Thursday, April 21, 2016

DAP wants water conservation in Selangor, PKR nixed that

From FMT:

Let’s conserve water instead of fighting a turf war

April 21, 2016

DAP lawmaker explains that all he did was recommend to the Selangor Government that conservation efforts must be taken seriously to avoid a full blown water crisis in the state.


By Charles Santiago

All I said was that the Selangor Government needed a special committee headed by the Menteri Besar, Azmin Ali, to consider sustainable water conservation efforts.

I also backed my recommendations with calculations and numbers about the fast dropping water levels at the Sungai Selangor and Semenyih dams.

One day later, Elizabeth Wong, who is Selangor tourism, environment, green technology and consumer affairs committee chairman goes ballistic.

Wong went on to unnecessarily attack me in the media, accusing me of wild allegations based on inaccurate calculations.

According to her, Selangor is well-prepared to ride out the prolonged dry spell.

However the Selangor Government is focusing on supply management and not demand management or conservation.

Poor Charles, so misunderstood by sweetie Eli Wong.

All he did was recommend 'CONSERVATION' management, meaning restrict unnecessary usage of water in Selangor at a time of impending and likely problems in water supply to the public, due to El Nino.

Unnecessary water usage should include restricting activities such as car washing, watering the garden everyday or during the day (better at night after 8 or 9 pm on alternate days or once a week), using water to wash dirt and fallen leaves from a house driveway (use broom to sweep saves water), etc.

But Eli Wong came from a different direction, arguing there's enough water in Selangor. But that was NOT what Charles Santiago said.

Besides, does having enough water mean conservation efforts are not necessary?

It's obvious Eli Wong has not listen carefully nor understood what Charles Santiago had said, and/or was OVERLY defensive.

Usually people who have been caught ill-prepared for a responsibility they should have been well prepared for, would behave in such an OVERLY defensive manner.




    Charles Santiago declared that Selangor was facing a water supply crisis.
    Eli Wong clearly did not misunderstand Charles Santiago.

    The hot air balloon clearly went overboard in rethoric and only later tried to backpedal. Facts are facts.
    Please don't blindly support Santiago just because you support DAP and thoroughly dislike PKR.

    It has been raining every few days in the Klang Valley.
    The weather is hot and dry, but we are not having a drought.

    There is no need to talk about water rationing. But it is always a good idea to conserve water, and the education program should be on going.

    1. bull. you're just opposing me for the sake of opposing me wakakaka


    My write is only bull if the New Straits Times report is bull. This report is corroborated by other news channels.

    For your information, in Charles Santiago's own constituency, Klang, it is forecast to rain every day for the next few days.

    That's the problem with Ktemoc the Aussie trying to pretend he knows anything about Malaysian issues from 4,000 miles away.

    Ktemoc is so out of touch with reality, he is just full of Bull.