Monday, January 14, 2019

The UMNO Omertà

More than 10 years ago, during the tenure of PM AAB but towards its end, I penned that we might have underestimated AAB.

I then believed there was in Malaysia an unjustified dismissal of AAB as a weak and indecisive leader, one not in command nor control of UMNO. That impression was abetted by the regular vicious belittling of AAB by you-know-who, a man who didn't take kindly to anyone who didn't and don't obey his dictates kuai-kuai, wakakaka.

That was unfortunately an incorrect and to an extent, dangerous perception of AAB, of which I too was equally guilty of.

Many merely considered him as an interim UMNO leader of limited tenure, but he served from 2003 to 2009, more than 6 years or approximately 1.5 parliamentary terms as PM of Malaysia, despite being sabotaged kau-kau by you-know-who and those 'lil Napoleons in the civil service who had owed their dubious "loyalty" to their previous Boss.

I was not and still am not an expert on UMNO but as an interested observer I had then changed my mind about AAB as a PM after some reflection.

I reckoned AAB was a shrewd cunning person who said very little but achieved much for himself - maybe not enough to some of you but he in his humble quiet manner achieved the following important points:

  • Ending the previous regime's economic legacy, where wealth was generated not by innovation and creativity, but rather by foreign investment, government contracts, and privatisation (termed by many Malaysians as 'piratisation', wakakaka);
  • Ending the profligate grandiose projects of his predecessor;
  • Highlighting agriculture & biotechnology in the 9th Malaysia Plan to generate wealth for many Malaysians, especially those in rural areas, but without losing its existing manufacturing base;
  • Making peace (on the prompting of Zaid Ibrahim) with Tun Salleh Abbas and the families of the sacked High Court Judges by you-know-who.

Step back into history and review his decision after the UMNO Constitutional crisis in 1988. Rather than (at that time) just dismiss his decision to remain in UMNO as typical of a passive bloke instead of recklessly joining the disastrous Ku Li’s Semangat 46, one should actually consider that as due to his brilliant strategic assessment.

Sitting there patiently in an unobtrusive manner he inched his way back into PM Mahathir’s favour and actually won one of UMNO’s Vice President positions.

That could only have come about as a result of his developing and consolidating a strong power base and factional alliances in UMNO. It must be all that more striking aand impressive when we consider he achieved such a power base after he came from a defeated and ostracised Team B, and worse, during a period of Anwar Ibrahim’s expanding influence and ascendancy in UMNO.

Yes, it highlighted AAB’s amazing political resurrection from political disaster in 1988 as a member of the ill-fated Team B (headed by Ku Li cum Musa Hitam) to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia in 2003, in a mere 10 years.

In an any language, it was an astonishing party career achievement unattained by Ku Li, Musa Hitam, or Anwar Ibrahim, wakakaka. And Mahathir’s obligatory or obligated protégé at that time, Najib Razak, had to wait kuai-kuai in the wing, as deputy to AAB.

All that reminiscence now brings me to my point but which also requires me to refer to Malaysiakini at that time, when columnists Ong Kian Ming (yes, the very Ong who today is our YB Dep Min Trade & Industry) and Onn Yeoh.

Ong and Onn in their article Why doesn't Pak Lah fight back? wrote:

… we have an embattled prime minister who has opted to remain in 'elegant silence' mode even as his Nemesis goes all out to topple him. Yes, we are talking about Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Dr Mahathir Mohamad, respectively. […]

It's hard to comprehend why he doesn't just come out swinging. It would not be too difficult for him as the prime minister to ask the Anti-Corruption Agency, which comes under his purview, to investigate the various alleged misdeeds of Mahathir during his 22 years in power.

If Abdullah can't remember or is not aware of what those alleged misdeeds are, there are at least 82 members of parliament who would be more than happy to help compile a long laundry list for him.

Well, point No 1 (about using the ACA) – ever heard of the term ‘Omertà’?

ask LKS why he has now stopped ranting about Mahathir's scandals after 30+ years of that diatribe?

It's a kind of Omertà, not quite UMNO-ish, between LKS & Mahathir, wakakaka

You have? That’s that answer to why AAB restrained himself. If you don't, here's what Wikipedia has to say (extracts):

The basic principle of omertà is that it is not "manly" to seek aid from legally constituted authorities to settle personal grievances.

Does this secret social code equates to the Malay 'anak jantan'?

Would Mahathir resorting to the help of the enemy of UMNO, namely Pakatan Harapan, to get just what he wanted, namely the destruction fo Najib and UMNO, fall under the violation of the UMNO Omertà?

The suspicion of being a cascittuni (an informant) constitutes the blackest mark against manhood, according to Cutrera. An individual who has been wronged is obligated to look out for his own interests by avenging that wrong himself or finding a patron but not the state to do the job.

Omertà implies "the categorical prohibition of cooperation with state authorities or reliance on its services, even when one has been victim of a crime."

A person should absolutely avoid interfering in the business of others and should not inform the authorities of a crime under any circumstances, but if it is justified, he may personally avenge a physical attack on himself or on his family by vendetta, literally a taking of revenge, a feud.

And did you think the RCI during Najib's time to probe into the Forex scandal was serious? In my opinion, t'was only a barking-threat and not a genuine viscious attempt to kowtim you-know-who.

The UMNO Omertà played as a powerful aegis for Mahathir, a code which AAB and Najib both dared not violate or chose not to violate.

Athena's Aegis (divine shield)

Additionally, there’s a Chinese saying about “Never sh*t on your own doorstep.” And to cap it all off, the Mat Salleh advises “People who live in glass houses janganlah buang batu.”

Point No 2, about the 82 members of parliament who would be more than happy to help compile a long laundry list for him, surely Ong and Onn must be kidding. All the ‘elegant silence’ and survival skills of AAB wouldn’t have saved him if he had resorted to such opposition help to destroy a former UMNO leader with a standing of 22 years leadership. He’ll be hated not only by die-hard UMNO-istas but also the greater Malay community for such treachery.

Instead of those now-mythical 82 MPs who would have helped AAB, why not ask Lim Kit Siang today why he is dumb as a mute stung by a tebuan about Mahathir's scandals that he (LKS) was raving and ranting for more than 30 years? Today he dares not even tell Mahathir the latter was wrong in equating government refusal to recognise the UEC with alleged racial economic disparity.

Yes, I suspect LKS is observant of a possible Omertà-ish pact between him and Mahathir, that AAB was committed to in his UMNO position.

But today I believe the greater Malay society hasn't quite forgiven or is willing to forgive Mahathir, which may explain his political behaviour and proclivities in PH in an effort to re-burnish his by-now very much tarnished Malayness and Pribumi credentials.

In those days Ong and Onn in their analysis used only western logic but failed to consider the important Malay (UMNO) factor. AAB was/is a man steeped in Malay tradition. I was and still am inclined to think he’s the consummate Malay politician, quiet, courteous, and at times a wee condescending but a master of 'palace intrigues' and very 'silat-ish', wakakaka.

Ya, I wonder whether he's the type who will stick a keris into your side while reciting a pantun, something along this line (kaytee's amateurish composition, wakakaka):

Langit dah gelap, cuaca pun marah,
Angin bertiup kuat dan ganggu abu
Jangan khuatir saudara kalau basah
Bukan kerana hujan, hanya darahmu


But yes, Omertà, something AAB and Najib observed but which Mahathir has and did not.



I am not suggesting that the UMNO Omertà is correct nor legal and to be strictly observed, but only to point out Mahathir, who among all UMNO Presidents (and PMs) didn't and doesn't give a sh*t as he went about destroying Anwar, AAB and Najib, and worse of all, his own party UMNO twice.

See my post The UMNO man who destroyed UMNO again and again in which I wrote that after the UMNO 1988 Constitutional crisis, ... Mahathir moved swiftly to form UMNO Baru, or what we now call UMNO 2.0, wakakaka.

Yes, UMNO 2.0 was formed by Mahathir in 1988 to marginalise Tengku Razaleigh.

UMNO 2.0 survived from 1988 to 2018 when it's now being gradually abandoned by frogs hopping over to Mahathir's Pribumi, wakakaka. 

We can safely predict that Mahathir will eventually (very shortly) succeed in destroying UMNO again, this time his very own creation of UMNO Baru or UMNO 2.0.A very amazing Captain Destruction, Mahathir has in his CV the track record of destroying UMNO twice.

This time his Pribumi party, once replete with enough sapu-ed frogs, will become UMNO 3.0 or UMNO Baru-er, wakakaka.

As can be witnessed, Mahathir didn't and doesn't care about UMNO but only his own interests, thus he has and will destroy his or any party to serve his needs - yes, he has destroyed UMNO 1.0 and his own creation of UMNO 2.0.

So to him, t'was eff the UMNO Omertà.

I don't think Melayu mudah lupa on such a breach of the UMNO Omertà, but alas, one day it'll be his sons who may be made to pay for his "sins".

So, to complement what RPK wrote: What is the difference between Mahathir, Abdullah and Najib?

There is only one difference and that difference is Najib did not expose Mahathir and Abdullah while Mahathir exposed Najib. So Najib fell while Mahathir and Abdullah did not.

However, at the end of the day, all three had to fund Barisan Nasional’s political activities to the tune of RM2 billion to RM3 billion every five years.

Mate, t'was all about the UMNO Omertà which today perhaps Najib (and even AAB) might be regretting in obeying that code.


  1. Wa lau-eh!

    Talking Greek pula.

    What kind of fart is UMNO Omertà?

    Yr invention, after reading a piece of Greek mythology, then 'light bulb striked' as a way to massage yr umno pals' bruised ego AGAIN.

    AAB was quiet bcoz he know that if he isn't careful the issue of the food aid for Iraq will come up to haunte him. He might even lose his Tunship as the first honoured man to do so!

    Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was named in the final report of the Independent Inquiry Committee into The United Nations Oil-For-Food Programme. Malaysia was the fourth highest purchaser of oil – RM1.8 billion.

    So, he might even lose his ill-gotten billions at the expense of that humanitarian aid to that then war torn Iraq.

    Wakakakaka… perhaps his son-in-law has a hand/leg in advising him about yr greeklish Omertà lah.

  2. Virtually none, zilch, of the projects that Pak Lah attempted to start came to any fruition.
    He only knew how to end projects that did not directly benefit him or his kin.
    Oh...I forgot about the Brahim's monopoly , that helped drive another nail into MAS coffin.

    None of the half-dozen "Corridors" are active.
    The Bio-Valley is a complete failure. Nothing left functioning.

    The NFC funding was diverted into Cow-condos and not a single kilo of Beef was ever supplied.

    A quiet achiever indeed.

  3. Good write up. Looking forward to Omerta on MCA, MIC and Gerakan as well, to complete the analysis on the Demise of BN. Their leadership still don't know what caused their demise.

    Example: Wee Ka Siong, MCA president asked today the meaning of "volunteers", ie he questioned the petrol money paid by Harapan to their Orang Asli motor-cyclist volunteers. He is saying volunteers by definition should be paid nothing at all.

    Typical MCA logic, still totally lost. MCA got wiped out because their "volunteers" are business tycoons. They don't need petrol money. They need BIG contracts. Malaysians have had enough of this.

    DAP "volunteers" are poor Orang Asli living deep in the jungle. They don't have money even for basic necessities but they still volunteer their time and energy. So Harapan gave them RM20 each, which will be claimed as part of the RM200k permitted by election law.

    Syabas. New Malaysia.

    1. orang asli not jalan kaki one meh?

    2. R u learning from that dap's Manogaran

      'Orang Melayu tak beli kuih dari gerai Orang Asli.'

      Bloody closet racist, right?

    3. the above write clearly mentioned "deep in the jungle", so the petrol money is to reimburse helicopters ride kah? n whats wrong with jalan kaki? u mean kuih no people buy, now jalan kaki pun tak bolih?

    4. Don't twist lah after been caught red-handed!

      U must think the readers r idiots like u.

    5. whats the readers think is not my concern. so did u ask dap how to justify the petrol money? can show excel?

    6. So "whats the readers think is not my concern."

      Then why u keep f*cking ranting about ANY issues - especially those linked with dap, lge/lks?

      Oooop… too free mah!

      Or looking for talent scout to recruit u for the dedak bandwagon?

      Just say u r a closet racist who identify that the orang asli ONLY lives in deep jungle lah.

      That could be a good credential, mfer.

    7. i always tell i am racist, just try not to be one. in tis orang asli context, my argument point is petrol allowance, nothing to do with race.

      i live in tapah n ch for a long period, i used to stay very close to orang asli village, just across the river. i see orang asli as orang asli, its common for them to walk from jungle in ch pahang to kelantan n back, n its comon for them to walk a few miles to school,i have no idea what me being racist u talking abt.

    8. Now u give grandmother's stories to justify yr closet bigotry!

      Wakakakakaka… can clarify this trashy diarrhea "i always tell i am racist, just try not to be one." ke?

      Such a confused fart - claimed racist & yet try no to be one!

      Maybe schizophrenia induced by the rabid virus!

      Under such mental state, sure lah u have no idea what u being racist as indentified by me!


    9. the diff is u r a racist n act like one, hence i could concede u r more honest n true to yrself.

  4. Very good write up. I understand where you are coming from. A good analysis of the Malay psychic.

  5. Among others, THIEF Najib pocketted bonds issued by 1MDB.

    Mahathir was about plundering the public treasury via inflated gov't projects to accumulate capital.

  6. I prefer if Kaytee would have referred to the more direct meaning practiced by the Italian/Sicilian Mafia.

    It's a Code of Honor and Code of Silence for willfully ignoring and generally avoiding interference with the illegal activities of others.

    In other words "Not permitted to Squeak and be the 3 Monkeys for continuance of the Family/Party traditions."

    It only works on the macais but not when everybody wants to be a Godfather, a warlord or worse becoming Ceasar.

    The worst culprits are among the religious parties, institutions, clerics and their zombies followers where they claim they represent God/Gods and doing so in the name of their God/Gods.

    Some term this practice as "Jangan pecahkan periok nasi orang" or "Don't break my rice bowl".

    ON a milder note, it is also similar to when you know and have proof some bloggers or commenters are real Dedak Makaner/Racist, Religious Bigot/Zombies/Great Pretenders but chose not to expose it to embarrass them and let them keep their dignity.


    1. peehaps u can oso do some research on red bean army code of honor n silence?

    2. Wa!!

      Rabid dog now believing in red bean army as invented by kt's sifu.

      Mom is dying standing in Manchester. Just giving him another 6 months to a yr. R u replacing him since the student already has his hand full (of shits) lah?

      Better list yr own code of honor n silence! Otherwise, u end up in between - 两头不到岸!

    3. i believe tba like how u believe in zombie.

    4. Wakakakaka……

      Yr defined rba vs-a-vs my classification of zombies - u r a real basket case of irrationality!

      The rabid virus must have finally destroy the last gray neuron within that useless skull.

      Sleep on it.

      Yr time is up!

    5. tell me the diff, ad hominem wont help yr argument.

    6. Waaaaa…

      U call that ad hominem?

      Mana u punya LoyarBurok?

      Yr rba has no ground to stand on. It's a pure invention of that dragged mom to find solace in his bruised ego to fight dap.

      For a f*ck like u, it's a convenient labelling tactic u r so gamingly famous for.

      My classification of zombies fits those religious bastards to the till & they r very real.

      So much so, that moron likes u refuse to see & yet join in to massage their zombieic ego. In directly, help them to perpetual that brainless afterlife endeavours!

      Faham tak?

    7. google rba. chinese is 红豆兵。 its not that parasite invention or imagination.

      if u dun know, pls ask, dun assume tis n tat.

    8. Google cbmf & see what it tells u!

      Who invent it & from where it comes from - if u don't know, then the etymological start of f*ck is a good start.

      Thus, again rba - chinese is 红豆兵. Did Google proves it's REAL existence or not?


    9. now u wanna turn tis into a philosophical debate n talk abt real existence? y not ask yrselves mana tu zombie.

    10. Wakakakakaka…

      Philosophical question? No other better way to twist ke?

      Real existence of religious zombies exist around u. U know them in fact very well. U just refuse to admit them to be a bunch of brainless urge-dictated followers lah.

      In fact u r so sekawan with some of them. So much so, u almost become like them in behaviour. Follow the doctrines w/o questioning!

      That's one more zombie from u!

    11. Real existence of rba zombies exist around u. U know them in fact very well. U just refuse to admit them to be a bunch of brainless urge-dictated followers lah.

      In fact u r so sekawan with some of them. So much so, u almost become like them in behaviour. Follow the doctrines w/o questioning!

      That's one more rba zombie from u!

    12. Wakakakakaka…

      U need to either pay loyalty or acknowledge the right contributor!

      But for a f*ck with a petrified brain, it's a impossible task lah.

  7. His new party UMNO baruer! Wakakaka

  8. Will there be a similar code for Anwar...?

  9. you must be blind or out of our orbit to say that your idol did not try to expose maddy, just that the old man's sarong was on too tight and if the kitchen sink was handy it would have gone maddy's way too courtesy of rose mah

    the truth is your idol got caught, don't try to justify it by saying he was exposed, no honours among thieves? my foot

    fog the frog

  10. Mahathir failed as PM4 and failed again as PM7, belongs to D class, D as in Dictator, Dumbo (Chief), Degil, Dungu, Donkey, Dedak, Destructive, Dalang, Dodo, Duck (Lame)

    Welsh noted that Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s focus has been on the past, dwelling on issues such as the national car and those concerning the Malay community, and not recognising that it had considerable differences within it.

    She also pointed out that in his past tenure as the prime minister, one of his weakest points was never to groom young people.

    “GE14 was a result of predominantly young people embracing the future. What we should be doing is to not look to Mahathir or Anwar Ibrahim, but the second generation and the lessons they will learn.

    “This will be extremely important. Malaysia needs to groom younger leaders with sets of skills. This is a deficit we see in the current context,” she said.

    “PPBM, by absorbing Umno members, you get the ghosts of Umno haunting you.

    “It is not just PPBM, PKR also has Umno genes. All Malay parties have Umno genes, including PAS,” he said.

    1. if the causal is umno genes, its understandable. what abt those without umno genes but not that diff? can we call it hypo gene, dap gene or emperor gene?

  11. My prediction is UMNO will take its first steps at comeback by winning the Cameron Highlands by-elections.

    This is the first by-elections since May 9 2018 which is not conducted in Pakatan Harapan's turf, and it will not end well for Harapan.

    1. No Dedak, how UMNO going to win?

      Why those warlords with millions all pretending to be poor?

      Religious and racial rhetoric not good enough to win votes.

      Nobody wants to work nowadays without Dedak. So used to it already.

  12. TDM did not expect AI to be pardoned. TDM had no choice then but to follow the flow of the mental state of the mob. With regards to Najib, it is not TDM but it is the Nons (LKS/LGE/TT/TP). The Malay (UMNO/PPBM) Omertà will provide the guiding lights to ensure that Najib can swim ashore safely.

    1. dun u think mahathir owe kak wan a favor?

    2. Didn't he made her the DPM?

    3. DPM of bolihland!

      For that matter any deputy of any leader in the world is just wall flower.

  13. Wakakakaka

    So TDM became PM, courtesy of Kak Wan declining the post. Now, why did she turn down the offer to be PM?

    I don't believe the answer she gave until today that she was being principled about the PH Agreement made. Really?

    Was the King testing her worth as a principled leader or her political ambitions?

    Or teasing TDM and testing how strong TDM's heart condition is to be the PM for the next 2-5 years?

  14. Umno ke, ex Umno ke...the majority all are cut from the same cloth...all have had their turns of orgies at the gravy train these past 6 decades.

    And that shameless RPuKi have the audacity to complain : Ohh, tak achi la...Pak Lah tak bongkar pun when you steal, Najib pun tak bongkar, so why Dr M must expose ? hehehe, is this what they call honour among thieves. Must be some kind of shit Umno 'honour' when you as PM, holding the highest office, rob the country's money and here there's this blogger complaining that Dr M didn't return the favour like the two ex PMs who apparently knows about the 'honour' and 'decency' of how to keep the mouth shut while they rob the country. Tiga tiga kita sama curi big time but only that mamak Dr Old Man chosed to expose, kita dua dua PMs knows have the decency to not bongkar, hehehhe. OSTB would say : banyak cantik ! How much lower can that Manchester Monster sink to ?

    But now what do we have here ? Ah Moc really takes the cake...disciple trying to overtake the Sifu ? Omerta my foot. Code of silence, jantan/manly....OMG, why not also throw in also higher, more noble stuff like Bushido, practise some chivalry to not spill out the skeletons while we rob the country blind.

    The Omerta word flung around here is more like the Mafia gang neck deep in criminality but when under investigation, have, for obvious survival reason, this tacit understanding to keep their blardy mouths shut so that their crimes do not surface and get caught.

    Shameless dedak-infused motivated individuals just simply lack that ability to know what is decent and what is obscene, especially when their lust for dedak overwhelm them.

    What next ? Would Sifu later sink to a level whereby a family of grandfather, son and grandson all take turns to rape the grand daughter for years on end. Should these three, all in the family, practise Omerta too, code of the noble silence ? hehe, it won't be jantan or manly to expose, right ? Lagi banyak cantik !