Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Pakatan Ministers who are 'kacang lupa kulit'

FMT - PH in clear and present danger, Kadir Jasin reminds ‘unfriendly’ ministers:

PETALING JAYA: An adviser to Dr Mahathir Mohamad today gave a damning appraisal of the Pakatan Harapan government’s performance since taking over federal power, saying “unfriendly” ministers and their aides have not lived up to their supporters’ expectations.

Kadir Jasin, the prime minister’s media and communications adviser, said the ruling coalition was now in “clear and present” danger following the beating it took in the recent Cameron Highlands by-election.

“So be forewarned. If the people could vote the PH in, they could also vote the PH out,” Kadir said on his blog today.

He said PH ministers had become “unfriendly”, and their aides were also “inefficient”, “bureaucratic” and “distant”. [...]

He said prices of goods and services, unemployment and affordable homes remained major issues for Malaysians close to one year after voting Barisan Nasional out of power. [...]

“After promises upon promises being broken, the people don’t anymore buy the ‘akan kaji’ (will study) excuses and blaming of the previous government,” he said.

He said some ministers had also lost touch with ordinary Malaysians.

“During the Cameron Highlands campaign I saw ministers and their deputies crowding around the VIP tables instead of mixing with the people,” said Kadir

I will zoom in on just one particular issue or instance - that of matching grants for Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR-UC).

Late last year MCA president Dr Wee Ka Siong lambasted new Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng for denying 
TAR UC its usual annual government matching grants, indeed for the first time in its 50 years of existence. And that unique eff-off to TAR UC has been by a Chinese Malaysian Finance Minister.

Lim GE might have been the first Chinese Malaysian Finance Minister since 1974 when Tan Siew Sin (MCA) as the previous and last Chinese Malaysian FM resigned from politics after his request to be made Deputy PM was denied.

Be that as it might have been, Lim GE, by refusing to continue matching grants for TAR UC on grounds of partisan politics, had cast doubts on the UC to continue providing affordable higher education for the lower income group especially among Chinese Malaysians.

Lim GE in his typical arrogance demanded of MCA to severe its ties with TAR UC, a learning institute which MCA had conceived, created and maintained to help poor Chinese and other Malaysian students who were marginalised from the mainstream universities because of their 2nd class ethnicity.

That's the standard but sickening arrogance of Tokong, which made me wonder whether he's competing with RTA to be a better Malaysian.

The previous government prior to Tokong coming to power with a PH government provided TAR UC matching grants every year to help meet its operating expenses in order to keep the course fees low.

Star Online reported: Dr Wee said some 200,000 Malaysians graduated from TAR College/TAR UC over the last 50 years.

About 95% of the graduates were Chinese and the rest from other ethnic groups. They included Agriculture and Agro-Based Indus­tries Minister Datuk Salahuddin Ayub and Primary Industries Minister Teresa Kok.

besides Salahuddin Ayub and Teresa Kok, Chong Eng the current DAP ADUN for Padang Lalang Penang and the previous MP for Bukit Mertajam were alumnus of TAR UC

Dr Wee urged the people, especially those who had studied in TAR College and TAR UC to speak up on the issue – which touched on depriving TAR UC of matching grants – and causing much uncertainty among the lower-income group which looked forward to an affordable higher education.

Did you hear a squeak from Chong Eng, Salahuddin Ayub or Teresa Kok 
on the now-denied matching grants for their alma mater?

Teresa Kok who had been usually so vocal and pandai at making Chinese New Year propaganda videos (eg. the “Onederful Malaysia” video which landed her in trouble with the authorities, with a sedition charge brought against her) has been deafeningly silent on Lim GE's refusal to provide matching grants for her alma mater. 

Hasn't her silence or act dunno, as that of Chong Eng and Salahuddin Ayub, been exactly what Pak Kadir Yasin lamented, that: Some ministers had also lost touch with ordinary Malaysians.

View above video made by Teresa Kok in 2014, which coincidentally contained issues on tertiary education and how the script 'made fun' of Malaysian mainstream universities.

Yet sadly, as an alumnus of of TAR UC she has today looked away when Lim GE penalises the university college (and thus Chinese Malaysian students especially those whose parents can't afford to send them to Monash University in Melbourne Australia), just for maintaining ties with its creator and administrator for 50 years.


  1. Yes, Ah Mok.
    Why are you silent ?

  2. Harapan ministers better learn from one Kacang who has kembali ke-kulit.

    This time of year Najib is usually in Davos Switzerland rubbing shoulders with Heads of States, CEOs of the Giants of Industry, billionaires like Zuckerberg or top guns of financial institutions like Goldman Sachs, raising billions of dollars in 1MDB bonds to be pilfered later. But this year this kacang kwai-kwai balik ke-kulit, deep into the jungles of Cameron Highlands Pahang, to canvass for Orang Asli votes. And it worked.

    How the tables have turned.....I'm Lovin' It.

    P/S On the subject of TAR UC :
    MCA can use the 1MDB money it received from Najib (as confirmed by Chua Soi Lek) to fund its operational expenses. Guanee is too busy sorting out the 100 Billion ECRL mess left behind by the kacang to worry about this small matter. Tony Pua can handle. And Azmin isn't helping either, yapping his mouth and causing confusion. He should just focus on the 32 government agencies now put under his glorified and wooly "Economic Affairs" ministry.

    1. straying from the topic into Davos - great

      TP has no standing on such matters so don't elevate that Chicken Little

      and thanks for your accusations

  3. A short note!

    Perhaps, just bcoz as the alumni of of TarUC, they know HOW its creator and administrator for the past 50 years has consistently milk TarUC for political brownies while also skimming for side personal benefits!

    Only sick f*ck like u, together with those tempurung kataks who cry father mother, would spin & twist to earn their keep by making grandmother stories out of it.


    Every successful person, rich or poor, goes through that process w/o short cuts. Especially Cinabengs with visions.

    How easy to spin a bleeding heartish story of lower-income group which looked forward to an affordable higher education.

    U should ask for free education for those 2nd class M'sians IFF u really have them in yr 'heart growing with hair' le.

    Just mirroring what those tongkat addicts' cradle to grave handouts have produced lah!

    Kampong champions full of ketuanan mentality with zombieic dream who CAN make anything outside of that incubator known as bolihland.

    1. we're talking about Chinese students (let's leave Salahuddin Ayub out) who were alumni of TAR UC, meaning they had benefitted from the education offered by TAR UC, rallying to their alma mater, and here you are, ranting about "Kampong champions full of ketuanan mentality with zombieic dream who CAN make anything outside of that incubator known as bolihland"

      Try and stick to the topic and leave out your racist anti-Malay rants

    2. he cant, not sure is due to comprehension deficiency, or his tactics to divert.

    3. Ha! For a f*ck, who cherry picked topics, to talk about "stick to the topic"!

      U honestly think TarUC's survival depending on these alumni & MCA?

      What about THOSE poor & contributing cinapeks/cinamahs who rallied to the financial foundation of the TarC(later TarUC) w/o seeking ANY recognitions?

      Why should their hard-earned contributions r been hijacked as arbitrage brownies for mca?

      Looking at the contributions of the alumni from a different angle, ain't their contribution to the well-being of Chinese M'sians specially & M'sia in general, their biggest rallying efforts? Must it be done via a jackassed TarUC?

      Cutting out that TarUC political arbitrage umbilical cord that MCA/umno had been manipulating all these while IS the right reciprocal approach of every alumnus towards their alma mater.

      Stop that ROT to tarnish the legacy of the Chinese Median community by these politikus!

      BTW, bloody anmokausau, u want to know how

      "Kampong champions full of ketuanan mentality with zombieic dream who CAN make anything outside of that incubator known as bolihland"

      Relate to yr cherry????

      Improve yr mandarin then read the Chinese quote lah!

    4. I am the blogger of this blog and it's my prerogative to pick a topic for each post. Do you even understand the English term "cherry pick"?

      Secondly, the issue is to ensure TAR UC contuinues to provide cheap affordable college and tertiary education for poor Chinese, which Teresa Kok, Chong Eng and Salahuddin Ayub enjoyed, and who should out of moral obligations promote in recommending matching grants. Instead they kept their mouths shut

      That's the issue instead fo your usual BS about "umblical cord, zombieic dreams and other racist rants" to confuse the issue or to confuse yourself on a simple issue.

      I knew you are a BS king when you tok-kok about the aeroplane air instrument system, and your pompous working with Prof Feynman towards his OWN final Apollo fault finding report. You DON't even know how a pilot knows when to take off, wakakaka

    5. I DON'T need to prove to u for what I know!

      Don't u know it's the readers who decide. Not a spinning & twisting wordsmith, out to earn a living.

      Wakakakakaka… that's exactly the point lah. As the blog owner, u cherry-pick the topic to suit yr udang, right?

      Out of moral obligations?

      Big words indeed.

      Moral obligations to whom?


      So that those turncoated MCA could continue hijacking it as a political arbitrage.

      Matching grants?

      Matching with what?

      Those proceeding TarUC arbitrages where the cinabengs were getting the crumbs?

      Why not with those uitm outfits?

      Tongue tied?

      Anmokausau, just say u CAN'T link the ends with that "umblical cord, zombieic dreams and other racist rants" lah.

      U r trying very hard to confuse the readers by simply just targeting the tree BUT not the forest!

      What a lousy job CV!

      I have tons of respect for Prof Feynman. Yet a f*ck like u, definitely DON'T know HOW he worked his Apollo fault findings. That report WASN'T a theoretical studies BUT a summarized contributions from many others fringe investigations. Prof Feynman had used his brilliant analytical mind to separate the chaff from the wheat!

      Suffice to say he didn't DO all the analyses himself - many were done by his research students pro bono.

      Yes, I don't know how to fly an aeroplane. But I definitely know the physics of many of the instruments used on the plane.

      A failed flyboy wannabe like u MIGHT be able to read the instruments BUT it's doubtful that u know how they work. All u have r just the flight instructions manuals.

      Have u ever considered the fact that if a monkey is been put into repeatedly Pavlovian training, it can probably be able to fly a plane under ideal conditions.

      U failed.

      Was it bcoz of the training or bcoz u only followed the book?


    6. stop yuour pompous mr-know-it-all BS, wakakaka

    7. ogh yes, n3ext time I'll ask your views on what to blog next, wakakaka

    8. Oooop……

      Now u cherry pick me to select yr blog topic!

      What happen to yr atasan's kpi?

  4. Ministers are both politicians and key executives of the Federal Government. The 2nd job is more important for the country's interests, and they must not forget that.

    So a large chunk of their time is heavily committed and structured , and , yes , pressurised.
    It is unrealistic for party supporters or constituents to expect the same access that they previously had when the person was an Opposition MP.
    It is the reality in all Parliamentary democracies in the world, not "kacang lupa kulit'.

    The one PH Deputy Minister whom I know personally works incredibily hard, though it has been a very steep learning curve on the functions of government. On top of that, he has a young family, school age kids, and he must not neglect that part of his life as well.

    Good ministers will ensure they have efficient political aides and support teams who continue serve their constituency and political work, and even try to make time out of their busy Ministerial duties to attend to politics and their constituency

    1. we are NOT suggetsing that those TAR UC alumni just dished out grants to their alma mater but at least to voice out their sympathies. Where was that?

  5. Wakakakakakaka

    "Competing with RTA to see who is more Melayu".

    You just wonder why the Abrahamic religions in particular Christianity and Islam has such a powerful effect on those who are converted half way thru their life.

    Are they trying very hard to be more pious, look more noble, more holy than those existing believers and seek fame, power or wealth or they have found another way to "Cari Makan"?

    Anyway, what is a Malaysian? It's actually just used by Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sikh etc when travelling overseas to hide the country's deep seated categorisation by racial segregation which all are a part of and are ashamed to tell the foreigners. Everthing must sound and look "Malaysia truly Asia" when travelling or working overseas, is it not? Such hypocrisy to those foreigners who knows, really makes the toes curl. Why can't they just be normal and called themselves Melayu, Cina, India etc?

    On the subject of funding to TAR UC, poor egoistic Wee Wee just refuse to go down on his knees and beg for the monies like he used to do during the previous ex-BN Govt. Instead, he turns around and trying to show he is a ver devout Chinese educationist (using TARCians and poor Chinese students education as his fallguy) to go around begging for crumbs like he used to before.

    Why refuse to kneel to Tokong but not to Ahjibkor or UMNO?

    I am pretty sure Tokong is not so heartless not to throw some crumbs and bones to Wee Wee if only he kneels down and beg for it.

  6. tarc is a guild n shame to mca. similar to uec, its no amicably n perfect solution.

  7. I read the report 3 times and concluded what Kadir said has no relevance at all to funding of TAR UC. He never mentioned TAR UC. So this blog was totally out of topic to begin with. Commenters just followed suit in all directions. We took what he said, slapped a “kacang lupakan kulit” heading and extrapolated it in a twisted inversely exponential manner...and made it into something else.

    1. did you expect Pak kadir to spell out "TAR UC" word for word, letter by letter?

      Don't be so shallow - you read his comments which were generic, for example "He said some ministers had also lost touch with ordinary Malaysians."

      And that's what have been wrong with Teresa Kok and Chong Eng, losing touch with ordinary Malaysians, especially the poor Chinese whose children need to enjoy cheap affordable education at TAR UC like Teresa and Chong Eng did, unless of course you can ensure those Chinese Malaysian kids can access UiTM or MARA

      While Teresa Kok and Chong Eng were in TAR UC, did they receive any threats from MCA to vote for them?

    2. Wakakakakaka…

      What a spin!


      "…also lost touch with ordinary Malaysians."

      Beautiful le, wordsmith,u take the words (inferences) out of my mouth!

  8. I have hired good , solid graduates from TAR Kolej before.

    For those Chinese Malaysians who sought tertiary education during the 1980's and early 1990's, it was a dark era unless your parents were well off. TAR Kolej was often one of the important outlets for the children of the Malaysian Chinese working class.

    More options only became available by the late 1990's as the entry for Nons in Local universities became less problematic, and the growth of private colleges and universities.

    As the political climate among the Chinese changed, many became uncomfortable with TAR Kolej's political overtones. Thankful for having the opportunity to pursue tertiary education, but very uncomfortable with MCA's hijacking of the institution for political capital.

    Support for TAR UC is strong in the Chinese community, and any fundraising to support the College would be well patronised, as long as it is not MCA organising it.

    So I am not surprised that many chose to remain silent with regard to MCA's criticisms. Silence may be golden , in this case.

    If fundraising comes out as Satu Lagi Projek MCA it will sink like a ton of bricks.

  9. Even in those pre-Internet days in the 1970 to 1990's , many Chinese Malaysians understood that TAR Kolej was both a Solution and a Problem.

    Yes, TAR Kolej provided much needed opportunities for the Chinese children to pursue further education.
    But why would a cramped, restricted institution like TAR Kolej be needed, when MCA was supposed to be a fully fledged member of the Ruling Coalition ?
    Of course Mahathir was part of the problem, but blaming only Mahathir shows a total misunderstanding of the whole structure. MCA was part of the problem.

    And its qualifications were not recognised by the Malaysian government.
    And every GE MCA would come asking Vote for Barisan ! The same Barisan which discriminated against their kids.

    MCA was part of the problem.
    Orang pun dia, Hantu pun dia.
    There lies the roots of MCA's downfall, if Wee Ka Siong cares to reflect on it.
    The same thing was out in full display at the recent Cameron Highlands byelection where MCA was out in force alongside UMNO and PAS, undilah Barisan Nasional.

    Don't think people are stupid.

  10. The moral of his story : "You received the benefit you have to pay back lah" Wakakakaka ..............

  11. Monsterball, for all we may criticise MCA, and there's a lot to criticise, that Chinese party DID raise TAR UC for poor Malaysians, especilaly Chinese Malaysians - who else did when the poor Chinese Malaysins needed affordable localised college and tertiary education? Ask Teresa Kok and Chong Eng and even Malay Salahuddin Ayub

    1. At that point of time, who else was in a better position politically and financially to do so if not MCA?

    2. so now dap wan to takeover izzit?

    3. Peter, MCA needn't do what it did - let's see what DAP does now

    4. Last week, Southern UC in Johore received RM 2 Million Federal Funding in a high profile ceremony with Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng and Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching attending.

      In Penang, Han Chiang UC is receiving RM 2 Million, and Han Chiang High School another RM 500 K. The handover ceremony will be after the Chinese New Year holidays.

      Best Ang Pow present for the Year of the Pig.

    5. is southern n han chiang a uitm branch? or else y give funding to private u? tis fm very confused one, cant even tell if he is a msian or chinese.

    6. Is TAR UC a Uitm branch?
      They received RM 5 Million...

    7. i dun know, we have to ask the fm, n whats his basis. race ka, public ka private, whos the owner? or depend on what the alumni wan or say? or depend on whether the university administrator stance, support lge ke or no? u may share with us if u could find out.

    8. Pakatan Harapan election manifesto said they support Vernacular education, including institutions of higher learning.
      Only those registered as Non-Profits received government aid,
      including TAR UC, Southern UC, New Era UC, Han Chiang UC.

      I think that is fair.

      Profit making institutions such as KDU, KBU, Taylors etc. , most of the International Schools, of course, do not qualify for any government financial aid.

    9. the harapan manifesto promise to make govt school the best choice of the people, that shall include vernacular school, cis n the university u talk abt is not a govt school. that said, i have no objection if allocation is made to anything related to education as long as it is fair, consistent n justifiable.

      the tar 5 mil plus the 3 colleges 6 mil n cis 12 mil is still less than 30 mil, tar student number is 30k which is much higher than the 3 colleges add up of almost 10k, n no way tis can match mara or uitm. hence u think that is fair is purely yr view. whatever reduce is not easy to get back, this is the mca experience in the past 60 years. lge is just a boy, n a no brain one.

      talking abt manifesto, what happened to uec?

  12. QUOTE:
    Why claim credit for our education, DAP reps ask Najib

    Melissa Darlyne Chow - November 5, 2017

    PETALING JAYA: Two DAP representatives today questioned Prime Minister Najib Razak’s motive in bringing up the fact that they were educated at MCA-funded institutions.

    Seputeh MP Teresa Kok, who had studied Form Six in Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC), as it was known then, said most Malaysians viewed TARC as another institute of higher learning, similar to many state-funded public universities.

    “When I enrolled for the course, I was never informed that MCA support was a requirement to enter the college.

    “Why do PM Najib and MCA want to claim credit for our education in TARC and whack us for being ungrateful now?” she asked in response to Najib’s remarks today.

    Najib, in his speech at the MCA annual general assembly today, had pointed out that certain opposition leaders were once students at higher education institutes, started and funded by MCA.

    He said that these political figures had become “smart” because of the contributions of the MCA and Barisan Nasional (BN) in providing Malaysians with quality higher education.

    Apart from Kok, Najib had named Rasah MP Teo Kok Seong and Penang state executive councillor and Padang Lalang assemblywoman Chong Eng, all from DAP, as among the former graduates from MCA-funded institutions.

    He had said that the ruling BN coalition needed to remind these political leaders about the matter as the opposition was constantly attacking the government.

    Kok said that many opposition elected representatives and supporters had studied in local primary and secondary schools and local universities, and questioned if that meant that they should support BN, “as the government had built and funded those schools and universities”.

    “The money the BN government and MCA have are from the people. They are using the people’s money to build TARC and schools and universities.

    “It is the duty of the government to provide education. MCA is part of the BN coalition government, and both are doing what a government should do for the people. Nothing for them to shout about,” she said.

    Kok, who graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia, said that many from TARC would like to question MCA on why the government had not recognised the college diplomas all these years.

    As for Chong, she said she was well aware of the fact that she had studied Form Six at TARC, although she had graduated from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).

    The Bagan Lalang representative said her brother had helped support her in her studies at the college and she had given tuition as a means to fund her education.

    “It is not a crime to be critical of the government of the day. In fact, it is the duty and the job of the opposition to provide a check and balance,” she said when contacted.

    Chong said providing education was the government’s responsibility and said she certainly would not tell the people that they had to be grateful for their education.

    “It is a service to the people,” she added.

  13. Quote Chong said providing education was the government’s responsibility and said she certainly would not tell the people that they had to be grateful for their education. unquote

    and when the govt failed, who stepped in with TAR UC? Did MCA demand Teresa Kok and Chong Eng join MCA?

    the least both could have done today, principally to ensure TAR UC still provides affordable eductaion to poor Chinese Malaysians and other Malaysians, would be to recommend govt matching grants - TAR UC continues to be non-align in its treatment towards its students, but trust DAP to involve politics into TAR UC

    1. MCA has been going around for decades insisting that the Chinese must be grateful to MCA for building TAR College and must support MCA.
      They also threatened the Chinese community that if they did not provide that support , facilities such a TAR College could disappear. It actually worked for decades , up to 2008.

      Very UMNO-ish playbook the same way UMNO had convinced the Malays that they must be grateful to UMNO, and loss of UMNO power would lead to loss of Malay political power.

    2. I despise this moronic claim - affordable eductaion to poor Chinese Malaysians and other Malaysians!

      F*ck lah.

      Let's be VERY clear that 99% of the current & ex-Tarcians r/were middle class background.

      Those who r REALLY poor dropped out from further studies & fight for a living in University Societal!

      I sincerely think that u r mongering TarUC issue with the Nons (especially Cinabengs) in the same manner as yr sifu peddling ketuanan&zombiecism with the blur-sotongs!

      Semenyih by election?

      The ultimate resurgence of jibby?

      If u r not careful, yr pinkie is showing lah!

    3. wakakaka, as always BS-ing

    4. Tsk… tsk… is that yr best bull of the day?

      Got u!

      Yr pinkies r showing & I'm not the ONLY one noticing.

    5. dropout not necessarily cause by poverty, most poor chinese could afford tarc fee.

    6. as HY said, "the pertinent question is does what mca did pose any harm to the college n student like what dap did, by reducing the allocation?"

      CK is a BS-ter, pompous (Apollo fault reporting, wakakaka), an anti-Malay racist and so childish it's no fun debating with him - I witnessed how he evaded HY's questions on China vs Taiwan, wakakaka. Probably brought up as a spoilt brat

    7. Now u form a pack with a rd rabid capitalistic(??) dog!

      Bagus ni.

      Pompous BS-ter?

      Haha haha… here u have one labelling others w/o substantial proofs. Did u learn that from it?

      That rabid dog has its head confused by the terminating virus infection. Anyone who has read it's farts know how smelly they were!

      As usual flowery words to cover the exposed pinkies!

      Spoilt brat?

      Wakakakakaka… better than one trying hard to hide his bruised aneh ego by keep quoting Penang hokkien!

      Keep writing more, the tiny veil WOULDN'T be able to cover those exposed pinkies lah. Be warned!

    8. rabid still better than racist.

    9. Let us play catch a pompous BS-ter.


      I posted the following comments:

      CK11:41 am, July 27, 2018

      Worst ignoramus?

      R we here to rant irrationally OR to determine the fault analysis mechanism?

      BTW, I did work for Prof Feynman in a small way towards his OWN final Apollo fault finding report.

      Wakakakakaka…… say something more concrete than just a simple one-linear of ad hominem fart lah.

      If a foolish bodoh cinapek CAN outline the mechanism of the fault analysis, WHAT r yr fart lah?


      That's was my EXACT words.

      Now, this spinning wordsmith twisted a title "pompous (Apollo fault reporting, wakakaka".

      He is trying hard to label me for claiming the credit for the Apollo fault report!

      Out of jealousy?

      Who's the BS-ter?

      Who's so childish as to mischeviously creating a title to win an argument?

      Monsies, TS & many others had caught him red-handed many times over other issues too!

      Wakakakakaka… yr pinkie IS a pink G-string thong lah.

      Pompous BS-ter unmasked!

    10. you also wrote [3:36 pm, July 26, 2018]:

      Two things:

      1) pitot head and static vents work when the plane is in flight.

      2) pilot messes up on the preflight checks, where the covers can be easily spotted on casual inspection.

      So while fault IS very clear indeed!

      Wakakaka, what a BS-ter (Apollo fault-finding, wakakaka)

    11. Wakakakaka……

      So now u pin that pompous bshitting down to yr favourite manual (not me working with Prof Feynman!!!)ye?

      Anything wrong with that two statements?

      Those two instruments works ONLY when there is pressure differences (Venturi effect).

      When the plane is ON THE GROUND, there is not pressure differences. The instrument behaves anonymously.

      Such state is POSSIBLE

      1) malfunction

      2) in non working environment (remember grounded)

      Thus the pilot should do a physical visual check at their locations. If he had done that, the plastic cover looped over the sensors would have been noticed!

      Why he didn't see that plastic cover? U better ask the pilot.

      Did yr manual not asking u to do such visual check?

      No wonder, u r a failed flyboy wannabe lah.

    12. venturi effect, wakakaka, what a BS-ter - please lah, stop opening your BS mouth and condemn yourself, wakakaka again

    13. Wakakakakaka…

      Then what's yr manual says about the working of those sensors?

      Oooop… stare at the dial face & look at the display, right!

      No wonder u r so bruised with yr failed flyboy dream lah!

  14. Fact 1:
    DAP did not start or currently run any school or institution of education.

    Fact 2:
    MCA, a political party, started TAR UC, then known as TAR college

    Fact 3:
    Who is the Chairman of the Board of Governors of TAR UC today?

    Answer: LIOW TIONG LAI, past president of MCA.


    Fact 4:
    Who is the chairman of the Education Foundation of the Board of Trustees of TAR UC?

    Answer: WEE KA SIONG, current President of MCA.


    And we say it is DAP that is politicising TAR UC? Should Guanee give handouts to these two?

    It’s like saying Najib is the Chairman of the Board of Advisors of 1MDB but he has nothing to do with 1MDB, this argument even Najib won’t make.

    And remember TAR UC refused the construction of a free student hostel offered by the philanthropist and then opposition supporter, Mr Koon, with no strings attached. Why? Was that politics at play?

    1. "It’s like saying Najib is the Chairman of the Board of Advisors of 1MDB but he has nothing to do with 1MDB, this argument even Najib won’t make."

      yrs is a false analogy, y compare a college with a corrupted entity?

  15. MCA not politicising TAR UC?

    I gave just two examples. Just check out for yourself the names on their Board of Governors and the Board of Trustees, MCA figures past and present everywhere. Wee Ka Siong as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees will be the first recipient of matching money from Guanee. Then he will say to himself "silly fler, kena tipu".

    1. tarc is a product of politics, so politicising is unavoidable, the pertinent question is does what mca did pose any harm to the college n student like what dap did, by reducing the allocation?

    2. Mfer, the political arbitrage using TarUC as a bargaining chip put the Nons positions into a constant zero-sum game!

      Remember yr product of politics!!!

      Exactly like those blue/green politics of that 'formosa' playing out their trades lab!

      Hence, no big picture - just a displaced of 小民的智慧 to syiok that pompous 'self-righteousness' label.

    3. In 2016 , the Federal Government (of which MCA was part of) cut funding to TAR UC by RM 21 million.

      No question was raised on harm to the college students....hmmm...

    4. reduced is far superior to zero matching grant

    5. Its in your KPI to hentam Lim Guan Eng habis-habisan..... just say lar, don't be shy .....

    6. dap n chinese community did complain in 2016. chinese community now ask the same question. so can i assume dap of 2016 is a liar?

  16. [Pakatan Ministers who are 'kacang lupa kulit']

    I agree that there are Chinese Ministers in the current government who are are indeed nuts who forget its husk.

  17. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=616804445418027&id=1729961127070014&_rdr