Saturday, January 12, 2019

"New" Malaysia's Brahmins & Their 'Untouchables'

Tan Tee Beng’s Facebook post on Dec 20

PETALING JAYA: Former Nibong Tebal MP Tan Tee Beng was questioned by police officers from Putrajaya in Penang today over his Facebook post questioning Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng’s son’s “expensive” Givenchy designer jacket worn during a flight to Australia not long ago.

According to Kwong Wah Yit Poh, the former PKR MP was ordered to surrender his mobile phone after his statement was taken down at the Tanjung Tokong police station from 10.30am till noon today.

The Facebook post in question was Tan’s response to a picture posted by a netizen praising Lim and his family for travelling economy class on a flight to Australia.

However, Tan said Lim’s son Clint was wearing a £887 (RM4,700) Givenchy track jacket in that same picture and went on to question how he could afford one.

Tan, 46, also claimed the investigation officer refused to show the recorded statement to him to ensure its veracity, as allowed under Section 112 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Tan was told by the investigating police officer that the complainant “was from Putrajaya” and the complaint was on his Facebook post concerning Lim’s son.

He said such a report against him was unreasonable as he had not insulted or defamed Lim’s son, the report said.

Tan, who was MP from 2008 to 2013, was previously visited by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) on Dec 20, which he said was a response to his Facebook post on Lim’s son.

He took to Facebook, saying it was a form of “political persecution”.

MCMC, however, said it visited Tan’s house over the use of a non-compliant cordless phone, which it claimed was causing signal interference in his housing area.

Tan quit PKR in 2010 to become an independent MP


Dear IGP, just WTF is going on?

Based on above news report there have been two wrongs committed, namely:

(1) Is it wrong for anyone to just comment on the jacket type worn by Lim GE's son and its correspondent expense?, and 

(2) Should the police act in such a manner on an insubstantial manner?

Is the Law being abused by arrogant personality or personalities in Putrajaya and abetted by your mata-mata?

Tan Tee Beng

By the by, there has been very bad blood between Tan and Lim Guan Eng. Yes, you guess right that Tan Tee Beng was a former PKR man, in fact PKR's MP for Nibong Tebal, wakakaka, where bad blood exists until today between DAP and PKR.

Tan Tee Beng resigned from PKR to stand as an Independent on 01 March 2010, which alas spelt the virtual end of his political career, well, at least for now, wakakaka.

Malaysiakini reported (extracts):

Tan said he resigned because Pakatan Rakyat had not addressed his complaints, but had turned a blind eye when he was criticised by DAP leaders, especially Penang deputy chief minister II P Ramasamy and Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi.

"There is no longer any avenue to voice our grievances. In fact, I have been told not to openly criticise the party leaders. This is not what PKR used to stand for - accountability and justice," he said.

"Party leaders are apparently untouchable. They are willing to turn a blind eye to internal problems in their bid to achieve their political objectives.

"The personal attacks on me are an attempt to divert attention from the real problems in Penang, which is (chief minister) Lim Guan Eng's problematic leadership. He wants to turn the Penang government into his family business." [...]

There's more bad blood between Tan and the Lim's. His father the late Tan Ghim Hwa was the former Gerakan State Chairman, and known as the sworn enemy of the DAP, or more specifically that of Lim KS, wakakaka.

the late Tan Ghim Hwa 

Lim Kit Siang had in 1991 described Tan Ghim Hwa as a political vulture in a matter where phone threats were made against Lim, allegedly by some Gerakan Party members. 

The MM Online also reported:

Tan [Ghim Hwa] simply reeled under Lim [Kit Siang]’s attacks over the controversial construction of the Midlands Park One-Stop Centre in Pulau Tikus, for having disregarded the MPPP Structure Plan in destroying Gurney Drive as a recreation centre by approving the exclusive 36-storey Silverton Condomonium, and the demolition of Hotel Metropole in Sultan Ahmad Shah, then known as millionaires’ row.

When you think of the rampant land reclamation along Gurney Drive and elsewhere, and various other developments in Penang which had resulted in disastrous landslides, you cannot but wonder why Lim KS hasn't attacked his then-CM son as he did to Tan Ghim Hwa.

Sadly, Tan Ghim Hwa passed away in early 2014.

My uncles knew the late Tan Ghim Hwa quite well. In the days when Dr Lim Chong Eu was wandering (like Moses) in the political wilderness, between the time of his resignation as MCA President to his co-founding of Gerakan Party with people like Professor Syed Hussein Alatas, Veerapan, Dr Wang and Tan Sri Dr Tan Chee Khoon, he formed his pre-Gerakan party called UDP (United Democratic Party) in Penang.

Gerakan chairman, Syed Hussain Alatas, chaired by Dr Lim Chong EU on night of 10 May 1969 when the newly formed multiracial party threw UMNO and Malaysia into shock by its fantastic election victory - Gerakan captured Penang and held it for 40 years until 2008

T'was 3 days before May 13

Then Tan Ghim Hwa joined him as a young UDP politician. Tan Senior's political baptism of fire was in a state by-election in my village Ayer Itam but he was defeated by MCA's Lim Kean Siew (formerly of Labour Party and one of the best (very fiery) orators in at least two languages, English and Penang Hokkien).

Tan Ghim Hwa was then a greenhorn politician, and known as Mr Clean. My uncles were shocked when 25 to 30 years later Lim Kit Siang brought out the issue of alleged phone threats to his (Lim’s) safety, and Lim’s description of Tan Ghim Hwa as a ‘political vulture’.

But now I can understand why, when I have gotten to know of Lim KS' very "dark" side.

But for the police today to act against Ghim Hwa's son Tan Tee Beng on what we have read as just his FB mention of how expensive must be the Givenchy designer jacket worn by Guan Eng's son during a flight to Australia, I think the law and use of the police have been grossly abused.

Eff "New" Malaysia's freedom of speech.


  1. lge is now a emperor, perhaps same stature as any monarch. he is oso the caliph, to ensure islam is well protected, might one day take over hadi role.

    1. wakakaka, your immense sacrcasm is not ust dripping but gushing

  2. Tan Tee Beng was highly suspected of being an early Dedak-driven turncoat.
    Ah Mok should be very familiar with that pathway.
    BTW , that Facebook post would be a legitimate police investigation if it were untrue.

  3. for all you know the cops might be gathering information from tan if indeed the jacket is what tan said it cost, you know just to confirm before they pass the file to the macc wakakakakiki, the tokong had better watch over his shoulder, someone in Putrajaya is out to get him wakakaka...again? fog...this laughter is contagious

    fog the frog

  4. Tokongs father and son will now run the country like they ran DAP. Expect Bersih to demand the Elections Commission to start using spreadsheets to replace ballot counting.

  5. Wakakakaka……

    1) can that Givenchy designer jacket a 流水货 from one of the Penang pasar malam?

    2) can the father carries the sin of the son or vice versa?

    3) why so keapochi about the opulent display of lge's son while keeping miao2ly quiet about hippo/jibby's?

    Lge, easy target meh?

    1. The easy target is the one out of power lah bahlul. The hard target is the one with the police doing his work for him la you fucking idiot.

    2. So what u r saying is the policemen r doing ALL the dirty works lah!


      Fucking idiot as ketuanan freak do often does. Make a report lah & let yr running dogs chase their own tails mah.

  6. Malaysia Boleh.

    Not only did we have a peaceful transfer of power, we also had a peaceful transfer of abuse of power.


    1. So you confirmed ahjibgor's transgression! Can we stop wasting court's time and put him in prison right away now? Wakakakaka ......

    2. Siiii…… why must be clarified with a pathetic ketuanan freak?

      Let him keeps going lah. The show IS just starting - w/o him knowing he is the main actor!


    Tan Tee Beng is a PKR traitor who turned "BN Friendly" in return for Najib's Dedak.

    Let the police investigate his suspected Fake News.

    He has a long history since 2010 of manufacturing lies and half-truths.

  8. I remember Ah Mok used to excoriated those Net commentators who picked in Rosmah's displays of opulence.
    And Ah Mok had no sympathy for those who got into trouble with the authorities for their exposure of Rosmah's lifestyle.

    Ah Mok used to argue that family members were not politicians, and should be out of bounds for the political arguments.

    So, Lim Guan Eng's son's apparel is NOW fair game.

    I suppose a little bit of Dedak will change Ah Mok's "principles" by 180-degrees.

    Black is now White.

    Bravo Ah Mom.

    1. So in conclusion, your own 180 is OK.

    2. I have no problems with someone questioning if Lim Guan Eng's family members are showing signs of conspicuous consumption.

      I do have a strong revulsion for the Tan Tee Beng character.

      The objection is with the singer, not the song.

  9. Wakakakakakaka

    Can you imagine Gerakan, a political party running out of political issues resorting to smearing, slandering, defamation, libel over an issue of a jacket worn by a politician's son?

    I don't remember Gerakan or him ever mentioning anything about Birkin handbags, pink diamonds, designer watches, exotic cars, mansions etc previously whether by politicians themselves, their wifes or families or mistresses. What a hypocrite party and the people leading it to a slow demise. No wonder the Penang voters finally saw the colours of it's leaders finally and voted in the opposition in 2008. They are so desperate in spinning tales that they need RPK's daughter to join their party and I wonder how much dedak is required for that?

    Only rich people knows what is a Givenchy original designer jacket and unfortunately such ciplak jackets are also available for sale in China, Thailand, Indonesian flea and night markets. But, it is still at least over RM 100 even though it is a counterfeit made of leather. Counterfeit polyester type have not been seen yet though.

    However, it could also be a gift from someone else like his own relatives, friends etc. Sounds familiar?

    Now, why wasn't the newspaper also sued for publishing unfounded tales?

    It could make LGE richer and perhaps get a real genuine Givenchy for all his sons and daughters and perhaps a Birkin handbag for his wife also.

    Can someone also ask Tan Tee Beng to produce the recipts, invoices, serial numbers, where it was bought etc of the Givenchy designer jacket?

  10. Guanee has publicly declared (link below) his monthly income as RM86,000. Why can't his son wear a RM4,700 top?

    1. NO one has complained nor alluded to anything unbecoming, other than to point out his son ore such a jacket. Kenapa rasa pedas pula???

    2. Sounds to me like this SOMEone is complaining and wrote above.....

      Based on above news report there have been two wrongs committed, namely.....

      Also is this statement alluding to something "unbecoming"?.....

      But for the police today to act against Ghim Hwa's son Tan Tee Beng on what we have read as just his FB mention of how expensive must be the Givenchy designer jacket worn by Guan Eng's son during a flight to Australia, I think the law and use of the police have been grossly abused.

    3. Anyone can see the ill-intention and malice.
      Ktemoc trying to spin it as an innocent comment.

    4. Like LKS is obsessed with attacking his foe, whether Mahathir in earlier days or now, an already fallen Najib, Monsterball is obssessed with attacking me, wakakaka

    5. I am attacking Ah Mok's hypocrisy and malice.

    6. we understand - you've to provide a BS justification MR Dedak-Makaner

    7. Why drag Mahathir's name into this issue ?
      He's not a party anywhere in this argument.

    8. next I'll ask for your permission

    9. These r the tactical argument for those who run out of logical facts to based their argument!

      Character pigeonholing IS the last resort to hide their pitfalls of one after the others!

      Pathetic to the nth.

  11. I distrust and detest Tan Tee Beng for his treacherous actions from 2010 onwards towards PKR, no doubt heavily greased with "Oil".

    I suppose we should thank him now for highlighting Lim Guan Eng's thrift , almost parsimony.

    The Finance Minister of Malaysia taking his family on a long-haul flight to Australia in Cattle Class , just like the rest of us plebians.

    Salut !

    1. everyone is a dedak makan-er except Monsterball, when the truth is otehrwise, wakakaka - Thou doth protesteth too much


      Ah Mok once called out Tan Tee Beng for "mongrel misdirected malicious attack" referring to Tan's attack on Lim Guan Eng.

      Accusing Tan of "attacking Lim Guan Eng for no other reason than he wanted to attack Lim Guan Eng".......wakakaka...Ah Mok himself plays this game nowadays... times have changed....or more like how generous the amount of Dedak that has changed hands...

    3. BTW...the Star's Jocelyn Tan is Tan Tee Beng's sister.

      Two poisonous siblings.

    4. These closet jibby sycophants will denial & denial when been caught red-handed about their spins!


      Dedak dictates what they need to propagate!

    5. Hehehe....."Ah Mok once called out Tan Tee Beng for "mongrel misdirected malicious attack" referring to Tan's attack on Lim Guan Eng." This will be one of those moments ( too many to count ) when Ah Moc will totally ignore, knowing full well he was caught out...mmm, hypocrite and cheater, thy name is Ktemoc, wakakakaka. about using your fav phrase to apply to yourself...that ludah ke langit stuff and having the spit splat back on your own face :)

    6. people change over a number of years, just like how I used to worship LKS but now detest him for his treachery and power-craziness for his son

    7. Bravo!!!

      What a eye-opener for a red-handed clarification.

      Then, why not apply that same principle u follow now to mamak?

      Oooop…… mamak tak jadi, tapi u niat!

      What kind of double faced double standard u put on show.

    8. on double faced double standard , you have to ask Lim Kit Siang who is master of that volteface art, wakakaka

    9. I'm asking u!

      Why divert to cinapek lim?

      R u telling me, besides learning from that mom sifu, u also cross-reference with lks!

      Wa lau-eh, multiple sifus. Yr double faced double standard must be top ranked - 炉火纯青,青出于蓝,而胜于蓝。

    10. We shall dub him Ah Mok Baru-er