Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My new post at Kongsamkok

What do we have on the news today?

The same old stuff about Mahathir and his pandai lupa stories, Indians getting frustrated (again) by the government allowing Dr Zakir Naik to preach, Lim GE and BN in perpetual tussle (for Gerakan, it's do or die - they must kacau LGE no matter what as the alternative for them means they would be accepting political demise and oblivion), 1MDB .....

..... Sarawak state elections where we see how the Melanau, a minority in the state as they might be (only 124,000 population and 5th in size in the state after the Iban, Chinese, Malay and Bidayuh) again dominates the state politics and power since the days of Abdul Rahman Ya'kub, and yes, TMJ challenging leng chai KJ to a debate on soccer, wakakaka.

Why not read my new post at KTemoc Kongsamkok titled The day I first saw my mum cry. It's more than just my late mum - it's about old Penang, Chinese beliefs, politics of yester-years, etc and yes, a lembu.

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  1. Disposing Najib – Where’s the plan after that? They have no plans!

    So, most probably, the Malay states will be self-governed by the respective Sultans, with Penang going back to Kedah and Melaka perhaps under Johor. Sabah and Sarawak will declare their own independence.

    There will be no more Malaysia but Malaya? What about the Nons? Can they live under the Sultans? Thus, it is better for the Nons to support PM Najib.