Monday, April 18, 2016

Not just Melayu but also Mumbai-Mamak mudah lupa

Ramesh Rajaratnam of Malaysiakini went to listen to as well as observe Dr Zakir Naik at his evangelistic session at Bukit Jalil, KL, and also to ask 3 questions of the preacher.

I doubt that but then Dr Zakir 'knows' everything 

T'was not a very complimentary report by Ramesh - but one could of course argue Ramesh being a non-Muslim is biased and thus would be so. But then, on that same token or rather its obverse side, we could argue the oo's and ah's and praises plenty for Dr Zakir would only be from Muslims, wakakaka.

Though Ramesh wanted to ask 3 questions, he was only allowed one, and one which Zakir Naik could not answer fully.

When Ramesh showed skepticism at Dr Zakir's seemingly glib and substanceless answer, dropping god's name as if that was intellectually good enough, Dr Zakir suddenly decided to take a break, wakakaka, promising to answer Ramesh's question fully when he returned, but alas, it was not only Melayu but also a Mumbai-Mamak who mudah lupa, wakakaka. On his return, he didn't complete his answer nor allow Ramesh to continue with his two other questions, wakakaka.

As Ramesh reported: Then he realised that I wasn't buying it and he took a "thirst quenching" break. While at that, he had a quick chat with the master of ceremonies (MC) who then told the audience that Zakir will come back to respond to my question No 2.

For all the others before me, the MC allowed two to three questions per person but my turn was the ONLY time Zakir [took] the break and further, the MC refused to let me ask the other two questions (I'm guessing that he suspected that they would be just as difficult for Zakir to answer).

So I'm convinced that he can only match his narrative prowess against people who are less knowledgeable than him


Read Ramesh's full report here and judge for yourself.

Somehow I am reminded of one particular (very popular) TV so-called psychic who claimed he could contact people's departed relatives.

The TV psychic would ask several questions of a selected member of the audience, usually one very emotional and given easily to tears. His questions were designed to elicit the desired information so he (the psychic) could use those details to carry on as if he was in contact with the dearly departed.

And whoa man, he has 'minders' (tough-looking blokes) who ensure any too-inquisitive reporters or 'difficult' members of the audience were barred/silenced from asking too many questions.

But what I find far more interesting was one of Ramesh's unasked questions - unasked because as mentioned above, Dr Zakir having being unable to answer the first one satisfactorily (other than saying it was god's words, as if that was sufficient to be excused from explaining his evangelistic arguments), avoided Ramesh thereafter, wakakaka.

Yes, of his two unasked questions, the one I am interested in is as follows (as Ramesh had hoped to ask Dr Zakir):

Can you explain why, if Islam is supportive of it’s ummah, (Surah 3:103), why is it that five of the wealthiest Muslim countries (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar) have not taken in a SINGLE Syrian refugee whereas the kafir countries led by Germany are the biggest recipients? This is from the official records of United Nations.


By the by, during the aftermath of the Boxing Day tsunami some Arab nations ignored or gave very pathetic amount in aid to their Muslim brethren in devastated Indonesia in shameful comparison to Christian infidels like American Sandra Bullock (US$1 million as an individual) and German Michael Schumacher (US$10 million - ten million also
 as an individual), more than the nation of Kuwait's initial offer.

A Lebanese news media reported that some muftis in the Gulf countries claimed the SE Asian Muslims were divinely punished for their sins, presumably as an indirect excuse for their nations' very shameful apathetic and pathetic response to their supposed Muslim Brethren in Aceh, etc.

By staggering contrast, after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans those Muslim Arabs gave hundreds and hundreds of millions in American dollars (eg. Kuwait gave US$500 million) to the USA  - I wonder whether they also sucked the infidels' dicks?

Can we then assume that was because those Gulf Arabs considered the New Orleaneans were without sin, or in their Muslim eyes, their Allah swt wasn't angry with those Americans as He was with Indonesian Muslims. Or perhaps they found Yankee dicks tasted better?

Incidentally, as neighbourly aid post tsunami, infidel kaffir Australia gave Indonesia AUD$1 billion, yes I Billion Ozzie dollars.

Blast my Christian friends who had always fought with me over choice pieces of bah-kut-teh during our many marvellous weekend suppers in KL - I wish I have seen this lesson by Dr Zakir long ago

Oh, incidentally, after Dr Zakir's evangelistic session, as Ramesh was leaving the stadium, he said: "... one plainclothes policeman approached me and took down my particulars. He said it was just for record only. I didn't think it was in my interest to make a fuss and so I gave him the details. I think the system was telling me not to push the envelope further" ...

... not unlike the TV psychic's 'minders', wakakaka.

BTW, do you recall how, according to my assessment, Dr Zakir Naik chickened out of a debate with DCM II of Penang Dr Ramasamy? Please read my post
Malaysian politics - Talk softly, talk loudly, talk nastily! in which I had written (reproduced below for convenient perusal):


In the last case, what Malay Mail Online has reported seems to show that the Mumbai-based Islamic TV evangelist or rather his supporters takut ler (scared), wakakaka.

Read this MM Online report:

Indian Muslim preacher Dr Zakir Naik is prepared to accept Dr P. Ramasamy’s debate challenge on condition that the Penang Deputy Chief Minister II gets at least 20,000 people to attend his own (Rama's) ceramah first, organisers said.

Abu Shariz Sarajun Hoda, programme director for Dr Naik’s Tour to Malaysia 2016, also told Malay-language broadsheet Utusan Malaysia that he did not want Ramasamy to debate with the Mumbai-based televangelist just to be popular.
“If Ramasamy wants to debate with Dr Zakir, at the very least, he needs to be at the same level as his proteges first.

“If he wants to debate, Dr Zakir has six proteges in Malaysia. Maybe he can challenge them first and see if there are issues which can be brought forth and defended, only then can he think about debating our teacher,” Abu Shariz was quoted saying.

Aiyoyo and to boot, very karn-neen-nare ler, Abu Shariz is very Tionghua in his arguments, pushing the ancient Chinese kungfu insulting and play-safe formula of "You're not my sifu's equal lah, so tiu nei, you go fight with his disciples first before talking big. Tiu!"

"And see whether you can even get nor-baan lang to attend your own ceramah before you smell my sifu's toes. Tiu."



  1. The Malays are the majority race in Malaysia.Umno,a race base Malay political party,almost totally or in fact fully control all the public institutions in the country.So,what the fuck do the Malays need an outsider to teach them what to do?

    PKR,the sapu taxi and led spreading operator is going to screw up the Sarawak state elections again.These guys kept screwing up because they are in the leg spreading business?It is better they all gathered inside a room and screw each other up.

  2. The KLIA Airport Hotel is called the Sama-Sama Hotel.

    My thoughts on reading Ktemoc's opinion on Zakar Naik is "Sama-Sama-lah"....

    1. you're like your predecessor namesake, wakakaka, more interested in getting poor kaytee than anyone else, wakakaka again - keep trying and one day you may succeed but until then you've been quite pathetic in your numerous efforts, wakakaka a 3rd time

  3. The substance of the Surah 3:103 is to hold fast together to the religion of Allah and be not divided. This surah is actually a reminder from Allah on the condition and state of the Arabs before the advent of Islam. During that era, there were a lot of fighting and bloodshed among the Kabilah i.e. the different group of Arab communities or families. In fact the entire Arab race is on the verge of destroying themselves. It was at this juncture that Prophet Muhammad/Islam came and saved./unified the Arab race.

    Today the Arabs are gradually plunging back to their former state before Islam. They are now divided predominantly between Wahabi/Salafi sect and Shia sect. Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar are mostly Wahabi/Salafi, whilst Shia is most numerous in Iran. Iran is currently striving to expand its Shia swathe to Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

    The current Syrian President, Assad and many of his supporters/followers are from the Alawite sect, which is part of the Shia group. The Hezebollah, who is trained by the Iranians, is supporting and fighting for Assad. They send thousands of Shia seasoned fighters, backed by Iran of course, to support Assad’s army. They believe that the Syrian rebels who are intolerant to others’ religious views are a threat to both Muslims and Christians in the Middle East.

    The Hezbollah branded the Syrian rebels as terrorist or takfirist (or IS or DAESH by the West. The West is supporting President Assad, i.e. Hezebollah( and Iran) against the IS/DAESH. Saudi Arabia is apparently seen to be backing IS. Malaysia, yours truly inclusive, does not support IS or DAESH or SHIA.

    Is it a holy war? Is it an ideological war? It does matter. The crux of the matter is the Muslims, especially, in the Middle East are not unified and they a destroying and killing each other, so to speak. They are too engrossed in forming separate fatwas and teachings around trivial and subsidiary and superfluous and insignificant questions that they have lost the true message and mission of Islam.

    From my readings, Dr Zakir Naik is with the Saudi Arabians. Perhaps and I guess, he may be preparing his platform for his own prophethood. I do not know whether he thinks he is the anticipated Imam Mahadi. He got a MBBS degree from University of Mumbai. Did he study religion in Madinah or Mekah or Al Azhar?

  4. below is the english translation of the verse in question;

    And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided. And remember the favor of Allah upon you - when you were enemies and He brought your hearts together and you became, by His favor, brothers. And you were on the edge of a pit of the Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus does Allah make clear to you His verses that you may be guided

    apa itu the rope of allah, is it alquran or islam? if it is the scripture, then all muslims have been reading, following, practising & referring to the same 114 chapters of the book and yet masih berperang & berbunuhan sesama sendiri.


    Zakir Naik is a voice of moderation.

    1. And ktemoc finally masuk Islam.......hahahaha

    2. Nah, you can't "Potong" something that wasn't there in the first place....wakakakakaka...

    3. wakakaka, your immaturity and wilful recklessness exceed even those of looes74