Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Deposing Najib - what's & where's the plan after?

Malaysiakini - 'Focus on ousting Najib, not on his successor'

It's more important to is ensure current premier Najib Abdul Razak resigns from his post rather than pondering on his replacement, said PKR information chief Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh.

He explained that Pakatan Harapan’s main agenda is to save the country before it gets ‘destroyed’ under the Najib administration.

“Basically, what’s important now is that we ensure Najib resigns as prime minister. The question of who will be the prime minister after him should not be the main topic of discussion.

There is no bigger bullshit than such an approach, because without an agreed replacement for Najib, the ensuing strife on the 'morning after' will be far worse, far more chaotic, and with far far greater consequences.

This has been exactly what happened in Libya (Obama just confessed/admitted to the US and Anglo-French culpability in lack of planning for the Libyan morning after'), which has been far worse than what happened in the US invasion and occupation of Iraq.

(CNN) President Barack Obama said the worst mistake of his presidency was a lack of planning for the aftermath of the 2011 toppling of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

"Probably failing to plan for the day after what I think was the right thing to do in intervening in Libya," he said in a Fox News interview aired Sunday.

This is not the first time in recent weeks he has talked about Libya and the NATO-led intervention which resulted in Gadhafi's death in October of that year, months after NATO first intervened.

Libya today is in a state of anarchy with IS gaining significant footholds in that country.

As U.N. Special Representative Martin Kobler told the Security Council on March 2, the overwhelming majority of Libyans want a unified, democratic government, but have been betrayed by small factions pursuing narrow political interests.

This is a problem that has plagued the transition from its beginning. Meanwhile, as Kobler warned, ISIS "takes advantage of the political and security vacuum and is expanding to the west, east and to the south. While Libya's financial resources are dwindling, the criminal networks, including human smuggling, are booming."

Malaysia too will be in a state of anarchy when Najib is deposed without an agreed person to swiftly step into his shoes to run the country without any chasmic break in governance.

I dare say IS or/and its local affiliates may ape their Libyan counterparts in exploiting such a chasmic interruption between the deposing of Najib and the agreement to his replacement.

But I'm sure Mahathir already has someone in mind, and which most of us do NOT want as it'll be more of the same 'Mahathirism', wakakaka, but Pakatan as usual is vacillating, procrastinating and playing with their dicks (via their pockets).

Such has been the lamentable hallmark of a leadership-less and mutually avaricious Pakatan (whether Pakatan Rakyat or Pakatan Harapan) because it hasn't ever have the balls to even determine its shadow cabinet. On this it dared/dares not because it fears the coalition will split asunder with avaricious claims and counter claims amongst the so-called partners.

But the component members are merely sweeping unresolved vital matters under the carpet, hoping against impossible hope these matters will magically disappear. But a nasty 'Libya' awaits them, that is, if they ever win the general elections. Their immediate greed has been so great as to override commonsense and their strategic thinking

Any coalition or party in opposition which does not have a shadow cabinet (a proper one, not f**king groups of multiple committees to avoid the real pressing issue) is not worth its salt and does NOT deserve to be an alternative government.

Unless this so-called 'Save Malaysia' coalition nominates an alternative PM, f**k it as it doesn't deserve to be the alternative government. It will only bring upon Malaysia the horrendous drastic situation that Libya currently suffers from.


  1. Why does it take so long for someone else to realise that PR or PH or Save Malaysia HAS NO PLANS FOR THE DAY AFTER NAJIB RESIGNS? At least, they are not telling their minions about it.

    Yet these people are happy to continue to scream for Najib to resign.

    "THEN, what happens next?" is a pertinent question all along.

  2. After digging in,through rainstorms,thunder and lightning,would anyone in his or her sane mind,even thought of Najib ever listening to their calls now to resign?Only the sapu taxis,leg spreaders and shiok sendiri kakis thought so.

  3. Isn't the situation the same as : "What happens if Najib is suddenly unable to perform his duties due to some reason, e.g. health issue?"

    Remember Mahathir was once incapacitated in 1989 but only for short period, the country did not undergo any upheaval. Malaysia has a properly functioning system in place unlike Libya where Gadaffi was the system and they overthrew him together with it. Ditto for Iraq/Saddam Hussein.

    In 1976 Tun Razak died in office and Hussein just took over without upheaval.

    If Najib is taken out of the PM post, Zahid will take over, and the country will continue as usual with UMNO calling the shots. All the BN ministers and their staff will continue to administer the country. Ditto for state MBs & CMs.

    Malaysia is not equal to Libya or Iraq.

  4. 1of2

    What a dramatic opening line;

    ‘There is no bigger bullshit than such an approach, because without an agreed replacement for Najib, the ensuing strife on the 'morning after' will be far worse, far more chaotic, and with far far greater consequences.’

    Well done (closer to burnt on BBQ term) by a wordsmith viewing the M’sia political scene with a periscope!

    More likely, these r the same camp of people feeding on that half-anmoh’s twisted silo logic;

    ‘..I mean, you seem to know that Najib cannot do the job so you must know who can.

    ...Then when we ask who should take over and how is he going to perform better, all they can say is: we kick Najib out first and then discuss all that later.

    …many others I had spoken to, did not consider the post-Najib events. Their objective was merely to oust Najib and not that ousting Najib was the means to an end or to achieve a higher objective. And most did not know what to suggest or had considered the scenario after the Prime Minister has been kicked out by force.

    … that ousting Najib without a solid post-Najib plan in place might not actually be the solution to a problem but instead will trigger a bigger problem.’

    Sound so groupingly familiar, izzn’t it?

    Superficially what’s on the take is so logically correct, that one just cant find fault with such thinking.

    Right, on first glance, deadly wrong on deeper thought!

    Using Libya, as an example, is an ingenious proposition to scare the generally unthinking masses. But, the true fact is M’sia IS NOT Libya, period. That half-anmoh is too smart to use any current political world scene as an example. Clever...ehhh?

    Libya descended into anarchy when Gadhafi was deposed simply bcoz Gadhafi had been ruling that country with a suicidal tight grip for the longest time. With such a tight grip, factions like IS, Islamic Brotherhood etc could find easy preys to be indoctrinated.

    Other more peaceful-inclined factions couldn’t gain ground with enough people supports simply also bcoz they were the easier to be targeted & penalised by the dictator regime. They lack that violent repulsive instinct to fight, unlike the IS etc, thus is easily suppressed.

    So when Gadhafi fell, those powerful factions, like IS or/and its local affiliates, exploited such a chasmic interruption to occupy the power vacuum that eventually led to anarchy.

    cont part2

  5. 2of2

    M’sia, despite that mamak’s 22yrs of strong-arm rule has not reach that stage when Gadhafi reigned. There r still principles for rules of laws in existence, as seen by pockets of independent & upright governance. Islamic radicalization is still in her infancy, waiting for the rightful ‘tongkat-ali’ to grow.

    But this WOULDN’T last as the recent changes of rules & laws, as dictated by the pink-lib’s administration. The continuation of pink-lib’s administration would eventually lead to these radicalised factions gaining people supports due to massive unhappiness causes by these draconian (underhand) rules & massive coruptions.

    Thus for that matter, as proven in the same scenario when Gadhafi ruled Libya, Egypt under Mubarak, Syria under Bashar al-Assad etc.

    Betul, tak?

    So, there is SIMPLE true in the current movement to get rid of pink-lib NOW before he creates more conducive breeding grounds for those radicalised factions to cultivate future violent reactions, under the growing repressive rules.

    Leaving it undone is not procrastination, but just creating favorable conditions for more violent reactions as proven in Arab Spring.

    As to what come after pink-lib’s dethrone, majority of the M’sians r too comfortable in the settings dictated by the ketuanan’s NEP logic - as long as the Melayus can continue to me-layu as they like, policy & administration-wise, nothing drastic would happen. Yes?

    Thing can ONLY turns worst when the majority of the Melayus finally realise that they have been taken for a ride by their elites, as indicate below; State Dept: Wide disparity, poverty despite pro-Malay policy

    Such timing would be further down the road map of M'sia. By then, the Others r no longer relevant, as the skilled & rich, have left, while the Remainings r so ‘domesticated’ & so few in number, whatever happens they r just statically insignificant anymore. The sufferers will be the Joe blur-sotongs, who have been indoctrinated to stay with the skimming water till it boils.

    That could only come when the pink-lib is looong gone, perhaps enjoying his Saudi haven OR stay put in bamboo river villa with his hippo.

    So, when u want to create a horror scenario, make sure yr storyline is water tight. & keep to the timeline of causality, as time travelling is still beyond us, bomoh coconut or no coconut!

    PS(This is my cut-&-paste, & possibly binned reply to one of yr sifu's nasib-goreng article. I'm just redirect to yr blog)

    1. do you recall who declared Malaysia a fundamentalist Islamic state? Do you recall who initiated Ops Lalang? Do you recall the hundreds of billions, yes in the HUNDREDS of profligate financial adventures? The list goes one but you have forgotten all the worst that had been

    2. Need to reply this - even though I can easily using that favourite argument of yrs - about the dog & its collar, to shoot u down.

      Ooops, the topic here is what comes morning after, not the legacies of that mamak! Comprehendi?????

      That mamak has done his dues for blundering the country & he will have to carry them to his grave & hopefully face his rightful judgement if his god does exist. Perhaps what he is doing now, is to gain some brownies for that faithful judgement day! wakakaka...sigh

      But, for all that he has done, HOW could u use them to justify what the pink-lip is doing to the country now?

      Ain't that's what that half-anmoh is trying hard to settle the scores in favour of pink-lip in all his najib-goreng articles?

      Ain't u also doing the same, subtlely??????

      Fear of losing what is one enjoying comfortably now is a great motivation to keep the status quo, even though what's happening in clear daylight in the country NOW makes one's blood boils.

      For those half-anmoh groupies, perhaps there r other incentives too for using old 'wounds' to justify new 'cuts'! But...but what about the enlightened rakyat jelata? Die standing lah?

      AND there r these intellectuals that r fighting for the good of M'sia! Justify their twisted logic with their good religion too!

      No wonder M'sia Maru is sailing directionless on a head-on collision course with an iceberg, while majority of the passengers r either searching for their hereafter now (what an oxymoronic act) with their god, or having sauna while the room temperature has reached boiling point & the exit door is been bolted from outside.

      On second thought, that mamak, perhaps, has a more noble cause than wanting his boiboi to become the future PM. Afterall, what's the point for been a PM of a failed state, when the coffer is near empty?

      To syok-sendiri ke?????

      Bravo, u de man!!!!

    3. on cannot deny dismiss or diminish the role and likely impact-consequences of the Old Man in wanting to depose Najib for hsi own interests which WILL definitely conflict with the aspirations of Pakatan, and which consequences will lead to a chaotic aftermath

      unless the 'morning after' is clearly and specifically defined (as Zaid Ibrahim had attempted to do but was ignored) then the danger 'after' will be far greater than the imagined danger now

  6. Mahathir's past wrongs - and there are many - cannot be used as an excuse to maintain Najib in power, after the now PROVEN 1MDB Mega-Fraud in which Najib was most likely an accomplice in crime.

    As the current PM, Najib has the definite potential , capability , power and authority to create another 10 1MDB's if he is not removed.

    Malaysia is NOT Libya. There are no B-2 Stealth Bombers delivering GPS-Guided Precision Bombs here, Malaysia (for the moment) still has constitutional institutions.

    Libya had only 1 institution of government - Muammar Gaddafi. When Gaddafi fell, they effectively went back to the stone age.
    The police changed out of their uniforms and went home. Even the water and electricity supply in Tripoli failed.

    What will happen to Malaysia the day after Najib falls - either resigns, gets arrested or voted out by his party ?

    The Yang DiPertuan Agong will appoint another MP whom he considers most likely to command the support of a majority of the Dewan Rakyat. Over the next few weeks, a new Cabinet will be sworn in.

    For better or for worse, Malaysia continues to function.

    None of which carries a compulsory requirement for Najib's replacement to be named in advance.

    And no such justification that it is wrong to call for Najib to quit, since we do not know in advance who should be his replacement.

    The taps will not run dry , the electricity will still be on,