Friday, January 11, 2019

Boys who cried 'wolf wolf wolf' are actually werewolves

Malaysiakini - Shameful! Ex-PKR MP slams silence of once-vocal Harapan leaders:

N Surendran 

Lawyer N Surendran has criticised Pakatan Harapan leaders in the government who are now silent on the continued use of the Sedition Act.

The former PKR lawmaker noted how these leaders protested against the Act when still in the opposition.

“What has happened to all the Harapan leaders in government now, who protested against the Sedition Act when in opposition?

“Their complicity and silence now - is frankly shameful,” Surendran tweeted this afternoon.

Earlier, former Bar Council chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan also took to Twitter to urge Harapan to repeal the Sedition Act.

Ambiga Sreenevasan

"PH oh PH! Get rid of this ridiculous Act that belongs in the dark ages (It is 70-years-old for goodness sakes!) Stop getting used to the power it gives you!” she said.

Both Surendran and Ambiga were commenting on criticism by Lawyers for Liberty (LFL) on the use of the Sedition Act against individuals who allegedly insulted the Yang di-Pertuan Agong on social media.

Latheefa Koya 

LFL executive director Latheefa Koya said the arrests were reminiscent of the "BN government-style intolerance" towards freedom of speech, especially as the use of the Act had been heavily objected to by the Harapan coalition prior to forming the government.

“It is therefore shocking that in Malaysia Baru, this law is still being used by the police to crack down on mere social media comments that are not criminal in nature," Latheefa added.

what do you guppies expect when PH is led by Bapak Ops Lalang 


  1. not defending any party or individual but there is a thing call protocol and decorum in governance otherwise there will be chaos if ministers start whacking, admonish or criticise each other in the open , we are not privy to cabinet minutes, those on the peripheral by all means fire away after all they're representative of the gomen as well by virtue of their association to ruling parties and who knows they might be opted into government with a bit of luck

    1. but dap dun tell like tis b4 they become govt woh, r they a liar?

  2. Its hyperbole and sheer animosity to dub the Pakatan Government as werewolves.
    The Government has not been able to repeal the restrictive laws such as the Sedition Act.
    The BN dominated Dewan Negara is an obstacle, the same way the repeal of the Fake News Act was blocked. This fact seems to be conveniently overlooked by those who have a hidden agenda to attack the government.

    1. In Islam, the term is Kitman, if not mistaken. It means lying by omission, very 'noble' for Muslims to resort to this 'strategy', hehe. The other term I learned is Taqiyya...deliberately lying, pure bullshitting, which is permissible also for Muslims, to achieve their so-called justifiable end goals. But as far as we know, Ah Moc belum potong he is just a plain kafir lying brazenly by omission.

  3. BN should teach Harapan a lesson in Cameron Highlands. Campaign for the abolishment of Sedition Act, POCA, SOSMA etc.

    Now THAT would be a reversal....

    1. Fully support this.

      One.. DAP's Manogaran is clearly an unsuitable candidate for MP. A loose cannon blabbermouth who shoots off his mouth without thinking. He insulted the Orang Asli even before nomination day.

      Two...Multiple lack of commitment or refusal to institute change.

  4. The problem of the Sedition Act being so contentious an issue is after so many donkey years, many have come to realize that the application of the Act is so bias in nature to ordinary citizens that it has become a political tool of politicians and enforcement authorities ruling the country instead of protecting it's citizens and country.

    How come the Sedition Act is always used against activists, NGOs and ordinary citizens but seldom against parties proxy to political parties, politicians, families of well known serving or ex-politicians and VVIPs. They are also not used against members of Royalties, religious clerics, priests, Muftis etc.

    And the people who decides all these are the Govt. whether it is the Home Minister, AG, Public Prosecutor, PM Dept etc.

    There are currently so many other Laws which can be applied but this Sedition Act created by the British way back in the Forties/Fifties continues to this day so as to allow whoever is the ruling Govt and their enforcement authorities a tool to be used as and when necessary to muzzle any criticisms not to their liking and to their whims and fancies to showcase their control over ordinary citizens in violation of basic Human Rights of Freedom to Speech and Expression which are non-violent and not in any way leading to terrorism, civil riots or war.

    There is no justification and morality in supporting such an archaic Law when there are also in existance so many other Laws which are applicable currently in protecting the citizens and country from civil strife, terrorism or war.

    When you have a Law in which the Govt. and the enforcement authorities itself could not explain clearly when and why and the disparity of it being applied when enforced on common citizens, it clearly shows such a Law is a threat and lacking justifications in it's applicability to protect it's citizens and country.

    When the Govt. and it's enforcement authorities itself cannot explain clearly the offences committed under the Sedition Act, the disparity in interpreting offences committed, isn't such a Law defective when those being charged under this Act is brought to the Courts?

    What's next? The Courts also decides based on the whims and fancies of it's Judges in interpreting whether it is an offence or not and whether they belong to the political elites and their parties?

  5. Read this:

    Yrs of nincompoop deployment/employment within the govt administration comes to this. Not only with little Napoleons roaming around. Blur enforcers r many too!

    "Time is a bitch", indeed, ressonated the most!

    Thus can anyone READ clearly into what mamak has said?

    Sedition Act is just a tool. It's the person who uses it that determines its toxicity!

    The use of the Sedition Act against individuals who allegedly insulted the Yang di-Pertuan Agong on social media IS shameful.

    Yet, the use of Sedition Act on Umno supreme council member Lokman Noor Adam is showing the REAL police job of protecting the citizens and country from civil strife, terrorism or war.

    This ph govt will never be the same as those previous administration.

    Besides what mamak has intoned, the current AG has repeayed the things to come.

    Take yr pick - bloody freedom of speech bleeding hearts!

    1. Wakakaka

      Reminds me of the quote "Defending the indefensible."

      How hypocritical in the face of so many cases where the Sedition Act is used instead of other existing Laws in muzzling citizens in the name of protecting citizens and the country.

    2. R u talking about the 'good old days of Mahazalim?

      That when the Sedition Act were a convenient political tool to silent critics.

      But read at my write carefully, about the necessary essence of timing!


      More like realist!

    3. What timing on using the Sedition Act are you talking about when other Laws in existence could have been used instead?

      Is it because other Laws require a higher degree of work, investigation and evidence which is too much work for the Govt. and the enforcement authorities?

      Or is it to show the power invested in them with this Sedition Law to be applied as and when to their liking and timing to remove temporarily political hailstorms?

      You can't see the future, can you? All short terms gratifications, band aid measures, I/Govt. am always right attitude are your daily diets but not what is right and what is wrong and what is good for the citizens and country to be called civilised, humane and adhere to Human Rights.

    4. Precisely bcoz other Laws require a higher degree of work, investigation and evidence which r too TIME consuming that usually letting the perpetrators slip through the dragnet!

      This has proven in many of the recent bombing incidents, premeditated killings carried out by the radicalised fanatics throughout the world!

      In saying the Sedition Act is a draconian law that's handy in time of real need!

      U want to be civilised, humane & adhere to human right?

      To whom?

      Hah… tell that to those innocent victims of those merciless bombings/killings when the police's immediate deterrences r been held back by these 'bleeding heartish' procedural legal works!

      AGAIN, any laws can be bad or benevolent. The applicators determine their TRUE intention!

      Many BIG words sound very humane & just superficially. But in their applications, there r ALWAYS collateral damages.

      How r u going to weigh yr worth to the letter of the laws?

      That's what distinguishes statemans from politikus, chaff from wheat!

    5. You are still beating around the bush on this need specifically for the Sedition Act.

      So, explain why the need for other Draconian Laws like SOSMA, POCA, AFN etc and the Penal Code if the Sedition Act is so encompassing and meet your Time and Need.

      Do not justify and confuse readers with the US or UK anti-terrorism Laws which are in no way similar in it's application with regard to the Sedition Act.

      Even UK which is the framer and originator of the Sedition Act has abolished such laws in their country.

      I hate to say this but proponents of this Sedition Act giving their justifications just sounds pathetic, arrogant, despicable, undefensible and disrespectful towards basic Human Rights to Freedom of Speech to criticize against their Govt. or the institutions.

      Are those in Govt., Institutions, enforcement authorities represent the majority citizens voices or their own political/institution/personal interests once they become part of it?

      However, as a consolation to such pathetic arguments, I would say they are right provided Malaysia is not a democratic country but are ruled by ideology of Communist, Dictatorship, Religious Bigots, Racists, Feudalistic parties and leaders and Donald Trumps.

    6. Like someone has said, let u be lah!

      U want an Utopia setting. Unfortunately, the time IS not ripe yet.

      Wait till when one of the innocent victim is closed to u then u chant it song of bleeding heart lah!

      In a smaller way, it's the same logic as why capital punishment is still been supported by large masses of people.

      Pathetic argument?

      More like u only want to rant about with yr pathetic understanding of human nature, cementing by yr high-horse attitude!

    7. its human nature when it suit u.

    8. U call that human nature!

      What did they teach u in that dragged Yankelized formosa uni?

      Ooop… thousand apologies, rabid dogs only know what rabid dogs do - irrational barkings to threat!

    9. interesting to read a mahathir dog talk abt human nature, or u mean dog nature?

    10. Is that how a rabid dog understands about human nature as in dog nature?


  6. I don’t think this was in their Manifesto but one of the BEST decisions by the Harapan government is the new NO SMOKING law. Just finished my mee goreng pedas in Hameedeyah and it was the best, without any tobacco smoke smell in my nose or clothes. SYABAS HARAPAN.

    And it was so pitiful to see Najib, his support base ever shrinking, trying to find sympathy from smokers, pretending to defend their rights. I hope he campaigns in Cameron Highlands......or will BN ban him from going there?