Sunday, April 10, 2016

Recalcitrant no more

I wanted to laugh but instead tears fell in my heart
Then I wanted to cry yet couldn't help but ponder
Of sweet irony in an once arrogant pride torn apart
We can only view his humiliation with pitiful wonder

Once he walked in the corridors of unbridled power
And subjugated even the most highborn to his will
T'was said that many before him were seen to cower
Then when he passed by, even more stood very still

Seen as one who's never wrong in all his decisions
His stately words were considered as precious gold
Countless were ooh’s & aah’s wrapping his visions
But they're all gone now, as the new 'truths' unfold

O How the mighty has fallen, his weapons perished
In his distressed call of help to one so hated before
How he allows his own maruah* to be so diminished
With a sad silent cry that he’s recalcitrant no more

* self-respect, dignity


  1. PJK would have forgiven him too....more than he'll ever forgive Hawkey...

  2. O.. it is mirage
    His large confidence destroyed
    His moral influence
    once that is so full of promise.. lose its appeal
    His power
    once that is so great
    has weakened
    His foe reinvigorated
    to emerge
    much strengthened
    The mirage fading
    returns to
    inconsequential isolation

  3. The one you want to laugh at may very well have the last laugh...