Sunday, April 24, 2016

Half-past -six Harapan cooperation in Sarawak

FMT reported: PKR deputy president says "give them a chance to discuss" after pressure from DAP for Sarawak PKR to back down.

Once I wrote of MCA and Gerakan being acrimonious half brothers who were set upon each other by UMNO to enervate Chinese Malaysian political representation and thus power. 

Well, PKR and DAP are similar half brothers, but they don't require UMNO to egg them on. 

PKR is notorious by its record for its ketuanan (among Pakatan) mentality which incidentally also equates to an avaricious gluttony on the issue of seat grabbing.

In the last Sarawak state election it pre-emtively sapu 52 seats out of the state's max of 71 but subsequently due to its "generous" nature, claimed only 49 out of the 71 seats, leaving 22 to be shared among DAP, PAS and SNAP. PKR even showed its fangs when SNAP wanted more.

Padan muka it won only 3 out of 49, whilst DAP won 13 out of 15 it contested, wakakaka.

I see the current sad situation for Pakatan in Sarawak as nothing more than a bloody hard-cop-soft-cop sandiwara among the trio of Azmin Ali, Baru Bian and Boniface, the last who dramatically "resigned" from the party as a so-called protest against DAP ketuanan, playing, I suspect, a bizarre game of victimhood in favour of PKR.

I speculate Boniface will "return" to PKR after the elections.

But true to form, PKR still wants the same old formula of grabbing as many as possible in the stupid hope it might win a few, hence it has once again seized the lion's share of state seats to contest.

I strongly recommend that DAP also contests in Batu Kitang if PKR plays them out.


To confirm my suspicion, read Malaysiakini's Did Azmin sidestep party decision, authorise 3-cornered fights? The latest news article tells us:

S'WAK POLLS PKR deputy president Azmin Ali was alleged to have authorised Sarawak state chief Baru Bian to issue appointment letters to the candidates of the five contentious seats. This is according to a party source.

This was against the decision of party presidential council, which only authorised 35 candidates to stand in the May 7 state election.

This may see three-cornered fights in five state seats -Tasik Biru, Mambong, Simanggang, Bukit Semuja and Mulu - where DAP will field candidates.

"Azmin gave the impression to the state PKR that he could push it at the central level to allow three-cornered fights with DAP in Sarawak," said the source.

He then claimed both Azmin and party vice-president Tian Chua instigated Sarawak PKR to take a hardline stand with the excuse that this would force the party and DAP to re-open negotiations.

But it was Azmin who sealed the final deal with DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng on April 7, said the source on condition of anonymity.

"And he signed it," said the source, providing Malaysiakini a document that allegedly carried Azmin's signature.

According to the document, Azmin had "agreed in principle" to have eight seats, including the contentious seats, given to DAP.

They are Senadin, Mulu, Tasik Biru, Simanggang, Mambong, Bukit Semuja, Ngemah and Murum.

Five seats - Batu Kitang, Marudi, Machan, Layar, Belaga - were given to PKR.

The source claimed that Wan Azizah was never involved in the seat negotiations as alleged.

"Sarawak PKR was misled into believing that DAP tricked the party and Wan Azizah would yield under pressure," he asserted.

"Well, the ones leading the negotiation were Azmin, party vice-president Tian Chua and Baru himself," he said.

Meanwhile a DAP leader also slammed Chua, who he claimed had pushed the survey initially, and now they refused to honour it.

"He pushed for a survey to compare PKR and DAP. Now, that they had lost the survey badly, they refused to honour the deal," he said.

Azmin Ali and Tian Chua have a lot to answer for this!

Read also my 2008 post PKR and its arrogant tokong about a SNAKE in PKR.

I'm a Chinese 'CHUA' wakakaka


  1. Anwar kicked Azmin by the wayside in favor of Khalid,not once but twice.

    Tian Chua is a political clown.If he ever had the guts to stand against a DAP guy,this useless good for nothing ball carrier,will fall flat on his face in a pool of shit.

    1. wakakaka, bruno matey, I've to say you have very colourful expressions

  2. Both Sarawak DAP and Sarawak PKR are loose cannons, almost rogue operators.

    I don't think it is right to blame one side only.

    Some months ago Sarawak DAP already declared that as far as they are concerned, there is no alliance with PKR in Sarawak state. So the current dispute is no surprise at all.

  3. bn will win at least 70 seats. 1 mdb has no impact on bujang senang..

  4. WTF....PKR wants so many seats, but let BN have 2 seats walkover......
    1 PKR candidate no-sow
    1 found to be a bankrupt, so disqualified from standing./..


    A large portion of Sarawak voters don't even have a bank account.....of course 1MDB is almost meaningless to them...

    A pity....the billions lost through 1MDB impacts everybody, but it is most unfair to the poor, who could have benefitted more from the funds that otherwise went to bailout 1MDB....

    Why couldn't the Government in the first place sell TRX by open international tender, then the funds raised could have gone directly to development.

    Instead the sale of the Crown Jewels went roundabout way , to pay 1MDB's debt....WTF...