Saturday, April 23, 2016

Selangoreans dismayed with Azmin Ali

Canst thou, O partial sleep, give thy repose
To the wet sea-boy in an hour so rude,
And in the calmest and most stillest night,
With all appliances and means to boot,
Deny it to a king? Then happy low, lie down!
Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.

- W Shakespeare (Henry IV, Part 2, Act III, Scene 1)

From FMT (extracts):

When Selangor MB Azmin Ali took power after a protracted struggle with his predecessor, Khalid Ibrahim, he promised he would get down to brass tacks and work for the public’s benefit.

He gave out his number so that people could inform him of unsightly garbage dumps and promised that the people would be heard over the Kidex issue.

He was young, energetic, the right hand man of Anwar Ibrahim himself, and much was expected of him by the people of Selangor who, by the way, had voted in Khalid’s administration, not Azmin’s.

And yet, Selangor’s forest reserves keep getting degazetted to make way for more and more highways in defiance of the public’s deep resentment.

Selangorians have long objected to the destruction of our forests for the benefit of state coffers. And now the Bukit Cherakah and Bukit Sungei Puteh reserves have been identified for degazetting to make way for the Damansara-Shah Alam and the Sungei Besi-Ulu Kelang highways. This is despite Pakatan’s and Azmin’s noises about “no more highways”.

Despite years of widespread and vocal opposition to new highways, Selangor is criss-crossed with them and residents are beginning to get irritated with Azmin. [...]

Azmin has not been performing satisfactorily as our Menteri Besar for quite some time now. After a great start, he went back to business as usual. He had better be careful if he wants to continue sitting in his cushy chair.

Selangorians are the most informed of Malaysians. We are also the most demanding.

When we don’t want something to happen, we are not afraid to let you know. Azmin’s affiliation to PKR cannot help him if he is judged as wanting by the people of Selangor.

We’ll give him the boot if we have too.

Khir Toyo received laughs instead of sympathy when he pleaded with the people for mercy, and the same can happen to Azmin if he refuses to listen and then come crawling back in two years’ time to ask for our votes.

Engage us, Azmin, and find a way to work with us or face the possibility of losing your seat come GE14.

It's easy to talk boastful cock when one's not in the seat of responsibility (not just power and authority).

So here's a man who had the cheek to criticize Lim Guan Eng for being compelled to remove the rebellious PKR ADUN in Penang from positions of responsibility in the state. When a state government ADUN cannot or refuse to support his/her own government's administrative policies on development, especially by sneaky ambush, then there can be no place for such recalcitrant treacherous members.

Make no mistake, Heavy is the head that wears the political crown.


  1. on going back on his promise when he started to wear the political crown, makes him a liar. no? doesn't this man got conscience? no he doesn't! resignation? no lah.. far from it. never crosses his mind even? well, the poor rakyat will still sleep well, whilst he who wears the political crown will not be able to sleep until the political crown crashes to his feet.

  2. Environmental degradation occurs everywhere, certainly in Selangor.
    I am a Selangor resident. I would say the environmental governance in Selangor is not bad, there are far worse.

    Compare to the wholesale rape of hillsides and seashore in Penang. It is worse now than it was under Koh Tsu Koon.

    Its all about politics for DAPsters. Ktemoc just brushes aside the rampant destruction of seashore ecology in Penang by saying "reclamation is beneficial".
    Did you know that most of the fish in the sea return close to the tidal zone of the seashore to spawn and lay their eggs ? That is exactly the zone that Penang is rapidly destroying, to allow developers to build their luxury projects.

    When the Bukit Botak developer was fined RM 30,000 for the illegal destruction of a hilltop, insiders in the construction industry laughed out aloud. The profits from just one of the Bungalow units the developer was building would have been more than enough to cover the fine. It pays for a developer to flout the law in Penang. There were many more administrative penalties which would really make the developer regret their destructive action, which Penang State Government declined to take because Tokong is in the Developer's pockets.

    1. aren't you doing EXACTLY what you've accused me of doing, sweepin party alleged sins under the carpet?

      land reclamation was already instituted during BN days yet there was hardly a pip or squeak of protests from PKR or the great Anwar and Wan Azizah, both being MPs for Permatang Pauh the constituency opposite teh reclamation area

      fines for errant developers are governed by legislation, not governmental discretion

    2. I can't comment on project approvals made more than 15 years ago, but that is certainly relevant to recent events.

      The 5 PKR ADUNs did not want to be complicit in silence over the Rape of Penang seashore ecology - during their term, all in the name of the Party Line.

      On the contrary, environmental concerns are now recognised in both UK and Australia as matters of conscience.

      In the UK Parliament, some Conservative MPs have defied their Party Whip over the issue of Fracking .

      This was in the days when oil was more than $ 100 per barrel, and energy companies were hungrily demanding rights to drill every where.

    3. bullshit, they deliberately remained quiet during coalition discussion, giving the impression they consented to a joint pakatan consensual stand, but ambushed LGE in the Dun, their machiavellian aim all along.

      in the uk, the disagreement was in openness right from the very beginning, not those pkr's nasty stealthy stab in the back for lge on a 'dark and stormy night'

  3. To illustrate just how completely Penang under Lim Guan Eng's DAP is now in the Developer's pocket.

    "MBPP, in its appeal against the stay order, submitted that the board did not have the power to grant stay orders. It also argued that the board did not need to take public interest into account when making such decisions."

    If you left out the date and the context of the news, you would likely have thought this was the action of a corrupt BN administration, in cahoots with crony developers....

    No....this is Lim Guan Eng DAP-controlled Penang.

    The current Penang State government thinks Planning Appeals Board is just a mere rubber stamp .

    1. if we read the news in its entirety (instead of your cherry picking of selected passages) we would see that notwithstanding the stupid statement of the MPPP, there was due process at its best in penang, with the penang appeals board remaining supreme