Sunday, April 03, 2016

Orang Tionghua disalahkan lagi

FMT - Low Chinese turnout at rally affects T-shirt business

'Ni Cinakui selalu kena disalahkanlah, wakakaka.

Misalnya, back in 1969, someone lost his election in the constituency of Kota Setar Selatan and blamed the Chinese.

In fact that someone, wakakaka, had prior to the election said arrogantly he didn't need the Chinese votes. So okaylah, the Chinese 'tremblingly obeyed' (wakakaka) and did what he wanted, that was, doing the unthinkable for Chinese at that time, voted instead for the PAS candidate Yusof Rawa.

And the bizarre thing is that someone was pissed off with the Chinese in Kota Setar Selatan constituency for 'tremblingly obeying' him, wakakaka.

And he never forgave them and probably still hasn't, wakakaka.

Indeed, six years later in 1975 when he was Education Minister, he summoned the Chinese education leaders (MICSS or Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary Schools) to his office in Parliament and threatened them against holding the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC).

For more, please see my post yesterday titled Government's anti UEC policy began with Mahathir.

According to Dr Kua Kia Soong, Mahathir told them in no uncertain terms to cancel the examination “or else …!”

Wah, so fierce lah.

yisheng ni hao ma?


Then in 2008 and 2013 when they voted for the Anwar Ibrahim-led Pakatan they were once again blamed, with post-thunderstorm mushrooming of strident abuses such as 'Apa lagi Cina mahu', 'the Chinese are ungrateful', 'the Chinese as kingmakers want to rule the country', etc.

23% Chinese in Malaysia as kingmakers against 65% bumiputeras? And if they have been or still are, guess who is at fault? How did the EC turn around 60-ish federal constituencies into holding voter racial makeup of approximately 63:35 Malay:Chinese ratio? Wakakaka.

But alamak, 
as they had 'tremblingly obeyed' his call in 1969 not to vote for him in Kota Setar Selatan, they were merely heeding his call in 2008 not to vote for AAB - the outcome of the election in 2013 being merely momentum from his anti AAB campaign in 2008. Wakakaka. 

Aiyoyo, memang seorang Melayu mudah lupa lah!

By the by, kenapa
 masa sekarang pada umumnya, orang Cina di Malaysia di panggil orang Tionghua (and bukan orang Cina lagi)? Akibat pengaruh Indonesia atau Negera Cina? Wakakaka.

Walaupun demikian, pangilan 'orang Tionghua' sebenarnya lebih tepat olih kerana 'Chinese Malaysian' bukan orang Cina (yang bererti bangsa Negara Cina) tetapi bangsa Malaysia dari suku (ethnicity) kaum orang Tionghua.

Anyway, before I give you heart attacks with my dodgy Bahasa, wakakaka, let's return to our FMT headlines, wakakaka.

As usual there are enterprising businessmen who make business hay while the protest sun is shining, so we are told by FMT that T-shirt sellers and drink vendors thronged the area outside Dataran Merdeka today along with the thousands of protesters ........ Many were selling T-shirts emblazoned with “Mansuh GST” (Abolish GST) and other slogans.

While at least one bloke made RM2000, FMT stated other sellers complained that the surprisingly low turnout of Chinese protesters at the rally affected sales.

“Usually it’s the Chinese who buy our vuvuzelas,” another seller ... said.

Vuvuzelas? Amboi, 'ni orang Tionghua pandai buat bising saje, wakakaka, atau kemungkinan mereka hanya pemuja Nelson Mandela, wakakaka.

But WTF, why didn't those orang Tionghua turn up, at least to buy the T-shirts and vuvuzelas if not to protest, wakakaka.

The T-shirt seller continued: “Business is really slow today. Maybe because they’re observing Cheng Beng,” he said, referring to the Chinese occasion in which families visit the graves of their deceased relatives.

Wah, this bloke is a good businessman because he sure knows the likely habits and cultural-religious movements of his customers, in the same as Indian mee rebus, pasembur, roti canai and nasi kandar shops all automatically close shop on Chinese New Year's eves - hmmm, I wonder whether those mamaks blame the orang Tionghua also, wakakaka.


  1. KT, orang tionghua, negara tiongkok, betul ka? dan sampai sekarang orang tionghua masih setia, percaya & ikut apa yg that somebody cakap. so, that somebody must be really somebody leh. dia ada oomph mah!

  2. Who was it who boycotted of the Penang Nasi Kandar sellers?

    So thick skinned!


    Cina Cina Cina, the bullies of the world who are always complaining about being victimized!

    1. aiseh, Malays also boycott Low Yat mah, wakakaka


    "Taxi driver Chong K.C., 63, is one of those staying away from nasi kandar restaurants. Despite his love for nasi kandar, 'to me, it is just a show of solidarity', he said of his boycott."


    Chinese beating up South Koreans in South Korea.

    Don't let that happen in your country.

    1. too late, had already happened in KL at Low Yat, wakakaka

  5. Penang Voluntary Patrol Unit.

    Non-Chinese Penangites, be on your guard.

  6. orang cina tahu bahawa mereka tidak boleh mengalahkan atau menumbangkan kerajaan melayu melainkan orang melayu sendiri. dan sesungguhnya bahawa orang melayu sejati dan yang mempunyai jati diri, tidak akan menyokong sesiapa dan apa jua bangsa pun untuk menggulingkan kerajaan melayu. tidak lah hang tuah sanggup membunuh hang jebat.

    1. Get over it and start to accept reality...we live in a multiracial country. Now learn to unhurt each otbers.

  7. Nothing to learn from uighurs unless you are a ship herder

  8. When u cant blame the malays for not turning up...blame the chinese...blame the heat...blame the police...blame the graves...blame anything but themselves...what the heck...blame gst too...when u r enuf doing blaming...spike the numbers...from 400ppl to 500ppl to 1000ppl then to 10000ppl attended. But u r absolutely tight Kte..good things do come in 3...pkr dap dan pan...thrn we have 3M...all in 3. Locco.

  9. What has Mahathir got to do with the lack of Chinese participation in the anti GST rally ?

    Maybe they were busy with Ching Ming.
    Maybe they preferred to stay at home to play Mah Jong instead.

    Maybe they finally understand the futility of street protests against GST - you might as well be trying to demonstrate against the Borg.

    Maybe the Chinese have learnt to accept GST is Good For You.

    1. On a personal basis I support teh gst. But this post is not about "the lack of Chinese participation in the anti GST rally" per se. It's about Chinese being balmed for everything.

      as an example, in Bersih 4.0 thery were blamed for being too many and monopolising that rally into one of mainly chinese, wakakaka. Now in this anti GST rally they have been blamed (by the vendors) for being too few

      in my post I have shown a number of examples when they were blamed also, by a bloke who forgot what he told them to do. wakakaka

  10. By the way, after 1 year of GST, the price of exactly NOTHING has come down, even though , theoretically, the tax has come down substantially from 10% SST to 6% GST for those items previously on SST.

    I very much doubt they had 1 year of inventory of goods when the GST kicked-in.

    That is likely due to businessmen profit-taking - and we can rightly blame the Chinese for that, as they run the vast majority of retail business in Malaysia.

    1. How convenient for u to blame the CinaBeng for the 'stability' of the retail goods.

      But then, what can one expect when finding kambing hitam is the favourite pastime of these meme-ed oku.

      Do u realise that majority of the essential goods distribution, especially foodstuff, r AP-ed to yr umno elites. AP-ed operation means monopolized take-it-or-leave-it mesti-Maya business.

      Who controls the rice trade? Who masterminds the sugar trade? In M'sia - just in case yr small shrinking lump of jelly between yr ears is trying to go global!

      BTW, the M'sian rice & sugar retail prices r way above the world average - wondering WHY !

      Ooop.. these items r supposed to be gst extempted!

      So, wrong people to being scapegoating!

      For those gst-ed imported items, ever since the gst has been implemented in 1/4/2015, the ringgit has been steadily depreciated from 3.8+ to 4.4+ per USD over that SAME period.

      So, again the same people is been targeted!

      So what say u, racised pygmy? Change yr favourite manning hitam hobby?

      Failed maths & econ, even with markah buta supplement for yr hp6 'professional' certificate, r NO excuses.

      No wander M'sia is going down the drain with nincompoops running the show, together with the lining-thy-pocket politicians!

  11. The Chinese will really be the Kingmakers in GE14, because the Malay voting base has been split at least 5 ways.
    The Malays will effectively become a series of separate minorities as the present scenario goes.

    a) UMNO loyalists cum Najib loyalists who remain solidly supporting UMNO

    b) UMNO loyalists who will not vote for Najib due to current trust issues.

    They will either vote Opposition, or spoil their votes, or stay home to play Congkak on polling day.

    c) PAS loyalists who will vote for BN (but not against PAS) because of the current Amity between Hadi's PAS and UMNO

    d) PAS loyalists who will vote against BN regardless. ABU types.

    e) Malay liberals who have been voting Opposition , certainly since GE12.

  12. in 2000 al gore won the popular votes by more than 500,000 but george w bush became the president. likewise in ge13 the opposition won the popular votes but did not make it to putrajaya. well.. in ge14 the incumbent may perhaps lose a few urban votes and that's all and not a bit more. the chinese can only be the kingmakers but they can never become king. that's the truth and it cuts deep.