Saturday, January 26, 2019

DAP lost in Cameron Highlands

Well, Pakatan Harapan or more precisely, DAP has lost the by-elections in Cameron Highlands (CH).

At at 6.56 pm this evening (Saturday Jan 26), the EC tweeted unofficial results showing BN's Ramli Nor won 11,381 votes whilst poor M. Manogaran 7,182 votes.

Since (at 4 pm) voter turnout was only 68% or 21,792 voters, Ramli has won more than 50% of the possible votes (10,896).

The person I feel most sorry for is M Manogaran who had put in enormous amount of hard work to legally disqualified the previous BN candidate (MIC) until the end of his campaign today in CH.

But alas for him, the combined Malay votes must have knocked him out when UMNO and PAS collaborated. As Penangites would describe his political fate, Bay Chay-Tian (ta' mampu naik duduk di Singgahsana).

But I am particularly tickled pink at the discomfort of a panicky Lim Kit Siang who during the twilight phase of the campaigning suddenly remembered he was Chinese when he urged CH Chinese who are working elsewhere to return to CH to vote, as if those gradually-disenchanted-with-DAP/LKS Chinese would automatically vote DAP. It's good Lim KS has been taught a lesson kaukau.

Cina (bukan Melayu) mudah lupa


  1. The loss is no stain on Lim Kit Siang.

    Manogaran was an amazingly bad, dumb , candidate, mouth unconnected to brain.
    Combined with decades of impregnable anti-DAP propaganda among rural Malays, and their patronage mentality.

    The fact that Felda's current predicament is caused by Billion ringgit fraud foisted by its corrupt UMNO leadership is just beyond their ability to grasp.

  2. Looks like Cameron Highlanders prefer roti canai (ala LKS) rather than chapati....ha ha.

    Harapan, please fulfill your promises, New Malaysia.

  3. Congrats Ramli Nor: Welcome back Najib.

    Let's see Seminyih. What can the autistic LKS/LGE/TP do with Najib's stolen RM42.0 billion! Wakakaka...

  4. Manogaran's case is not "Bay Chay-Tian" , which is implying someone who is qualified and capable, but not fated to hold the position.

    Manogaran More like "Boh-Gao-Liao" I.e.lack of competence and prowess to attain the position.

  5. DAP's decline and fall has begun.....wakakakaka

    1. An example of how a DAP Indian ousted a BN Indian. Then, when the BN Indians voted for a BN Malay as a replacement of the ousted BN Indian, that DAP Indian said BN is racist. Wakakaka...

  6. Malay+Muslim (UMNO and PAS) cooperation proven to be effective.

    MCA and MIC how? Tunggu apa lagi?

    1. one is waiting for the 3rd Opium War whilst the other awaits a new Sepoy Mutiny

    2. mca need new leaders, that give an impression there is thorough parting from the current leadership. i doubt they can do it.

  7. i dun think its a good strategy to attack najib hadi day in day out, lks lge really think they r now malaysian n no more a chinese?

  8. When people realise that PH only has mediocre leaders like TDM, LKS, LGE, Mat Sabu etc, some PH voters will not be bothered to vote cos they see no real change.

    TDM is at fault for playing politics for his BERSATU/PBBM party as is seen as a big big disappointment to PH voters.

    Nobody cares whether PH wins in Camerons or any by-election anymore and will not turn out to vote and BN/PAS will continue to win so long as they keep putting up the right candidate for the by-election. In CH case, putting a local Orang Asli instead of an UMNO warlord or a religious cleric/preacher candidate was the right strategic move to win over the Orang Asli votes besides those hardcore BN supporters who still owes their gratitude to the previous BN Govt.

    Most PH voters must be thinking what can any mediocre leader like Manogaran actually can do to help them in their constituency when the State Govt is still under the control of BN.

    DAP veterans like Manogaran are plentiful in DAP who still think they are always entitled to be the candidate come every election when all knows he is not of any leadership qualities.