Thursday, April 28, 2016

Treachery in Pakatan must NOT be tolerated

I don't know why but I have to grudgingly admit I've always had a wee bit of the 'hots' for Joceline Tan of the Star, wakakaka. Maybe it's her way or style of writing that has set me into bouts of reading orgasms, wakakaka, pro BN as her articles might have been, or maybe it's her pixie-like looks (once a jealous sweetie lambasted me for this thought, wakakaka), but though I don't always agree with her views, I love to read her Star essays.

In her recent article titled DAP - PKR feud could boil over she wrote that Batu Kawah and Batu Kitang are among the hot seats to watch in the polls. The rivalry between DAP and PKR has been simmering for some time and it has finally boiled over.

Indeed it (the rivalry) has.

And dear Sweetie has correctly predicted that The DAP-PKR face-off may involve only a few seats in the election but the ripples will spread beyond Sarawak.

But more of that later, perhaps in another post, wakakaka.

In this post I just want to write on Batu Kitang.

The state constituency was borned out of the recent (and standard questionable gerrymandered) re-delineation of a previous DAP stronghold, thus making it the 'son' of a DAP blue ribbon seat, and by political logic, a sure win (blue ribbon seat) for the DAP.

This was confirmed by the Merdeka polling survey, a RM100,000+ joint project financed by PKR and DAP (but on the insistence of Tian Chua of PKR), to decide which of 6 state seats in Sarawak in dispute between the so-called allies should go to whom.

The pollster survey confirmed Batu Kitang would be very very winnable by DAP where a humongous 60% of those surveyed chose the Rocket-Party while only a mere measly meagre 8% had voiced their support for PKR. The pollster’s findings also favoured DAP in all but one of the surveyed constituencies, wakakaka.

So Tian Chua, there's some truth in the old Chinese advice that 'Don't wish for something to find out it's not what you really want', wakakaka.

Thus a jealously irated PKR went into its merajuk brat-ish immature rant, rolling on the floor and kicking away furiously until DAP gave way to it in its blue ribbon seat so as to avoid 3-cornered fights in other seats in the state May elections.

One of my visitors commented that both PKR and DAP are equally to be blamed as rogue operators in this Pakatan embarrassment which has led Lim Kit Siang to apologize to Sarawakians. He (my visitor) further said that 'those taking either of the sides are purely based on partisan thinking'.

But I assess in saying so he has been too preemptively defensive for PKR, wakakaka.

No matter how invincible his bias might have been in refusing to correctly identify the treacherous party, there are still immutable facts/events for us to review to come to the sad conclusion, as follows:

(a) Prior to the so-called signed agreement between PKR and DAP on two-party allocated seats in Sarawak, PKR had much much earlier UNILATERALLY announced it was going to stand in 40 seats, and that 15 of those seats were NON-NEGOTIABLE - for more see my post on 07 December 2015 titled
PKR signals war to DAP in Sarawak.

Apart from its usual style of unilaterally staking its claims on 40 seats in Sarawak its spokesperson Dr Jeyakumar said on behalf of PKR elections director Nurul Izzah that 15 seats were deemed "non-negotiable". This was way ahead of talks with partners DAP and Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) in Pakatan Harapan but why should we be surprised as I have often written, that that would be the usual style of a feral greedy selfish and most kiasu PKR.

Really, the term 'non-negotiable', especially directed at its supposed allies, had been undeniably combative, arrogant and preemptively neutralized any options for cooperative discussions or comprises.

It smacked of a lamentably nasty 'ketuanan' mentality, but then again, PKR has this selfish habit of making unilateral public announcement on seat allocations which have never failed to get the goat of its allies, wakakaka.

Apart from an avaricious propensity to seize the lion's share of Pakatan seat allocations, PKR has been known to want a monopoly on mixed ethnic constituencies (on whatever nebulous basis it has claimed as its party credentials) while at the same time avariciously eyes and demands the attractive blue ribbon seats with Chinese majority in which DAP has traditionally contested.

Thus, we would expect PKR in claiming it's a multi-racial party to want most or all of the Mahathir-ized mixed-ethnic seats while at the same to also demand a sizable chunk of the blue-ribbon Chinese-majority seats as well, two humongous gluttonous bites of the cherry. It thus behaves like both UMNO and MCA (but usually ends up like PPP, wakakaka).

(b) Nonetheless, despite its preemptive declaration, an agreement on two-party allocated seats in Sarawak was subsequently finalised and signed at the highest PKR and DAP party levels, BUT alas, trust PKR's Team B (with its intra party schism) to disrespect its own Team A president's decision on that agreement, and to renege on it.

(c) It has been reported by an PKR insider that Azmin Ali and his faction, in particular his kiasu lieutenant Tian Chua had egged Bian Baru to whine and whinge away and UNILATERALLY stand in the 5 seats already allocated to DAP under that agreement, namely Mambong, Simanggang, Murum, Mulu, Ngemah - see my earlier post Half-past -six Harapan cooperation in Sarawak.

Bian Baru should not be excused for being a gullible victim as he is known to be a willing captive of their egging-on, this from his bitter statements witnessed during the previous state elections, especially in its aftermath, wakakaka.

(d) OK lah, so with the malodorous treachery reeking away like a cesspool just prior to nomination day, DAP gave PKR until midnight of the eve of election nomination day to repent and honour the signed agreement, in order for Pakatan to avoid any 3-cornered contests.

DAP Sarawak Chief Chong was crying out appeals to PKR on that eve, but PKR ignored him completely, presumably having already decided to stand in the DAP allocated seats of Mambong, Simanggang, Murum, Mulu, Ngemah.

Azmin Ali had earlier said he would contact LGE to discuss but in actuality did NOT contact LGE for days as promised until the very last minute when it was already too late to negotiate or revisit the PKR-DAP signed agreement, the latter of which he had reneged in the first place.

But then, asking PKR to repent for its misdeeds would be akin to asking Azmin to refuse his MB job and to instead re-recommend Wan Azizah for that Selangor CEO post as had been PKR's and Pakatan's original choice and a consequence of Pakatan's constitutional rights - now, wouldn't that have been an honorable, loyal and appropriate act for the deputy president of PKR?

As my blogging matey, Walski 69 would have wryly and dryly commented, lu taan kookoo - tunggu lah selama2nya, wakakaka.

Thus DAP was forced into giving a recalcitrant uncooperative and treacherous PKR a taste of its own medicine - it decided to stand in Batu Kitang as an act of punishment against the treachery of PKR.

Admittedly such acts don't bode well for Pakatan, but then, was DAP going to allow a treacherous brat to get away with it, time and time again, when soon the bloody brat will assume it can always do so and be tolerated. Besides, we're talking about the Sarawak Chapter of the DAP which is less tolerant of PKR than it Peninsula counterpart.

So let's not be hypocritically partisan and pretend-insist both sides were wrong - bullshit and bloody balls to that. Let's have fairness, courage and honesty in showing PKR up for what it really has been, to wit, a so-called avaricious ally that couldn't keep to a signed agreement!

So DAP's candidate for Batu Kitang was a last-minute choice, principally because it though it was going to keep its side of the agreement signed with PKR and not stand there, until it discovered to its horror that PKR on its part had no intention of keeping honorably to the letters of that signed agreement.

OK, so the party swiftly moved Abdul Aziz Isa as its candidate for Stakan to Batu Kitang. DAP believes Abdul Aziz is more guaranteed of a win in Batu Kitang, its blue ribbon seat.The DAP wants, nay, yearns for a Malay ADUN in Sarawak.

Sweetie Jocelyn commented rather discouragingly (wakakaka, after all she's a pro BN journalist - mind you, there's nothing wrong with her political allegiance as we too have pro Pakatan journalist, wakakaka again):

DAP is taking a big risk by putting Abdul Aziz in Batu Kitang although some think it will not have much impact on the Chinese because the rocket is still in their dreams.

Others say that DAP is taking the Chinese support for granted.

“They think the Chinese vote is theirs forever. The outcome may be like in Teluk Intan,” said a Chinese property developer.

DAP fielded Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud in the Teluk Intan by-election and lost to Gerakan.

Dyana Sofya of DAP

my tangkal (amulet) to protect me against the sweet honeyed charms of Sweetie Joceline


Basically Sweetie is saying the DAP may be taking Batu Kitang Chinese voters for granted in over-believing its brand name is sufficient to carry its Malay candidate across the finishing line ahead of its BN-SUPP and PKR Chinese candidates.

I am somewhat disappointed by her innuendo that the DAP would be better off standing a Chinese candidate in Batu Kitang (as has PKR).

I disagree with such kiasu and over-racially oriented views. Yes, DAP might have lost Teluk Intan to a Gerakan Chinese pollie but at least it bravely stood a Malay in that predominantly Chinese constituency as a show of confidence in its Malay candidates - thus likewise in Batu Kitang.

Once I had written that much as I dislike UMNO for its corrupt, and at times racist and arrogant behaviour, I admired its willingness in elections to place Indian rather than UMNO candidates in Malay majority constituencies such as Hulu Selangor in 2010 (kissy hand-some Kamalanathan) and Ijok in 2007 (K Parthiban).

That has been BN-UMNO's strength, though its downside had been its bulldozing ways which made nonsense of the term ‘alliance’ because it just rode roughshod over the views of its so-called allies, MCA, Gerakan, MIC etc.

But recall by contrast PKR's action in the Ijok by-election in 2007. In my April 2007 post Ijok Indians racially marginalised by PKR? I wrote (extract only):

Well, it seems Premesh Chandran’s advice to the PKR, published in Malaysiakini, has not been taken up.

[Premesh Chandran, one of the TaiKohs at Malaysiakini, opined that the PKR would be better off with an Indian candidate despite the Malay majority. Premesh provided an in-depth analysis that drew upon an earlier Chandra Muzzafar’s analysis for the 2000 Lunas by-election where PKR’s candidate Saifuddin Nasution won with a terrific voters swing against the BN]

Premesh added that an Anwar-led campaign for a PKR Indian candidate, supported by Chinese social and educationist movements, would provide the extra hare-koh (petis udang) zing in the opposition rojak for winning over the Malays and the other ethnic voters for a PKR victory.

PKR is likely to nominate a Malay candidate, Khalid Ibrahim, for the Ijok by-election. The PKR Youth vice-chief S Manikavasagam has expressed his unhappiness, pointing out a couple of things to the PKR top echelon, namely:

(1) notwithstanding that Ijok is a constituency with 50% Malay voters, the Barisan Nasional (BN) is fielding an Indian candidate, so why not PKR? and

(2) Khalid Ibrahim is a political ‘parachutist’, having just joined the party less than a year ago while there are capable PKR Indian members who have been in PKR for years and could well be the nominated candidate for the by-election.

And did it benefit PKR with its play-safe actions in the Hulu Selangor and Ijok by-elections? In HS in 2010, kissy hand-some beat PKR's Zaid Ibrahim by a majority of 1725 votes whilst in Ijok in 2007 MIC's K Parthiban won over PKR's Malay candidate, Khalid brahm, with a majority of 1850 votes.

Precisely because of PKR's less-than-admirable treatment of its Indian members I have just penned Karmic lot of PKR Indians? at my other blog BolehTalk, wakakaka.

Incidentally you should have noted that DAP's Indians and Malays were presented as the party's candidates in Chinese majority seats, wakakaka.

So I'm mighty proud and pleased with the DAP for not being like the kiasu PKR when considering DAP Malay candidates like sweetie Dyana Sofya and Abdul Aziz, and for the party to continue nominating more and more Malay members as candidates for both state and federal general elections.

But there's no denying what Sweetie Joceline has stated, that Batu Kitang will be indeed Teluk Intan revisited, but hopefully this time with better results. But whatever the outcome for Batu Kitang the DAP has already shown its multiracial credentials and election courage. Bravo!

And f**k PKR for its treachery.


  1. Both DAP Sarawak and PKR Sarawak are fighting over broken eggs.

    I expect BN will win back most of DAP's current seats.
    PKR can eat eggs.

    Be that as it may, your write up is most biased, and one-sided. Neglecting to mention that 6 months ago, DAP Sarawak already declared they do not consider themselves to be in an alliance with PKR.

    1. this is the correct version - Sarawak DAP cut ties with the state PAS earlier this year and distanced itself from state PKR over the Kelantan state government’s move to table the Shariah Criminal Code (Amendment) Bill.

      jangan tembak


      Sarawak DAP cut ties with PKR 6 months ago. So ?

      In any neutral analysis of a relationship that has gone awry, it is impossible for the side which initiated the breaking of the relationship not to be assigned at least part of the responsibility for the relationship breaking down.

      Short of serious abuse, Letting the side which walked-out , completely blameless would require a heavily biased and partisan mindset - which is the case here.

    3. long2 time ago lks kencing pas about hudud...ada letter signed by him with video now ni ne la...he can rasa la kene kencing pulak...
      btw...i think pan will win one or two seats in srwk...but no sooner..these goons will be in willing buyer-willing seller with BN and jump how kind these pan will be
      nay just kidding...they wont win...any malay can smell them as dap lapdog from miles away....serving 2 purposes only...your guess

    4. wakakaka, using a 2014 news!

      Anyway, this was that news: Sarawak DAP said it is ceasing all communication with PAS and PKR, but is remaining in Pakatan Rakyat.

      Its chairman Chong Chieng Jen said the party's state committee decided to dissociate itself from activities with PAS and PKR until the two parties had clarified their respective stands on hudud law.

      He said Sarawak DAP would leave Pakatan if the PAS ulama group, which had been pushing for hudud, assumed power in the party after its elections in June next year.

      vastly different to what you have vainly attempted to portray - puhleeeze lah, stop your bull

  2. there is no way abdul aziz is going to win in stakan.. so he is being moved to batu kitang where he too cannot win. the chinese will support pkr. it will be a close fight between pkr and bn. is dap really pushing for a malay pollie..? kesian abdul aziz kena mainan politik dap/pkr.. ha ha

    1. dat is how corporal punishment is served in dap for whacking the great leader...but then this is srwk voters..let see the outcome first...give some benefit of the doubt without first stereotyping

  3. Abdul Aziz is a talented DAP member and should be given every chance to succeed. Don't belittle Abdul Aziz as he can hold his own very well. As for Jocelyn Tan, ptoui - what do you even see in her?!! Gimme Michelle Yeoh. :D