Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Too many Chiefs

PM Najib is the principal target of many, not least Mahathir. But if Najib is succeessfully removed, deposed, rid of, then who replaces him on the 'morning after'?

In a previous post Deposing Najib - what's & where's the plan after? I illustrated the tragic example of Libya, on which President Obama of the USA admitted that Anglo-French and American lack of planning of the 'morning after' resulted in the chaotic mess that is Libya today.

I lamented that the members of the newly formed 'Save Malaysia' (or 'Save Mahathir') Front in failing to plan for the 'morning after', though mind you, we know everyone in that Front has their own private and individual plan for it, and precisely because of their private and very divergent agenda and PM-candidate, are merely sweeping unresolved vital matters under the carpet, hoping against impossible hope these matters will magically disappear.

But a nasty 'Libya' awaits them, that is, if they ever deposed Najib (as well as Zahid, wakakaka). Their immediate avaricious obsession (falling prey to the machinations of a very Machiavellian manipulator) has been so great as to override commonsense and reasonable strategic thinking.

Some of my readers dismissed my caution, claiming Malaysia is a world of difference from Libya and that with Najib gotten rid of, the system of government as operated by our institutions continues seamlessly.

So does that mean Ahmad Zahid Hamidi becomes PM?

Zaid Ibrahim thought so, and even asked that dear Zahid be given a chance to show his mettle.

But aiyoyo, a resounding chorus of nay's rang loudly after Zaid's proposal. Leading the nay-sayers has been Mahathir who tellingly said, as reported by FMT that Zahid "... would be an unworthy candidate for the prime minister’s seat and has 'nowhere to go' from his present post as deputy prime minister."

Oh oh oh, so there, according to the man who considers Najib as 'HIS' (and not AAB's) successor, it'll not only be Najib to be removed but also Zahid to be disallowed/disqualified from the PM post. Now, didn't I just hear about Malaysia being richly endowed with 'institutions' which would ensure the passing of the PM-baton would be smoothly executed?

OK then, if Najib goes, and Zahid is veto-ed out of the equation by the self-appointed Emperor of Bolehland, who then takes over as PM?

Hishamuddin? No way, says His Most Imperial Majestic Majesty.

BTW DAP, Amanah, PAS can all stop salivating as there'll be a snowflake's chance in hell of any of their members becoming PM. Note I haven't included PKR in the preemptive wipe-out, wakakaka.

Then what about Anwar Ibrahim, who I'm sure, as one already recommended for the Nobel Prize (on the basis he's an Amnesty International's prisoner of conscience, as have been many dozens more), will be warmly welcomed by his supporters and family as a fantastic PM candidate. But alas too, he won't and never ever will be approved by you-know-who.

That leaves Azmin Ali and Mukhriz, who may well be the Emperor's proposed PM and DPM to please both BN and Pakatan, a win-win for all especially Mahathir. The couple can become Mahathir's 3rd and 4th successors.

[Muhyiddin can be the bridesmaid to the new couple above, or/and Ambassador to the Republic of Nauru, while Nurul Izzah may well be appointed as Ambassador to Pakistan]

But wait, we spy that from the left field lurks the best PM we didn't have and may yet possibly have, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah - for more read Malaysia-Today's Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah's Saturday Dose Of Bullshit.

If true, then to paraphrase Alexander Pope, 'Hope springs eternal in his breast'.

Ain't there just too many Chiefs to be considered for the PM post once Najib is removed? But where then are the Indians, very few as they might be? I heard they, it would seem, prefer to frequent the Backyard Pub in Bangsar rather than offer themselves as PM candidates, wakakaka.


  1. don't tell me you are another one of those who bought into the propaganda that no one is capable of replacing bijan
    let me put it in another perspective, what leadership quality has bijan demonstrated thus far that a rest room janitor is not capable of doing with an entourage of advisors and consultants with a few sycophants thrown in
    i'll tell you what the janitor is not prone of doing, lie with a straight face, if he runs out of toilet rolls, he'll just says so
    did badawi's transition turn our country into libya?

    1. where is it that I have said Najib can't be replaced? Mana? please don't put words in my mouth

      my post is about the refusal, evasion, and tap dancing to avoid naming an agreed PM replacement, even though (as mentioned) each and every signatory to the 'Save Malaysia' campaign knows exactly who he/she wants as PM, but is studiously avoiding the issue, in the futile hope things will somehow work out after Najib has been deposed, and that's when chaos and more nasty things will occur a la 'Libya'

    2. p/s in badawi's case the named replacement was najib, wakakaka

      thus let's name najib's replacement - apa takut lah?

    3. Yes, indeed. Is anyone (other than Zaid) dare to name a candidate for PM after Najib? No pussyfooting around with "ahs" and "buts" and "ohs". Name the candidate that is acceptable by ALL (okay lah, give you chance, a 2/3-majority of "Save Malaysia" signatories). Just the name, Thank you.

  2. the simple rule is for the eldest chief to put fear and grief in all his indians first. provoke them to go to war and conquest. as a tribute to the eldest chief, the eldest chief will be the chief attendant to select and appoint a new chief. those who wants to be chief but did not become chief will be given other rewards and treasures. other indians keep them drunk and to go for other wars and conquests.

    to conquest what fear? what grief? hasn't a minister from the country of prophet muhammad s.a.w. said the case is considered closed? it is a big sin to tell a lie.

    trx and bandar malaysia would generate a gross development value of rm190 billion. the oil price is moving upwards. the ringgit is trading at 3.90.

    are the chiefs and indians drunk..numb..and dumb?

    hang on pm najib. you will be the chief.. and your deputy chief will be next chief...god willing.

    1. The issue is not the Gross Development value of TRX and Bandar Malaysia.
      Even if the Gross Development value is RM 500 Billion (which it is not) the illegal diversion of funds into the Fake account is a severe crime, and must be punished.

      Al-Naji El-Bogus ibn Bugis, and no one else on the 1MDB Board of Advisors, no one else on the Board of Directors, authorised it.

      The facts are clear: US$3.51 billion = RM 14.72 Billion was paid to Aabar Investment Ltd BVI, a Fake, Bogus-subsidiary of Abu Dhabi-owned and London Stock Exchange-listed IPIC.

    2. In regard to IPIC / 1MDB there is still a grace period to resolve who pays the interest i.e. either IPIC or 1MDB. 1MDB is a position to cover the interest payment.

      In regard to your accusation of the grand theft, we have to prove whether there was and who did it?

      If someone had raped your daughter you can't blame the father and the whole family and treat them like dirt, can you?

    3. It is far too late to pretend the Grand Theft did not occur.

      The PAC, quoting the Auditor General's report stated they are unable to proof who is the owner of Aabar Investment Ltd BVI.

      Last week IPIC officially declared to the London Stock Exchange that Aabar Investment Ltd BVI, is not their subsidiary, and has nothing to do with them.

      This week IPIC officially declared to the London Stock Exchange that they never received any purported payments of US$3.51 billion = RM 14.72 Billion from 1MDB and/or the Malaysian Government. Therefore the 1MDB rescue contract between IPIC and 1MDB is broken.

      As to who did it, maybe the Tea Lady or the Cleaner at 1MDB authorised it. But I saw clearly somebody else signature there..

    4. circumstantial.. not conclusive

    5. To revisit your analogy of the daughter getting raped....
      If the father left the front door unlocked I would certainly blame the father.
      If the father received "donations" originating from the rapist, and spent the money on holidays in Italy with the Mother, the Father and Mother are worst than the filthiest Dirt.

  3. What do you do with a Chief who has been plundering big time the tribe's winter stores ?

    Simply answering that the previous Chief also plundered from the tribe's stores does not get us any where.
    The Current Chief is the Current Problem.

  4. Wakakaka.......... it is a big sin to tell a lie.

    It's alright if those are small little lies lah ......

    First it was don't know how to answer because can't tell the truth lah so kept quiet for a long time

    Then it was a political donation to help "the world owes them a living people" to keep out the DAP from winning the GE 13

    Then it was a royal donation for recognition of his contribution in promoting moderate "Religion" and rejecting the terrorists

    Then from one donor to another, some more DPM had personally met with him also or so he declared or "swore"?

    And all of a sudden the money was returned !!!

    Despite all the numbers also do not add up, 2.6 lah, 4b lah, 700 million lah whatever whatever lah. Really See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil when it comes to my people but on the other hand ........ you know what I mean.

    1. hold back your wakakaka.. let the truth prevails first.. then only you wakakaka.. in the meantime kita makan kuachi dulu lah.. wakakaka

    2. Wakakaka........ my brain must be degenerating, oh dear poor me. In my lowly opinion, the political donation and the royal donation must be 2 different things altogether, therefore if political donation is truth then royal donation must be a lie, or vice versa. No !!!

    3. it is a donation.. political or social or personal is a subjective criteria

    4. Wakakaka ......... however one twist, political donation, royal "reward" for recognition of works, Arab government (donor 1), Arab royalty (donor 2), they are all mutually exclusive. If A is truth then B,C,D are lies, if B is truth A,C,D are lies etc etc, criteria or no criteria. I rest my case, wakakaka

    5. This is a very current topic, since it is Income Tax season right now, and everybody who has an income in 2015 has to declare their income.

      Social and Personal donations are taxable, unless you are an organisation approved by LHDN.
      You, me, (Ktemoc - I'm not sure about Australian regulations) , Najib are all subject to the Same Law.

      Any inward payments we receive , if we don't declare, Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri will be after you for tax evasion.

      To be eligible for Tax-free status, you must be registered and approved as a Non-Taxable entity with LHDN , usually charitable, non-profit or religious organisations.

      The receiver does not need to pay tax, the giver is allowed deduction from Taxable income.

      Show us the LHDN approval for al-Naji el-Bogus as a Charitable organisation.

      The Saudis did not say it is a political donation, and the money was not paid to UMNO. Who is to say it is a political donation ?

    6. ok granted. we shall leave that expertise to lhdn.

      in addition, to include 2301 malaysian individuals and corporations mentioned in the secret list of the panama paper with assets totalling trillion of dollars. but of course most are nons.

      imagine if they bring back all their liquid assets to this country.. 1mdb didn't have to borrow those billion of dollars from overseas. we just use our internal funding... there will be lots of savings..

    7. Perhaps, there will be no IPIC or Good Star Limited or Aabar or Sovereign/Government Guarantees or Comfort Letter or BVI Offshore Banks or complicated web of Stand-By Letter of Credits, and many other financial instruments!

  5. http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/338486

    Christopher Mueller, probably the first person in decades to attempt to run MAS as a lean and ethical airline, burns out within 1 year.

    I propose they appoint Arul Kanda as the next MAS CEO. He certainly knows how to make things work , with Boleh-land standard integrity, or rather lack of it.

  6. If Najib ceases to be PM for whatever reason, health, political, criminal etc, there exists protocol / tradition involving the next-in-line, nomination, support of dewan, Agung discretion etc as mentioned by commentators in your previous posting.

    It is not the prerogative of Mahathir, Zaid, Ambiga, NGOs etc to decide this. They don't need to nominate the successor. Zahid cannot take over just because Mahathir said so? It is UMNO which will nominate the successor's name to the Agung for his approval.

    Even if some lame person took over, Malaysia is not going the Libya way.

    Abdullah was a "sleeping" PM, and yet Malaysia still carried on. Zahid's tough macho character is better than Abdullah's for firm leadership.

    Regarding 1MDB:
    From recent revelations, the following diversion of 1MDB money to unintended receipients are as follows:

    1) US$700 million / RM2.7 billion : - Good Star Limited
    2) US$3.51 billion / RM14 billion : - IPIC- fake Aabar

    That's about RM17 billion, and is no small hole in the RM42 billion of 1MDB total investment. And they say that 1MDB books are balanced, with surplus cash etc.

    How did they cover the RM17 billion hole?

  7. Looks like the cybertroopers are trying hard to avoid the hard & pertinent question of this post. Trying diversionary tactics in conversation is one thing. Written text is another animal you will need to deal with. Hehehehe! (my way, tq)

  8. Really cheapskate bird brain diversion story. Fact is if want to sapu free money (not worked for and didn't sweat for it) it doesn't matter whether there is money or not in the country.

    Buy prime land from government (read belongs to the rakyat) at under valued price (pointed out by TP in 2011 long before the scandal news broke out now). Pledge the land for 3 times the cost of purchase. Take the money pretending to invest in some dubious foreign company. Money then go round the world and end up in someone pocket. And dubious foreign company dissolved. Sell land at yet higher value to pay off the 1st borrowing (and still end up with some balance money and friends here start cheering the Chief Adviser is a brilliant businessman). In effect it means money stolen from the rakyat (all money derived from the land with no added value put in and some money ended up in someone pocket) So the whole incident did not depend on whether 2301 Malaysian individuals and corporations mentioned in the secret list of the panama paper with their liquid assets in the country or not. There is absolutely no link, totally no connection at all, agree? So don't talk 3 talk 4 lah.

  9. According to the Constitution and tradition, it is the Agong's prerogative and discretion to choose the next PM, and likely he will pick Zahid if Najib goes. How does Mahathir, Zaid, Save Malaysia, Libya come into the picture?

    1) Constitution of Malaysia
    Article 40.
    (2) The Yang di-Pertuan Agong may act in his discretion in
    the performance of the following functions, that is to say:
    (a) the appointment of a Prime Minister; ...
    Article 43
    43. (1) The Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall appoint a Jemaah
    Menteri (Cabinet of Ministers) to advise him in the exercise of his
    (2) The Cabinet shall be appointed as follows, that is to say:
    (a) the Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall first appoint as Perdana
    Menteri (Prime Minister) to preside over the Cabinet
    a member of the House of Representatives who in his
    judgment is likely to command the confidence of the
    majority of the members of that House; ...

    2) Extracts from article in the Star "Appointment of Prime Minister"
    In the appointment of a PM, his support in the Dewan Negara is irrelevant. His party’s or coalition’s total popular vote at the elections does not count. It is his seats in the Dewan Rakyat that determine the King’s choice. Some factors that may trigger the King’s personal discretion are as follows:

    Death or illness of the PM: If a vacancy arises in the office of the PM due to death or illness (as happened on the demise of Tun Razak in January 1976), the proper course for the monarch would be to wait for the ruling party or coalition to choose its new leader.

    However, His Majesty may elevate the Deputy to the top post right away without waiting for the party leadership decision.

  10. Zahid Hamidi is DA MAN to replace Al-Naji El-Bogus ibn Bugis if it occurs before the next GE....

    Not that I like it, but that is the reality, and also Constitutionally correct.

    In fact Zahid has been steadily building himself up to be Al-Naji's indispensable crutch.

    At the right moment Zahid will withdraw that crutch, and Al-Naji will be left a fallen Bugis sandwich....and he will have to hand over to Zahid.

    Almost the same as what Al-Naji did to Sleeping Beauty.