Friday, January 18, 2019

DAP, PKR and Amanah complicit in creation of neo-BN Pribumi

Malaysiakini - Are you disappointed in Harapan? by S Thayaparan:

COMMENT | Academic Bridget Welsh, as usual, made an interesting point in a recent conference about the disappointment some Pakatan Harapan supporters feel towards this new regime. She said: “Unlike US President Donald Trump who had responded to his political base and hold on to power, in Malaysia we don’t see that.”

Just before the election, I made my case as to why I thought Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Harapan would get the Trump vote instead of Najib Abdul Razak’s BN, which went all out, in the words of then-deputy prime minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, to emulate the US president.

“What Zahid should be mindful of is that in these uncertain economic times, Mahathir looks more like someone who can take control of the situation than the current Umno poohbah and his coterie who are mired in all sorts of scandals. This is what Trump promised his supporters and what got him votes from the most unlikely of demographics.”

The reality is that the people most disappointed with the current regime are (mostly) non-Malays who believed that Harapan would be the change this country needed, and not necessarily what the majority wanted.

Now, of course, some people would say that removing Najib was the main goal – and I get that – but there would not be this sense of despondency if they didn’t actually hope that Harapan would save Malaysia.

If removing Najib was all that was important, then these people would be of the same intent as Mahathir – who, in the beginning at least, publicly admitted that removing Najib was the only thing he shared with the then-opposition – and not be clamouring for reforms and nodding their heads with everything he is saying now.

Reform almost seems like a fait accompli. The propaganda was so thick that contrarian voices were shouted down when they pointed out discrepancies in the way Harapan political operatives talked and the polices they came up with. Everything was viewed ahistorically.

It still is. This is why the prime minister warned that we should not forget our history, that minorities could be perceived as an economic threat to the majority, and make the claim that wealth distribution should be done “fairly” – all in the same breath. My political stance has always been that wealth redistribution and egalitarian principles are mutually exclusive, but this is not the place for that conversation.

When Harapan is pushed to fulfil their campaign promises to implement the agenda which may save Malaysia, they are warned not to spook the Malays by rabid partisans. These partisans have no problem highlighting the systemic dysfunction, but are too concerned that Harapan would lose the next election or stir up the far right in this country to do anything about it. BN, at the apogee of its power, promulgated the same idea.

Tempering expectations

To consider Welsh’s point further, what may be the problem is that Mahathir (Harapan), unlike Trump, is not too concerned about disappointing the base. They will temper their expectations because it is politically expedient to do so.

In a way, the Harapan base is doing the job of politicians – tempering political, social and economic expectations to maintain power. The irony, of course, is that in certain situations, all Harapan had to do was fulfil certain easy-win election promises, which would have cost them nothing and would have strengthened democratic institutions and processes in this country.

Forget about the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Icerd) debacle, and concentrate on the fact that Harapan promised it would abolish or repeal certain oppressive laws.

The fact that they backtracked on this and had to be dragged kicking and screaming before they reconsidered their decision should tell you about the kind of people we are dealing with.

Look, these laws are horse manure. They know it and we sure as hell know it. There are some morons – yeah, I think these people are undemocratic and fascist morons – who think that the state needs these laws to enforce peace and stability. There is no evidence of this, but there is copious evidence that these laws stifle democratic norms, rights and practices.

Harapan could have done away with these laws, be secure in the knowledge that there are enough laws out there to deal with specific behaviours deemed detrimental to democracy, and basked in the easy win which would have objectively separated it from the previous regime.

See also patronage – or race-based patronage, to be specific. Economist Edmund Terence Gomez wrote a terrific piece about the trends pointing to revitalise the patronage system under Harapan. He said: “Equally troubling is a gradual and perceptible attempt to reinstitute the practice of selective patronage in the conduct of politics and in the implementation of policies, hallmarks of Umno politics that led to its fall.”

sama-sama, we're kaki-nang

Again, in this post-May 9 reality, the Harapan regime would be abandoning the practices of BN if it was interested in reform. Instead, what we have are neo-BN policies that will ensure that the political ecosystem remains in place, but more importantly, sustain the Umno wildlife that was claimed to have brought this country to ruination.

Not only that, there is also the factor of Bersatu PRIBUMI attempting to impose its imprimatur on elements within PKR, which just fuels the conflict between political personalities in various Malay power structures. This, again, has nothing to with the system Harapan inherited – which is the favourite strawman of its partisans – but rather the determined efforts of political operatives to sustain a system which they believe will ensure their political survival.

There are more than enough qualified people in Malaysia – or who would return to the country – to lead government-linked economic entities if they were given the chance, and who would be proud to be part of a regime that was committed to institutional reforms. Instead, we have the wildlife from the previous regime and newly-minted acolytes burrowing into Harapan, attempting to replicate the success of BN, replete with a ‘pragmatic’ but rabid voter base.

Another example would be education reform. Harapan does not need big education ideas. It needs people who have the foresight and integrity to understand that the education system in Malaysia is mired in racial and religious toxicity.

The way out of this is not coming up with fancy ideas, but basic ideas that have worked in the past. Keep in mind we had a functional education system that was broken after years of racial and religious manipulation. We don’t have to start from scratch, but rather acknowledge what worked and what was purposely corrupted.

Manufacturing consent

Blaming Mahathir or Bersatu PRIBUMI for this mess is avoiding the real issue. The real issue is the transparency and accountability of the coalition partners in Harapan. DAP, PKR and Amanah, by making excuses and gaslighting for 
Bersatu PRIBUMI, are complicit in the creation of this neo-BN.

We should be thankful that there are political operatives willing to speak truth to power. But unfortunately, there aren’t enough.
Bersatu PRIBUMI has power because the other coalition partners want to bask in some of that power, and will continue embracing nanny state policies and unearthing previous corruption scandals, hoping to narcotise the base into believing that reforms are on the way, but down the road.

Think of it this way. Nobody expects the Harapan regime to correct the problems – which were created by some of the same people leading this new regime – in eight months. What some people want is for Harapan to save Malaysia by carrying out the reforms they promised without resorting to fabrications – mostly economic – that these are difficult to carry out.

Instead, what the Harapan component parties are hoping is that people will blame Mahathir only, and that their reputations will remain intact enough for some people (most probably on racial and religious lines) to continue voting for them.

The problem is – and I suspect Harapan know this – for every disappointed Harapan supporter, there are many more who are simply in denial.

S THAYAPARAN is a commander (rtd) of the Royal Malaysian Navy. A retired barrister of law, he is one of the founding members of Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan.


  1. I am not disappointed.
    VERY Glad BN and Najib is gone.
    Continuing to press for reforms.

    Ah Mok cannot claim to be disappointed , because he was never a Pakatan Harapan supporter.

    1. Wakakakakaka

      I wonder what sort of UMNO media advisers they have promoting "Boss aku tak Malu". It just show the level of idiosyncracies and uncouth culture as expected of thieves and robbers caught and pretending innocence saying "Saya, tak curi, saya sumpah .....".

      When it came out, most of the whispers heard behind were instead "Boss tak erti Malu (Boss with no Shame". And his kuncu-kuncu equally all "Muka tak Malu (Faces without shame)". This is because even in the front of all the world coverage of their crimes committed, they all think it is just a simple case of curi ayam and believes it is also their right to be corrupted and right to steal so long as they are Protectors of Agama, Bangsa and Raja-raja. Some even think it is a conspiracy against their Boss.

      All going round like "Ayam berkokok, Taik di dubur".

      It's just pure insulting to the intelligence of most Malaysians in the face of so much overwelming evidence of monies missing, conspirators slowly admitting guilt and the charges being levied against more and more individuals suspected of corruption, conspiring to cheat and putting their hands in the cookie jar.

      You also wonder what sort of moralities, what religiousity, what sort of individuals, politicians, parties, institutions, NGOs, societies etc for all those who have also taken stolen/illegal monies whether knowingly or unknowingly (initial excuses)and until now have still not returned nor make good to recover back their dignity by partaking in this century greatest Robbery and Scam of a Nation.

      If UMNO or BN ever make a comeback, Malaysia would then be called "A Nation of Thieves and Robbers" or "A Nation where Thieves and Robbers and Murderers Ruled".

      Malaysia would go down to the dogs and be a Pariah Nation and the lives and hopes of future generations of Malaysians destroyed by such uncivilised, uncultured and immoral leaders.

      We have evil leaders and men living among Malaysians out to destroy a Nation all because of their greed for power, fame and wealth.

  2. Not that I wish for any of our elected representatives to become incapacitated but the constant stream of by-elections is keeping Harapan on their toes. Voter loyalty can no longer be guaranteed.

    Rollicking Democracy.

    So far over the last 8 months, as far as by-elections is concerned, the score is 4-0, CH coming and Semenyih next. Let's see if the rakyat's favourite food is still


    or their taste has changed.

  3. For barring Israeli Para-Olympians from entering Malaysia to participate in an important Tokyo Para-Olympic qualification the IOC should suspend or kick out Malaysia from the Olympic family altogether.

    Shameful and Wrong. This move will backfire on us.

    Don't mix politics with sports. Especially Para-Olympics where Malaysia has been quite successful, winning gold medals. If we are kicked out who suffers? Our own Olympians.

    If we say we are entitled to bar the Israelis from entering Malaysia then the IOC is also entitled to kick us out. The IOC recognizes both Palestine and Israel. Why can't we do the same.

    Even the US allows the Iranian leader, their arch rival, to enter the US, to attend the UN General Assembly.

    1. All elderly people have their unchangeable bad habits and bad patterns of thought.
      For Mahathir, it is his invincible enmity towards Israel, extending even to Paralympic athletes.
      One of the key terms which a host country has to sign up to the contract is there would not be unreasonable obstacles placed against legitimate athletes attending.

      During the Atlanta Olympics, Iranian athletes were given special visas to compete, though given strict restrictions against any travel outside of Olympic venues.

      Malaysia risks being blacklisted from bidding for any future international sports events, and I would not offer any sympathy or support.

  4. The writer writes beautifully articulating and encapsulating what most politically interested parties and observers of the PH Govt. think and they should do in reforming the BN Govt. to become a New Malaysia via Reformasi (however it is interpreted) ideals. This is all about Politics, is it not, being played out?

    In Malaysia, politicians and their parties has turned "Politics is the Art of Perception" to be inclusive of a new term "Deception". Anyway, whatever Perception and Deception however how it is combined, interchanged, merged etc are meant for the survival of Malaysian politicians and their parties to be the Govt. and also within their own parties where their supporters are indoctrinated, taught and to some extent become fanatical about issues of race, religion, rights etc. thru their oratory and writing skills to continually vote them in to be their leaders.

    Politicians Archilles Heel has always been to forget that Perceptions or Deceptions are not realities to the public which forms the major core base of voters in any Federal/State/Local public election when it comes around. They might get away at party elections because of mostly like minded supporters or sometimes at public elections (thru the art of bribes, fear, hate, racial or religious propaganda) but sooner or later, realities will overcome perceptions and deceptions to the ordinary public and no amount of PR, social or print media propaganda etc will overcome their demise and fall from grace.

    Malaysia never had any real leaders or Statesmen among politicians who fear not doing what is the right, honest, humane and civilised without thinking about their own personal survival among their party and Govt. positions and their own beliefs of their race, religion, tribes, ideals etc. Give them power and they become more corrupted, thinking their perceptions and deceptions works in the political system and their continual hold onto power.

    If there ever are leaders in Malaysia, they are all Mediocre leaders elected thru their own party system or the backdoor system to lead the country and the public to become a developed, cultured and civilised society.

    You wonder what Malaysians politicians and their leaders are, when simple things of what to do what is right and what is wrong can't even get it right in the policies, laws and governance dished out to the public.

    How traumatising it must be for some who suddenly realised their leaders have been leading them in a world of their own full of perceptions and deceptions created by them.

    Their leaders don't even understand basic ideals of freedom, human rights, being civilised, cultured and humane to the ordinary man in the street or jungle.

    I bet, some will come out comparing Malaysia to some pariah and failed countries to lift their egos and sense of denials next and remain "Jagoh Kampong" in their small little world.

  5. It's such an easy thing to fart when one is looking outside into the working administration which r under attacked with many political dilemmas!

    Let's draw a sopo maelstrom similarity of the British Prime Minister Theresa May with the PH's current sopo impasses.

    May inherited a referendum with a 52/48 votes in favour of breixt. Ever since then she has tons & tons of problems within & without the country. That's also on top of the political compromises she made with her party colleagues & political opponents.

    She has no possible solutions in the short term. She has no advantage in a longer prospect as the time of brexit is confirmed. & yet the brexit promise looms like "the Sword of Damocles" over the life of her govt!

    Back to PH's newly minted govt administration.

    There r manifesto promises to keep. Financial quagmires to resolve. Lil' Napoleons syndrome to clear. Inter-conponent parties' compromises to tackle. Mamak's 2 yr legacies & possible follow-ups to mitigate.

    Most of all, how to govt in the current international political/trade war scenario with a less than capable cabinet!

    In short, thousands of problem & yet so little time!

    Almost everyone want miracle - that ALL THE ILLS face by the country in the past 60+ yrs can be solved within a span of 8 months!

    How naïve - these bleeding heartish demands!

    The most ridiculous part IS they don't seem to see the positive happenstances going round around them - the govt machineries r more efficient, many crooks r been charged, less likely to have undertable demands for contracts, cheaper & better response to telecommunication services, more transparent & open transportation regulations etc etc.

    Give PH a little more time lah! They have a 5 yr mandate. Though the manmanlai's taken over could be a bloody black swan, ever threatening to dislodge the 'good works' implemented thus far by mamak.

    Many play too much with mamak's 3rd national car scheming. They just can't see the FACT that what mamak can do with it with ONLY 2yr reign! A silo view of chicken little, blowing out of proportion to frighten the suspecting crowd.

    The unfortunate thing is many, laymen & educated alike, within & without the political divides, all fall into this bandwagon of political shouting match.

    Perhaps, some r more awared about their limited time than mamak? While the others have to stir-fry this issue - for lack of better political bullets.

    Teresa May's govt will fall faster than PH's term that's a very sure thing.

    PH might not be a perfect administration BUT it would evolve. For better or for worst, it would be much better NOT to micro-manage mamak's effort - he CAN'T do much with his limited time. Besides, they r silent good people within the current setup that would keep watch about the operation of machinaries.

    And what that tells provocateurs, bleeding hearts & the blurs?

    Look at the BIG picture lah!

    1. same logic, if lks/lge can stand the tuan n zombie, y not u? look at the big picture la, give yrself more time, let say 5 years, shut up like what lks/lge did.

    2. CK's bleeding heart stories to explain the lack of will among the leaders and parties of the PH Govt. to do what is right and instead pleading for more time to right what is wrong for their leaders.

      He thinks the public are also dumb and do not understand the difficulties and obstacles faced by a change of Govt. and keeps on and on about how difficult it is for leaders of the PH Govt. to institute reforms to better governance, promote human rights, provide peace and security and for the well being of it's people and country.

      Now, straight to the Point!

      Methinks the public now feels after 8 months that PH leaders are just as mediocre as the previous BN leaders and lack the willpower in instances when it is not constrained by other factors to do what is right and necessary to bring the people and country forward.

      The biggest joy the public still has is that at least we have thrown out to save ourselves and the Nation, most of the leaders in power who are blatant Kleptocrats, corrupted, liars, racists, religious bigots, untrustworthy and immoral and replace with another set of unproven leaders to at least give some hope for the next generation of Malaysians.

      "If any politician lack the will power to even do the right thing when called upon at the right time to lead, then he/she is just as good as you and me and not a leader or Statesman worthy of continued support to be a leader of a Nation. Just resign gracefully and acknowledge that you just don't make the cut to be a leader unlike what your party or supporters think."

    3. Wakakakakaka…

      lks/lge can stand the tuan n zombie BUT I'm no lks/lge!

      I will not even spend 5sec with the pacts u r so willing to mix.

      In the BIG picture, if ever zombies take over, u will most likely be the first one to run all the way back to Formosa. So what the f*ck r u farting about?

      Again, pen writes faster than that petrified brain!

      My bleeding heart story? More likely a realistic guesstimate that f*ck like u refusing/unwilling to admit. U just simply want a jetspeeded answers to all yr utopian dreams place upon the new govt as if u r the one that put them into office.

      The public are NOT dumb and do understand the difficulties and obstacles faced by a change of Govt. Thus their silences.

      All the diatribes, political vomits thus far, r ONLY been shouting matches materials for f*ck like u, who r either blur, udang or just dedak-ed provocateur.

      One of the ways to acquire power in social relations is to present yourself as a victim. If you are a victim you are beyond reproach. — Slavoj Zizek

      U r just twisting that same mechanism of been a victim upon the newly minted PH govt to fart about yr very own inconsequential utopian dream lah!

      So who's the bleeding heart?

    4. do as i say not as i do? typical rba.

    5. Wakakakaka…

      U need to go back to mom for the fundamentals of rba lah!

      Or u have reinvent that fundamentals to suit yr daily dap diarrhea?

  6. after created history, all the dad do is continue creating history tak tahu sampai bila, while the son main portfolio as fm is to take charge of 1mdb n mca party asset.

    i thot chinese very hebat one.

    1. Yes dad and son are alienating Chinese voters like me more and more. Their articulations continue to expose their innate hypocrisies. I just cannot stand to see LGE face in newspapers anymore. Makes me vomit.

      I know I am voting PAS next election. The young arrogant Chinese Malaysians need to be taught a lesson. They have forgotten May 13.

    2. Mamak knows better. Thus lge is the fm to take on the unenviable tasks to right the financial quagmire that bolihland got engaged by jibby's malfeasancial administration.

      Indeed, for solving financial pitfalls, the chinese IS very hebat. Only f*ck like u like to say otherwise, just to massage yr own bruised ego!

      There r no better person. Especially not yr Dökkálfar Dwarf. He is made an economic minister bcoz there r financial issues that the cinabengs r best not getting involved with!

      All said, mfer like u can do better?

      Or u r going to give yr grandmother's excuses?

    3. grandmother's excuses? i read at least one everyday.

    4. Yr own fantasy once every morning when u wake up from yr wet dream!