Thursday, January 03, 2019

Has Azmin Ali crossed the Rubicon?

MM Online - 
Amid internal discord, pro-Anwar group claims plot to keep Dr M as PM (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 3 ― There is a faction within PKR that is aligned to a movement that intends to block Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim from becoming the next prime minister, a group of veteran activists calling itself Otai Reformis claimed today.

Its chairman Dr Idris Ahmad alleged statements by some top PKR leaders, such as deputy president Datuk Seri Azmin Ali and Pakatan Harapan secretary-general Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, pointed to a possible conspiracy to keep Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in power.

“We can see from the statements on Facebook... or even by a minister,” the PKR Ijok assemblyman told a press conference here.

“Why are there suddenly comments [about the power transition] here and there, and this creates or suggests doubt over what has been agreed upon.” he added.

Asked by the media recently, Saifuddin explained that the Pakatan Harapan (PH) presidential council’s meeting has never discussed the length of Dr Mahathir’s term as prime minister, despite the agreement that Anwar will be the next prime minister.

However, Anwar has since said yesterday that Dr Mahathir must be given the space to lead the country within the “agreed upon” duration.

Otai Reformis said today that a Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia delegate’s proposition that Dr Mahathir remains as prime minister until the end of the term was also the clearest clue of the purported move against Anwar.

Dr Idris also pointed to Azmin’s criticism of Anwar’s decision to appoint leaders to key party positions openly, which he claimed was intended to taint the PKR president’s credibility.

The group claimed Azmin’s criticism could link the latter to be part of a pro-Mahathir movement.

A most plausible accusation - we know that Mahathir still has his immense dislike (or even hatred) for Anwar because of the latter's 1997-98 treachery. If there is one thing Mahathir hates, and cannot forgive, it's treachery by the very people he loves or had loved, people like Anwar and Najib, wakakaka.

Of course it's in his very own perception as to what would be 'love' and 'treachery', who he had loved and who was treacherous to him, wakakaka again.

In this current case there's the additional factor that Azmin has grown weary of waiting and waiting for Anwar. 

Anwar's very long spell in imprisonment and thus absence from live-politics has allowed his once faithful Azmin to grow aware of his own political significance, to relish the reins of power and to reach the epiphany that he, Azmin and not Anwar, should be the new Messiah for Pakatan after Mahathir has relinquished the reins of power.

Sad as it may seem, Anwar may be condemned as one who 'bay-chay-tian' (cannot sit on the throne or more figuratively, cannot be crowned PM).

As I had written in my September 2018 post Bay-Chay-Tian (extracts only):

Mahathir is a man you cannot trust. He is extremely slithery with his words and a master Machiavellian. To top all these sinister doubts about the Old Man, it's known and proven he hates, abhors and detests Anwar with a vengeance.

kowtim-ed kaukau 

Then, in the shadowy wing, Azmin Ali waits patiently like a reticulated python, all coiled up and ready to strike and swallow up the Anwar legacy.

His loyalist Zuraida Kamaruddin has even brazenly demanded that Anwar states his stand regarding the way in which the Port Dickson (PD) parliamentary seat was vacated for him, while another of Azmin's dwarfs Tian Chua has expressed his anger at Rafizi very-hush-hush move to enthrone Anwar next to the PM's position.

I believe that now is the time to cross the Rubicon 

It's all very oppressing, intimidating and forbidding for Anwar whose situational awareness tells him that now must be the time to move.

But Anwar will find his once-popularity with especially the youth is no more - those youths have grown up and a new generation of voters are now in place and who (not realising who Mahathir had been in his 4th Reich) adulate Mahathir and even believe Anwar to be a stumbling block to the Old Man's continuing tenure as PM, preferably (in their moronic minds) for the next 1,000 years. They now are unlikely to support or even vote for Anwar.

Caesar crossing the Rubicon


  1. azmin and who's army do you think would cross the rubicon with rafizi at the other bank with his Cheshire cat grin, the most azmin could do is to align his rubic cubes

    why would maddy want to risk a major upheaval to the whole country to install someone from the opposite camp, moody would throw a fit

  2. Wakakakakaka...



    The rest too far to foresee....

  3. So when is PAS conducting Sembayang Hajat for TDM to pass away quickly and thus hoping the PH Govt. will fall?

    Looks like their Presiden will fall even earlier than TDM by trying to play innocent by suing Sarawak Report in UK courts.

    UK courts are not Syariah Courts where men dressed like Arabs can kowtim based on same religion and get Judges who believes Moslem men do not lie.

    Sarawak Report should countersue PAS and it's President for defamation and libel.

    1. There are times when Christians are more Islamic than Muslims.

  4. Azmin should focus on his job to grow the economy, instead of politicking and leaving all the hard and unpopular work to FM Guanee. So far what has he accomplished? Half-completed negos with Spore on the HSR and China with ECRL. Nothing of note. Guanee, in the other hand, has done much more, making the unpopular decisions that will surely cost his political career something, but has to be made, for the financial good of the country.

    Hadi soliciting for RM 400k funds to pay legal fees in UK.

    Sorry..... You started the suit, you sort it out yourself.

    When Hadi started this UK suit, Bijan was in power, and Hadi was confident of certain support and funding.

    Now the tables are completely turned.

    1. Alahai... just a RM1.00 each from PAS members is more than enough mah!

    2. Wakakakaka…

      Talk is fart!

      Just wait for the count of the donation lah!

      Perhaps, zakir naik can help?

  6. Even Xmas/NY time Guanee had to work, negotiating the petrol price with The Petrol Dealers Association, tough unpopular work, while Azmin makan angin in Morocco, basking in “holiness” after Umrah.