Saturday, January 19, 2019

A lighted cross sets our prejudices aflame

TMI - Despite survey findings, Pastor Koh’s wife insists Christians are being persecuted (extracts):

SUSANNA Liew, the wife of missing Pastor Raymond Koh, believes there is still not enough religious tolerance in the country with Christians still being subtly persecuted.

This comes despite the World Watch List 2019 survey stating that Malaysia was among three countries globally that show “signs of hope” for Christians in 2019. Malaysia scored 42 out of 50 countries on the difficulties of practising Christianity

Susanna Liew opined Malaysian Christians are still being persecuted in Malaysia despite a recent survey showing improvement to the treatment of the religious community.

The recent brouhaha about a lighted 'cross' on the front of an apartment building in Jelutong Penang has impressed upon her the general Islamic intolerance in Malaysia, thus accentuating the perception of Islamic paranoia by some Malaysian Muslims with regards to Christian and Hindu beliefs (though strangely I have not heard of similar displeasures against Buddhist, Taoist or Confucian practices).

Yes, that lighted 'cross' on the building facade has had the underwear of PAS information chief Nasrudin Hassan (Mr Tantawi) all twisted up in Gordian-ish knots, when we heard him accusing one of the founders of Nova Mulia Development Sdn Bhd of promoting a Christianisation agenda.

While Mr Tantawi did not name the local person, most people believe he might have been referring to Annie Choo, who was named the Nehemiah Project (a Christian group) "rookie of the year" in 2015, according to a post on the company's Facebook page. That page is no longer available on the Nehemiah Project's web since three days ago after the brouhaha broke out, wakakaka.

Annie Choo with her cute dimples 

Recently I post From mere Cross to King of the World? in which I received the usual anti-Islamic (Islamophobes') rants against Islamist fascists, and childish and merajuk-ish provocations to remove the 'T' from my moniker of KayTeemoc, wakakaka.

Obviously none of my visitors-commentators have bothered to read what I wrote, to wit:

... based on DCM II Dr Ramasamy's chiding, in which he was reported to have said:

DCM II Penang Dr Ramasamy

"Why invite trouble by putting on a display that might just be used to provoke anger or concern? Developers in Penang must have some ethical and social responsibilities.

"If it is a religious place, say if it is a church compound, putting up or giving it a magnificent display is something acceptable in the country.

"However, if religious symbols are displayed in areas not designated for religious purposes, then there could be a problem."

I hope the Developer from now on will heed the wise words of Dr Rama and stop its silly onesupmanship, wakakaka again.

Nasrudin Hassan (Mr Tantawi)  

Wakakaka, in general I have would been the first, or among the earliest, to criticise any Islamist fascist for intrusive trampling on non-Muslim rights, but I have to concede this time that Mr Tantawi (PAS' Nasrudin Hassan) might have been correct (for once, wakakaka) for sniffing out a possible-alleged Christianisation agenda with the lighted 'cross'.

I based my belief not only on Dr Ramasamy's words but also those of Penang's Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow, who had stated (much earlier than Dr Rama):

"We have yet to get an explanation from the developer on why the lights were lit up in such a manner, but in the next picture when more lights were switched on, it shows a normal view or facade."

"I believe this is not a place of worship or church, but an apartment building."

If it's NOT a church or a Christian assembly building but just a mere apartment, why was there a lighted gigantic cross on that building's facade?

No doubt there was some pretty swift lateral thinking by some Chinese Confucians, wakakaka, who turned the 'cross' into the Chinese character 'ong' (2nd tone, meaning 'king', and Not the 3rd tone which would have meant to Lotto or 4-Ekor, "Watch out, here I come", wakakaka).

And it has to be said that with two mere horizontal strokes, those Chinese Confucians saved the asses of some Christians Hallelujah-ites, wakakaka.

Jesus promoted from a mere crucifix symbol to being "King' of the World (or Universe)


To remind you of the sage words of Dr Ramasamy, Malaysia's top Hindu advocate-defender:

"However, if religious symbols are displayed in areas not designated for religious purposes, then there could be a problem."

"Why invite trouble by putting on a display that might just be used to provoke anger or concern? Developers in Penang must have some ethical and social responsibilities."

So in ending this post, while I sympathise with Susanna Liew about her still missing pastor-husband, I do not agree with her belief that Muslim concerns about a lighted 'cross' on the front of an apartment building in Jelutong Penang demonstrated the general Islamic intolerance in Malaysia.

Though it may be difficult for Susanna Liew, sometimes we need to remember that Christianity comes from the Abrahamic group of religions as do Judaism and Islam. Thus it's not only Islam or Judaism but also Christianity which can be troublesome. 

Yes, these three religions are at times far from being pacifist, passive and peaceful.


  1. Pastor Koh "disappeared" because of his faith.
    During the Suhakam inquiry, it emerged that the PDRM made no serious effort to find him, instead focus in on his religious activities.

    Yes, Christians are persecuted in Malaysia.

    Don't worry, the Talibanists will come for the Buddhists and the Hindus soon enough.

  2. Many homes have religious relics outside the front door, fully visible to the public, example crosses, pictures of Jesus, Hindu gods statuettes etc. My neighbour has a ginormous Taoist shrine just inside his front gate. I don't mind but I hope these don't get banned too and non-Muslims are forced to display their religious relics indoors only.

  3. Non- Islamic displays have always been a no-no.

    Who can forget the blunder decades ago made by Ku Li who unknowingly wore a headgear with a cross on it while campaigning in Sabah. It was exploited to the max by UMNO (led by Toonsie then, no less).

    A few years ago when our then-PM attended a Christmas function all crosses were quietly removed beforehand.

    And last year no dogs were on display for CNY. This year no pigs in sight. Oso too sensitive, what next?

    But on the flip side many years ago when they replaced the Red Cross on all ambulances and first-aid boxes with Crescents nobody had an issue.

    1. Another example of non-Islamic display getting the heat. Have we gone crazy? Only Muslims are sensitive? How about Buddhists/Hindus who don’t eat beef or vegetarians who don’t eat meat at all?

      MAS apologises over inflight magazine's 'pork image'
      21 Jan 2019

      Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has apologised over the alleged publication of a pork cuisine in its January edition of its inflight magazine Going Places.

      "In the advertisement... the January edition of Going Places published restaurants that provide variety of foods which are part of the menu," the national carrier said in a statement.

      "The images featured slices of Wagyu beef and cuttlefish. Just like other lifestyle magazines, the review of the restaurant was meant to promote the eateries for passengers all over the world," MAS was quoted by Sinar Harian as saying.

      It then apologised and said it has no intention to offend any party.

      MAS' statement came after several NGOs slammed the national airline for being insensitive by publishing the pork cuisine.

      Yesterday, Abd Aziz Abdul Rahman, former MAS managing director, was reported as saying such a move was inappropriate as MAS carried the national image

  4. "Future of Muslims, M'sia depends on Umno-PAS cooperation, says Najib" campaigning at Cameron Highlands.


    BTW... Ah Mok is and always has been completely silent and uncritical on his Idol's racist remarks, whether in or out of power.

    1. Tayyip Erdoğan is a million times better than Mustaffa Kamal Atartuk. Go podah yourself Monsterball.

    2. Najib might be 'out and down' but his pocket is still deep, very very deep ma. So Ah Moc and his Sifu knows which side of their roti is buttered... suicidal to be critical of the paymaster ! That is the first and paramount rule of being on the De Dak side, hehehe

      And did someone just said Erdogan a million times better than Kamal Atartuk ? Of course question about's a breaking news in 2014 :

      " Turkey's Erdogan just moved into the world's most expensive palace.

      If Recep Tayyip Erdogan's brutal crackdown on protesters in Taksim Square wasn't enough to convince you that he's an autocrat, maybe his crazy new palace will do the trick.

      With the Islamic State knocking on the door and around a million Syrian refugees living in his country, the Turkish president inaugurated a fancy new palace that he had built for himself at a cost of $615 million.

      Let that sink in for a second. $615 million.

      The Ak Saray, or "White Palace," comes with 1,000 rooms, 3.1 million square feet of space, and the title of largest residential palace in the world. (Previous record held by the Sultan of Brunei.) It's four times the size of Versailles, for historical comparison.

      That sounds about right for $615 million.'

      By the by, Anwar Ibrahim no longer runs to his Jew friends in the US....he's now BFF with Erdogan who is a devout member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

  5. Aiyoh, why not the developer just bring the case to court and let there be a ruling to see who is right and who is wrong. It would be a case of determining whether it is Freedom of Religion (Constitutional Right) to practise or a case of Proselitizing to Moslems and non-christians whereby towards Moslems is against the Laws.

    And don't expect any right answers from politicians cos Malaysian politics of religion is so toxic that it has always turned out to be who will be the champion of religion to cater to their voting base or to create animosity towards other religious beliefs.

    Let the Courts decide and then whatever the outcome lets go singing again "Malaysia Truly Asia"?

  6. And what proof does KT have that the "swift lateral thinking" converted the cross into a chinese character?