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Mahathir's invincible bias against UEC and serpentine putar-belit-ism

In a previous post UEC - the Chinese education certificate that strangely terrifies some Malays I had written that Mahathir in refusing to have his government recognise the UEC had pathetically resorted to non-related BS excuses like, for example, the relative economic positions of the Malays and the Chinese as a reason not to officially accept the UEC.

He also deliberately clouded the matter by referring to the so-called (unwritten and NOT in Constitution) 'social contract' and 'sensitivities' of the Malays as another 'reason' to reject the UEC. Then he made further BS excuses by his alleged 'laziness' of the Malays and thus their poor economic standing, and naturally even the myth that UEC is a foreign examination certificate when this has been disproved kaukau.

Yes, WTF have all the above got to do with the government recognising a Chinese Malaysian school paper qualification?

It's also and most telling that as far back as 1975 when he was the Education Minister Mahathir had shown his immense hatred for the Independent Chinese Schools and their UEC. Then, he threatened the Chinese educationists about issuing the UEC.

That was and still must be the root cause of his abhorrence of the UEC, and his persistent refusal to accept it officially even when more than 400 foreign universities around the world have done so.

Now read the following selected Malaysiakini extracts of what its readers have to say on Mahathir's evasiveness on the UEC.

YOURSAY | 'Indeed, the PM offers no concrete suggestions, only double-talk.'

Drngsc: Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad is very evasive. When just a yes-or-no answer is required, he twists and turns, avoids the issue, and changes the subject.

No, we cannot rely on this man. We hope that the other Pakatan Harapan partners can talk some sense into him. After all, lest they forget, Bersatu has 16 MPs and DAP has 42, while PKR has 50.

Antagonising the non-Malays (your staunch Harapan supporters), together with not winning Malay supporters, may jeopardise your chance of winning the 15th general election. Please do not forget that.

We are not asking for a change in the Federal Constitution. We will uphold the Federal Constitution.

However, we also want a needs-based policy and to do away with race-based policies.

Recognising the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) will, in no way, violate the Federal Constitution. So just go ahead and recognise it.

In the meantime, work very hard to bring about Melayu Baru in line with Malaysia Baru.

Cogito Ergo Sum: By recognising the UEC, how will the Malays be slighted? How will their meagre earnings in the rural areas be threatened?

Tun (Mahathir), you led the country to victory against a kleptomaniac who allegedly stole from the Malaysians, especially the Malays. Why punish the rest of the country as well for the sins of a few?

What you have achieved, others will take many lifetimes to do. Now, it is time to set things right and to be fair to all. Remember, you are the prime minister for all, not just Bersatu or some Malays.

Anewday: Integrate the Chinese schools and use them for all Malaysians to access world-class Chinese universities and colleges.

Why send your children to US and UK when most of our businesses and relations will be in Asia with China as the main driver?

Our students in China will build relations with China as we have done so when we studied in the West. We need to do this, it's not an option and being the blessed country that we are, we have the tools here and now - the Chinese schools.

CintaMalaysia: It is rather sad reading what Mahathir said, which is the truth. Changing the Malay mindset will help the Malays change their attitude towards life.

At the same time, Tun, if their crutches are always there, how do you expect them to change their mindset?

And while waiting for them to change their mindset and catch up economically after more than 60 years, it looks like we will have to wait another 60 years.

It is really not fair to slow down the rest of the country while waiting for them to catch up, especially if they are unwilling to do so.

See the ridiculous logic here, Tun. Our country will never progress and the racial lines will forever be there at this rate.

Malaysian-United: Mahathir speaks with a forked tongue, spinning words to console his critics. On the one hand, he says the government will recognise UEC to the extent that it can, but on the other, he asks the Chinese to be sensitive to the Malays.

All the long-winded talk is a poor attempt to not offend the Chinese, yet not give in to the Chinese.

He could at least propose that certain conditions be met before the government recognises UEC if he truly believes the UEC syllabus is lacking in "nationalistic" elements, for example, making it compulsory for UEC students to pass certain language proficiency tests (in BM).

But he offers no concrete suggestions, only double-talk.

Pemerhati Bebas: In Germany, every citizen speaks German, and that includes every minority ethnic groups that declare themselves as citizens. In Italy, citizens of Indian descent speak Italian. In Brazil, citizens of Japanese and Chinese descent speak Portuguese.

I'm no racist but it is a fact that there are some citizens of non-Malay descent who can barely speak Bahasa Malaysia. The Federal Constitution states that Bahasa Malaysia is the national language, so it is expected that every citizen must have, as Mahathir puts it, basic mastery of the language.

The PM has already given the solution. Just include BM as a mandatory requirement for UEC and the problem of recognition is solved. What is so difficult with that?

I don't understand the resistance to include BM as one of the subjects for the certificate. Language is key to national identity. And in the long run to national unity.

David Dass: On the UEC, Mahathir should simply say that the government is looking into it. That there might have to be a revision of the History and Bahasa Malaysia syllabus.

Chinese secondary schools exist. They have a legal right to exist. The content of their curriculum is subject to review by the Education Ministry. Malay children attend these schools.

There are Chinese universities in the country that accept the UEC as a qualification, just as there are private universities that do so.

Many foreign universities in advanced countries accept the UEC as a good qualification for entry.

Why don't we simply put an end to this nonsense? It is politics, pure and simple.

In the long term, make government schools good schools so that they become the choice of all parents. Make English an important second language.

A better education system will in time take care of the other problem, that is, higher productivity of our workers, higher income and better wealth accumulation.

The above is a selection of comments posted by Malaysiakini subscribers. Only paying subscribers can post comments. 


  1. How ironic.

    If the Chinese had instead swung their support behind Najib , they would have UEC recognition by now.

    A massive Strategic mistake !

    1. Wakakakakaka

      After 60+ years, it's called wisdom not to be cheated again and take the chance with a new Govt.

      Only fools never learn and continue the same mistake over and over again hoping for a change.

      You sure are dumb.

    2. Wakakakaka…

      U think the Cinabengs only care about UEC recognition vis-a-vis yr ketuanan agenda?

      Indeed, how ironic for a fool in the category of as described so aptly by one of the country’s most consistent critical social media analyst of the Malay dilemma, Prof Tajuddin Rasdi.

      In his latest article, Bolehkah Melayu berfikir kritis? he highlights the failure of the Malay educated elite to analyse rationally the information that they receive on developments related to the community and Islam.

      In his words, “Siapa orang Melayu yang tidak boleh berfikiran waras ini? Adakah mereka orang kampung? Adakah mereka sekolah setakat darjah enam? Adakah mereka ini kaki kedai kopi dan kedai mamak?

      Kalau orang berpendidikan rendah berfikir macam tu, memang kita boleh agak dan fahami dan maafkan. Tetapi sebaliknya, bukan golongan macam ini saja. Kebanyakan 99 peratus Melayu kenalan saya yang pernah belajar di universiti luar negara, universiti tempatan, dah ada Masters dan dah ada PhD, […]

      “Saya mempunyai ramai kenalan Melayu dan saya berani katakan yang tidak boleh berfikiran rasional, tidak tahu berfikiran kritis, tidak mahu berfikir panjang-panjang adalah orang-orang yang jawatannya tinggi-tinggi belaka.

      “Apa jawatan mereka? Guru sekolah menengah, gurubesar, profesor madya, profesor VK7-6-5, arkitek, jurutera, pegawai tinggi GLC, pegawai eksekutif dan doktor. Bukan calang-calang pendidikan, tuan-tuan. Semuanya extra hebat belaka. Tapi fikiran? Macam tak sekolah tinggi pun.

      “Percaya bulat-bulat, tunggang-langgang dan habis-habis. Sebab? Nak menegak ketuanan Melayu dan keagungan Islam. Dosa fitnah? Tak kisahlah. Dosa mencerca? Sikit saja. Dosa menyampai-nyampai? Tak ada hal punya beb”.

      Chant again, ketuanan freak - "tak again melayu hilang di dunia".

      U need that opium to carry on another daydreaming!

    3. YES they are reaping what they had sown.
      Both Mahathir and Anwar's words cannot be trusted.
      But Najib had always been truthful

      The 1MDB affair was crafted by the Americans and twisted by Pakatan to smear Najib. But the truth is: Najib is not involved.

      The DOJ had already removed Equanimity from its claims against the so-called "1MDB kleptocrats". Now that means Mahahtir stole Equanimity from ECL, which owns the yacht. Means it can never be sold outside Malaysia because the other world jurisdiction will confiscate Equanimity once ECL lodges a claim against any non-Malaysian buyer since the USA DOJ has removed Equanimity from its claims against 1MDB.

      Now which Malaysian billionaires can buy Equanimity and sail it in Malaysian waters only? His sons?

    4. is the same rasdi appeal "Let us all continue to support TAR UC as a manifestation of the true spirit of Malaysia." a form of opium? y not u ask cbmf lim stop giving out opium? at least no need allocate such opium to chinese.

    5. Hahaha……

      What kind of inconsistency in cockagroo consistency!

      Remember u r the f*ck that questioned lge's reduction of the TarUC's allication & redistributed some to the other 3 cinapek's UCs!

      Right hand, u want opium. Left hand, u vomit diarrhoea about giving opium!

      Bloody f*cked-up moron, makes up yr confused mind lah.

      Otherwise, it's indeed time to go back to the doghouse to stop that irrational barking.

    6. Najib is pragmatic, while Mahathir is ideological.

      The then Opposition sneered at Najib for saying "You help me, I help you" when in fact, it is a strength.

      People could negotiate deals with Najib.
      Of course, the reality is you cannot get everything that you want.

      The Chinese community could have achieved the recognition of UEC as well as continued operating expenditure support for TAR UC if only they were willing to meet Najib halfway and give him their solid support during GE`14.

      Mahathir is a strong ideologue.

      That means what he ideologically
      insists upon, he push strongly push for it, and what he ideologically disagrees with, he will resist strongly.

      The Chinese should understand Mahathir is ideologically dead set against UEC recognition.

      With Mahathir and his likely Pribumi successors, the Chinese are in for a dark time with regard to many of the community's core priorities.

      As they say, I told you so...

    7. CBMF, at WHAT hidden expenses for this political arbitrage?

      "The Chinese community could have achieved the recognition of UEC as well as continued operating expenditure support for TAR UC if only they were willing to meet Najib halfway and give him their solid support during GE`14."

      These r M'ian assets run by M'sians!

      Why must there be negotiations when it's the JOB of the govt to support them!

      Jibby would terbalik too with another round of 1001 excuses to withhold/delay/cold storage the recognition of UEC.

      Just say, melayu feels the irrational threats coming out from recognition of the UEC. Another word, yr inferiority is playing on u lah.

    8. i am consistent, i wan the allocation as long as others have it, the more the merrier.

      i am telling u to ask cbmf lim to stop giving allocation to chinese since chinese r so terror n hebat, n give it all to malay then he can contest in kelantan next election, a msian kot.

    9. U call that consistent?

      I acknowledge it as yr confused cockagroo, playing out yr 小民的智慧!

      The more the merrier? From yr father's bank account?

      WHY the chronic insistence of one M'sian & yet keep making that distinction of Chinese-vs-Melayu?

      A f*cked up mind?

      Lge has done right NOT to allow MCA continue with that fruit of political arbitrage using TarUC as a bargain chip.

      This has nothing to do with been Chinese M'sian. It has EVERYTHING to do with been M'sian!

      But that concept can't drill through that thick skull of yrs, cementing hard by yrs of DAP hatred.

      Wakakakaka… childish to the nth!

      "To stop giving allocation to chinese since chinese r so terror n hebat, n give it all to malay then he can contest in kelantan next election, a msian kot."

      First, if u want dap to win any political seat in kelate, better ask them to join pus wholesale. Otherwise no any 'suci' processes can do the trick le.

      "Since chinese r so terror n hebat"?? R u showing yr true colour of just been another closet ridhuan tee?

      Say so lah, then I wouldn't waste my time with a f*ck disguised as fighting for thing Chinese!

    10. pls enlighten me how allocate to the 4 chinese college n not sunway taylor inti have anything to do with being msian? tell me how yr logic work?

    11. Wakakakaka……

      Now u want to bring in private universities ran by private ENTERPRISES for yr f*cked-up argument!

      Remember yr rant about TarUC been 'designed' to cater for the poor segment of the Non's student? ie, a non profit educational organization.

      Mfer, these 4 Chinese colleges r NOT operating as enterprises to make money as those of the Sunway, Taylor & Inti! Do stick that up deep in yr bloody confused mind, before u fart lah. So many tu, sama? In yr 死鸡撑饭盖 type of argumentative spinning s, right?

      Yr consistency! My foot le.

      AGAIN, pen writes faster than that petrified grey matter can think.

      Rabid dog CAN'T think logically - barking to threatening others IS all it knows!

    12. the operation words is chinese n private, not non profit, sunway oso declared themselves non profit.

      the 3 colleges except tarc is cater for chinese educated background student, especially those from cis or secondary national type school.

      u imbecile dog still deny the fact a hypo politician try to fish chinese vote, a msian kot.

    13. Wa-lau eh!

      Now u not only jadi mouthpiece of those 3 colleges u had mentioned, u terus trying hard to spin yr fart argument around "chinese n private, not non profit".

      Banyak pandai …… by half lah!

      BTW, why r u so gung-ho in taking Sunway's non profit declaration as gospel? Go read the Sunway annual report to clear yr f*cked understanding lah.

      Hmmmm…… rather confusing. What's yr point?

      "the 3 colleges except tarc is cater for chinese educated background student, especially those from cis or secondary national type school."

      Another sign of pen writes faster than that petrified mind of yrs?

      Tsk… tsk… sigh… more likely just doing another 死鸡撑饭盖 rebuttal of zilch content!

  2. A 93-year old man trying to defend the indefensible: why Malaysia cannot recognise the UEC, using the logic of the 70’s. It was embarrassing to watch, listen or read. Time to move on Toonsie; Allah gave you a second chance to redeem your legacy. He may not give you a third.

  3. nothing new abt mahathir reason, the ironic part is we dun hear a word from that cbmf lims n their party.

    1. DAP is very fast becoming irrelevant in the Pribumi-led government.

    2. dap is the new taukeh la.

      cbmf lims punya std in separation of politics n education

  4. Chinese education from early years is actually children priming. It is indoctrination (perhaps propaganda as well) that the Chinese are better than the Melayu, i.e. are more advance/progressive/democratic, thus, teaching a sense of betrayal from young.

    If ALL parents are serious about education and integration and planning ahead for the future, the parents should allow parenting of their kids in public schools. It would inculcate a nationalist feeling/thinking that this is of OUR country rather than this country had largely failed us.

    1. CBMF, of u change the word Chinese to melayu, u scores 100!

      But f*ck like u has no clue/teloq to say so lah.

    2. not quite agree on the first para, chinese school cultivate victim mentality, however i can agree if what u describe is referring to chinese from national school, like kt wakaka.

      ck type is diff, he was from chinese school but wanna be a anglo, thats y he further his education in a anglo university in anglo country. shd u change the word anglo to racist, u score 101.

    3. Wakakakaka… moron!

      In the uni, anything tagged with 101 means basic. I'm more than basic material to yr f*cked understandings (of any subject, including yr claimed 中国通) meme-ed perhaps by that altarized Yankee doctrine of that confused Formosa.

      Each culture has a distinct way of educating the young.

      The Chinese has a way that suits them long since any modern child psychologist would recommend.

      There r pitfalls but many of these pitfalls have also cultivated a spirit of getting the basic right then the rest of yr life is just 摸石过河.

      One can't denial the fact that many ancient Chinese scholars, who had gone through the similar process, & yet achieved significant advances in many sopo-econ fields that western cultures would never think of!s

      The Chinese level of PD maturity IS way ahead of many. But as a community on motherhood earth, that maturity CAN'T put the ship forward as a whole.

      Bruised ego bleeding heart, have I confused u AGAIN?

      Doghouse should be nearby…

    4. so einstein, shall we return to baguwen?

    5. Wakakakaka… wrong start, rabid dog!

      Chinese education starts long before dragged "八股文" of the Ming/Chin period.

      Oooop… perhaps that's yr best initial reference of of yr sinology claim!

    6. its the most recent n well known, imbecile dog.

      n oso part of reasons y chinese adopt western style education.

      so can u answer y chinese dun revert to our ancient education?

    7. "its the most recent n well known"!!!!

      Real fart lah. U don't even known about五四文化运动!

      So, yr f*ck sinology understanding is trapped within Ming/chin & 民国初年! (The Formosa Yankee doodles golden age!)

      1st, what western style education u r talking about?

      U think the West invents school/uni ke?

      Retard, if u DONT understand, that's call onward progress in humanity knowledge dissemination!

      Wakakakaka… the unmasking of a closet anglophile (more like yankephile) of the worst kind.

    8. mayforth wanna adopt the western science n democracy, baihua to replace classical, no more bagu, so here i repeat again, if the chinese approach r so great, y not reject the western way n return to bagu?

      modern school are mostly apt the western system, of course we r aware there were once the west was impress with china imperial examination, however the fact remain most learn from the west in order to progress n modernise in recent history.

      lu history mana belajar?

    9. F*ck lah!

      "most learn from the west in order to progress n modernise"

      U do think the West has a monopoly on progress!

      So, where did the West got their base of modernisation?

      By standing on the shoulders of their giants. The Western ones!

      Similarly, the East has her own ways of progressive modernisation.

      Again, by standing on the shoulders of their own giants!

      This is especially so when China is been 'islandized' in many new tech developments & has to create her own ways of doing things. Remember, 摸石过河 - no where to learn but from yr OWN efforts in creating advances!

      Yankephilic f*ck, like u, CAN only see the Western points of view & revolts against anything of Eastern origin.

      Just like yr silo views about the current mainland China's political evolution. Anything not comply with yr flavoured Western demoncracy IS deemed failure & evil!

      lu punya history belajar dari yanke-idolised Formosa ke?

      Typically 小民的智慧 - see the immediate 10ft surrounding happenstances & can't plan for a generation ahead. Thus, repeat & going round in circle, chasing yr own tail.

    10. mao copy ussr, deng copy usa. if u have no time to read, watch the series 大江大河,tell me which changes the farmer, worker, commercial n market made is not under the application of capitalism n western economy theory?

      摸石过河 is just an excuse to counter the retaliation from the conservative.

    11. Did mao copy ussr, deng copy usa?

      Where's the beef?

      Or in yr wet dream!

      Ussr collapsed & China is still a communist state!

      Where the similarities?

      Again, in yr f*cked imagination lah!

      Hahaha… watch 大江大河! Better watch 小岗村的故事 to understand how 摸石过河 workstyle played by the central leader lah!

      Why picked & choose to suit yr fart?

      Ill indoctrinated yankephile!

    12. deng see the predicament n change course, he know usa way is the way forward, he even wear the cowboy hat, he send many chinese to further study in usa like how yr dad send u to study in a anglo uni in angloland, so that they/u know how to copy, tell me which china contemporary financial n industrial product is not copy?

      gorbachev see the same but he is not old enough to understand mao political power grows out of the barrel of a gun, thats y ussr become fukuyama end of history n the similarity end here as well.

      yr puerile n womao cum narrow worldview dun make me laugh la.

    13. Yr first part is just pure farts!

      No need to reply in detail. A simple word - u r just showing yr yankephilic thinking lah!


      So u read fukuyama's end of history! But did u read wider? How about Zhang weiwei's The China Wave: Rise of a Civilizational State?

      Especially also Zhang's debate with Fujiyama on the rise of China!

      Zhang won that debate hand down!

      Always going back to deploy yr useless plot of 套帽子 (character pigeonholing) to win yr arguments.

      How pathetic can a 三毛's worldview be bigger than that silo ring of sky?

      U can keep croaking under yr well. The world doesn't revolve around a f*cked yankephile.


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