satans/Hypocrites/Racists in disguise?

    1. your arguments are tangential, wakakaka

    2. Wakakakakakaka. Tangential?

      Kaytee ah. Isn't that what religiously fanatical politicians, clerics, priests and their hypnotised lambs/lembus of the Abrahamic faiths are always arguing and quarreling about since the day they discovered religions and their God/Gods?

      Any difference between being mystified or glorified between symbols and those mystified or glorified looking at drawings, images, clouds, natural disasters, moon, sun, trees, idols, magic, shamans, bomohs, clothing, dresses and quirks of Nature?

      What a dumb and wasted natural life living on Earth looking and believing at tangential things and equating it to their God/Gods or the works of their God/Gods and believing their next life will be more peaceful and blissful.

      And what is worse is to believe in fairytales, fables, he says, she says, magical and mystical stories created thousands of years ago by some people like Nostradamus who were then deemed as Saints, prophets, messengers of God/Gods.

  3. As reparation the developer must now project a green crescent every night for 1 week.

  4. Always comes back to sensitivity!

    Such an over used word to cover/protect/blame anything one wants to assume under the sun.

    Meanwhile the udangs go to town to earn their keep, using the 'subject' as a point of agitation.

    No wonder the country is fast becoming a tempurung for siege-mentality to fart!

  5. Some years ago there was a manufactured controversy arising from purported rows of Crosses in the architectural design of several rows of new 2-storey terrace houses in Langkawi , visible from the sea.

    Malaysian building regulations for terrace houses require an air-well to be designed into each house , to ensure proper air circulation for the units in the middle. A closer look reveals it as just a visual interaction of the air well and the building ridge-line creating a visual image of a cross.

    It was purely incidental, and I consider that as an artificially concocted issue.

    THIS particular case of the light testing of the new apartment in Penang, it unfortunately looks like a deliberate action by Hallelujah types to display their faith.

    Still, the Islamist Taliban types have gone too far.

    Is Malaysia becoming a country where any public display of a Cross or any other non-Muslim religious symbol is Verboten to protect the "sensitivities" of Muslims ?

    The law only says you are not allowed to propagate non-Muslim religion to Muslims.
    All these restrictions on public displays of other religions are an attempt at legal overreach, assuming power over a matter where the government has no such legal power

    Where is the "promotion" part ?

    Is the Muslim faith "Akidah" so weak , just switching on two intersecting bars of lights can weaken their faith or provoke them ?

  6. Next to protest and threaten to all Chevrolet cars owner to remove the "cross" on their cars?

  7. A few Chinese Malaysians will get many many Chinese killed eventually in Malaysia. And they will still be proud of their actions despite the slaughter. And fly to West to claim ethnic cleansing and persecution, be treated like 'kings' there...

    Yes beware of people with Borderline Personality Disorders. 2% of the population are like this. Some of them in fact are very intelligent but completely living in their own little world....self-absorbed,no human empathy
    Some of our politicians are just like them : Borderline Personalities.

    1. Like u lah!

      So, what's yr fart AGAIN?

      Macam "do as i say not as i do". Right?