Monday, January 21, 2019

Chef Wan's wanna-slap-Najib dish?

Malaysia's celebrity chef, Redzuawan Ismail, who is better known to us as Chef Wan, wants to slap former PM Najib Razak.

Chef Wan gesturing during a cooking programme for Felda settlers in Cameron Highlands today. With him is Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali (second from left)

Azmin is sure THE 'new man' in town, wakakaka

The Malaysian Insight pic by Afif Abd Halim, January 20, 2019

Whatever the reason he has for wanting to take such a drastic step is, I believe, beyond the pale.

'Beyond the pale' is an English expression which means 'outside the bounds of acceptable behaviour.'

In Malay terms, it's an outrageous uncivilised biadab-ish expression of a violent intent. It doesn't matter Najib was the former PM as that intent to slap someone, anyone, is violent, abusive and despicable behaviour. Chef Wan should hang his head down in shame at his violent intent.

But I wonder whether it's a Malay attitude-behaviour in wanting to or actually slapping someone?

Hearken back to 1987, almost 32 years ago, when in September 1987, a Malay man who claimed to be a bomoh slapped (now the late) Karpal Singh as the latter emerged from a courtroom.

if our dear beloved Karpal was alive today he would have wept at Lim KS' treachery to DAP principles 

The bomoh as well as UMNO Youth Selangor were unhappy with Karpal for his decision to sue the late Sultan of Selangor, Salahuddin Abdul Aziz, for saying that he (HRH) would not pardon any convicted drug traffickers in his state.

While UMNO Youth did the usual stuff, lodging a police report against our Bhai for sedition and proposing he be banned from Selangor, the bomoh by the name of Kiai Arshad Mohamed Gamat showed he was no NATO (no action, talk only), wakakaka.

But the Police SB in those days (remember, we're talking about September 1987) were on the ball and an officer (not sure of what rank, maybe inspector?) by the name of Mervyn Fernandez warned Karpal of the bomoh outside the courtroom intend on violence.

Fernandez advised Bhai to leave by a side door but the Tiger of Jelutong (also Lion of Gelugor) wasn't one to creep away from a bully.

He told Fernandez it was the police's duty to protect him. To cut the story short, while a fairly worried Fernandez was outside busy taking down details of the bomoh, Bhai left the courtroom.

The bomoh, on seeing our Bhai coming out, moved towards the Tiger of Jelutong with a sly tiger's smiling face (probably more like musang, wakakaka), and even addressed Bhai as 'Yang Berhormat'.

Bhai thought the bomoh looked friendly enough so he might as well shake his hand; the bomoh made as if he wanted to reciprocate but suddenly swung his hand instead to slap Karpal.

Okay, Big, Strong & (by then) Unfriendly Karpal responded with his lawyer's briefcase which must have been voluminous with heavy law books, and the bomoh felt the full force of it. Tai-Chi-ed kau kau, wakakaka!

Thus it could be said, the assailant was brought down by the law (books), wakakaka.

Subsequently in court on a charge of assault, the bomoh claimed he was guided by a divine hand to slap Bhai and he had already placed a curse on Karpal where Bhai would go blind and die pretty soon.

Our beloved Bhai only left us abruptly in 2014, 27 years after that bomoh-ish curse.

Even though Bhai (at that time) laughed off the curse his supporters took no chance, and dragged him to a Sikh temple for a quickie purification rite.

Anyway, in April 1988 the 60-year old bomoh was found guilty by a magistrate court and fined RM200 which he refused to pay and went to jail instead, just for 2 days.

You know something? Today Kiai would have been hailed as a Muslim-bomoh warrior instead of being arrested by the police and hauled into court and then jailed. He would probably be rewarded wakakaka. He was a man born too early for his own advantage.

Then there was the 'Slap Teresa Kok' campaign in 2014.

Mustafa Hamzah, an activist with the Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM) NGO offered to reward anyone who slaps Teresa Kok with a sum of money, initially RM500 but subsequently raised to RM1200. On the PPIM website Mustafa Hamzah was named as the 'Pegawai Kerja' of its Board.

That bloke was not even hauled in for violent incitement, just like Chef Wan today. So the police under Pakatan Harapan is exactly like it was under BN.

It seems the remarkable IGP at that time was extremely busy at airports, seaports and land entry points from Thailand to prevent the return of Ong Boon Hwa's ashes into Malaya, wakakaka.

Then in May 2017, Sulaiman Yassin (more popularly known as Mat Over) slapped Datuk David Teo during a National Transformation 2050 (TN50) session which the PM then (wakakaka) attended.

David Teo had attempted to make a point to the stage moderator that participants at the back of the audience should also be given a chance to speak, instead of the then-PM hearing only undoubtedly-canned questions & answers coming from the 'prepared' front of the TN50 event.

That TN50 session was a round table discussion between the then-PM and the nation’s leading entertainers to find out their aspirations for the entertainment industry by 2050 but it seemed as if the forum organisers wanted the 'Chosen' to only say pleasing stuff a la 'the Emperor has no clothes'.

Obviously that Mat Over, defiantly proud of slapping Teo even after the unpleasant violence in front of a shocked then-PM, believed David Teo should not be allowed to say his 'piece' to the PM.

Obviously acting as judge, prosecutor and executioner he opined Teo had insulted (???) the then-PM, yes, as Ahok had insulted the Jakarta Muslims, and took drastic action.

David Teo should be thankful there was then no weapon nearby.

Anyway, it seems slapping someone not liked might (may) be a Malay habit, and if not satisfied, the escalation may be even up to May 13-ish actions as we have been frequently warned and threatened with.

But I hope Chef Wan's wanna-slap-Najib dish will at least have 'crispy skin' wakakaka.


  1. Buat apa Jibby nak naik marah.

    Chef Wan was cooking special crispy CHAPATI for Manoharan who is celebrating Thaipusam, using Teresa Kok's Felda-grown MY_minyak sawit.

    I'm Lovin' It..!

  2. Chef Wan was venting his anger at Najib's execrable hypocrisy. Fact is the predicament that Felda finds itself in , is the result of Najib's and his kaki's actions both enabling and partaking in massive fraud on Felda. The modus operandi was the same as with Tabung Haji. A well-managed government-linked agency with very large cash and fixed assets reserves is raided by instructing it to carry out purchases at vastly inflated prices, and the proceeds come back to individual pockets via the back door.

    I , too, feel like slapping Najib.
    And feel like giving Ah Mom two tight slaps for his continuing defence of Najib.

    It's BS to equate Chef Wan's outburst to Mat Over, the bomoh or Mustafa Hamza.

    The attacks on Karpal Singh and David Teo are crimes under the penal code , intentionally causing bodily injury, and is a jailable offence.

    Similarly Mustafa Hamza offering to reward others to slap Teresa Kok, is incitement to cause bodily injury, and also a crime.

    What Chef Wan said was , at most, impolite, and to me, perfectly understandable.

    1. how you spin and spin but then, you're a notorious Pakatan dedak makan-er

    2. Perhaps the ONLY that's spinning IS u!

  3. There is a world of difference between saying something like as a feeling of disgust against someone and actually physically assaulting someone or egging/encouraging/inciting someone else via offering of monetary rewards or some other form of gains materially by the perpetrators.

    If you can't see the difference, then it's obvious you live and belong to an uncivilised, uncultured, barbaric world of your own. The Laws and Courts is the only recourse for those who are victims.

    There is no blur lines in this sort of uncouth behaviour.

    1. Trust Ah Moc to blithely and righteously spew this nonsense, given his well-known inability to make out the obvious differences, wakakakaka. His being thick in this sort of thing is legendary.

    2. JJ,
      I don't mind if this cheebye motherfucker kaytee would be very thick in this matter.

      But is he?

    3. looes, I say again, I did NOT fCk your mum

    4. OMG, mean he's not really thick but pretends so, so that he could spew nonsense just to earn brownie...errr, dedak points ? Mmmm....all these devils have surely made their escape from hell to torment us on this earth, wakakakaka.