Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Someone no laam-paah, macam air-kow

MM Online - It’s cronyism, says DAP man after wife of PM’s aide appointed as GLC head (extracts):

JOHOR BARU, Jan 22 — A former Johor DAP leader today has criticised the ruling Pakatan Harapan (PH) government for cronyism, following the appointment of Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia’s (AIM) new chairman who is the wife of the prime minister’s political secretary.

Dr Boo Cheng Hau, in describing the news of the appointment as “amazing”, urged the PH leadership to adhere to its promise that no political figures, their political allies or relatives should ever be appointed to head or be part of a government-linked corporation’s (GLC) management.

“Those who are already appointed should relinquish their appointments on the grounds of advocating genuine reforms and avoiding ‘conflict of interest’.

“GLCs’ top management should be headed and manned by non-political professionals in the transitional process of restructuring them until the realisation of an anti-monopoly legislation and a free, race-blind market is created,” said Dr Boo in a statement on his Facebook page today.

The DAP grassroots leader was commenting on cronyism allegations related to Junaidah Kiting, the wife of the prime minister’s political secretary, Abu Bakar Yahya, following her appointment to the post. He, however, did not name her in his statement.

AIM is a microfinance agency established to help develop female entrepreneurs.

Dr Boo, formerly Johor DAP chief, claimed that PH under the present leadership makes no effort to reform the government, but instead allows the previous Barisan Nasional (BN)/Umno ways to manifest themselves into the new PH culture and policies.

He said cronyism now enters PH in sophisticated forms and alleged the ruling coalition’s top leaders are plagued by the “Denial Syndrome”, and allow the previous administration’s old political culture to plague its own rank-and-file.

“The admittance of cronyism is the first step to reform our economic model, and PH’s top leadership has shown less than a satisfactory commitment to stamping out cronyism,” said the 54-year-old former Skudai assemblyman.


  1. Lim Kit Siang fought the Evil Empire for 40 years, with great personal sacrifice.
    I do not think he needs to prove to any young child that he has lam-par.

    Certainly not to a Najib lam-par licker hanging out in Auta-Li-ar.

  2. Mamak and Ah Pek punya boy boy boleh, why pol sec punya bini tak boleh?

  3. Wakakaka

    I wonder why Kaytee gives so much prominence about comments by an ex Boh Lam Pay Johor DAP chief? It's the same play again like from ex-DAP chaps like the Tunku and others who became turncoats.

    Nobody really wants to hear from such people knowing their sudden courage must be due to Dedak and not due to any real convictions or principles.

    So, when is the Emperor going to kick such turncoats out of their party? Left, untreated, they become Trojan horses, undermine discipline and demoralise other party members.

    Once a person is disloyal and loosest the trust of party members, they becomes cancerous tumours.

    Do not wait for Stage 4.

    1. if you don't like reading the truths about your political icons, you just grouped and categorised the messengers as makan-dedakers - what does that childish behaviour makes you, but none other than a devoted deadk makaner yourself, wakakaka

    2. Truth......like you motherfucker kaytee boh lam par to show your fucking picture, IC, credentials, residential address etc etc etc

      Cheebye rich la coming from the fucking cheebye kaytee......no wonder susan loone boh hiew about you

    3. Boo is still nursing a deep grudge against the DAP leadership after being dropped as Skudai representative, and his sidelining for his refusal of the leadership's request for him to contest in Labis.

      As far as continuing to be a DAP member, Boo is now a risk to the party because of the likelihood of his vengeful intentions.

      At some point it may be better, for both sides, to part company.

    4. looes, I say again, I cannot be your farther as I did NOT fCk your mum

    5. In January - May 2018, DAP was figuratively a party going into battle.
      In war-mode, the Generals call the shots, the soldiers are expected to execute the plans accordingly.
      You follow the plan, or you get out of the way.

      There is no time for touchy-feely consultative leadership.

      People like Tan Seng Giaw and Boo Cheng Hau totally failed to understand this, they were standing in the way, so they had to be moved out of the way.

      Now both of them are sulking , carping threats to DAP.

      May soon be time for the DAP leadership to carry out some necessary surgery.

  4. Wakakakakaka

    "The truths about your political icons?" My political icons? No political icons for me and neither are there real leaders and Statesman in Malaysia. All are just mediocre leaders who show their Lam Pah only when they clearly see the tide has risen or their posts, positions, personal interests within their party is threathened.

    Why so passionate, when political messengers are labelled Dedak makaners?

    It's a Malaysian cultural thingy among all those political messengers who are Por Lam Pah (ball carriers) types or are suddenly full of Lam Pah types.

    Since when fallen politicians become divine angels or Rambos?

    The problem is all those messengers think the majority of the public are fools going on public forums and social medias instead of their own party (whether current or ex-members) social medias/forums which would be more effective in critisizing their party political leaders.

    Why don't they do it? No support from their own party members or ignored or what?

    Also goes to political bloggers who switch sides now and then and with Jeykll and Hades personalities according to the Seasons of Dedak in play.


    1. thou doth protesteth too much

    2. Hehehe...no one could have protested more than our Najib-lover Ah Moc...that's the indisputable fact. Reams and reams of articles, at least running into the thousands, on daily basis....highlighting only on those issues that fits into Ah Moc's particular agenda, cherry picked with incomplete evidence, arguments by selective observations, half truths and omissions. Hell is truly empty, all the devils are here, wakakakkaka.