Thursday, April 14, 2016

Nazri Aziz's WTF(?) on Dr Zakir Naik

More than five years ago I posted what I had thought of Minister Nazri Aziz. In that post I wrote (just a small extract):

To echo Sakmongkol’s words, Looks like "... Najib needs more people like him [Nazri] in the Cabinet after all. If Najib is wimpish he needs others to provide him with the sinews to his bones."

We may not like Nazri for some of his statements, but I have to salute him for standing up to bigoted demagogues like Jabba the Hutt and Awang Selamat

If you want to know more about what I had written, please read Nazri Aziz - PM's Chief Head Kicker.

Minister Nazri once again proved my point in the Star Online today (article follows) in which he gave his views on Dr Zakir Naik.

Nazir questioned the need to import a bloke like Zakir when Malaysian Muslims already have their own scholars.

Because Nazir would only say stuff that he believes the PM stood for or has been so told by the PM, I suspect Najib might have the same opinion that Nazri has expressed about Dr Zakir Naik.

But regardless of Najib's opinion, good on you Minister, you're succinctly spot on in your views.


From the Star Online:

Nazri Aziz questions need to invite Dr Zarik Naik for talk

PETALING JAYA: Tourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz questioned the need to invite controversial preacher Dr Zakir Naik to give talks noting that Malaysians have their own Islamic scholars to refer to.

Nazri said while those who attended Dr Zakir’s speeches described them as being mild, it should be no surprise that those of other faiths would not feel the same.

He said it was all about perception and this perception was based on what Dr Zakir had done in the past, especially when he had talked about other religions.

"I think if you want to talk about religion, then just talk about your own.

"When making comparisons between religions, you are bound to conclude that your religion is better," Nazri was quoted in an interview with a news portal.

Nazri said Muslims in Malaysia "did not need to be told that they are on the right track" as Malaysians were not new to Islam and had their own Islamic scholars to refer to.

It was not a question of freedom of speech, he said, but of ensuring that Malaysians were not being unnecessarily divided by someone who has no ties to Malaysia.

Nazri said that Dr Zakir would give his speeches and leave the country while Malaysians would be left behind with all the problems that he may have caused.

Dr Zakir created controversy after he was invited to talk at Universiti Teknikal Malaysia in Malacca on the topic of Similarities between Hinduism and Islam.

The police had banned him from the talk but Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi later allowed Dr Zakir's talk after changes were made to the topic of the talk.


  1. Our ketuahnan Melayu mentality,has made some of our Malays cuckoo.It has created an inferior mentality behavior,that time and again some of the Malays,needed some outsider religious fanatics to prop up their inferior mentality.It is good that loose cannon Nazri asked this busybody to fuck off.

    1. btw bruno matey, I thought at this stage I'd correct your typo - I'm sure you mean 'ketuanan' not 'ketuahnan'

      the bahasa word 'tuah' has a different meaning to 'tuan' - cheers

  2. Thanks Kaytee matey,I have not been speaking bahasa for some time now that my bahasa is getting rusty.

  3. Zakir Naik's analysis on comparative religions are not that different from Ktemoc's analysis on the Hebrew Bible.

    Both are derogatory and hurtful to people of those religions.

    Both Zakir and Ktemoc no doubt regard their "analysis" as scholarly , mild and not insulting.

    Ktemoc , A very black pot, calling Zakir, a kettle black.

    1. unlike Dr Zakir I don't have a religion that I claim to be superior to other religions

      good try but it fell flat, as usual with your poor thinking and theories, wakakaka

    2. That you are an atheist does not give you any impunity to make hurtful comments against people of another religion.

      Anyway, as has been observed often before, Atheism is virtually just another Faith.

      What is good for the goose, is good for the gander.

    3. whatever I have written on the Old or even new Testament narratives have been based on the works of biblical scholars and research - I don't fabricate them but merely brought those studies/research details to the attention of my readers, wakakaka

    4. Wah....tiny minds think alike...

      As Zakir Naik said, "whatever I have said and written about the Vedas and Hinduism , have been based on the works of Islamic scholars and research - I don't fabricate them but merely brought those studies/research details to the attention of my audience......"

      Ktemoc the Black Pot calling the Kettle Zaki black.

      Logically you should be a strong Zaki Naik supporter....wakakakakaka

    5. Quote from Ktemoc's cartoonish blog postings -
      "sorry son, all Hebrew first born automatically belongs to YHWH and He wants you now "
      "whoa there buddy, I'm the US "J" 7th Cavalry"

      Arent't those clownish jabs at others' gods ?

      Zakir Naik is indeed bad and hurtful against people of another religion, but Ktemoc is equally bad.

      Ktemoc has no moral standing whatsoever, Zilch, to criticise Zakir.

    6. wakakaka, the statement "all Hebrew first born automatically belongs to YHWH" is in the jewish bible and teachings

      the second 'whoa ...' is a light hearted add on but really, I don't see the insult to the Judaism in making a modernised reference to the angel as the US 7th Calvary - try reading Joseph Heller's 'God Knows'

    7. Dr Zaki puts his religion as true but others as false - that's comparative discrimination and selective insulting. I treat all religions on par, wakakaka

  4. Do not discount the possibility that this guy was brought in to create controversy to divert attention from all the abuse of power ,corrution , donationgate and 1MSB (1 Malaysia Scam Berhad ) .

  5. Can you handle the truth ?
    This is the question. Can Hindus handle the truth.
    It is not about who is better than who.
    It is about the truth.

    1. hmmm, what is the truth, and whose's truth? wakakaka