Wednesday, January 09, 2019

"New" Malaysia's Freedom of Speech

Wow, several naughty blokes and one bloke-lassie have been sacked from their jobs for posting naughty comments on their Facebook.

She wrote of fireman Adib's death:

“It wasn’t the government who had failed (him); it was your God who failed to save Adib.”

Tally thus far - 1 sweetie from Honda, 1 bloke from Cisco and now another one from Pemandu Associates.

Addendum @ 1640 hrs 09/01/19

1 doctor from Mediviron Group
1 bloke from tenaga Nasional BHD

are now being investigated by police.

Other than the Honda sweetie, the others made comments on the former Agong and his marriage.

While I love the Agong for his humour and lack of pomposity I feel that his critics should NOT be punished so harshly (as to lose their jobs during such a bad economic period).

In UK, Australia, NZ and even in the USA, the Queen (plus Royal Family) and President absorb such criticisms, no matter how vile, as a respect for the respective nation's upholding of the Freedom of Speech.

Only threats of violence or deaths are criminal in nature.

In Europe of course the 'scared cow' is the Jewish community, where any form of criticism
 against them, no matter how slight, would be described as 'anti-Semitism'. It's a gross misuse of the term because Arabs and various other ethnicities in the Middle-East are also Semitic, thus making the anti-Arab Israelis the even bigger anti-Semites.

Anti-Semitism in Europe is a crime and may be subjected to harsh punishment, as was experienced by David Irving.

The Telegraph reported on 21 feb 2006:

David Irving, the controversial historian, was jailed for three years in Austria yesterday after pleading guilty to charges of denying the Holocaust 17 years ago.

"I'm shocked and I will be appealing," he said as he was led from a Vienna court by armed police.

Irving had pleaded guilty in the hope that he would be let off lightly with a warning but he was so wrong, wakakaka.

I hope Malaysia won't follow the Europeans where their collective guilt over the Holocaust during WWII which undeniably murdered 5 to 6 million Jews but even far more non-Jews have influenced their attitude today towards anything against Jews, but sadly not towards the OTHER victims of the Holocaust, eg. Gypsies, Russians, Poles, Serbs, Slovenes, and various other groups like Jehovah Witnesses, homosexuals, Spanish Republicans, etc.

As we can see from the table below (extracted from Wikipedia), more USSR (now Russia) citizens were murdered in the Holocaust than Jews, about 7.3 to 7.8 million, yet only Jews have been allowed to monopolise the title of being victims of the Holocaust.

Jews 5–6 million

Soviet citizens 4.5 million

Soviet POWs 2.8–3.3 million

Poles 1.8–3 million

Serbs 300,000–600,000

Romani 130,000–500,000

Freemasons 80,000–200,000
and others

Remember the words of Siti Kasim that Religious and race-based parties one step away from Nazism.

She was reported in MM Online saying:

She noted that the concept of a herrenvolk or “master race” had been adopted by Adolf Hitler's Nationalist Socialist Workers’ Party in Nazi Germany to exploit and eventually eliminate those they deemed to be of an “inferior” race.

“Naturally the Nazis thought they were the Herrenvolk — Master Race — and they considered themselves to be pure Aryans, every other race was inferior, with some like Slavs, Romany and Jews at the bottom of the ladder, and while the Aryans had to be kept pure, the bottom could be exploited, hated and eventually liquidated.

“The Volksgemeinschaft was thus inherently racist and contributed greatly to the Nazis’ attempts at mass extermination,” she said, referring to the systematic mass murder of some six million Jews in Europe during World War Two.

Siti also said religious-based parties are an “anachronism of time” and should have no role in politics today.

“I will take one step further with respect to religious-based parties; they are an anachronism of a time when societies were run by shamans, witch doctors and spiritual advisers to despots and kings, rather than civilised logical societies,” she said.

Forestalling criticism against her as being anti-religion, Siti said she is calling for an objective and “inclusive” civil discussion on the role of religion in politics as she acknowledged it is “impossible” to separate the two in majority-Muslim Malaysia.

“I am not anti-religion, but religion shouldn’t have a place in political decisions. This isn’t a slam on religion; it’s a call for inclusive political debate. In a society where most people (politicians in particular) have some sort of faith that guides their decisions, it’s impossible to have a true separation of faith and state.

“What I am suggesting is we create and support a system where political decisions are made based on arguments that stand on their own merits without a religious crutch or, to put it another way, 'my holy book tells me so' is off limits as an argument,” she said.

Next step after Nazism will be a Holocaust.

Yes, but where is our so-called "New" Malaysia's Feedom of Speech?

Read also: Rally for Palestinian Jerusalem self-serving.


  1. FREE SPEECH: Hadi Awang insults Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Taoists etc but don’t expect him to lose his job anytime soon.

    “A cruel Muslim is better than a kind non-Muslim”. What kind of perverted teaching is this?

    How about “a corrupt Muslim PM is better than an honest Buddhist PM”. Do Malays agree with Hadi’s fatwa?

    Only hell awaits if non-Muslims lead, Hadi says in piece calling for Islamic supremacy

    Published on 08 January 2019

    KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 8 — Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang has delivered a warning to Muslims to place their trust in Muslim leaders regardless of their wickedness, claiming that believers will end up in hell if led by non-Muslims.

    In a lengthy opinion piece titled “Rule of Law: Where is Allah?” today, the PAS president stressed the importance of religion in keeping the law, and the importance for Islam to reign supreme in the governance of country.

    “If the one leading is a Muslim, even if he were cruel, at least (others) can become cattle herders,” the Marang MP wrote.

    “But if the one who leads is a non-Muslim, even if he were the kindest, (others) can work however they wish [but] without any limits of what is ‘halal’ and ‘haram’ they will still end up in hell.”

    His remark was a rehash of a quote he frequently cites from Muhammad ibn Abbad al-Mu’tamid from the Abbadid dynasty, the third and last ruler of Seville under al-Andalus, the medieval Muslim territory over Iberia.

    As his kingdom fell to Moroccan Berber invaders, Al-Mu’tamid was quoted saying: “I have no desire to be branded by my descendants as the man who delivered al-Andalus as prey to the infidels I would rather be a camel-driver in Africa than a swineherd in Castile”.

  2. Wakakakakaka…… double face!

    U quoted Siti Kasim's "Religious and race-based parties one step away from Nazism".

    What about yr f*cked sifu's ""??

    Freedom of speech? Only when u play pick&choose lah!

    BTW, do remind the zombies/ketuanan freaks/blur-sotongs about the limitation of that R within their oft-chanted 3Rs farts.

    Especially, the non existence of the law of Lèse-majesté in bolihland.

    Especially too, ask the educated group within that f*cked pack about what hadi's twisted nationalistic diatribe as in this fart:

    Zooms in to that declaration about "a warning to Muslims to place their trust in Muslim leaders regardless of their WICKEDNESS, claiming that believers will end up in hell if led by non-Muslims."!

    Ha! Their god's command OR his own egoistical f*ck about his own imitation of his god's word!

    The Jews has a monopolistic claim on the Holocaust bcoz

    1) many of their horrendous treatmentd happened within the concentration camp been dramatised kau2 by propagandists/profiteering/bleeding hearts.

    2) the rescued Jewish 'graduates' of these concentration camps, unlike the other groups of victims, COULDN'T let bygone be bygone.

    3) the Zionists needed/needs a binding cause to vitalise their aim of nationhood. The Holocaust was/is a good political tool.

    4) many people, followers/non-followers of the Abraham faith consider the Jews r their god's chosen people - so is of special breed, entitling them to 'special position' (wakakakaka… ada similarity ke?).

    1. CK should stop being like a gossipy housewife and spread silly rumours such as blaming me for RPK's posts - go there to his blog and tell him. Why inform me when I am not responsible for his posts and vie versa

    2. Can u read?

      Or u r been infested with that famed bolihland rd?

      Where did I blame u for RPK's post? I just match yr f*cked article about freedom of speech mah!

      Using yr sifu's spanning technique AGAIN?

    3. worse than a gossipy old maid

    4. Your best irrational rant?


    5. Ck.....dont waste cheebye time

      Go expose who this cheebye motherfucker kaytee is

      Then shame cheebye kaytee into committing seppuku on kaytee

    6. poor looes, you must have been born with a damaged brain. Kept telling you I am NOT your dad so stop calling me your motherfucker

    7. If one recalls correctly, it was Ah Moc himself who volunteered very happily, oozing cringe-worthy bodek-ness, when he proudly announced that RPK is his SIFU, his very own word, "SIFU", wakakakkaka. Those were glorious days then, when their Pirate Paymaster was still sitting nicely on top of the wall, before Humpety-Najis-Dumpety falls from the great wall, hehe. By the by, anyone happened to watch the recent Whatsapp gone viral....showing Chief Pirate shopping at Metrojaya shopping complex....mmm, what a real comedown for him, from the luxurious Bijan to Metrojaya. But then, Metrojaya is still a far sight better than Sungei Buloh Prison, which will be his home soon for many many years to come.

  3. Since when the Rulers, JAKIM, Mufti, State Religious authorities relegated Hadi Awang to be their spokesman on Islam?

    Anyway it is just his opinion piece and not a Fatwa.

    All those who believe him can be his companions to the place somewhere where he thinks it exists.

    Sometimes people get more religious as they grow older by the day cos "They fear Death" and having a fairytale place call "Heaven" to calm their anxiety/fear.

    Religion and their preachers/clerics were created to replace witch doctors and Shamans and also for Kings and Rulers and countries to help soldiers who fear death to do battles for them.

    Religions can never 100% obey any rule of law when it goes against their religious laws.

    1. Bawang's holy sh*t view is exactly the same muntah spewed out by that Zakir Naik fella. As some social media comments have aptly put it :

      "This coming from Hadi is totally expected. Same category as ISIS. Shit for brains and morons for followers! These lot will be happily accommodated by Satan in HELL".

      "How sure you won't go to hell"

      " For a man of God to utter such racist sentiments in the name of Islam tell you all you need to know about his mindset. This ulama is making such seditious utterances that the govt need to take serious note of while it attempts to undertake its reforms ...or is the govt happy just to maintain a do-nothing silence for fear of becoming yet more 'unpopular' among its supporters ? "


      "Hell Awaits YOU Hadi for your Evil Intent Towards Non-Muslims & for Misleading The Muslims. You're a Demon in Disguise!"

      Well, the best quote is from our great William Shakespeare :

      "Hell is empty and all the devils are here"

    2. All the devils are here - all Nons better run for your lives!

    3. Cheebye unknown, you sure or not.....suggest u to go usa so that trump will skin u alive.

  4. For the renewed Malaysia, we need to guard against Overreach and Blowback.
    Unsavoury comments against the Agong are still a clear No go.
    We are still on the Klang River and not the Thames. Trying to push the envelope to match current English thinking risks a blowback.
    The "Westminster System" of 1957 that we tried to emulate would still have been deeply leery about insulting the Queen.

    1. cf: the maturity level of the nation vis-a-vis PD of humanity!

  5. What can DAP/PAN/PKR do about UEC, ICERD, Local Council Election, Sedition Act, SOSMA, POTA and POCA.. huh? Well done TDM. I still support NTR, but between TDM and AI, may Allah bless you Tun with good health and strength to be our PM until you are a hundred years old. Having said that, may the Sultan of Johor be the new Agong. InsyaAllah...

    1. Wakakaka

      Same mentality and eligible to be MB of Kelantan.

      Your personal feel good in spitting out is more important than any coherent debate on any issues.

      There's a saying "Hate and spite makes a man blind".

      Most people who lives with such symptoms usually ends up living a live of misery.

    2. Wakakakaka…

      Wait till mamak pulls another rabbit out of his mad hatter, then praise & f*ck lah! Otherwise it would be raining dog shits all over u.

    3. know when cheebye later is so kamikazely in writing rubbish means that he will kaput soon.

      Like Nancy Pelosi, must add more oil into the fire so that kaytee can die cock stand

  6. Just a thought. What if US citizens demand apology and action against Malaysians who denigrate and insulted President Donald Trump? Are we going to have double standard? Wakakakaka.....