Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Where Lim KS dares not, Dr Boo CH says it

DAP veteran not convinced with minister’s explanation about third car project:

Proton’s first car, the Saga, was launched in 1985 and became an instant success.
(Bernama pic)

PETALING JAYA: A former DAP leader has reminded the government of Proton’s failures, saying many Malaysians still doubt Putrajaya’s plan for a third national car project.

Dr Boo Cheng Hau, the former Johor DAP chairman, said Proton failed due to cronyism, rent-seeking and corruption in both private and public sectors.

“We need a new economic policy devoid of governmental interference in the name of ‘affirmative action’, (where) businesses (will) be opened for free competition with anti-monopoly legislation in the private sectors,” Boo wrote on his Facebook today, in response to Entrepreneur Development Minister Redzuan Yusof’s explanation about the car project.

Proton was established in 1983 by Dr Mahathir Mohamad during his first stint as prime minister, with the first car produced in 1985.

Redzuan in an interview with FMT said the third national car project was “all about enhancing existing vendor capacity”, and dismissed sceptics who warned that it could turn out to be the “next Proton”.

He said no public funds would be used in the development of the project as it would be driven by a strategic private sector partner.

“The government has no intention of the project being a drain on any public funds,” he said, adding that should the project fail, the Pakatan Harapan government will not resort to a bailout as it did with Proton.

Boo is not convinced.

He said the “glaring truth” was that there has been no real change in “regime”, with “evidently less” determination to seek reforms since the May 9 polls.

“The economy is not your toy. It concerns the country’s long term well being,” he added.


  1. Poor Toonsie couldn’t convince Guanee to put some 2019 budget money on his pet 3rd National Car project.

    Guanee said “tak boleh Toonsie, nanti kita bankrup”.

    Then Toonsie tried talking to Azmin, his blue-eyed boy who owed him big time for the glamorous but easy job of Economic Affairs Minister. But Azmin could not convince the powerful FM either. Guanee stood firm.

    As a last resort, to save his own face Toonsie spoke to his loyal and helpless Bersatu servant the Entrepreneur Development Minister, who at best is a junior minister. He also could not make Guanee budge with new funds so he had to scramble and re-direct a pitiful RM20 million that was previously allocated to other projects.

    “To create an environment for the development of the prototype”, he muttered.

    What utter nonsensical jibberish. Any car enthusiast will tell you it takes hundreds of millions of RND money, if you are starting from scratch.

    You see Guanee doesn’t have to speak up, he already has the power to not release any funds. His action (or in this case non-action) speaks louder than whatever Boo can say.

    And saying “No” in Toonsie’s face in a 1-on-1-behind-the-scenes situation takes more courage than shouting from afar.

    1. It is amazing, considering the 3rd National Car is supposedly to be a Mahafiraun dictator pet project, it only got RM 25 Million R&D funding.
      It's a drop in the Ocean.

  2. A General with no balls and discipline talking like an Emperor after a major Battle (GE14) and belittling others who survived the battlegrounds ain't going to impress nor have the ears of his soldiers nor the public.

    You don't make the cut as a politician. Go back to what you do best ie Medical practice. Not everyone can be a General/Warlord of any political party when they can't even obey or follow what the Emperor has decided for war.

    As regards the 3rd National car, why don't TDM and the Minister come out straight with the answers of what benefits the ordinary citizens will get or what the country will get?

    Isn't that what National projects to be branded as one are supposed to deliver and benefit everyone?

    Who knows, perhaps even ordinary citizens might want to be a part of the private partnership thru crowd funding etc.

    Who do you think are being fooled?

  3. And instead of a cement factory this time, it will be semen, with all the cocksucking DAP is doing.

  4. Boh Hoot Boh lacked the "Hoot" to contest a seat outside his comfort zone.

    Now wants to talk like a Superhero.

  5. Action (or non-action) by Guanee in Toonsie's face by denying Toonsie's wish for funding his pet 3rd National Car in the 2019 Budget shows guts. No need to shout from Boo...

    But when necessary Guanee can shout, like two days ago he shouted from Hong Kong at Goldman Sachs in New York, one of the largest and most prestigious investment banks, as they were about to announce their quarterly results. This prompted a humiliating apology a day later, from their CEO David Solomon to the Malaysian people.

    Syabas Guanee, show them who is boss. USD7.5 billion can plug the hole im Tabung Haji, Felda, 1MDB etc.

    KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 15 ― Goldman Sachs “must have a heart” and pay Malaysia back the losses incurred from 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) deals which the US investment bank had brokered, Lim Guan Eng said.

    The finance minister told New York Times (NYT) in an interview in Hong Kong yesterday that Malaysia had undergone “agony” and “trauma” from the 1MDB experience and that the government considered it only fair to seek US$7.5 billion (RM30.7 billion) from Goldman Sachs, one of the 10 largest investment banks in the US. “You must have a heart. Sometimes you ask, does Goldman have a heart?”


    Goldman Sachs CEO apologises to the people of Malaysia

    Goldman Sachs Group Inc chief executive officer David Solomon on Wednesday apologised to the Malaysian people for former banker Tim Leissner’s role in the sovereign wealth fund 1MDB scandal.....

    'Cross' debacle: Penang DCM urges developers to be more ethical

    On the Penang "giant apartment cross" controversy, bird on the wall tells me that, for once, the Islamist shit-stirrers got it right.

    The electrical testing of the apartment lighting showing up as a giant cross was actually a deliberate act.
    The Developer of the Grace Residence Apartment are mainly Christian Hallelujah types, including many of their staff. It is unclear whether top management knew or were complicit in it, but the reality is the lights testing was deliberately set up as a Cross, as in Christian Cross.

    Chow Kon Yeow is just spinning in explaining it as supposed to be Chinese "Ong" character.

    1. U see what u want to see!



    Fact is ...Boo Boo was already estranged from the DAP leadership before 2014. So now he is spending his energy attacking the DAP leadership, and also extended to the Pakatan Harapan leadership, even as he remains in DAP.