Thursday, April 07, 2016

Have Malaysian Islamic officers been Islamic?

Do you remember who Siti Kasim is?

Well, in case you don't and in order to recall who she is, let's go back to early November 2012 and review the 
dastardly awkward situation of Princess Reformasi (the 'so-called', wakakaka) when she was under siege for allegedly expressing her support for freedom of religion for all Malaysians, including Malays, in a forum titled “Islamic state? Which vision? Whose responsibility”?

Sweetie was then reported by FMT as Nurul Izzah backs religious freedom for all in which she had said:

Freedom of religion should be applied equally to everyone in the country including the Malays and that there should be no compulsion in any religion including Islam.

How can anyone say (freedom of religion) only apply to the non-Muslim, it has to be applied equally.

In Quran, there is no specific term to the Malay as how it should be done.

Needless to say, UMNO had then jumped eagerly on her alleged heretical statement, with another sweetie, deputy minister Mashitah Ibrahim out to get her in some legal way, while Dr Mahathir also criticized her for her alleged un-Islamic statement.

A few days later, Tian Chua's Malaysian Chronicle had then came out with an article titled Nurul is an Angel in our midst. Mashitah Ibrahim, you are a spinning pathological liar wakakaka.

I wonder whether the Malaysian Chronicle had upgraded or downgraded Nurul from Princess Reformasi to Angel, wakakaka.

But poor sweetie Nurul was so stressed by the UMNO mob against her that she scurried off to seek help from Dr Asri, while PAS' Dzulkefly Ahmad, then still an MP, was reported by the Malaysian Chronicle (wakakaka) for criticizing sweetie Mashitah Ibrahim as being ‘diabolical’ in attacking sweetie Nurul.

I have to admit Mashitah was/is 'diabolically' good looking, wakakaka.

Now, the person who asked Nurul to clarify the latter's flamboyant statement which led to the alleged controversy was none other than sweetie Siti Kasim, a member of the Bar Council human rights committee and Orang Asli rights advocate.

Subsequently, in the midst of the UMNO-generated brouhaha over Nurul's alleged statement and belakang pusing, Siti said she was disappointed with Nurul for backing away from her statement that freedom of religion was a right for all including the Malay-Muslims. She lamented that Nurul has failed to stand firm on her remark.

Siti Kasim said: “I believe Nurul was just trying to impress the people. She didn't think of the consequences. There’s nothing wrong about it [freedom of religion], she is saying the truth. I expected a hoo-ha after that. But as a politician, you just need to stick to the truth."

"In the following days she ‘retracted’ her remark, and said she did not support apostasy. But indirectly when you say you support freedom of religion, and if Malay wants to get out from Islam, that’s apostasy.”

I had then written: Hmmm, maybe Nurul indeed wanted to impress her audience but alamak, Siti, cut her some slack lah as Nurul is still young and really, a babe in the political woods. Besides, to a Muslim, apostasy is an extremely serious issue, where the punishment could well be death (though of course the authorities won't go to that extent in Malaysia).

Two years later, in March 2014, we heard once again from sweetie Siti. In Malaysiakini's Angry crowd tries to barge into court, a report on the court hearing on the never-ending dispute between the Catholic Church and the Home Ministry, Siti was reported as being present outside the court together with various other mobs, wakakaka, but wearing a striking black T-shirt that bore the words, "Almighty Allah, Allah - Lord of the whole world", and holding a bouquet of chrysanthemums.

Malaysiakini reported: Siti explained that her presence in court along with four others was to show the alternative views of other Malays, those who do not support the use of the word "Allah" as exclusive to Muslims in Malaysia.

Now, while I've been one of the very few (only one?) non-Muslim who refused to support the Church's insistence on using the Allah-word, I saluted Siti for her courage, resolute and personal integrity in holding on to her values, principles and amazing inclusiveness.

I had then stated she has been the real Princess Reformasi.

Sorry Nurul, wakakaka. And sorry too, Mashitah, both of you don't qualify by a zillion kilometres, wakakaka.

Just four days ago, 03 April 2016, JAWI officers raided a dinner party, accusing the organizers for holding a fatwa-prohibited beauty contest.

Said fatwa was apparently gazetted in 1996 prohibiting Muslim women from joining beauty pageants. The fatwa came to light in 2013 when four Muslim contestants were dropped from the Miss Malaysia World 2013 beauty pageant and investigated for breaching the National Fatwa Council’s edict.

My Uncle had a good laugh on reading this as he recalled the days when Harun Idris was MB of Selangor and the organizer of a Miss Universe Malaysia contest in KL. There was a hue and cry about the contestants wearing bikinis so clever Harun had them wearing a sheer transparent nightgown over their bikini-ed bodies which hid nothing and in fact made them look even more alluring, wakakaka. 

Just my usual wee digression at this stage - Today Mariam Mokhtar wrote in FMT's Those who think they hold keys to paradise the following:

Some religious officials make bad preachers. They try to force others to do things against their will and threaten and belittle them.

Sadly, some Muslims would not seek knowledge to verify facts because it is far easier to be told what to do.

A recent article written by Perak Deputy Mufti Zamri Hashim and published in Berita Harian has got a lot of people bristling. Essentially, he said men who “lose control” of their wives and daughters – like allowing them to go out of the house exposing their aurat – are “dayus,” which can be translated as “cuckolds.”

An Islamic scholar who read the article dismissed it as “rubbish, a pack of lies.”

One Muslim woman said Zamri was being irresponsible, encouraging men to use force on the women in their lives. “This is a blanket order for men to control their wives and daughters,” she said.

Another woman said, “It’s clear whom his message is for. He is scolding Malay women for taking part in beauty contests. And he’s telling them off for doing male dominated jobs. He’s scared to tell the women, so he does it in a roundabout way and targets husbands and fathers.

“Zamri tells the man that if he does not control his wife or daughter, then he is weak and unmanly, but worse still, he will be excluded from paradise.

“The sad thing is that some people who do not know their religion well enough will believe him. This is wrong. It is deceiving. It is not Islamic.”

And Mariam posed this interesting question: What would be Zamri’s response to the girl who disobeys her father and fights him off when he tries to take sexual advantage of her? Who is the sinner here? Will she be excluded from heaven?

Well, back to our sweetie Siti - she condemned those JAWI officers for raiding a closed door dinner party at a hotel without legal warrant and without the mandatory police presence and for illegally detaining the event’s transgender organiser.

Siti told the Malay Mail Online : “The [JAWI] officer told me that it’s against the law to have a beauty contest — it’s ‘haram’ in Malaysia, based on a fatwa.”

But she stated: “It’s not a real beauty pageant, it’s a show.”

According to the Malay Mail, 10 JAWI officers, together with the media, came to the hotel at about 10 pm yesterday and prevented people from leaving the dinner that had about 200 transgender guests.

According to the lawyer [Siti], the religious authorities did not have a warrant and were unaccompanied by the police.

Siti said she called the police and that after they came, the guests were allowed to leave. However, JAWI officers took her and the event organiser to the Dang Wangi police station.

According to Siti, JAWI officers later denied at the police station that she was under arrest, but accused the event organiser of organising a beauty contest that was against the 1996 religious edict, which has been gazetted as law, prohibiting Muslim women from joining beauty pageants.

But Siti reported rather succinctly: “If they say these people are not women, then why are they coming in?” wakakaka.

She also said she was considering suing JAWI for wrongful arrest after the religious officers took her to the police station in their van.

Our nation's salaried religious officers are becoming far too arrogant, raiding private functions without legal warrant nor the mandatory police presence they were supposed to have.

And the sad thing today is we read in the Malay Mail Online of a ustaz who threw a chair against a young girl (Form 1) and fractured the bones of her hand

MM Online reported:

BALING, April 7 — A Form One girl from a school here claims she fractured her right hand while trying to defend herself when a teacher repeatedly hit her with a chair last Monday.

Farah Izzati Mohd Rohaizad, 13, said in the 8.30pm incident, she and her friends, Siti Farhana Mohd Ayub, 13, and Irdina Safiyya Amran, 13, were called by an ustaz to the dining hall to recite the Quran.

She said as she was taking a chair nearby, the ustaz suddenly threw a plastic chair hitting her at her waist.

“Later when the ustaz found there was no Quran in front of me, he hit me twice on the head with a chair but I raised my hand to fend off the blows which left two bones on the back of my right palm to be fractured,” she told a press conference here yesterday, adding she sought treatment at the Baling Hospital.

Meanwhile, Farah Izzati’s father Mohd Rohaizad Abdullah, 36, said he was saddened by the incident, adding that he had lodged a police report yesterday.

Baling district police chief, Supt Shariffudin Yusof confirmed receiving a report on the incident and that the case was being investigated.

Alhamdulillah, I'm glad I'm not a Muslim to suffer the unjust bullying iniquities of these so-called men of the cloth.


  1. Mashitah was/is 'diabolically' good looking ?
    This is the same Mashitah who spread hate by alleging the Chinese in Alor Star burned the Quran page by page during a prayer ritual. is from the heart.
    This Mashitah is uglier than the most repulsive crone.

    Nurul Izzah...ah, she is one beautiful person...

  2. You KT, you real motherfucker.... go find something else to write not make discrediting islam or muslim authorities as your business

    1. oh dear, kau dah binggung lah, it's not me who discredit Islam but the above mentioned so-called Islamic officers

  3. Most if not all of these religious leaders screaming loud in public are fakes.These fuckups used religion as an excuse to bully their fellow Muslims.

    Just ask these fuckers to go to Indonesia,the land with the most Muslims on earth.See how the Indonesians treat their fellow Muslims.Muslim ladies are allowed to work as masseuses,and in bars and nightclubs,where alcohol are served.Go to the outskirts of Medan,near the Tebing Tinggi or Siantat areas where Malay girls working the streets,are rounded up and put in camps guarded by army soldiers.There,the girls are allowed to pry their trades.They even have army doctors stationed there,to give medical checkups to the girls weekly.Every Sunday,the girls are allowed to go out of the camps and be back in the evenings.

    In Chinese kopitiams,one can see Muslims drinking beers and having meals.You can even see Muslim soldiers and policemen enjoying their meals and drinks there too.And no religious leaders go harass them.

    Maybe our fakes or impostors of religion should go over there, and observe how free the Muslims in Indonesia are.And then they can go over to the camps and smell some pussies.Why not,after all they are in the land of the free Muslim world.One can see the salivas dripping from the tongues of these fakes at the mention of pussies.No?

  4. Making fun of Islam will always pull the crowd...kipiDAP

    1. as I mentioned above to another commentator, it's you who have been confused because I have not made fun of Islam but rather pointed out those so-called Islamic officers who have discredit Islam, as pointed out by Muslims themselves

  5. Parliament just passed a bill to abolish child whipping.
    I wonder if it includes Muslims parents who are obligated to cane their child for refusing to pray or read the Quran by the age of 7. This happened to the Muslim parents in Swizeland who served jail time. Perhaps to avoid whipping charges, the solution is whacking with a chair LOL.
    Then again, if canning a child is wrong, how is it right to cane an adult as a form of punishment, sometime in public for offences like drinking alcohol? Judges are used to sentencing people to many strokes of the rotan, so how can you reconcile canning adult is good while canning a child is bad? How would you explain that to your child?
    Yet again, cilvil law will clash with sharia law in child canning. Which law will the police enforce?

    1. You must analyze whether elements of abuse coexist in the canning of one's child for refusing to pray; if it does, then it is wrong.

    2. All forms of punishment inherently carries an element of abuse in itself.

      This abuse can be either mental &/or physical, appling to the abuser &/or the abuser out of self guilt &/or compassion.

      It's encoded in all living beings on Earth, especially so for the homo sapiens!

      In many cultures, this genetic trace has been masked by years of cultural/religious prevalences as a way of compassional lesson, especially applies to the love one.

      Buddhist's self-immolation, Opus Dei priest's mortification of the flesh, & the Muslim suicide bombers r all the same extreme manifestation of this form of abusive punishment.

      The only difference is the first two r done towards own self, while the latter aims to encompass the immediate surrounding innocents.

      Many studies have been done to identify such psychological cases. Thus, punishment without element of abuse is PURE cerita dongeng.

      Hence, all civilised cultures detest child punishment, bcoz no only the child cannot defense his/herself, the inherent abuse is very traumatic for the wellbeing of that child's future development.

      lt's proven that majority of the whackos in the society, all has experienced abusive childhood.

      Thus the Swedish case faced by the M'sian diplomat couple. The couple should thank the Swede for a good child upbringing lesson, for lessening a possible radicalized future Muslim!

    3. the issue under contention is not "punishment" per se but the process leading to it, to wit, unjust abuse of powers (under the sarong of God/Allah swt) to persecute (not prosecute, meaning bullying, victimising, tyrannizing, oppressing, etc) by the officers or priests or cleric, whether these have been Israelite priests, Christian clerics, Muslim priests, etc.

    4. Real typical semantically argument!

      Only a well trained wordsmith could articulate such thoughts so precisely.

      Let me ask u a couple of questions about effort & award.

      Will there be effort if there is no reward, or alternatively will there be award if there is no effort?

      The last case is a given - no pain no gain in the simplest term.

      The 1st case is a typical sentient behaviour - in order to get the fruit from the tree branch one must use thre hand to pluck it.

      Whatsoever processes done along the way, from A to B, r just part of the overall consequence.

      So, still yr 'along-the-way' per se argument?

      Reminds me of that infamous dog collar vis-a-vis dog bite rant of yr half-anmoh sifu.

      Well done, what a twist!

    5. what the hell has your story got to do with being unjustly punished by priests who misused god as authority?

  6. Most laws in this world , secular or religious, state that you shall not do some form of action....and you can be punished if you do so.

    The Syariah laws against transgenders in various states in Malaysia are unique in that they can be punished for being a transgender.... personally I consider that a most unjust law.

    I believe, unlike Negeri Sembilan, WP actually does not have a Syariah ordinance criminalising transgenders.

    That is why in this case the Jawi officers were just harassing them - they did not have the power to arrest them - for what ?

    I don't support transgender behaviour, I don't promote it. However, it is wrong to criminalise them.
    Just let them be. They are not hurting anybody.

    The rapists, child molesters, murderers and those who stole RM 2.6 Billions of Rakyat's money are Much , Much worse.

    1. if you believe in god, then you must accept LGBT are His creations. Transgender lesbian etc are borned into what they are. They don't have a choice, they didn't wish to become what they are. They have been designed by your god to be such