Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Politicizing god is abusing the almighty

In FMT's Is Zakir Naik a preacher or a politician? Dr P Ramasamy (Penang's DCM II) spoke of Dr Zakir Naik for acting as a politician canvassing behind a religious facade.

He wrote that Dr Naik ... has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he can also be a politician.

No ordinary politician mind you, but one who came into the country ostensibly to deliver lectures on Islam but whose real purpose was to lend “credibility” and “legitimacy” to none other than Umno.

The timing of his visit is no accident. He was invited at a time when Umno leaders are experiencing a major fallout with the rakyat as a result of the financial scandals associated with 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) and Prime Minister Najib Razak’s receipt of funds into his personal accounts.

The initial well-attended religious lectures by Zakir were used as a smokescreen to camouflage the real intentions behind his visit.

It was just a matter of days however before Zakir’s true intentions were laid bare for all to see – his lectures and talks were all tailored to suit the larger political interests of Umno.

Zakir would not have come into the country without the support of key Umno leaders, who did this even at the expense of alienating the non-Muslim population. [...]

Once the lectures were over with a few “conversions”, then it was Zakir’s turn to pay back his kindness to Umno and by extension PAS.

To be expected, he called for both Umno and PAS to merge to strengthen Islam in Malaysia. He said even if they did not merge, they should come together in a sort of political embrace to give vitality and meaning to Islam in Malaysia.

But RPK over at Malaysia-Today in his post 

Ramasamy asked ‘Is Zakir Naik a preacher or a politician?’ shows that he does not understand that Islam is politics and every Muslim is a politician (just like Israel says every Jew is a soldier).

In fact, Pakatan Harapan’s de facto leader, Anwar Ibrahim (Ramasamy’s ‘boss’), has said time and again that Islam is a way of life or adeen and not merely a religion. Ramasamy should seek clarification from Anwar regarding this matter.

So, what Zakir Naik said is true if you go by the playbook of Islam. And Zakir Naik does not need to be Malaysian to say that. All he needs to be is a member of the Muslim Ummah. And Zakir Naik, just like all Muslims (and Jews), is automatically a politician.

Actually both Dr Ramasamy and RPK have been correct.

RPK is correct because there is no such thing as secular politics in an Islamic nation, which Malaysia was NOT until Mahathir declared it as one in 2001 - see Lim Kit Siang's condemnation of Mahathir for unilaterally declaring Malaysia as an Islamic fundamentalist state in what have become known as Mahathir's notorious “929 Declaration” and “617 Announcement”. And don't forget to thank Mahathir for that unilateral dictatorial announcement, and that includes you too, YB Lim Kit Siang.

Due to its history and Islamic leaders (caliphs, mullahs, etc), the religion of Islam has been well known as a total religion, one which permeates the very fabric of politics, culture and society.

But Dr Rama has also been spot on in criticizing Dr Naik as a cherry-picking politician (not unlike Nathaniel Tan) as follows:

Why did Zakir leave out the other two Muslim/Islamic political parties who are on the opposite side of the political divide, namely PKR and Parti Amanah Negara?

Since he is talking about Muslims and their interests, why did he not call for the merger of all Malay or Islamic political parties in the country to strengthen Islam and the community?

The minute Zakir ventured into the “forbidden” territory of politics, his Islamic credentials came under question. In other words, Zakir, despite his Islamic credentials is just an ordinary politician and who will play politics when it suits him. How is he different from others?

Never ever trust a f**king politician when he uses religion in his campaigning, whether deliberately or unwittingly, as had Mahathir, Dr Naik, PAS, Amanah, Hindraf, the alleged Hallelujah mob in DAP etc.


  1. Zakir Naik is most certainly an obnoxious and objectionable character.

    However, Penang Deputy Cheap Minister Ramasamy is himself guilty of politicising religion, abusing his executive powers, which is even worse than the words of a preacher.

    It is a holdover from the British Colonial era that the Penang Hindu Endowment Board appoints Penang State Government officials among its principal trustees. The senior British officials were considered incorruptible , and the best way to ensure Board's cash and assets were managed in an ethical manner for future generations.

    For decades of BN rule, this influence over the Board was never abused, the Board committee was always appointed from respected , apolitical leaders of the Penang Hindu community.

    In just a few years, Ramasamy has been instrumental in turning the Penang Hindu Endowment Board into a DAP playground, pushing out old committee members, and ensuring "DAP friendly" committee members get elected to the Board. Now he wants to take over other temples not under the Endowment Boards administration.

    Part of his empire building.

  2. Just curious because I don't recall any such incidence that any DAP guy pronounced God grace or whatever officially/directly such as leading their pack of members or supporters and pronounced on behalf of the whole 'congregation', in other words acting like the group (of Christian DAP members) leader and offer grace on everybody behalf. What I have come across at most is in their own blog writing, thank God on his/her own behalf but never claimed to be acting on behalf of a whole gang of members of the DAP. To borrow your favourite words lately, show us where, in which report/article that any of them have done as you alleged (in mob style some more!)? (remember, Christian DAP members or supporters only, non-members are not what you meant)

    1. in English the expressions "hallelujah mob" and your "in mob style" have completely different meanings - I leave that for you to work them out

      see Hannah Yeoh's tweets

  3. “Islam is politics and every Muslim is a politician…. Islam is a way of life or adeen and not merely a religion”. ~ RPK

    True, it is a mistake to think that Islam is a mere religion. Indeed, Islam has a set of goals and values encompassing all aspects of life including social, economic and political.

    However, the detailed rules and regulations regarding social affairs, culture, politics and economics are not found in the Quran. As far as the practical side of the building of the Islamic way of life is concerned, the actual work was entrusted to Prophet Muhammad (saw), and who was guided by Angel Gabriel.

    I have noted that Dr P Ramasamy’s reaction to Zakir Naik has been characterised not only by his anger and deeply felt feeling of public insult, but also by an inner feeling of hurt. Personally, I feel that there is a genuine resentment, and thus, as a Muslim I should at least understand his feelings, even if I do not want to support his cause/faith.

    As I have expressed earlier, in my honest opinion, Zakir Naik’s unpleasant polemic perpetuates hostility. The unrestrained hostility in some, if not all, of his talks, has reinforced the Non-Muslim’s perception that his/her religion/race is not tolerated and that his/her presence in this “Islamic” country/world is not wanted. To make any Non-Muslim felt that way, is not the Islamic way of life.

  4. Never ever trust a f**king blogger when he uses religion in his campaigning, even if he claims to be an atheist himself.

  5. KT has quoted passages from the bible in his ranting but I can't recall him using them to support his assertions.