Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Danger of involving royalty in politics

Extracts from the Star Online:

... Mahathir Mohamad's call for Malaysians to sign the Citizens Declaration in order to urge the royalty to pressure Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to step down.

But Pak Haji Hadi Awang said:

There was no necessity to involve the royalty in forcing the Prime Minister to resign as there are democratic ways of achieving it, said PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang (pic).

He said there are "others in power" who were better suited to make the decision.

"We don't want to include others who do not need to be included in any kind of change.

"We have political parties and NGOs and others in power and the decision is up to them,"

Though not one to normally agree with Pak Haji, wakakaka, this time I have to say he's absolutely right, for two reasons:

(1) Just as we want to keep our military in their constitutional barracks (do you hear this Maria, so next time don't terlampau pandai in applauding serving military officers when they make political statements, whether against or for the government?) we also want to keep our royalty's in their constitutional palaces.

Also see my letter to Malaysiakini titled Hang on a ding-dong minute, my dear Gen Blimp.

If we introduce a stupid precedent where/when royalty can 'pressure' the people's elected representatives into stepping down, then that's the end of the people's democracy.

(2) Really, Mahathir should be the LAST person to talk about appealing to the royals to pressure any politician into stepping down, considering during his time he was the very PM who emasculated the royals. And it has to be said what he did then was correct, probably his one sole act of redemption. 

And now he's so desperate he wants us to help him do the exact opposite. And guess for whom?

Doesn't that just make him a double hypocrite, and a very desperate and dangerous one too.

The danger is some may think it's a jolly good idea.


  1. i am just thinking that perhaps through his 22 years of experience tdm is very well aware that he would not be able to unseat pm najib democratically via the citizens/rakyat.

  2. Icelandic PM resignes just within days of the Panama Paper expose, even though there is NO conclusive evidence, within that expose to prove his wrong doing.

    That's MARUAH - not ONLY personal BUT also country, for u!

    Here in bolihland, EVERY politicians have grown thick facial skin to avoid resignation, EVEN with glaring proofs throwing at them.

    ALL ketuanan kataks do take note of this adat lesson to heart.

    Maturity of social servitude reflects the degree of the civility of a nation development. This is especially so for elected representatives, associate with administrative power.

    Where thou u, M'sia!!!!!

    Thus, the case of expecting a feudal reminant component to right the wrong, experiences by the Rakyat, is like facing future direction & yet walking backward.

    Sure die lah....aiyoyo...the wishful light at the end of the tunnel is the headlight of an oncoming train!

    1. Do you consider TDM is like the Icelandic PM and perhaps who does not have any vested interest(s) to remove the present PM?

    2. U should re-read what Fucker’s comment about Sirim’s certified ethical standards expected of a Prime Minister lah.

      The water-walking mamak COULD very well be a different kind of fish wrt this kind of personal expose – guilty or not guilty.

      He could do an identical Icelandic act iff he was caught with the similar situation. After all, most politicians, all over the world, learn to play the same chorus initially. What comes next, determine man from sissy!
      'Remember, he did resigned voluntary when he STILL had all the balls of all the members of the Majlis Tertinggi UMNO in his tight grip. This was TRULY unexpected of him from the MTU, then. That mamak got ball of iron, as compare with all those jelly lumps processed by those surrounded him, then & now.

      But why bring up a hypothetical scenario, to justify yr ahjibgorgate?

      The mamak introduces the element of royalty into the current act, bcoz he knows the Melayu TOO well.

      Nak mendesak Najib undur, org Melayu mesti bercaya segala musibah yang melanda negara hari ini disebabkan oleh Najib Tun Razak. Org Melayu MESTI berhimpun ramaix2 dan menimbulkan tekanan yg hebat.

      Tiada cara lain!

      But how to motivate the years of umno-domesticated Melayu to do that?

      One way is to re-ignited the feudalistic instinct of the Malay –

      ‘Ini kesilapan tipikal orang Melayu- percaya dan memikir hanya orang bangsawan sahaja yang ada monopoli keatas nilai2 dan perlakuan murni.’

      ‘…bertaat kepada pemerintah yang walaupun zalim, adalah wajib kerana orang bangsawan yang memerintah itu adalah jelmaan tuhan2 dan dewa.’

      (The above quotes from http://sakmongkol.blogspot.my/2016/04/gst-kos-hidup-hidup-tinggi-rakyat.html)

      So how to fight this Hegel’s deification?

      Get the Royalty to fight the Bangsawan!

      Brilliant strategy that fits in nicely with the feudalistic & cerita-dongeng induced mindset of the Malay populace!

      To the mamak, ONLY the royalty could currently induce that deep-rooted adat-fearing Malay populace to go against this bangsawan.

      Islam plays no part in this game, bcoz mamak is too smart to fall for the 72-virgin treat. & there is zilch recourse for Islamofascism, once it spreads.

      Whatever said & done, at the end of the day, the guiding principle for that mamak is still power & money, with maybe a tiny minute remorse, ha!

      There could also be a sense of righting the wrongs inflicted by his 22-yr of political indulgences before he meets his creator.

      All man does that in his dying day.

      Whatever his vested interests – removing ahjibgor NOW would be to the best of all M’sians & M’sia!

      Forget about the fear of what’s coming after ahjibgor is gone. Nothing can be worse than now.

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  4. Halfway round the world....Iceland's Prime Minister resigns.


    The Prime Minister had earlier tried to stay in office by calling for a dissolution of Parliament. Iceland has no Royalty, but an elected President with limited constitutional powers. In a rare intervention, the President exercised his discretion not to accept the Prime Minister's advice for dissolution. So the PM had to resign.
    In times of crisis, it is sometimes necessary for apolitical Figureheads to exercise their reserve powers.

    From a Malaysian ethical standards point of view (SIRIM standard, yah) , the Icelanders must have had ice in their brains from their long winter.
    The PM did not have to resign. He did nothing wrong.

    a) No law was broken. His wife had funds parked in an offshore investment company.
    So what ? She is not facing any potential prosecution.
    (Remember , this is Malaysian SIRIM standard)

    b) Its his wife, not him. (Remember , this is Malaysian SIRIM standard)

    c) Its just press reports, neither he nor his wife have been charged or convicted with anything , nor are they likely to be , because his wife's action was not illegal.

    No need to resign because it is FITNAH (Remember , this is Malaysian SIRIM standard)

    I'm just being cheeky.

    Iceland is giving Malaysia a lesson on the ethical standards expected of a Prime Minister.

    1. The choice his his - PM Najib, NOT ours? There's must a very good reason(s) best known to PM Najib, which we do not know, why he does not want to quit or to reveal ALL. Unless we know the complete story and the absolute truth, it is FITNAH according to strict Quranic interpretation and guidelines.

    2. The choice is his...eeeh?????

      Bloody hell, once he loses the supports of the rakyat he should go, PERIOD.

      Still thinking of his mandate from heaven? My foot.... that he got his position via cash-is-king manipulation, nothing mote nothing less.

      Good reason not to quit or reveal ALL - how about afraid of holidaying in bamboo river villas for the rest of his life & been henpicking by that hyppo of his days & nights!

      U have up the stage by introducing yr version of the Islamic fitnah - why not get 4 male withnesses to back him up. The cost would be minimum vis-a-vis RM4B+. It's also following strictly to the Quranic guidlines & principles, yes????

      What an imbecile & brain-death follower of yr tok guru. He has taught u well wrt islamofazism, well done (as in BBQ).

      One more thinggy, in true Islamic teaching, to avoid fitnah then one MUST be transparent in one's action & mind, so as to avoid temptations.

      With yr ahjibgor's current actions/responses to all conjectures, fitnah is the lest that he could claim!

      Guilty as charge - lining thy pocket while playing racial sentiment with the blur-sotongs & other cruel tactics to remains in power.

    3. Switzerland also acts on financial scandals.


      It is painful for me to say this, but it appears Christian countries like Iceland and Switzerland are being far more Islamic than Najib's Malaysia, in the sense of upholding values and teachings which are in the Koran.

    4. For Malaysians involved see :

    5. As I have mentioned, perhaps there is other reason(s) which is best not to discuss. Previously, perhaps the large corporations were being used as conduits? Just one example - where is Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Berhad, today? It is not fair for the previous Prime Minister(s) and Finance Minister(s) to escape and shift/put ALL the blame on PM Najib, now? That’s NOT islamic!

      God looks what is inside one’s heart and NOT at one’s deed or action. What is PM Najib’s “niat”? Do you know? PM Najib has said that he did not take even a sen. So, we must believe him until it is proven otherwise. That IS very quranic/ islamic.

    6. Fooker, let me plies open yr chest for u about there is other reason(s) which is best not to discuss.

      To sustain the ketuanan Melayu regime, with whatsoever means – including using the public money!

      No need to give hints like –

      ‘Previously, perhaps the large corporations were being used as conduits?’

      So, start sweeping the spilled beans & find another BIGER blanket to hide them.

      Mmmm… perhaps the flying carpet from pak unta’s fairytale could do the magic, Just as expected from a one-trick unta!

      U do give Islam a Black Eye, by keep mentioning yr version of quranic/ islamic interpretations to defense the indefensible!

      What is PM Najib’s “niat”?

      Hahahahaha...everybody with a clear mind DOES, except those undang dibelakang batu. Or some of the blur-sotongs trying to learn head-burying act from the ostrich.

      Ooop..talk about trying to argue for the 大我 for the bangsa meme-ed oku!

      ‘PM Najib has said that he did not take even a sen. So, we must believe him until it is proven otherwise.’

      What a CB statement from an ampu kaki.

      Read this lah;


      Ooohhh..those millions r again from pak unta & not from SRC, believing u, me wakakakakaka.

      Waulai eh…still want to give black eye to Islam!

      Take this to yr tour of river denial lah;

      "when the fellows enter our houses and sleep with our wives and daughters or sons, we will excuse their trespass because they are of the same race and religion."

      BTW, 大我 means the greater good of the entity.

      As M’sia goes, yr ahjibgor’s action IS NOT considered as 大我. Including all those umno-ised policies, past & present. Rather it’s a very shallow & selfish daylight blundering of the nation resources & wealth, & colouringit with racial tints while lining one’s own pocket.

      No religions in the world CAN condone that kind of action. Perhaps, yr kind of Islam, no?

      So enough rants about yr idot, what about u?

      Or mamak like u, is just the SAME foretell of the downfall of the Malacca sultanate. In the twilight days of the sultanate, it was those mamak bendaharas’ selfish ‘niat’ THAT contributed partly to the demised of the sultanate.

      History does repeat itself, when there r people like u to make sure its continuation!!!!!!!!!

    7. You are right that one Mamak Bendahara by the name of Tun Mutahir was responsible for the fall of the Melaka Sultanate.

      It does sound like someone very familiar to us lah. Wakakaka… History does repeat itself.. Wakakaka again..

  5. Of course the royals will not be involved in politics, other than the appointment of the heads of states.

    Leaving aside the question of Najib's innocence/guilt and the motives of Mahathir, and just looking at the statement of Haji Hadi Awang on the question of removing a sitting PM: "there are democratic ways of achieving it.... We have political parties and NGOs and others in power and the decision is up to them."

    "NGOs" : Bersih?, ISMA?, Perkasa? ...

    "Others" : MACC?, AG?, BNM? PAC? PDRM? what happened to them all? We have a rogue AG that set up the 1MDB taskforce based on fake reports of WSJ, so said Azalina.

    "Political parties" : UMNO? PKR? The one political party that can vote out its president, but practically is not going to do it, because of the party structure, the patronage system...
    (As someone said : "the organisation of the party substitutes itself for the party as a whole; then the Central Committee substitutes itself for the organisation; and finally the ‘dictator’ substitutes himself for the Central Committee." )

    And Najib is not going resign, as he is following a time-honoured tradition just like Mahathir did. The only other democratic way is GE14, and as it approaches, it will be interesting to watch what happens in the remaining 2-1/2 years left of the present mandate.

  6. The two worst public figures in Malaysia today are Mahathir and Lim Guan Eng.

    Mahathir is the worst case of a desperate double hypocrite.

    Lim Guan Eng is also a Mega double hypocrite.
    Just swap the names of the players of Bungalow-gate and Taman Manggis, with that BN of leaders , with the same set of facts, and DAP would have been baying for their blood like rabid hounds.

  7. Tomorrow is the day the PAC is to table its report in Parliament.

    And with it, the auditor's report is no longer confidential, so said Hasan one month ago.

    If so, this will be the first official non-partisan reports on the 1MDB thing we are all waiting for. And PAC member Tony Pua seems upbeat about it.

    1. As I understand it, the Auditor General's report should be good, but don't get your hopes up too high.

      I have no access to OSA-embargoed information haha....but plenty of people in the financial industry have information on 1MDB, if you bother to dig.

      There is No smoking gun on Najib.
      In any case, that was not the Auditor-General's investigative scope.

      There was plenty of wrong doing in and around 1MDB - some may be illegal, others bad governance, dishonesty and unethical practices.

      The standard for penalty, just like in the Iceland Prime Minister's case must be impropriety.
      It must not just be restricted to illegal acts.

      Too much money has gone down the drain. Heads must roll.

    2. After months of being bombarded with conflicting "information" from both sides of the divide, hopefully the reports will shed some light on which is fact and which is fiction : SR, WSJ, NYT, RPK, Edge, DPM, Dahlan, Arul, etc etc.

      And why there was unprecedented sackings, transfers, detentions in the major institutions of government, are they turning rogue and fomenting rebellion deep within the establishment (a la the X-files) as claimed by RPK and hinted by Azalina?

      And what value added services did a fatty boy and his pals provide such that he can enjoy such fabulous riches, frolicking with Hollywood stars, which we can only see in our dreams?

    3. Download 1MDB report :

  8. This would be so funny...if it were not so sad. This is Rakyat Malaysia's money being siphoned off into God knows where.

    " 1MDB paid Aabar (BVI) further sums of USD855 million and USD295 million but The Auditor-General noted that Aabar (BVI) was not listed as IPIC’s subsidiary ".
    That is USD 1,150,000,000 Wang Rakyat lesap....kaput.

    In my long career, I have certainly seen this kind of trick before. Somebody paid into the bank account of Ktem0c Enterprises, instead of legitimate client Ktemoc Enterprises.
    Deliberately named almost identically.
    Unless the Auditor is very sharp, or deliberately looking for fraud, they will likely miss it.

    Now we know why Apandi refused to allow the MACC request under Intergovernmental Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty to access foreign bank account transactions.....
    It looks to me Apandi is protecting the guilty.

  9. From the revelations which are coming out in the PAC's 1MDB report, based on the Auditor General's still OSA classified report, I'm leaning towards those who think Najib should stay on to lead BN into GE14.

    The PM Najib is going to be the biggest, juciest punching bag in the history of Malaysian elections, a much more lucrative target than even Mahafiraun in the 1999 elections.

    DAP and PKR have to turn the 1MDB findings into simple language and attractive videos which ordinary folks can understand, and play them endlessly.

  10. Reading the report, it appears that the management defied the Board of Directors beginning from Sep 2009 and carried on such malpractices up to Dec 2014. Huge sums of money were be transfered without approval of the Board. Money was diverted to Goodstar but the PAC did not investigate further who owns this company.

    Nobody raised the alarm and put a stop to this, even involving such huge sums of money. When the Board was frustrated by these happenings, did it bring this up to the shareholder ie Ministry of Finance to put a stop to it? Was PM aware of this? It seem he was aware at least for the case of the Edward Morse valuation issue and made certain decisions, according to paragraph pg 32 of the report (also reported in Malaysiakini).

    Where does the buck stop? It seems the CEO Shahrol Azral is to take the blame.

    Seems also that this PAC report corroborated some of the items reported by the Edge, Sarawak Report, the latter as mentioned by Malaysiakini.

  11. In the end, we will find that the 1MDB Office Boy and the Tea Lady masterminded the fraud....
    And since they can't be traced, nobody ever gets punished for anything....

    Malaysia Boleh.

  12. Now that the PAC report have officially confirmed the allegations by Sarawak Report, Edge of 1MDB malpractices, perhaps the IGP should let us know the outcome of investigations he announced last year (were the emails tampered?):

    1) "IGP: Individuals in Lester’s expose may be detained" (July 22, 2015)
    Khalid Abu Bakar says those mentioned by Lester Melanyi will be investigated under Section 124 of the Penal Code for trying to topple the government.
    "... 'The revelation is shocking and is a matter that is very serious. There is a possibility that those involved will be arrested,' said Khalid during a media conference in i-City’s Best Western hotel..."


    2) "IGP says Justo probe papers now in AG’s possession" (December 31, 2015)
    The documents, including transcripts Justo gave Clare Rewcastle-Brown of the Sarawak Report, are being reviewed by the Attorney-General's Chambers.
    ".... 'We’re waiting for the documents to be checked by the chambers, and I believe they will then be handed over to us for further investigations,' he said during a press conference after an event at the Bukit Aman senior officers’ mess ..."


  13. Yup, "Guan Lai" Sarawak Report was telling the truth, as far as the area probed by the PAC goes.
    The only thing Claire Rewcastle was guilty of was sensationalising the facts.

    Of course , we have to bear in mind the PAC probe was a "deliberately fenced in" probe.

    The Auditor General did not probe any further the overseas money trail.

    It did not probe who gave the orders and approvals that allowed the USD $ 5,500,000,000 to be diverted into likely bogus accounts, at the moment, strictly speaking "Unverifiable" "Tidak dapat di sahkan".

    I jokingly wrote previously about payments to a fictitious Ktem0c Enterprises, but that is essentially the fraud that 1MDB perpetrated. It is proven now.

    Who The F*ck are the real operators of Good Star Limited (unrelated & unapproved payee) and Aabar Investment PJS Ltd (Aabar Ltd) (no such IPIC subsidiary).

    The Malaysian government (Apandi !) must invoke the international Mutual Legal Assistance treaties it has with various government to get foreign regulators to trace who these people are.

    The money is Gone forever

    How many hungry children or homeless people could have been helped with USD $ 5,500,000,000 ? How many schools could have been built ? How many hospital ?

    NO FITNAH here.

    1. Thus, in this episode, Claire Rewcastle, so demonized by our powers-that-be, turns out to be more credible than our powers-that-be, especially the IGP relying on Lester's & Justo's words.

      Malaysia seems to have recurring episodes of giving away huge amounts of money to people in foreign lands. The last was 3 decades ago when BMF gave billions to George Tan of Carrian Group in Hong Kong; finally the bill was footed by Petronas. This time the beneficiaries were people in Middle East and the fat boy.
      Heard in a primary school :
      TEACHER: Boys and girls, who do you want to be like when you grow up?

      GIRL: I want to be like J Lo, singing, dancing with the stars in Hollywood

      BOY: I want to be like Jho Low, frolicking with the stars in Hollywood

    2. There is a Bernama interview with PAC head Datuk Hasan Arifin, published in today's Star.
      Question: Can you list for us who has been found responsible or culpable, or who are the individuals who should be further investigated and at which stage you identified them to be referred to?
      Answer : The Committee does not serve to identify who is at fault but to only present what we found.
      The following is the summary of conclusions from the report:
      1. There is no evidence to suggest there was criminal misconduct related to misappropriation of funds or investment transactions or any 1MDB activities leading to illegal activities. In particular, the PAC did not find any evidence to indicate any wrongdoing or abuse of power by the Prime Minister in relation to 1MDB.....

      Oh, so there is no evidence of criminal misconduct /misappropriation ....

    3. the job goes to the MACC and police