Monday, April 11, 2016

Private announcement for public (2)

FMT - Police to monitor school to prevent racist fights (extracts):

GEORGE TOWN: A secondary school in Simpang Ampat, near Nibong Tebal, will be monitored by the police following racial issues that cropped up at the school that made headlines recently.

Deputy Education Minister P. Kamalanathan said a request was made to the police by his ministry to keep racially-charged gang fights in the school from happening again. [...]
[Penang] Deputy Chief Minister P. Ramasamy, also DAP assemblyman for Perai had demanded that the racially-charged fights be investigated immediately.

He had said the school’s principal and her senior assistant were purported to have stoked racial tension with remarks during the school assembly after the fights took place.

He said they had been alleged to have said there was “no place for Indians in this school” and that Indian pupils were told not to pick fights with pupils of other races.

Ramasamy also called on authorities to reinstate two students who were wrongfully expelled over the fight.

He claimed the victims were suspended from school while the assailants got away scot-free.

To this, Kamalanathan said the expelled students could appeal to have them reinstated.

On Ramasamy’s call to have the headmistress and her senior deputy to be let go, Kamalanathan said it was not possible.

He said the two were found to have done nothing wrong.

“Who is Ramasamy to call the shots?We cannot punish people if there is no wrongdoing."

We have already transferred them. Now, we have to find solutions and not to be dictated by someone else,” he said.

Dei YB, if they have done no wrong, why transfer them?

Would it be because there is an issue of national sovereignty? Wakakaka.


  1. The students who were expelled had been found to have instigated the violence and came back later outside the school for revenge.

    The Headmistress and the Deputy did nothing wrong in penalising the group who had started and continued the violence.

    They were transferred , without other penalty, to cool down the situation after Opposition politicians had stirred this into a racial incident.

    Ramasamy should not simply try to make this into a racial accusation against the school authorities.

  2. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.

    The photo of Kamalanathan's obeisance to Then-UMNO Numero Dos (Number two) encapsulates MIC's status in the BN pecking order.
    Very lowly and humble indeed.

    It also defines how Master Race-warriors expect the Indian community to keep to their "proper position" in the scheme of things.

  3. Hey,do not forget that this Kamalanathan is the guy that kissed Mr Moo's hand.Do anybody even think that he got the balls to fire someone,especially if that someone belongs to Mr Moo's Malay first,Malaysian second's race?Hehehe.