Thursday, January 17, 2019

Lim GE's "Lu tong wah, wah tolong lu"?

Malaysiakini - Guan Eng rapped over 'Harapan for development's sake' remark (extracts):

CAMERON POLLS DAY 6 | The Cameron Highlands by-election has entered the mid-point of the campaigning period. [...]

Bersih takes Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng to task over the latter's remarks yesterday calling on voters in Cameron Highlands to choose Pakatan Harapan if they want development.

"Bersih urges Lim to either clarify or reiterate his remarks to Cameron Highlands' voters immediately - will Harapan as the federal government discriminate against the constituency if they did not vote in their candidate or will they truly usher in a 'breath of fresh air' into Malaysian politics by promising development to Cameron Highlands regardless of who wins?" the electoral watchdog says in a statement.

Aisehman, this is what Penangites would say "Chay tian liao, kong boe siang uwa" or translated loosely "When in power he sings a different tune".

Wakakaka. How some people change so fast.

Lu tong wah, wah tolong lu?


  1. I wonder what LGE meant by development? Maybe stuff like schools, hospitals, roads, dams, more tourist attractions, more jobs etc. It's just sound cliche but does not mean anything since a Govt. is responsible for development throughout the country.

    However, in Cameron Highlands, the main issues are more lands for farming, getting labor, better and wider roads for transportation of goods and agricultural products, recognising Orang Asli traditional lands, helping the Orang Asli to uplift their economic well being, higher wages for the locals employed etc etc.

    Land being the main issue and a State issue has always been held to ransom by the BN Govt and BN State Govt. over the people of Cameron Highlands. Because land and labor was scarce, it has become a big source of corruption and bribery among both the people administrating it and greedy businessmen. Even enforcement authorities were roped in into turning a blind eye.

    Nothing much will change for the people of Cameron Highlands even in this by-election unless the State Govt. is also changed and free themselves from being chained as slaves to a corrupted regime and officials.

    1. Farts lah!

      When r u last visiting Cameron Highlands? Or u have never setting foot on that piece of highland?

      Cameron Highlands ONLY need proper managed developments. Know what's managed developments?

      Land is a limited resource around Cameron Highlands. Most of the viable lands have been converted into tea plantations & horticulture estates.

      The new concrete buildings, catering for the tourism industry r sore eyes to the view. They cause heavy soil erosions by cutting into the once pristine hill slopes. Their latent heat absorption rises the temperature of the surroundings.

      In this regard, the blood sucking blue blood of that state IS the biggest culprit in damaging the environment & ecosystem of Cameron Highlands!

      The livelihood of the surrounding orang asli used to be well matched by the employment within the tea plantations & the horticultural activities.

      But the cheap import of the (ill)legal foreign labours (mainly Myanmar & Bangladeshi) displace them almost wholesome.

      Indeed, nothing much will change for the people of Cameron Highlands unless the State Govt is also changed!

      But f*ck like u, who want instant Maggie mee answer, will not wait. The bleeding heartish rants will start ONE month after the election!

    2. so u prefer a green ch or u wan the farmer, planter, hawker, small biz, hotelier to have better life? u wan more vege farm to ensure self sufficient or more foreign labor? so how u wanna strike a balance of yr so called managed dev? by accusing others? look into mirror la, u see a rba zombie that tok kok.

    3. Before u fart, make very sure u know yr own answers to the questions u r have raised!

      But DO u?

      Obviously NOT! All u have is just to regurgitate that spurious rba to cover yr limitation.

      To all the f*cked issues u have called into question, the answer IS already there - change the state govt.

      With a new govt, all the ills facing the Cameron Highlands CAN start on a new sopo platform!

      Read AGAIN, the core of the problems facing Cameron Highlands is that useless but money-grabing blur blood family.

      The development of Cameron Highlands was balanced & stable within that confined self-sustained ecosystem until these bloodsuckers want their rent-seeking cuts, especially on the land appropriation for horticultural activities.

      But like usual, f*ck like u, know ONLY how to shout/rant w/o any in-depth understanding of the issues!

      U want yr 2cent worth? U got it in the reversed order, mfer!

    4. the one u accuse involve in issue licese permit approval etc. whos the one that wan to seek for those permit license approval etc? to me, its a matter of choice, no right n wrong, y blame others, pray tell how change of state govt improve tis except perhaps less under table dealing, which r not necessarily the case.

      the chinese vege flower farmer n indian tea planter dun care abt money? they care the environment more?

    5. Let me waste a little of my time to give u a very simplistic business ecosystem of Cameron Highlands.

      Yrs before the rentseeking blue bloods came into picture, Cameron Highlands have already a well developed business ecosystem based on tea plantations & horticultural activities. It's not the best & perfect model but that business activities thrilled within the environmental confinement of Cameron Highlands.

      The tea plantations were a colonial legacy. They were big & powerful then & still r nowadays. There could be no changes to their status w/o big money takeovers. That's WHY the leeches were/r unable to penetrate even with the state govt machineries & the lil' Napoleons kissing their hands.

      The horticultural business is a different story. Many of them cinapeks tilling the small plots of lands leased on TOL, earning on returns of daily hard works. Not rich BUT a ok.

      That's where those leeches play their game of rent-seeking. By arbitrary revoking/changing the terms of TOL, with the helps of the sycophants within the administration, the horticulturalists r at their mercy. Pay more for the same plot of land with reduced leasing duration r the NORMS.

      The cinapeks have no choice but to cut overheads.

      The 1st casualty is the employment of the orang asli. Too expensive vis-a-vis the (il)legal foreigners. Many of whom were also imported & distributed by the gangs of the leeches.

      The 2nd casualty is not to invest into modern equipments to increase their yield & productivity. The TOL period is too short to see the viable returns. Moreover, if by chance that land is been appropriated by the state for some concrete structures for tourism, where r they going to farm? Remember no more viable surrounding lands? Lelong the equipments cheap2 & go somewhere else?

      So, where IS the choice u r farting about?

      These people have been cultivating around Cameron Highlands for generations. Last time, no problems. Can still earning a living with the helps of the orang asli labour within that small plot of land.

      If there is a choice to make - it's bcoz that's the way they have been living & they like the cool climate too.

      No right or wrong? Mfer, u r farting from that same orifice via the involuntary control of yr petrified grey matter lah.

      So, still can't see the possible good outcome of the change of state govt?

      The chinese vege flower farmer n indian tea planter care abt money BUT they r also very well aware about the constraints imposed upon them by Cameron Highlands. Any discriminary destruction of that pristine environment means the end of the life they love. Hence the usual slow pace of development within Cameron Highlands for such a long time.

      Their fate is tied to the surroundings & a managed development scheme is their best hope for the ongoing progress of the Highlands.

      Proper land management removes the threats of been displaced out right. Thus, in turn leads to more investments into modern technologies & equipments to improve yields & productivities.

      A proper town planning reduces the number of concrete buildings for tourism. This help to arrest the temperature increment of the surroundings. Instead, homestead stays on the locals & plantation residentials can also increase the incomes of the local, w/o damaging the pristine hill slope by those modern concrete buildings.

      Enuff…… tsk… no need to further educate a f*ck like u about livelihood of the people. U just stay within yr tempurung & keep inhaling yr own farts lah! U will die standing for sure.

    6. really simplistic view from a simplistic mind.

      1. the problem now is labour shortage. not many wan to hire orang asli, if i tell u the reason, u would say i am racist.

      2. its all tol all the years, of course everyone prefer its no more tol, tol owner could become a instance millionaire if that happen. so u think any govt would easily approve the transfer of ownership? y not u ask penang dap govt to transfer all the penang land to whoever live on it?

      3. the govt rarely disturb the native (original highlanders from whatever race), the many over development n tol issue is actually happen due to the new migraine, who either cant cari makan in plain land, or those middleman who invest in farming to secure supply. tis the reason y in the past no issue but now its a issue, go n see yrself how n wat tis newcomers did to ch, n i can guarantee u almost all r chinese.

      4. tis newcomers need accommodation n go chk who is the developer, i can guarantee again almost all r oso chinese. thats the main reason y ch turn into a concrete jungle.

      u know y dap rarely win ch all the years, bec ch people aware that they n ignorant fool like u know shit abt ch. all u cbmf did is make it a race issue.

      even if there is change of govt, the cbmf lims will tell u the same story, we must be very sensitive to any racial issue especially land n malay reserve land. so nothing will happen/change similar to our federal govt.

      btw, almost each n everyone of my cousin in ch was communist, collective (family) farming never work, communism is a fail economic theory, they all work very hard under individual ownership ie capitalism n market economy. they know tis much earlier than deng xiaoping.

    7. Thank you have given a very enlightening basic summary of what ails those who till the land in CH. And not least the apt suggestions for a proper town planning.

    8. Simplistic?

      Didnt I say simplistic business ecosystem?

      Well, let makes it complicated to further confuse a f*ck like u.

      1) labour shortage! When did that come about?

      In the good old days, the horticulturists had never had any big problem with labour. (Ignore for the time being about the tea plantations. They r different kind of animals).

      Simply bcoz their crops were seasonal. Thus u didn't need large labours all years round. In time of cultivational needs, the orang asli could help out. This suited the orang asli well as regular modern town lifestyle didn't fit well into their psych. They could also earn extra during a short period of time. The horticulturists didn't have a year round overhead too.

      Thing started to change when the tok batin were told to ‘duduk diam dapat duit’ together with the Fields settlement penghulus by the bn administration.

      That's yr problem NOW!

      Besides, just admit lah, u r already a known closet racist.

      2) "y not u ask penang dap govt to transfer all the penang land to whoever live on it?"

      Getting irrational with yr petrified brain er!

      All over the world, benevolent capitalist/communist administrations extend longer TOL or give free land title to those who toil the land for production.

      The original Felda scheme IS a good example.

      Only rentseekers will ask for free transfer of LAND title from state. Perhaps u were refused by lge for that shameless request, thus yr bottomless dap hatred?

      3) the leeches seldom disturbed the native (original highlanders from whatever race). That's was bcoz they had had a better source! (Think timber concessions - bigger rents, less messy).

      When that source dried up, some of them turn their attentions to Cameron Highlands. And the horticulturists become easy preys due to the TOL shackle.

      Pay more for the TOL lease. On top of that must employ (il)legal Myanmar/Bangladeshi labours brought in by their agents at cutthroat commissions.

      If the horticulturists refused, then the TOL could be shorten & for choicy locations, the land could be appropriated back into state land & resell for a song to the leeches, who in turn sell exorbitantly to outsiders either for concrete tourism developments or middlemen who invest in farming to secure supply catered for the RedDot.

      Wakakakakaka…… U can guarantee almost all newcomers to Cameron Highlands r Chinese.

      So u r one of them lah. But haven't u forgotten to mention about yr atasan?

      4) newcomers need accommodation BUT definitely not in new concrete buildings.

      The (il)legal labourers can't afford these accomodations. They r catered for loopies(tourists).

      The new developers r only profit orientated. If they paid high, they would find way to revover. Simple business theory.

      The problem u have missed is knowing the land/terrain constraints imposed by the Highlands WHY still allow non- sustainable & ecosystem destruction developments around a pristine region!

      The question comes back to the unfillable greed of those leeches with the helps of a bunch of feudalistic state sycophants.

      Tau tak?

      DAP can't win Cameron Highlands all these years, bcoz the majority 55.06% (Malays at 33.5%, Orang Asli at 21.56%) together with ethnic Indians at 14.91% gave their supports to be DUE to 3R, dedak & racial kindred preference!

      Ethnic Chinese at 29.48% and others at 0.55% can't turn the tide even during 509!

      Who's the developer is a none issue & yet u want to racialize it, mfer!

      R u confused?


    9. Mfer, nobody expects a Maggie mee solution even if there is change of govt.

      Only now u want to fart about the sensitivities wrt any racial issues especially land & malay reserve land.

      Nothing will happen/change within the short time. But change it WILL.

      But WHY r u keep shouting for Maggie mee outcomes just under a yr?

      BTW yr grandmother's story about yr cousins in Cameron Highlands was communists etc r inconsequential farts.

      Karx & Mao's collective (family) farming never work, DOESNT imply communism is a fail economic theory.

      The old theory fails bcoz they NEVER thought of 摸石过河, ie never evolve!

      Exactly like u, chronically be straightjacketed by that yankee-ish fixed mindset of East & West shall never not!

      Perhaps, the family gene doesn't spread that far to yr father side, thus u NEVER have yr cousins' “小岗的精神”. they all work very hard under individual ownership ie communism n market economy.


    10. when simplistic cant debate rationally, they always find ways to confuse.

      1) there is no labour shortage in almost all industry in the past, so yr argument is baseless. orang asli have a diff worldview, dun burden yrself like the whiteman did. one of the reason y there is no shortage in the past in ch farming is pretty sad, i told my cousin it seem farming make more money, he ask me how many in our family is working, dad n perhaps the most, mum as well? however in ch the entire family have to work, all the kids have to help out after school. of course now they treasure education more n thing start to change, n foreign labour is one solution. so pray tell what is our choices, r we not one that complain too much foreigner but at the same time r we not one that need their service or manual labour?

      2) whats yr stance then? free or no free? many of my relative have no problem with tol, can u show me who r one that have issue? a link will do, not from dap.

      3) r we not the one that complain over development? so how much land shall the govt provide for farming? again whats yr stance? most family farming occupy small plot of land so the increase in assessment wont hold them back in investment, so who is the leech r u talking abt? who r one mostly in the middleman / wholesale biz activities?

      4) u know nothing la bodoh, in the last 30 to 20 years, how many perakian move to ch? where all tis people stay n do their biz? hotel n resort is only minor part. however like i said, its a matter of choice, if there is demand for ch product, its where the people go. so whats the govt stance, be it bn or ph?

      ch chinese give their vote to a independent in the 2013 election n not dap. the only reason y chinese vote dap is because of umno, u really think this cbmf is that great? its now proven they r as doggie as mca.

      To cross the river by feeling the stones? the stone is all capitalistic stone, nothing to do with communism.

    11. Wa lau-eh! Now yr river stones can be classified as capitalist. What's that trees growing in front of yr house? capitalists too?

      1) I'm definitely calling u a f*cked-up moron. & U r reaching the same stage as that mom!

      We r 'discussing' Cameron Highlands vis-a-vis labour shortage le.

      Family members could work to cover the SEASONAL labour needs. The orang asli coulf double up if necessary. Even modern machinery could help.

      Yet, banyak pandai in twisting by stating a 'sad' argument of bcoz the whole family worked the field. Hence no labour shortage!

      About the work attitude of the orang asli, didn't I say so? Mfer, u have the habit of not acknowledging yr source lah.

      Remember lah, the acreages r usually small, the crops r seasonal & if necessary, orang asli & simple machines can be employed.

      Unless yr relatives r the pampered lot, like u. Thus not willing to work hard. Want to exploit cheap illegal labours & not willing to invest in modern machinery. Then all bets are off!

      Let me tell u plainly lah - if the TOL problem is resolved amicably, the horticulturists would work like no tomorrow, family members all involved or not. Most likely, purchasing of modern farming equipments, by mortgages or sharing, would be common.

      Given a choice, almost not horticulturists would want to employ cheap foreign labours.


      Need to provide lodging. Need to tolerate different cultural habits. Need to pay head count tax & cutthroat agent fees. Worry about disappearance & authority raids. Thousand & one thing that cause additional problems that disrupt the business!

      2&3) read my takes on managed developments for Cameron Highlands due to the land/terrain constraints! Unless u AGAIN associate managed development as a communist idea lah.

      4) "last 30 to 20 years, many perakian move to ch"


      "its a matter of choice, if there is demand for ch product, its where the people go."

      No! Under proper managed development, u think u can cut the pristine hill slopes for yr bloody money making activities ke?

      In order to achieve their 'choice', just undertabling the bn admin & greasing the palms of the leeches. Right?

      Cut out the rent seeking activity, nobody can do what they want in Cameron Highlands. PERIOD!

      Nobody know exactly how the Chinese vote bank of the Cameron Highlands splited. But the voting patterns (ge13 & ge14) shows consistency of party diehard supporters.

      Yr inference that in ge13 the ch chinese give their vote to an independent (Wakakakaka… which of the two?) is just another one of yr wet dream lah. Judging from the almost similar vote counts of dap in these two ge, the ch were sticking their stake out!

      Or maybe yr cousins voted their aneh pal who happened to be one of the two independents. But how big is that family tree of yrs in Cameron Highlands? More grandmother's story, NO?

    12. didnt the communist claim they rather have socialist grass n not capitalist seed? so wrt tree, u got to ask them.

      1) define resolve amicably. many engage in illegal farming, the environment ngo is the one that complain n govt take action, so who shd u listen to? like i said, govt dun kacau the tol especially the old one, some even successfully get the title transferred. ch farming use quite advance tech n machine, however the limitations is farming r mostly done on mountain n hill, so may not get the full advantage unlike those in plain land. who told u machine can replace labour? u know nothing, n yr info is limited, not reflect the reality on the ground.

      234) i dun know what u mean by managed development. tanam sayur kat bumbung? live in orang asli village?

      direct ie my cousin 10 family, indirect ie my mum cousin 30 family. most chinese support bn in the past, i think most probably they will support ph tis round. simply bec ph is the govt. my grandmother story is still more factual than yr simplistic bs.

    13. Wakakakakaka… now u expect trees to talk!

      How simplistic to fart about socialist grass & capitalist seed. Same like when an investment was made during the height of cultural revolution, was that investment 姓社 or 姓资 was the point of contention! Totally detached from what benefits would the investment bring.

      That perhaps sums up yr f*cked-up mind lah.

      1) r u sure u know about Cameron Highlands' horticulture?

      "ch farming use quite advance tech n machine, however the limitations is farming r mostly done on mountain n hill, so may not get the full advantage unlike those in plain land. who told u machine can replace labour?"

      Saihei lah. Go spend yr sleepless nights to ponder the incoherencies in the above fart! U know not what u r writing about.

      234) don't know about managed development?

      Simple lah. Go to walk around Rue de Rivoli, Paris. See any modern high-rise concrete buildings?



      Close to Louvre mah!

      Better still, go to yr favourite 阳明山.

      Can build high-rise modern apartments within the national park or not?

      Even if u help to reelect Tsai Ing-wen, u won't get any approval lah.

      That's managed development101 for u.

      OK, let play arithmetic.

      Assuming all yr related family in Cameron hHighland counts 6 members per unit (f&m + 4offsprings). That gives a total of 40x6=240.

      Let's be even more simplistic & assume all of them r registered voters. Yr kindred's total vote CAN'T offset the majority in both ge13 & ge14 le!

      Didn't u say they r communists in 'nature'. So what kind of fart can u assume they would vote bn?

      So how factually relevant IS that fart?

      AGAIN, too simplistic for a f*ck like u to understand, NO?

    14. yes u shd go back to the roots n dun use trees to conceal the yearn for capatalism.

      1) show me some other countries that possess similar advance farming in hillside. without govt subsidized.

      2) apple to apple pls, compare paris against georgetown, not ch.

      i am not boosting the number, i am just telling i know ch much much deeper than u. btw my uncle involved in insects n butterfly biz, the other uncle in cane biz, both deal with orang asli. my experience could be anecdotal, but still believable than yr simplistic big talk

    15. That's WHERE ALL yr farts begin - back to the roots!

      Which roots?

      The straightjacketed sopo 'theories', as formulated by the eighteenth-century economist Adam Smith & that particular inspiration from the nineteenth-century economist Karl Marx, that u have put on the altar to quote?

      In the same mannerism as u have learnt from yr zombie pals vis-a-vis their upholding of their unchangeable zombieic doctrines?

      Or all the way back to human nature?

      Don't u EVER realise that Capitalism & Socialism (later day Communism) r the two faces of the same coin - the human coin!

      Yr absolute black & white distinctions of capitalism & communism have f*cked yr mind kau2 as there will NEVER be overlapping grey areas of these two human behavioural phenomenons.

      In short, u r just a stubborn f*ck, 读书不化,原地踏步,守旧如新.

      1) Yunnan has advanced farming in hillside for their 梯田 using modern equipments. The Colombian Incas has hillslope cultivation of quinoa using modern equipments too.

      Katak under the tempurung like u, either still thinking of harvester used by the Yanks or these natives r still using manual labours!

      Govt subsidies for cash crop cultivation apply ALL over the world, capitalist &/or communist alike. Even those big US soy bean cultivators enjoy tons of incentives(subsidies). So what's yr fart, here?

      2) mfer, apple to apple for what? Managed developments MUST also of the same 'level' of status ke?

      Real petrified grey matters!

      The managed machanism applies to development policies, not status.

      Paris can restricts modern high-rise concrete buildings around Louvre due to non-matching & destructional visual facades to the surrounding classic old buildings.

      In a similar way, Cameron Highlands can restrict the construction of concrete buildings that DON'T fit well into the surrounding hillside ecosystem.

      That's managed development101 for a blurry f*ck!

      As always, FORM is more important to u than SUBSTANCE! Just like a fixed label of a dysfunctional capitalism is more trustworthy to u than a benevolent communism!

      I have long history of association with Cameron Highlands since my grandfather's time. It's also the one of other place, besides Tawau, that I had considered for my remote education project!

      Suffice to say that I have personal knowledge about Cameron Highlands. Hence my STRONG rebuttals with yr 'anecdotal' farts (aka grandmother's stories) lah.

      Perhaps, yr Cameron Highlands communist relatives r sarcastically patronizing u with those anecdotes, knowing u as a textbook capitalist!

      Enuff said.

      Just continue with yr ways lah. I'm betting a wakakakakaking end to yr miserable farts soon.

    16. no wonder the west create pattern n copyright, they know communist like u always talk with forked tounge

      1+2) again apple to apple pls, how many time have to repeat, i am like talking to a stupid idiot. yunnan rice terraces mainly grow rive, its homogeneous like tea plantation. ch farming change from time to time depend on market, n rotate base on suitability of season n soil n vege. so what machine r u talking about except irrigation n manuaring. is the tea plant not using machine in ch? u come join me in ch for few days then u understand how they work, stupid. n since ch grow in population, whats yr solution not to build thing concrete, tell yr solution instead of all the simplistic stupid bs.

  2. So what should Guanee talk about in his campaign speech to the rural folk?

    Malaysian foreign policy, Ringgit currency projection, Goldman Sachs, the Palestinian issue, climate change etc?

    Or more bread and butter issues?

    What rural folks in Cameron Highlands like the Orang Asli need and want to hear about are schools, roads, piped water, electricity, telecommunications, jobs, proper housing, native land rights etc, which the BN government did not deliver, despite being in control of this parliamentary seat for 61 years, hence the "roti canai roads" comment by LKS.

    Guanee's point is BN did not deliver these things (ie DEVELOPMENT) when they were in power but the Harapan government will. It's in the budget, the budget that he prepared.

    Did he say the Harapan government will not deliver this development if the voters vote BN? No he did not, that is why Bersih is asking the question:

    "will Harapan as the federal government discriminate against the constituency if they did not vote in their candidate"

    Let's wait for the reply.

    1. u sound like ck, the mind reader.

    2. A irrational rant from a sore loser!

  3. Ah Mom was completely uncritical of his idol's "You help me, I help You"...

    So...what is Ah Mok's beef now ?

  4. Guanee our powerful FM “Wa Tolong Lu” Rakyat that have been denied income tax and GST returns totalling 37 BILLION will finally get their money back. Now that would be a boost to the economy. SYABAS.

    Guan Eng: Putrajaya in process of paying GST, income tax refunds

    18 January 2019

    PUTRAJAYA, Jan 18 ― The government is now in the process of repaying the tax refund arrears amounting to RM37 billion, said Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng.

    He said the arrears, comprising RM18 billion for income tax and RM19 billion for the Goods and Services Tax based on the estimation made in the 2019 Budget, would be paid in stages within 10 months